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The Ball Engineer II collection is a sport-elegant series of watches featuring a dial with bold, sporty elements and rugged functions. The watches have been crafted in a luxury pattern that fits both the party-goer and the racket-hitter. Use of Leather and Steel straps is prominent in this collection with silvery steel dials that are the best of both worlds. The collection’s Ball Engineer II price ranges from $1,000 to $3,000. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Ball Engineer II collection. You can find Ball Engineer II watches for sale here.

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Ball Engineer II Collection Review

If you are new to the world of watches, just giving in to your obsessions of horology or even if you are a seasoned watch enthusiast, its no debate that the Ball watch brand is one of the most reputable watchmakers in the world. They went a step further by releasing a new and enhanced Ball engineer II collection the perfect sport-refined watches.
The Ball II collections have excellent designs and ooze elegance. The sturdy construction of these luxurious timepieces make them resistant to the most extreme weather conditions. The Ball Engineer II collections can survive shock impacts up to 5,000Gs and are resistant against magnetic fields to a magnitude of 4,800A/m.
When compared with other Ball collections, the Ball Engineer II collected is coveted by both watch lovers and critics alike. The exquisite ball collection combines both the famous design of the Ball brand and rich legacy in a new modern look that has attracted the attention of many watch lovers and made it a new people favorite.
The Ball Engineer II collection is not that easy to come by, and these models are limited editions of 1000 pieces. The Ball II Engineer is the first sports watch to beautify its external GMT bezel with its signature micro gas lights.

History of the Ball Engineer II Collection

The history of the Ball Engineer II collection is as rich as it is entertaining. Since their founding year in 1891, the Ball watch brand has strict standards when creating its timepieces. In terms of quality, precision, and functionality, the ball brand set the bar very high for their sports watches; Due to this high standard and connection to the history of the American railways, the ball company is one of the most admired watchmaking brands in the United States.
Nature can be harsh, and in some of its extreme conditions, many watches tend to sustain damage. The ball watch company chose to tackle this problem head-on and by doing so, created a collection that would become invisible even in harsh conditions The Ball Watch Engineer II.

What makes the Ball Watch Engineer II special?

Since its introduction, The Ball watch has been a top brand in the watch industry, but the reason why it has thrived into the 21st century is because of the appealing qualities it provides in its timepieces. The Ball Watch Engineer II special is an evolved collection because they merge the attractive classic look of a contemporary watch while also maintaining their admirable, functional qualities. The Ball Watch Engineer II collection is one of the best releases of the brand to date, showcasing the far-reaching legacy of the brand.

Watches in the Ball Watch Engineer II Collection

Ball Watch Engineer II Red Label 43mm ref. NM2028C-LCJ-GY

The Ball Engineer II, Red Label watch features an automatic ETA movement, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, unique grey, and micro gas tubes all protected in a 43mm stainless steel case. The watch boasts water resistance of up to a depth of 100 meters. The peculiar micro gas tubes on the seconds, minute, and hour hands are 1mm thick and can glow in the dark for up to 25 years without needing to be recharged. This luxurious timepiece has a black crocodile leather band that makes it very comfortable to wear.

Ball Watch Engineer II Red Label 43mm ref. NM2028C-LCJ-WH

The Ball watch Red Label NM2028C-LCJ-WH showcases its enhanced visibility at night with the micro gas lights containing tritium 3H. Unlike luminous paint, gaseous tritium light shines more brightly and can last for more than 25 years. The gaseous tritium is peculiar to ball watches and is certified for military use.
The Ball Engineer II Red Label ref. NM2028C-LCJ-WH can withstand a force shock of 7,500 G, the temperature of -40 degrees Celsius, and a mechanical thermometer error due to its patented crown protection system.

Ball Watch Engineer II Ohio GMT COSC ref. GM1032C-S2CJ-BK

The Ball Engineer II Ohio GM1032C-S2CJ-BK is a luxurious timepiece sheltered in a sturdy 40mm stainless steel case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. The automatic RR1801 movement enables the Engineer II Ohio to withstand a shock resistance of 5000Gs and water resistance up to 100 meters. This sports watch features bright green micro gas tubes powered by gaseous tritium, which can glow for about 25 years. The timepiece comes in an extra comfy black leather strap that makes it effortless to wear.

