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Garmin MarQ watches focus on designs that last. Garmin MarQ wristwatches are built for ultimate reliability and combine rugged aesthetics with durable quality. Each of these luxury watch collections, from the Garmin MarQ Athlete to the Garmin MarQ Golfer is inspired by smart-watch technology and ultimate sports versatility. If you are intrigued by sleek and sophisticated sports watches, consider the Garmin MarQs exquisite timepiece collection. These watches are equipped with multiple functions from GPS and chronograph to a barometer, compass, and tactical features. Garmin MarQ timepieces are some of the first luxurious watches to utilize smart features. They are an excellent choice for the tech-savvy community. Do not get frustrated in your search for original Garmin MarQ watches for sale. Exquisite Timepieces can help. Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to buy Garmin MarQ watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Garmin MarQ authorized dealer.


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Garmin MarQ Watch Review

History and origin of Garmin

Garmin was created in 1989 by the two founders Gary Burrell and Min H. Kao. These two people brought together the best team of engineers and specialists. The primary headquarters are in Kansas in the United States. The name is made up of "Gary" and "Min," and the multinational started with purely GPS devices for the US military. Today, the Garmin has more than 50 sites worldwide with headquarters in Switzerland and the United States. Connected watches and bracelets have been added to the company's GPS systems. It would have taken little time for the giant to reach the podium with Apple, Xiaomi, and Fitbit. The Garmin range consists of dozens of models in the form of watches and connected objects, wristbands, and even trackers for fitness. User needs are covered regardless of their category. Sports or daily practices. Classic or sporty style. Garmin has gone beyond GPS modules to master a variety of features and designs.


Garmin MarQ Brand values

One of Garmin's core values is the idea of “Design to last”. The idea is both to create a sustainable business and products that have a long life. Also, the Garmin site announces the development of a "business culture based on honesty, integrity, and respect."
Rewards obtained by Garmin products
Garmin products and apps have won multiple awards. So in 2017, the company was named for the third consecutive best company of the year by the NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association). On the same occasion, she received 8 other awards, dedicated to the quality of products, such as the Excellence Award for GPSMAP 8624.


Is the Garmin MarQ brand reliable?

In order to be able to monitor the quality of what it produces, Garmin opted for vertical integration. This means that the entire production chain, from design to storage, is done within the company. Thus, there is respect for the philosophy of the company and the ability to check the quality of products and services at every moment. In addition, consumers and journalists agree that overall quality is good. There is always room for improvement, but it's more details because they are solid devices and easy to handle.
The Fenix series from Garmin is considered one of the most classic. This type of accessories can be worn for any occasion and event.

Shortly after its creation, the company experienced significant success. Initially, efforts were focused on the shipping and air industries. For these two areas, Garmin - still called at the time ProNav - has designed and marketed various products for navigation, information, and communication.
In 1991, the US military became the first customer in the history of the company. Later, the company was renamed Garmin, which is still valid today. In many other company occasions, the manufacturer has significantly expanded and strengthened its skills.
Experts from the marine industry, the navy, or weather forecasts joined the team. The company was floated on the stock exchange in 2000. Over time, Garmin has been able to transfer its vast know-how in the field of GPS technology to other products and thus open up new segments in the digital and electronic market. The High Tech, portable accessories sector, has become one of the most important areas in which Garmin can offer a wide range of products.
The brand started in this industry with analog watches. In the meantime, smartwatches have grown so much that they are not only among the most sought after but also among the most versatile.


Features and Functions of the Garmin MarQ Smartwatch

During the twentieth and twenty-first century, digital clocks appeared on the market that gave rise to what we call smartwatches today, which served as a calculator, made translations, contained mini-games, and compared to a DPA.
With the advancement of technologies, leading companies in GPS development, such as Garmin that was created by Gary Burrell and Dr. Min Kao in 1989 in the US, developed their editions of smart hand watches.
Among the line of Garmin, smartwatches are the Forerunner 235, Phoenix 5, Vivofit, and Vivosmart, which are created for both men and women, and most have a sporty style.

These Garmin smartwatches come with a built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, heart rate, and activity controller that allows you to measure calories, distance traveled, sleep time, generate alerts and vibrate if you exceed the period of inactivity.

It also sends and receives phone calls as well as text messages. It also offers the possibility of using social networks as it has built-in WiFi, you can share files via Bluetooth and use Garmin Connect, Connect IQ, LiveTrack, etc.

