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Pre-owned MeisterSinger Watches

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Pre-Owned MeisterSinger Watches

MeisterSinger has been producing exceptional mechanical wristwatches since 2001. These single-hand classical timepieces enable the wearer to read time with a fine needlepoint. Founded by Manfred Brassler, the brand's unique design recreates the tradition of early watchmaking. Based in Münster, Westphalia, MeisterSinger stands out by producing an original instrument of measurement, simplicity, and clarity, and focusing on the essentials in design.

The single-hand concept dates back to the Middle Ages, where mechanical clocks pointed at an exact moment of time. It was during the modern era of industrialization where clocks were fitted with the minute and second hands. People were more aware of the constant passing of valuable time at that point.

If we go back in history, up to the mid-18th century, world-famous clocks were fitted with one hand. We are talking about church towers, townhouses, table, and wall clocks. The famous Nuremberg Egg had only one hand, and so do Westminster Abbey's tower clock, the one at the Toulouse Cathedral, to name a few.


About MeisterSinger

Nowadays, we perceive time with a longing for quality rather than quantity. MeisterSinger encourages you to approach time in a more relaxed manner, and they strive to contribute in their own way to make it possible.

MeisterSinger has had tremendous success among luxury watch buyers due to their products' technical sophistication. For those that appreciate the merging of technical and aesthetical ideals in a luxury watch, Exquisite Timepieces offers the most exclusive collection of preowned MeisterSinger watches.


How it all Began for MeisterSinger

MeisterSinger is recognized for its functionally designed single-hand timepieces. This idea of going back to the early days of measuring time was a product of Manfred Brassler's imagination. With a great deal of experience as a watchmaker and jeweler in Munich, he created a new mechanical timepieces brand in 2001.

Brassler intended to stand out from the other brands of watch manufacturers. His idea was to go back to the early days of measuring time and make an original measuring instrument. MeisterSinger stood out from the competition with unmatched simplicity, clarity, and a focus on design essentials. In 2008, they developed interesting modules for the proven calibers. One is the Singulator, a unique regulator where the central hand is not a minute but an hour hand.

MeisterSinger caused quite a stir with their column-wheel chronograph in 2014. And in 2015, they launched the Adhaesio, which featured a second-time zone. In 2016, they followed with the Salthora models with the "jumping hour" technology. The highly acclaimed Lunascope was launched in 2018, with its large, central moon phase and high precision to last over a hundred years.

The name MeisterSinger has its origin in Germany in the 15th and 16th-century middle-class poets and singers called the Meistersinger. In Wagner's opera "Die Meistersinger von Nürberg" about a singing competition between the Meistersinger, whoever stroke a new note was chosen as the winner or "MeisterSinger." MeisterSinger's logo includes the sign of the fermata, which rests in musical notation and conveys a feeling of deceleration in MeisterSinger's single-hour hand watches.


Meistersinger: A Timeless Classic that is Always in Style

The Original MeisterSinger No. 01 wristwatch looks as stylish today as it did back in 2001. With the distinctive design of the single-hand typical of every MeisterSinger, it will always point to a unique moment in life.

The No. 01 and the No. 03, an automatic version, are considered icons of luxury watches. They combine a distinct balance between a classic design, superb Swiss technology, and simplicity. These preowned MeisterSingel models are best sellers at Exquisite Timepieces, where you can find and appreciate a wide variety of used MeisterSinger watches.


German Watches Powered by Swiss Movements

The method of the single-hand goes back to the sundials used by our ancestors. MeisterSinger watches feature a scale marking every hour with an Arabic numeral. In between, you will find indices in varying lengths that denote 5, 15, and 30-minute increments. This allows the wearer to determine the time within 5 minutes and without a second hand's constant ticking.

Based in the German city of Münster, MeisterSinger has been crafting their unique watches and powering all their movements from Swiss companies, such as Sellita and ETA. The latter, owned by Swatch, is the supplier of other big-name brands, such as IWC and TAG Heuer, which reiterate their highest quality standards.

The mechanical movement is an essential part of most MeisterSinger watches. You will find a few quartz models in their catalog as well.

Manfred Brassler, their director and founder, is determined to produce timepieces with a functional design and is not concerned with fleeting trends. Even those models that include additional displays, such as date or day, continue to harmonize with the classic design.


Why Buy a Preowned MeisterSinger Watch?

If you need a reason to buy a used MeisterSinger, I can assure you there is more than one. In addition to the traditional single-hand time display, minimalist design, mechanical and quartz calibers, MeisterSinger has received numerous awards and distinctions.

The MeisterSinger No. 01 won the Red Dot Design Award in 2004. The Pangaea Day Date won the German Design Award and Good Design Award in 2015. Many other watches like the Caliber MSH01 won the Red Dot Award for Product Design in 2015 and the German Design Award in 2017.

MeisterSinger preowned watches are the perfect choice for those who measure life in moments, not seconds. Their particular approach of telling time will help you escape the chaos of everyday life.

At Exquisite Timepieces, you will find the finest used MeisterSinger watches at the best prices. We offer a preowned MeisterSinger NEO NE208 at around $900 and the preowned MeisterSinger No. 01 that started it all at around $1,200.

Visit the Exquisite Timepieces website to find the most fantastic collection of preowned MeisterSinger watches for sale. Let our team of experts with in-depth knowledge of horology and luxury guide you to find the most exquisite preowned MeisterSinger timepiece.

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