Ball Watch Engineer II Red Label GMT ref. GM2026C-SCJ-WH

The Ball Engineer II Red Label GMT features a striking crisp white dial housed in a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, an automatic caliber BALL RR1201-C movement, and a beautiful 40mm thick stainless steel case. The Ball watch Engineer II Red label delivers on functionality with an impressive shock resistance of 5000Gs and a water resistance up to a depth of 100 meters.

Ball Watch Engineer II Green Berets ref. NM2028C-L4CJ-BK

This model of the Ball Watch Engineer II collection was designed to function in the most unconventional conditions. Named after the US Armys elite Special Forces, the Green Berets were introduced to celebrate the hard work and value of the US Special Forces. The Green Berets motto De oppresso liber which translates to Free from oppression, was the reference point used to design the timepiece that can survive the face of combat.
The Green berets watch features a strong 43mm thick Titanium case polished with dark carbide finish, although it is impressively lightweight. The dark carbide finish makes the titanium case resistant to both oxidation and corrosion while also increasing its durability. The timepiece has an impressive water resistance to a depth of 100m magnetic forces of about 4800A/m and shock waves of up to 5000Gs.

Ball Watch Engineer II Magneto ref. SNM3022C-NCJ-BK

The Ball Watch Engineer II Magneto watch is a landmark innovation that showcases the mechanical prowess of the Ball watch brand. This SNM3022C-NCJ-BK model features an A-PROOF, anti-magnetic system while maintaining high accuracy.

Ball Watch Engineer II Volcano ref. NM3060C-PCJ-GY

The Magnetic fields of nature are one of the greatest enemies affecting efficiency in the watch world. To combat this problem, Ball brand sent researchers to Volcanoes, a perfect place to study magnetic fields. The researchers completed a retractable anti-magnetic diaphragm made of mumetal.
The Ball Engineer II Volcano watch is one of the first watches to introduce a mumetal-carbide case, which is not only anti-magnetic but also lightweight. The impressive 45mm case of the Ball Engineer II Volcano watch combines superimposed layers of mumetal and carbon, a blend of materials not used before in the watchmaking industry. The efficient combination and arrangement of the materials increase the watchs anti-magnetic ability while maintaining the accuracy of its movement.

Ball Watch Engineer II Volcano ref. NM3060C-NCJ-GY

Like its name, the ball watch brand caused a major eruption when it released the Volcano NM3060C-NCJ-GY model. The COSC certified timepiece features an RR1102-C automatic movement that provides water resistance up to a depth of 100 meters and shock resistance of 5000Gs. The luxurious timepiece is held together by a comfortable black leather strap that makes it effortless to wear.

Ball Watch Engineer II Red Label 43mm ref. NM2028C-LCJ-WH

The Red Label Ball Engineer II NM2028C-LCJ-WH can function in a harsh temperature of -40 degrees Celsius, a depth 100m below sea level, and a shock impact of 7,500 Gs. The timepiece is COSC certified and features its 15 beautiful micro gas lights that enhance visibility in absolute darkness. The micro gas tube containing tritium 3H that glows more brightly than luminous paint and can last for about 25 years. This Ball model is designed specifically for military use and can withstand the scary face of combat.

Ball Watch Ball Engineer II Arabic 40mm ref. NM1020C-S4-WH

The Ball Watch Engineer II Arabic NM1020C-S4-WH comes in a 40mm case that protects the automatic movement, specially designed hands, and self-powered micro gas lights. The gas lights contain tritium 3H, a gas that glows brighter than the luminous paint and increases visibility at night. The watch is specially designed for combat and is certified for military use.

Wrap Up: Ball Engineer II Collection Review

The Ball Engineer II Collection is one of the most legible watches to date. It comes at an excellent price for its value, especially when compared to other brands. This collection has passed every test in extreme weather and still maintains the legacy of the functional Ball Watch brand.
The collection displays some of the worlds best innovations with peculiar qualities, such as the brightly glowing micro gas tubes and mu-metal carbide case. The collection perfectly blends functional and specific qualities into an attractive modern timepiece. Although the watch had a different and more modern design, its industrial function remains intact. The Ball Engineer II collection was specially designed following Balls original template. The beauty is in the details, from the unique dial to the cases, to the carefully crafted hands of the watch, the Ball Engineer II watch surpassed the expectations of many watch lovers and critics by striving for perfection with their accuracy.

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