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Seiko is one of the oldest and most respected brands in the world of horology. The Japanese company was one of the first to pose a challenge to the dominance of Swiss watchmakers in international horological competitions.
Over the decades, Seiko continued to innovate with movements such as the Spring Drive, as well as create new divers, chronographs, dress, and other watch styles. In 1965, Seiko introduced its premier dive watch, the Prospex. Continued research and development led to the world's first professional dive watch with a titanium case and a 600m water resistance.
Today, Seiko remains one of the best manufacturers of high-quality and beautiful timepieces. The prices of these marvelous watches are reasonable, especially in the used market. Pre-owned Seiko Prospex watches are among the most popular used watches on the market. The Prospex is one of the best-selling watches Seiko makes and the reliability and high manufacturing standards ensure that you get a great piece when you purchase a second hand Seiko Prospex watch.

Why You Should Buy Pre-Owned Seiko Prospex Watches

High-quality watches are pricey. You can't expect the accuracy, reliability, and finish they offer at bargain basement prices. They may be above the budget of many watch lovers. Fortunately, there are pre-owned watches available. This includes many Seiko Prospex models.
If you decide to buy a used Seiko Prospex watch, you have several advantages. You will be able to pick up a nice timepiece for less money than you would spend on a new one. Making your purchase from a reputable used Seiko Prospex dealer, such as Exquisite Timepieces, means you will get a watch that is in excellent working order, and its good looks will reflect that.
Seiko Prospex watches are built by expert watchmakers. Buying one used can be a greater value than purchasing a new one. With proper care, your second-hand Seiko Prospex watch will last as long as a brand-new timepiece and run and look every bit as good. There are plenty of pre owned Seiko Prospex mens watches available, so you can pick one up right away.

Best Place to Buy Used Seiko Prospex Watches

If you are seeking to buy pre owned Seiko Prospex men's watches, look no further than Exquisite Timepieces. We have a large selection of used men's Seiko Prospex watches in a wide variety of models, styles, and colors. If you are in the area, stop by our Naples, FL boutique to look at and try on some of these stunning timepieces.
You can also choose a used Seiko Prospex for sale on our website. We offer free domestic shipping on orders over $1,000. Your precious timepiece is fully insured while in transit. If you change your mind, you can return your watch within 7 days for a full refund. Whether you visit our boutique or shop online, a friendly and knowledgeable sales staff member will be happy to help you select the best used Seiko Prospex watch for your wrist.
Although Exquisite Timepieces is the best used Seiko Prospex dealer, other options exist. You can look in online marketplaces and auction sites. Additionally, you may find a person selling a pre-owned Seiko Prospex watch on a social media platform or watch forum. If you go this route, proceed with caution. You have no way of verifying how well the watch has been cared for or how carefully it will be packaged. There may not be a return policy if you are not satisfied.

How Much is a Used Seiko Prospex Worth?

Used mens Seiko Prospex watches hold their value, which makes them a good investment. The value of these timepieces varies widely depending on the model, materials used, number of complications, and desirability. Generally, the prices range from about $400 to about $6,000.
Many models are priced below $1,000. They are excellent watches but are made with stainless steel cases and bracelets, solar or automatic movements, and have a water resistance of 200m. The lower-priced watches also have few complications, Usually just day and date. They are also the models that were manufactured in larger numbers and are not in great demand.
Value increases with the addition of Spring Drive movements, more expensive case and bracelet materials such as titanium, and added complications such as chronographs and power reserve indicators. They also have water resistance from 300-1000m. The brand only made 1500 of the limited edition Seiko Prospex SLA025 1968 Automatic Divers Re-creation watches. These are highly sought-after and thus, this model has the highest value.

Seiko Prospex Pre-Owned Prices & Values

Like stocks, precious metals, and other things that people value, used watch prices fluctuate constantly. Popular brands and models like the Seiko Prospex pre-owned watches are part of this roller coaster of prices and values.
You can track the value of pre-owned watches using the Market Index. This is a set of graphs for luxury watch brands and models that shows the trend of prices of used models over specific periods of time. Watch collectors can use this tool to decide if buying a particular model is a good idea and when is the best time to do so.
The watch market in general has been trending down over the last several months. Used men's Seiko Prospex watch prices are down 2.5% over the last 180 days. Here are recent market and retail prices for 10 popular models.

