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Anonimo’s martial watches are part of the Anonimo Militare collection. The Anonimo Militare watch line has received the attention of elite watchmaking manufacturers around the world. Equipped with a crown-locking system, the Anonimo Militare watch can function in all environments! The Anonimo Militare watch series are sports style timepieces with a chic design. Featuring water resistance and domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal, Anonimo Militare wristwatches are remarkably durable luxury divers watches. Trying to find Anonimo Militare watches for sale does not have to be frustrating. If you are looking for the best place to buy Anonimo Militare watches, Exquisite Timepieces is an Anonimo Militare authorized dealer.Read More...Get a FREE Watch Winder with your purchase of selected Anonimo Militare watches over $2,000. Learn More »

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Anonimo Militare Watch Collection Review

Born in Italy and then moved to Switzerland, the brand Anonimo brings together the precision and manufacturing of Switzerland but with the sport and chic style of Italy. The fusion of both renders the brand unique and distinct from others in the market. Anonimo is the first to make watch cases with the use of bronze. Anonimo is known for making imposing and robust models of watches.


Special Features of the Anonimo Militare Collection

The Militare Collection by Anonimo was developed in 2001 but as a tool watch. The Anonimo Militare was made to equip the divers in the Italian Navy which is also reflected in the patented design of the crown which ensures maximum water resistance. The crown is present at the position of 12 o’clock in between the lugs. The lugs on the top, by which the crown is surrounded, are secured with the captive-ball bearing and also split up into two. The Militare watch is designed such that if the strap is pulled upwards, the lugs immediately separate through a hinge, exposing the underneath crown, by which the time can be set.

Apart from the special crown design, Militare Collection features a case with a cushion shape with a very atypical style. The dials of the watch are designed with a minimalist theme and quite oversized numerals. The arrangement of the numerals is also distinct, in a triangular fashion. This arrangement also characterizes the A shape from the name of the brand. Though it employs large case sizes i.e. around 43.4 mm, the shift of the crown on the position of 12 o’clock renders the watch quite comforting on the wearer’s wrist.


Anonimo Militare Chrono Watch

Anonimo Militare Chrono watch is specially designed with the philosophy of the brand in mind. The case diameter of the watch is 43.50 mm with a height of 14.50 mm. Made with exquisite robust materials, this Chrono watch comes in satin bronze material or the steel of 316L. The case is given a special cushion-shaped design that sits perfectly on the wrist.

The inner case of Anonimo Militare Chrono has a crystal of sapphire treated with an anti-reflective agent. The dial is colored black with a minimalistic design and the finish of a hand brush. The hands, numbers, and indexes on the dial are treated with super LumiNova. The watch employs an open back of the case. Like other Anonimo Militare watches, the crown of the watch is positioned at 12 o’clock with the protection of a patented system.

The movement of the Anonimo Militare Chrono is SW300 which is swiss made, self-wound, 13 and a half-inch. The movement features an oscillating weight personalized by Anonimo with DD2035M bi-Compax Chronograph developed specifically for Anonimo. The watch also features a central second and a counter of 30 minutes at the position of 9 o’clock. The counter for a small second is located at 3 o’clock on the watch. Studded with 49 jewels, the movement of the watch vibrates at a frequency of 28,800 alterations per hour equal to 4 hertz. Anonimo Militare Chrono also offers a power reserve of a minimum of 42 hours and is water-resistant up to 12 ATM or 120 meters. The strap of the watch is handmade of calf aged leather, specially developed in Italy that comes with the buckle of a bronze pin. The price of Anonimo Militare Chrono is 4,764 USD and you can grab this special watch at Exquisite Timepieces.


Anonimo Militare Bronze Chrono Watch

Anonimo Militare Bronze is an exclusive timepiece with the reference number AM-1148.14.208.V09 in the Militare Chrono collection. This limited edition watch is only made with 25 timepieces by Anonimo. The case diameter of the watch is 43.50 mm with a height of 14.50 mm but is specially made with the exquisite oxidized bronze material. The timepiece is given a special cushion-like shape for the added comfort. The inner case has a sapphire crystal, covered with an anti-reflective agent. The dial is given a hand-brushed look in a deep blue color. Indexes, hands, and numbers are then treated with super LumiNova. The watch features the open back of the case with a crown on the 12 o’clock position and a patented protection system.

