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The Ball Watch Co. Engineer Hydrocarbon watch collection is built to last. Constructed of ceramic material, this exquisite watch features shock resistance and patented protection technology. Ball Watch Co. Engineer Hydrocarbon watches are timepieces any connoisseur could admire. Built to withstand the ebb and flow of a busy day, this Explorer series of exquisite timepieces are extremely sturdy. Searching for heavy-duty Ball Watch Co. Engineer Hydrocarbon watches for sale without a little help can be difficult. Fortunately, if you are looking for the best place to buy Ball Watch Co. Engineer Hydrocarbon watches, Exquisite Timepieces is a Ball Watch Co. Engineer Hydrocarbon authorized dealer.


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Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Watch Collection Review

Throughout the past few years, we have all enjoyed different and unique watches from Ball. They offer different styles and a lot of variety when it comes to wristwatches. A part of their variety is the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Collection. The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon can be called a tool watch although it’s made for heavy-duty. For anyone looking for a tough but very stylish watch, the Ball Hydrocarbon is a great choice!


History of the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Watch Collection

The Engineer Hydrocarbon Collection is made by the Ball Watch Company SA which is an American watch company that is officially based in Switzerland. It was founded in 1891 and has been known for its unique timepieces ever since. The Engineer Hydrocarbon collection is one that reveals the true identity of Ball to the world. The series was built first in 2004. It was created to go through uncomfortable conditions and still tell the time accurately and precisely. Now, the series is made up of over ten watches including the original Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon watch, the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster, Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Deepquest, and others.


The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Series

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original

The Engineer Hydrocarbon Original is made for heavy-duty and can be described as a tool watch. The case of the watch has a diameter of 42mm and is made of titanium. This reduces the weight of the watch to 108g. This isn’t entirely lightweight, but is quite convenient and expected given the size of the watch.
The watch is fitted with the SpringLock system made by Ball watches that allows it to withstand shocks. The watch also features an anti-magnetic rating of 4,800 A/m. The Engineer Hydrocarbon Original is the type of watch that you can take on adventures like mountain climbing.
The watch also has a crown protector. This doesn’t only prevent the crown and the stem from shocks, but it also means that you can’t lose the crown by accident. The protector is fastened beside the crown and can be swung out of the way if you want to use the crown. It doesn’t interfere with you using the crown; neither does it disturb your wrist when wearing the watch.
The watch is very comfortable to wear and is also quite attractive. The Arabic numerals and the markings on the watch glow in the dark to make it easier for you to tell time during the night. This feature is quite common in all the watches in this collection. The bezel has a nice blue color, the numerals are green while the marking is yellow.


Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster

The Ball Hydrocarbon Spacemaster is quite rugged and provides an excellent service. The Swiss watch has an impressive water resistance of 333 meters which is specified on the dial. Like most of the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon watches, this one also has shock resistance and anti-magnetic features.
The dial of the watch is quite impressive. The minute and hour hands have open-worked tips. Like the other watches in this series, it also has a glow in the dark feature where the watch offers a green emission of restricted light. But, this doesn’t mean that the design of this feature is the same in all watches.
The watch also uses Arabic numerals for 12, 6, and 9. In the space meant for 3, a truncated baton has been placed there to show the month and day.
The watch also has a crown protection feature although the design of this is quite different from others. The case of the watch is made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 41.5mm. The height is also 16.1mm. The case also has a simply sapphire crystal design.
The watch is quite comfortable and doesn’t restrict movement. Also, the shock resistance stands at 7,500G which is higher than some of the watches in this collection.


Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Deepquest

We also have the Ball Hydrocarbon Deepquest. The Ball Deepquest is built from very strong titanium which gives it a masculine yet brawny structure. The water-resistance of the watch is overly impressive as it stands at 3000 meters and can go with you during a deep-sea exploration. It is very ideal for those who need it in a professional setting. The crown protector is also present, and the bezel of the watch is directly attached to the case. It doesn’t use a strap but a bracelet instead which is also made from titanium and stainless steel. The watch can be easily worn over a diving suit because of the two extensions that it has as well as a triple folding clasp.
The dial doesn’t have any figures but it displays the date, seconds, minutes, and hours. The dial also has a sapphire crystal design that gives it a form of depth. It also has the micro gas tubes that give the watch the glow in the dark feature like the other watches in this series. The tubes have tritium gas and emit a luminescent glow of blue, red, and green.
The watch has clearly been made to work as a professional diver’s tool because of its features, and it is strong enough to go through shocks and impacts without getting affected. If you’re looking for the Ball Deepquest for sale, it goes for between $2000 and $3500.


Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU

NEDU here stands for the Navy Experimental Diving Unit. The Ball Hydrocarbon NEDU is another impressive diver’s watch in the Engineer Hydrocarbon Collection. The watch is available with either a black or blue dial, but they both have the same features. The watch has a 12-hour chronograph counter which is situated at the point where 6 is to be and a small second display where 9 is meant to be. The watch also displays the month and day where 3 is meant to be.
The case is also made of titanium like the other watches, and it has a bracelet made of stainless steel and titanium. The watch is quite solid and sturdy. The case also has a diameter of 42mm but the height is 17.3mm. It features all 3.7mm in-depth when it comes to the sapphire crystal.
The bezel is also unidirectional as it should be for a divers watch. The watch is tough and can resist shock up to 7500G.


Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Black

The Engineer Hydrocarbon Black was the first model in the Ball collection that was fitted with a diamond-like carbon coating. Seeing as Ball watch was the first to use this coating, this model is pretty unique.
The timepiece has a titanium case that makes the watch feel lighter even with the fact that it is 13.25mm thick and has a diameter of 42mm. The Engineer Hydrocarbon Black is true to its name with its simple design and intense black color of the case, bezel, strap, and even the dial.
The watch has Arabic numerals as well as a luminescent 3H gas that makes the dial instantly legible. Also, the design of the watch makes use of top-notch Swiss luminescent technology. This technology makes it easy to use the watch either during the day or the night.
The light intensity of the watch is quite impressive because of the micro gas tubes. The hour and minutes markers are designed like swords, and the scale and figures of the bezel allow the user to read the time in the dark.
In order to prevent shocking, the Engineer Hydrocarbon Black also uses the SpringLOCK system which is also created by Ball watch. This system ensures accuracy and has a cage that absorbs any external shock of energy going towards the watch.


What is Special about the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Watch Collection?

All the watches mentioned above aren’t the only watches included in this amazing collection. There is also the Engineer Hydrocarbon Airborne II, the Engineer Hydrocarbon AeroGMT II, the Engineer Hydrocarbon Racer Chronograph, the Engineer Hydrocarbon Submarine Warfare, and some others.
The unique feature of this collection that makes it so special is the micro gas tubes that give it a luminescent glow in the dark feature. All the watches in this collection have this and so, even in the darkest of places, the watch can still be useful. The tubes give off different colors of green, red, blue, and yellow depending on the watch. But, what makes this even better is that even if the glow in the dark feature is common, the designs in all of the watches are all different and unique.
All the watches are also shock absorbent and can withstand the harshest conditions. This is the beauty of the watches in the Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Collection. The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon price range of these watches is between $1000 and $7000 depending on the type you want. If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient place to purchase these watches, then you should definitely check out Exquisite TimePieces at Here, you can buy watches of any brand, including any watch in this collection.

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