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Pre-Owned Seiko Prospex Watches

About Seiko Prospex

Seiko's Prospex is one of the leading innovators in the area of dive watch development. The Prospex is the first dive watch to adopt a titanium case instead of a regular steel case, the first to place a quartz mechanism on a professional dive watch, the first to use a ceramic deep-sea diving shroud, the first to use a hybrid analog-digital alarm clock, and the list go on. Overall, Seiko's in-house movements drive the components, and we all know that they are today, in every respect, one of the best in the industry. Although the Prospex line is not limited to dive watches, the lineup provides a wide range of precision parts for any career that needs them.


Seiko Prospex History

Seiko watches have preserved a rich heritage steeped in discovering the world's harshest environments since its innovative dive watch in 1965. Seiko has made all kinds of sports watches, from watches with affordable quartz parts to robust automatic high-end systems. The latter became what was called the Prospex. This adventurous spirit led to the development of a long-running watch series whose "professional specifications" ("Prospex," for short) endeared them to those who sought the unfailing quality and reliability of the venerable Japanese brand.

Seiko is a well-known brand with cult status and reputation in the horological world. Founded in 1881, the company has been home to many innovations since its inception. The continued efforts of its founder, Kintaro Hattori, have enabled the brand to hit the shores of success. Today, however, Seiko watches have become a benchmark for other brands because of their unique features and functionality.

The Seiko Prospex collection launch was very influential in defining the company’s future. As its name suggests, Prospex is a range of high-end technical tool watches.

They created the first professional Seiko diver watch of the intense competition and growing demands of the robust watches of the 1960s. Due to this, Seiko ventured into specialist tool watches; the diving world was much in need of reliable timekeeping diving watches. In 1965, Seiko made its professional watch model for diving, the Seiko 6217.

The introduction of these Seiko diving watches was so innovative that Seiko has resorted entirely to producing a range of sporty watches. As a result, Seiko's catalog has expanded, which comprises various watches from cost-effective quartz to automatic high-end watches. And then the Seiko Prospex became known as this full set.

Among the Seiko Prospex watches models, the most appreciated timepieces are the Seiko Prospex Diver styles. The Seiko Prospex diving models take a win in terms of being most advanced. 

The Seiko Prospex set doesn't only include dive watches but also has a range of precise watches. It provides several Seiko watches for men with various movements, mechanisms, and displays. A few of the popular versions of Seiko Prospex include Seiko Prospex Solar (V175), Seiko Chronograph with Power Reserve (V194), Seiko Solar Watch (V157), Seiko Automatic (8L55), and Analog Quartz (7C46).

The list of such outstanding inventions from Seiko is not ending. The unique Seiko internal motions, which are incredibly accurate and practical in their mechanics, power each Seiko watch. The Seiko Prospex watch features a unidirectional rotating bezel with an overcharge indicator and date display.

Seiko Darth Tuna SBBN013 Prospex is another iconic watch from this series. They made this famous Seiko Prospex watch from titanium, ceramic, and steel.  Furthermore, this watch model relies on the monocoque design, which means that water can increase within the watch at two points. However, the Seiko watch provides an extraordinary water resistivity up to a depth of 1,000 meters.

Whether you're a sports lover or a traveler, the Seiko Prospex set will meet all your needs. Explore the most comprehensive range of available watches and select the best Seiko Prospex watches that are bold and durable. Prospex watches should not be mistaken for Seiko's regular mechanical watch lineup; the Prospex brand is vital in cutting edge technology.


Used Seiko Prospex Watches Prices

Pre-owned Seiko Prospex Marinemaster 1000M Tuna Can Automatic SBDX014 is a purpose-built device with no compromises and makes an excellent dive watch. If you want a genuine diving watch, this 1000M Marinemaster Seiko Prospex is far from a second class choice, even next to the most famous, important diving watches in history. It is available for $2,450.00 on the Exquisite Timepieces website.

You can also find the pre-owned Seiko Prospex SLA019 1968 Automatic Diver's Commemorative Limited Edition on sale for $4,500.00. Its MM300 has been a choice of the Seiko group, and this limited edition commemorative is just the same. It's 15.4 mm thick, but the case back's angled edges and the lugs help get it closer to the wrist. 

And another spectacular Seiko Prospex watch is the used Seiko Presage SRQ031 Limited Edition, which is available for $2,995.00 on the Exquisite Timepiece website.


What is Unique about Used Seiko Prospex Watches?

After reaching Mt. Everest's heights and diving deep into the watery depths below, it is safe to say that the Prospex is a reliable watch. Seiko's most resilient and dependable release remains a beacon in the Japanese watchmaker's range, distinguished by a long history of robust sophistication. Owning a used Seiko Prospex watch is a treasure in hand for its unique history of worldwide experiences. The relentless search for pressure efficiency has characterized this collection for more than 55 years, and with four new recreations produced recently, we suspect another 55!

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