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Bremont U-2 Watches

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he Bremont U-2 was designed exclusively for, and tested extensively by, the elite Spy Plane Squadron based at Beale, California. These incredible pilots regularly take their iconic aircraft up to 80,000 feet on reconnaissance missions that often last over 12 hours. Two retail models are available, one in a DLC case and the other in hardened stainless steel. Both have been put through their paces at 100,000 feet and -40oC in the laboratory and out on missions.

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Bremont U2 Watch Collection Review

The mystique of secret flight, the romance of flight, the durability of long testing; all these are concepts, which play critical roles in the Bremont U2 wristwatch – a new limited edition specifically created for pilots of the U2 spy airplane.

Everything began with the Martin-Baker project, the project in which Bremont required to create a wristwatch that isn't only suitable for pro pilots, but also for the survival of an aviation worst-case scenario. Basically, this denotes that one will thrust out of a particular aviator seat at very high gravity, and the person will have to make it to the ground fine. And this will happen while your watch is still on. Thereby, the Martin-Baker wristwatches are required to withstand magnetism, fast movement, low pressure, high pressure, shock, vibrations, and is still required to look good in these all process.

This resulted in a roughly 42mm wide case made of steel coated in black DLC (diamond-like carbon) and also including the Trip-Tick construction of Bremont. The case of this wristwatch is water-resistant to a depth of 100 meters. A shock-absorbing material is actually used in suspending the watch's movement.

Trip-Tick is where Bremont makes use of:

  • A sapphire and hardened steel bezel
  • The case's central barrel section done in either a PVD coated steel section or titanium.
  • A case back made of steel – mostly with an exhibition window made of sapphire crystal. In this Bremont U2, the whole thing is in steel – except for the inner body that's coated in DLC and is in anodized aluminum. DLC is a very hard material coating which has excellent scratch resistance.

The U2 wristwatches by Bremont are sophisticated and sleek. Made with great aesthetics, these Bremont brothers definitely dedicated several years of the knowledge they have in aircraft productions and a great eye for awesome craftsmanship, for the creation of a timepiece which embodies the whole thing held close to the hearts of the pioneer. This British pedigree luxury wristwatch is created for the elite in the industry of aircraft, yet it will also comfortably stay on the wrists of the professionals with their feet on the ground. 

They are greatly tested by the elite Spy Plane Squadron in California, Beale, to be precise. The Bremont U2 wristwatches take a look that was military-inspired to a greater level with a superb collection of watches made with solid, robust case craftsmanship and bold dials which delivers flexibility firstly. The Spy Plane Squadron's pilots test these magnificent wristwatches made in Britain to the extremes, wearing them on the wrist when they travel up to eighty thousand feet in the air. These wristwatches by Bremont are tested for temperature changes, shock, pressure, accuracy, and durability to make sure there's accuracy to the highest order without compromise with regards to the way they function in the cockpit.

Models that are from the U2 collection of Bremont vary from the U-22, which has a unique barrel color and an innovative bezel craft, to the U-2-SS type that features almost every element found in the MB model, which includes an anti-shock movement which is rubberized. The Bremont U2 wristwatches' dial designs are kind of down to earth contemporary and also classic simultaneously. The U2/BL is a variant that has a striking midnight blue dial, which attracts one's attention to the middle of the watch where a number of central hours stay, seasoned with a Super LumiNova tech of the brand for more eligibility. The metallic dial possesses a magnificent patina to it. Dressed in a shimmering silver color against these striking baton hour indexes. The 9, 12, and 6 o'clock locations are the only places on the dial which Arabic numbers are used to represent.

Bremont picked a domed scratch-resistant glass made of sapphire crystal for the protection of the Bremont U2 wristwatch's dial. This glass has gone through a whole nine layered treatment for anti-reflection so that it can work together with the dial's luminescent features, making provision for instant important information required while at the cockpit's dashboard. It presents a date aperture at 3 o'clock, and this is a feature that's reached every sixty seconds by a red second-hand, which has an arrow tip. It is enclosed in a strong stainless steel case, coupled with Trip-Tick tech for more rigidity, there is a suspension of the 11½'" BE-36AE auto chronometer at the timepiece's heart. The movement makes provision for a plausible 38-hour power reserve, which is a quality that'll be admired by traveling businessmen, for instance.

These U2 wristwatches by Bremont are fitted with a finely refined, smooth leather band that includes a touch of sophistication to a daytime smart casual attire or to an office suit. Which makes it the best retirement gift or a celebratory graduation present, the Bremont U2 wristwatch is one of the proudest in-house produced timepieces of the brand. It is a luxury wristwatch that celebrates military-inspired aircraft success coupled with traditional British craftsmanship.


Bremont U2/T Limited Edition Watch

The Bremont U2/T ("T" for "timeless") is a limited edition wristwatch manufactured by Bremont.


Bremont U2 51 Jet Watch

The Bremont U2 51 jet is the latest model in the U2 family, which the company originally made for selected people in the elite military squadrons. 

The jet-black case of the watch is made using DLC-coated steel, and it also features the now popular "Trip-Tick" case construction of Bremont. It has a diameter of 43mm and features a patented "Roto-Click" interior rotating bezel that's operated by the 4 o'clock crown and marked at the 5-minutes indication. A scratch-resistant and double non-reflective coated sapphire crystal houses the dial with an inclusive smoke-tinted crystal in the case back that gives a view of the COSC-certified and self-winding movement, Caliber BE-36AE by Bremont, with a skeletonized rotor that's Bremont-modified and a 38-hour power reserve.

The Bremont U2 51 jet arrives placed on an extremely thin black leather strap, and this leather does not have any visible stitching, and it also has a black DLC pin buckle. Typically, Bremont does an excellent job when it comes to their straps, and the strap of this isn't an exception. The strap alone is one thing that makes several people love the Belmont wristwatches, and they never disappoint.

The "Vintage '51" luminous paint patented by them is used to coat the hands, indices, and numerals.

On its black dials, the triangular hands have been heat-treated, blued, and coated using a faux-patina aged luminous material known as Bremont's patented "Vintage '51," and it had formerly been used on the P-51 which is the brand's limited-edition timepiece. The creative R&D department also did an experiment with the new kind of anodization for the achievement of the black color of the middle of the aluminum case.

The case made of aluminum gets its jet-black color from a unique anodization process.

Similar to every previous model in the U2 collection of Bremont, this wristwatch is battle-tested: it has been flown on several missions and going up to 80,000 ft over twelve hours and subjected to temperatures as low as minus -50°. The price of the Bremont U-2/51 Jet is at $5,395.

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