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Bremont Solo 37

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The smaller case of the SOLO-37 still adheres to Bremont's key principles, yet will appeal to those who desire something slightly lighter on the wrist. Housed in a 37mm Trip-Tick® three-piece case and powered by the modified BE-36AE movement, it is available with a stainless steel or 18-carat rose gold top bezel.

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Bremont Solo-37 Review

Solo 43 mm case looks mightily handsome a wrist, but what if you are of smaller physical stature? Well, the Solo 37 may well be for you. Inspired by aviation, Bremont is typically known for making classic British watches specifically designed and aimed for men. But with the introduction of Solo 37, Bremont has the potential to engage with women. This watch is offered with gold numerals, a bi-metallic case, metal bracelets and straps in ladylike hues.

Bremont offers to dial in silver and black. The hours are shown by applied Arabic numerals. Potential clients can decide between silver-colored numerals or gold, the latter potentially appealing to the fairer sex. The minute and hour hands are lined with luminous material. A date window is located at 3H. The watch’s simplicity eloquently conveys time. Nothing on the watch is distracting or extraneous.

Over time, Bremont has earned a splendid reputation in their short history for the breadth of engineering harnessed in their models. The stainless-steel case used for the watch has been hardened to 2000 Vickers making it highly resistant to scratching. Solo37 offers water resistance to 100 meters. The sapphire crystal case-back of Solo 37 enables clear viewing of the caliber 13 1/4” BE-36AE movement housed within the handsome timepiece.

The steel case offered in Solo-37 line-up has a satin finish. Esteemed customers can choose between a steel bezel or a more luxuriant 18-carat rose gold alternative. The latter may find favor with women. A varying number of straps options are available for Solo-37. The finishing offered in these watches is excellent, shaming several watches that command higher retail prices. 

Many female customers have a common complaint about manual wind watches that they often forget to wind the watch. And would favor the convenience of quartz. On the other hand, Quartz watches are completely soulless. Or you can say, devoid of passion or emotion. The unique beauty of the Bremont Solo 37 is that it is mechanical and offers the convenience of being self-winding. Simply a perfect solution to the problem of those ladies with hectic lifestyles.

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