Garmin smart watches have specific applications for sports such as swimming, golf, cycling, among others. They are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. It's color LCD screen has water resistance, has a calendar and stopwatch.

Some models of smart watches from the Garmin brand include a relax timer, VO2 meter, age estimator, music controllers. They come in digital and needle versions, with interchangeable straps of plastic, leather, silicone or steel.

They come with a compass, a gyroscope, and a barometric altimeter. Also, it comes with a touch screen that may or may not be hidden depending on the model, Garmin Chroma Display brand, which allows reading with ambient light. It is protected by a resistant Corning Gorilla glass.

Several editions of Garmin smart watches include charging adapters with USB port, headphones. Among its functions is Garmin Pay that facilitates online payments and is multi-satellite since it uses GLONASS to track the environment where the person is located.


Garmin MarQ: The new range of connected watches from Garmin

In just a few years, Garmin has managed to establish itself in the connected watch market with highly technical, reliable, and design products. In early 2019 and celebrating its 30th anniversary, the brand has just unveiled a brand new range of smartwatches called MARQ, which embeds the best of connected technology associated with particularly attractive looks in the marine, aviation, pilot, etc.

In less than five years, connected watches have made enormous progress with the arrival on the market of increasingly efficient models, ever more resistant and ever richer in functions and power reserve. And it's not over. Which makes them real instruments for athletes, adventurers, globetrotters, or businessmen who have to move to the four corners of the planet.

For years, it was the mechanical watches that accompanied explorers and adventurers through the great expeditions that helped to understand our land, and it's functioning better. From Rolex to Zenith to Panerai or Omega, these ultra-robust timepieces gave them time and guided these men to the most remote countries.

But nowadays, it must be admitted that in terms of adventures, explorations, and expeditions, the mechanical models, as seductive and mythical as they are, are largely supplanted - even outdated - by smart watches and connected. Indeed, the latter contain within their boxes, all the new technologies that allow the modern man to live in total autonomy on the seas, in the mountains or deserts.

And Garmin understood it very well. It is evidenced by this brand new range of watches called MARQ that takes all the major themes dear to mechanical watches. The Schaffhausen factory, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, has just unveiled in Barcelona, a complete collection of smartwatches that evokes exploration, racing, sports, aviation, etc. In short, all the different worlds that have marked the mechanical watch industry. A particularly intelligent positioning.

The collection consists of five models: MARQ Aviator, MARQ Driver, MARQ Captain, MARQ Expedition, and MARQ Athlete. Each timepiece is intended to end up on the wrists of fans of aviation, racing, sailing, exploration, and sports.

All these watches ship 46 mm waterproof titanium cases to 100 meters. They are all based on a single base (they are all readable in the sun, for example). However, they are all different in their appearance, and above all, importantly, they embody different functions and glasses depending on the universe to which they belong.


Collection of Garmin MARQ Watches

The Garmin MARQ Driver is the only watch in the world with its memory, 250 preloaded international race circuits! It sports, as it should be for a pilot's watch, tachymeter bezel, here proposed in black ceramic. Among its many functions, it allows automatic counting of laps and delta time live! The dream watch for pilots.

The Garmin MARQ Aviator has a database of all airports around the world with visualization of the surroundings. It also features "direct-to-to" emergency navigation and displays on its anti-reflective dial, the Nexrad Weather Radar, and the integration of Garmin's own avionics solutions. It is complemented by a "24h" ceramic bezel still very useful to pilots. In short, a "long-haul" watch.

The Garmin MARQ Captain is dedicated to sailing with functions that far exceed those offered by mechanical watches that no longer compete in the same category. For example, this smartwatch offers intelligent navigation features, a groundbreaking racing timer enhanced by GPS technology (one of Garmin's specialties) that promises exceptionally accurate starts! This timepiece is also equipped with a tracking aid and a "man overboard" button. Indispensable at sea.

The Garmin MARQ Adventurer is a new generation luxury Watch Tool with smart features that will inspire you to excel. So you can stand at the top of the world with an extraordinary instrument designed for exploration. The altimeter indicates the altitude difference, and a barometer with a trend line warns you of changes in the weather.

The Garmin MARQ Expedition is dedicated to adventurers and globetrotters. It embeds topographic maps and has altimetric data in real-time. When shipping at altitude, its Pulse OX1 sensor monitors your level of oxygen saturation in the blood. For example, the user can pause to raise the level of oxygen in his blood and judge his ability to adapt when the air becomes scarce during a tedious climb. In addition, it also features an integrated ABC navigation system and a two-color compass engraved on the titanium bezel. With her, you are not ready to lose the north...