Model Market Price (Approx.) Retail Price
Seiko Prospex Speedtimer SSC813 $400 $675
Seiko Prospex Alpinist SPB121 $550 $725
Seiko Prospex 140th Anniversary Limited Edition SSC807 $550 $750
Seiko Prospex 55th Anniversary Limited Edition SPB183 $800 $1,400
Seiko Prospex "Ice Diver" U.S. Special Edition SPB261 $1,000 $1,400
Seiko Prospex Speedtime Chronograph SRQ037 $1,900 $3,000
Seiko Prospex SLA053 $2,100 $3,200
Seiko Prospex Marine Master Spring Drive Professional SBDB011 $2,600 $3,110
Seiko LX Prospex Limited Edition SNR045 $4,200 $6,000
Seiko LX Prospex SNR029 $3,400 $6,000

Does Seiko Prospex Hold Resale Value?

Well-made, reliable, and accurate luxury watches, especially those that are desired by collectors, always hold their value. Pre-owned Seiko Prospex watches check all these boxes.
With Seiko's long history and track record of making outstanding timepieces, your Seiko Prospex will certainly hold its value and, in the case of limited and special edition models, may even become more valuable over time.
Seiko Prospex men's watches are accurate and reliable and will last a long time with proper care. They are built with quality materials by experts in the field of horology. The Spring Drive movement which was invented by Seiko and unique to the brand and Grand Seiko, is innovative, reliable, and valued by savvy watch collectors.
Various models have 200m to 1000m water resistance, making them suitable for casual swimmers, weekend snorkelers, or intrepid divers. Seiko Prospex men's watches come in a wide variety of dial colors, strap and bracelet options, and case sizes. This appeals to a large number of watch collectors and adds to value retention.

About Seiko Prospex

Seiko has a long and distinguished history that dates back to 1881 when Kintaro Hattori opened a Tokyo shop where he sold and repaired watches and clocks. In 1892, he founded the Seikosha company and began building wall clocks.
By 1924, the company name was changed to Seiko and it produced its first wristwatch. As the decades rolled on, the quality of Seiko watches improved. In 1967, Seiko took second and third place in the final Neuchatel chronometer competition. The Japanese brand proved it could hold its own with Switzerland's best.
Seiko has been known for innovation, creating the first watches that could record voices and display television programs. The Spring Drive is a movement unique to Grand Seiko and Seiko and Seiko developed it before the two brands separated.
Seiko produced its first dive watch in 1965. That started the evolution to the Prospex, Seiko's modern take on the classic diver. It is one of the most popular Seiko and dive watches in the horological community.
The Prospex is one of the most popular, well-made, and reliable dive watches on the market. Along with its stylish designs, colors, and useful complications, it is loved by watch collectors all over the globe.
Within the Prospex family are the LX models. These are the cream of the crop for Seiko Prospex men's watches. Automatic movements with power reserve indicators make these desirable timepieces. Collectors love the variety of dial and bezel colors as well as case sizes. They are available on bracelets or silicone straps with high water resistance, making them true divers.
The Seiko Sports models are fun, casual watches for people on a budget. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colorways, and many watch collectors have several in their cases.
For a classy dress watch, many horological connoisseurs turn to the Seiko Presage line. They come in many dial colors, case sizes, and on bracelets or straps. The Presage watches have elegance and sophistication that perfectly accessorized the best outfits of the well-dressed gentleman.
People love the sporty look of the Seiko Astron watches. They're available with chronograph function, in various colors, sizes, and in a number of materials. They are the GADA watches of many men.
Seiko has occupied a place on the list of iconic watch brands. If you are looking for a pre-owned watch, a Seiko Prospex may be the perfect combination of style, variety, reliability, accuracy, and value retention.

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