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Pre-owned Sinn Watches

The Sinn watch is a technical and solid accessory, displaying elegant and masculine lines. Founded in 1961 in Frankfurt, this German brand is known for its technical innovations.

Sinn watches have repeatedly proven their robustness, durability, quality, and precision, in both everyday and extreme situations. They utilize technologies such as Diapal, Ar-Dehumidifying Technology, Hydro and Tegiment, which manifest as movements without lubrication, anti-scratch metals, and resistance to extreme temperatures.


About Sinn

Founded in 1961 by former pilot and flight instructor Helmut Sinn, the company Sinn-Spezialuhren embodies German expertise in mechanical mounts and movements. The Frankfurt-based brand first designed aviation watches and onboard clocks. Quickly, the quality of its watches enabled it to go beyond the borders of this very specialized environment to reach all audiences, starting with watch enthusiasts. 

Today, Sinn continues to equip some of the German army, particularly the police and customs officers, with formidable chronographs that embody simplicity and sober elegance. German enterprise has made remarkable forays into the field of high-end timepieces, with a collection of classic masterpieces that envy the big Swiss names in the haute horology world. If you are looking for the best deal, we recommend that you consider a preowned Sinn watch.

Find out more about the uniqueness of our collection of Preowned Sinn watches below.


History Of Sinn Watches

During the 1950s, before the Sinn-Spezialuhren company was founded, Helmut Sinn began to make sketches of the modifications that he would make to watches worn in the aeronautical sector that existed at that time, influenced by his own aeronautical experience.

Shortly thereafter, he began designing watches and had them manufactured by Guinand, a Swiss company located in Les Brenets with a lot of experience in chronographs. For this reason, we can say that Helmut Sinn began to sell his first watches in 1953, several years before the establishment of the company that bears his name. With all this experience, Helmut Sinn took a step forward and in 1961 officially founded the Sinn-Spezialuhren watch company in Frankfurt, Germany. 

From the start, the company used a direct distribution channel and sold directly to its customers. This was a big advantage over its competitors; without intermediaries, Sinn watches could be offered at a much lower price than other well-known brands that used traditional distribution channels. In the 60s, Helmut Sinn was also involved in the world of motorsport, specifically the world of F1. He lived through the days of the great Fangio and his Maserati. At that time, in collaboration with the legendary Jack Heuer, a special edition of the Sinn / Heuer Rally chronometer came out. It was a highly valued, coveted piece since only about 400 units were manufactured.

Then, in 1985 the first automatic manning watch in space was the Sinn Chronograph 142. This was a landmark achievement for the watch company, proving that a watch with an automatic Sinn movement works perfectly in zero gravity.

In 1994, Helmut Sinn, with a heart condition and being almost 80 years old, decided to sell the company to Lothar Schmidt. However, Helmut Sinn did not leave the watchmaking scene. In 1996, he bought the Swiss company Guinand and established his headquarters in Frankfurt. The man was already very close to the brand since Guinand had been producing watches for Sinn since the 1960s. Helmut Sinn remained the owner of Guinand until 2014. This legend of the German watch industry passed away in 2018 at the age of 102.

Technologically speaking, the sale of the company to Lothar Schmidt marked the beginning of a new era for Sinn. On the other hand, it also represents a before and after in the philosophy of the brand, diluting the original that was so closely linked with the personality of Helmut Sinn. Since then, Sinn has multiplied its patents, including Ar-Dehumidification technology and hydro technology, or Diapal and Tegiment technology. 

The distribution channel has also been changed and the company now sells its watches no longer exclusively through direct sales, but also through jewelers, dealers, and specialty stores. The name of the company has also been changed; it is now called Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH. Currently, around 14,000 watches from the brand’s eight product lines are sold each year and originate from Römerberg, in the heart of Frankfurt. The diversity of its technology allows Sinn to manufacture models that are increasingly technical, strong, and equipped with new functions designed for everyday life.


Top reasons to buy a Sinn watch

Made in Germany - Not only Swiss manufacturers can produce watches with great precision. The Frankfurt company Sinn proves this fact. Since 1994, Sinn watches are manufactured entirely in local production facilities in Frankfurt. German watchmakers and German-made watch parts create real competition for the best in the business.

The fascination of aviation – Founder Helmut Sinn was a pilot and flight instructor, and with his expertise the brand’s aviator chronographs became legendary. Located in the city with the fourth largest airport in Europe, Sinn also manufactures cockpit instruments.

Special watches - Reliable and especially robust special watches, Einsatzzeitmesser (EZM) were developed by Sinn in 1997 for the German Federal Police and German Customs. Today, professional users rely on these accurate and functional instruments, including emergency physicians, pilots, firefighters, Bundeswehr (German Army) special forces and federal police (such as the GSG 9 of the special unit), the command of the special forces of the KSM of the Navy, and the special unit of the German customs administration ZUZ.

Technical knowledge - Lothar Schmidt, who has been running the company since 1994, brought a wealth of experience. Previously, he worked at IWC Schaffhausen, where he was responsible for the production of boxes, bracelets, and straps. As the main manager, he later headed production engineering for A. Lange & Söhne. All of his accumulated experience was included in the restructuring Sinn Spezialuhren.


Important models of Sinn Spezialuhren

356 airmen

This model was created in 1996 and is a representative of the classic pilot chronographs from Sinn. At 38.5mm it is comparatively small, which also makes it portable for non-pilots in everyday life.

Divers watch U2

As a professional mission timer, the U2 offers an abundance of Sinn technologies:

  • Functionally reliable in a temperature range from minus 45 ° C to plus 80 ° C thanks to special oil;
  • Ar-Dehumidifying technology for increased functional and fogging security;
  • Housing made of saltwater-resistant submarine steel;
  • Captive rotating ring with Tegiment technology for special scratch resistance;
  • Vacuum-proof, pressure-resistant up to 200 bar;
  • Tested based on the European diving equipment standards EN250 and EN14143, certified by DNV GL.

Pilot watch 856

This watch has the typical face of a Sinn instrumental watch and is equipped with Sinn technology. It is pressure resistant up to 20 bar and vacuum-proof, has magnetic field protection, Ar-Dehumidifying technology for increased functional and fogging security, and Tegiment technology for increased scratch resistance.

Sinn 836

The Sinn 836 is a classic timepiece. The three-hand watch offers magnetic field protection, which makes it especially appealing to doctors and researchers. 

Sinn 140 St

The Sinn 140 St space chronograph was used by German astronaut Reinhard Furrer on the Spacelab D-1 mission in 1985. His watch remains part of a current museum collection but has undergone extensive refurbishment.

Sinn 6000

The Sinn 6000, also known as the Frankfurt Financial Center Watch, is a tribute to the homeland of the business. The company has been located in the heart of Frankfurt since 1961. The watch combines elegance with perfect legibility, measures 38.5 mm and offers, in addition to three time zones, a date indication between four and five o'clock.

It would be acceptable to say that the Sinn company reflects one thing above all: a high affinity with technology manifested in creating first-class wristwatches, demonstrating their strength and innovation while maintaining competitiveness.

Why buy Pre-owned Sinn watches

If you wish to purchase a used Sinn watch, you will find models at incredibly low prices on our website. Used luxury watches have nothing to envy of new watches. We offer you a selection of the best models of this brand with guaranteed quality. You would be privileged to purchase limited edition preowned Sinn watches because of the allure of their history as well as the increased value of such vintage timepieces over time.

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