The movement in the Anonimo Militare Bronze watch is the SW300. Made in Switzerland, the movement is 13 ½ inch self-wound with special Anonimo personalized oscillating weights and DD2035M bi-Compax Chronograph manufactured for Anonimo exclusively. The watch has the counter for 30 minutes at the position of 9 o’clock, a centralized second, and the counter for the small seconds at the position of 3 o’clock. The movement is ornamented with 49 special jewels that vibrate at the frequency of 28,800 alterations per hour equaling 4 hertz. The Anonimo Militare Bronze offers water resistance up to 12 ATM or 120 meters and a minimum of 42 hours of power reserve. The strap of the watch is made with calf leather which is Italian handmade with precise stitching of bronze color. The strap comes with the pin buckle in oxidized bronze.

The Anonimo Militare Bronze is worth 5,577 USD. if you want your hands on this limited-edition timepiece, head to Exquisite Timepieces right now.


Anonimo Militare Chrono WRC Watch

Anonimo Militare Chrono WRC is a special timepiece to represent the status of Anonimo as the Official Timekeeper of the FIA World Rally Championship. This limited edition watch stands out from the rest with a stealthy design and black and green hues.

The dial of the watch presents a silver landscape with two subdials in the central region. The dial is given a satin-brushed finish in a vertical manner that adds to its silverish back hue with the two subdials in black. The counter of 30 minutes is located at 9 o’clock which is also ornamented with a green hue similar to the color of WRC, while the counter of small seconds lies exactly the opposite at 3 o’clock catering to the symmetry of the dial. The hands in the dial are traditionally fashioned with the use of white Supr LuminNova. 12, 8, and 4 are mentioned as the Arabic numerals on the dial representing the letter A from the brand name, the rest are given baton-style in black.

The case diameter of Anonimo Militare Chrono WRC Watch is 43.4 mm featuring stealthy tones with the treatment of PVD and DLC on the steel with a cushion-like shape. Like the pocket watch, the crown in this watch is sitting at noon with two green and black pushers for Chronograph and Stopwatch function at the position of 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock respectively.

Anonimo Militare Chrono WRC Watch features the special swiss made movement Sellita SW300 at the base and Dubois Dépraz 2035M bi-Compax Chronograph exclusively manufactured for Anonimo. The movement consisting of 49 jewels resonates at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour i.e. 4 hertz. The watch offers a power reserve of 42 hours and 120 meters of water resistance. The strap of the watch is specially tailored to match the WRC with grey Cordura fabric with effects. The green stitching is visible on the anthracite toned strap with the insertion of leather pieces inside. The buckle comes with a titanium pin.

Anonimo Militare Chrono WRC Watch is worth 5,334 USD. Want to add this unique model to your watch collection? Head to Exquisite Timepieces. 


Anonimo Militare Automatic Watch

The Anonimo Militare Automatic is a beautiful and sophisticated addition to the Militare Collection. The watch has a 43.50 case diameter with a 14.50 mm height. The case is made with 316L satin steel and is cushion-shaped similar to the other models of Militare. The sapphire outer crystal is given anti-reflective treatment while the inner dial has a hand brushed finish in grey color. The indexes, hands, and numerals are treated with Super LumiNova. The crown of the watch is positioned at noon with the patented protection.

The movement operating Anonimo Militare Automatic is the SW260 self-wound module with Anonimo customized oscillating weights. With 31 jewels in the movement, the balance vibrates at about 28,800 alterations per hour. The watch features a date window at 9 o’clock and a small seconds indication at 3 o’clock. Anonimo Militare Automatic provides 38 hours of power reserve and 12 ATM water resistance. The strap of the watch is handmade with calf leather in Italy that comes with the pin buckle in steel. The price of Anonimo Militare Automatic is 2,631 USD and you can buy it here.


Anonimo Militare Zulu Time Watch

Anonimo Militare Zulu Time is a limited edition timepiece with an automatic Anonimo movement. The diameter of the case is 44 mm. The outer case is black made of steel coated in PVD. The dial of the watch is black matching the black strap of leather. Another version of Anonimo Militare Zulu Time is available in the cream dial and satin bracelet. Find both the models at Exquisite Timepieces that sell high-end luxury watches.


Final Words: Anonimo Militare

If you are a watch lover, then you would definitely get impressed by the Anonimo Militare collection with its robust and unique materials and finishes.