The Garmin MARQ Commander luxury watch is a modern and versatile tool that prepares you for any situation thanks to its TopoActive Europe cards and its tactical functions. Finally, people who show courage and self-sacrifice in their missions have a watch that lives up to their commitment. The matt amorphous carbon-coated titanium case helps you slip unnoticed in the dark, while UTC markings provide precise timing and timing. The high-quality woven bracelet discreetly reflects the sophistication of this watch.

Finally, the MARQ Athlete is the watch of the sportsmen! It displays your recovery times and the VO2MAX on its brushed titanium bezel coated with black DLC. It also offers the best routes for running and cycling; When it's time to step up your workout, your smartwatch helps you adjust your fitness with race dynamics. A watch that will allow you to take up your biggest challenges. The ones you launch. Note that all these versions have a Garmin Chroma Display color display with LED backlighting that provides better readability in bright sunlight. This is important for watches intended to be used mainly outdoors and by all types of weather. The size of the screen is 1.2 'or 30.4 mm.

In addition, these five new models enliven your sports sessions or expeditions thanks to their storage capacity of up to 500 musical titles. You will be able to run by listening to your favorite old jazz tracks or fly over Tanzania with the latest title of U2. Best of all, Deezer users can download offline playlists or transfer music directly from a computer. Once the selection is loaded, all you have to do is connect your Bluetooth headphones and go to practice.

The world of tomorrow will be more and more connected, as we know. And among the functions that develop at the speed of "V", the contactless payment that allows you to leave without cash, without a wallet or payment card. In this spirit, all MARQ models are equipped with Garmin Pay, which will enable you to buy a coffee, a meal, or any other purchase made during the day just by taking your watch. A handy feature for those who go on a tour for a few hours and do not need to load their wallet unnecessarily.

In addition, these new models embody many training features that allow users to monitor their fitness and performance; They can benefit from physiological indicators, Running Dynamics, and other information to follow their training statistics, measure their progress, improve their technique and refine their silhouette. In short, all you need to keep fit!

Naturally, these five MARQ models are compatible with Connect IQ, the platform that allows you to download and customize each watch for free with widgets, data fields, wallpapers, and applications (the choice is wide and varied). In addition, by associating their watch with a compatible smartphone (this is essential to optimize the use of the watch), users can receive notifications of calls, SMS, and emails directly to their wrist, a classic of the connected watch, but which retains all its charm.

Each MARQ watch is equipped with multi-network satellite reception, GPS, GLONASS, and now the Galileo system. Garmin is the world leader in satellite navigation!

Like any smart connected watch, these MARQs are obviously equipped with technology for monitoring daily activity, allowing users to follow the number of steps (at least 10,000 per day to maintain health), calories burned, steps mounted as well as the quality of their sleep in night mode (but you should keep your wristwatch during the night).

Finally, the Face-It application allows you to customize your Garmin watch with your own photos. Cliché of his latest sporting feat, vacation, or family photo, just choose a picture in his personal gallery, select the desired clock style and send it via Bluetooth to his compatible Garmin device.

Often, one of the weak points of connected watches is their autonomy, which is not the case, far from it, at Garmin. Judge for yourself: twelve days in "smart" mode, 28 hours in GPS mode or 48 hours in ultra-track mode. In Expedition App, and as an example, the MARQ Expedition can last up to 4 weeks!

Riding on the trend of simplified bracelet change, these watches can be personalized in no time without tools, thanks to QuickFit bracelets. For example, replace the silicone bracelet with a leather or titanium strap to change the look, which is always convenient, especially on the move. Over time, the choice of straps has really expanded to meet all demands.

The MARQ range will be marketed in the coming weeks. Price side, prices range from 1,500 for the MARQ Athlete to 2,500 dollars for the MARQ Driver. In the end, this collection has everything to seduce fans of beautiful watches. Indeed, it borrows from the world of luxury, titanium, sapphire crystal, ceramics, and rapid bracelet change while being associated with the best in terms of new technologies. All for a consistent price/quality ratio and a range of huge functions that adapt to uses and users in an optimal way.

Garmin Accessories Compatibility

The operating system is developed by Garmin itself. This system has been developed for Android and iOs compatibility. Therefore, a Bluetooth connection is possible with iPhone or Android smartphones. Phones with Windows Phone system can also connect to the watch. This is a positive point that the watch has compared to its competitors. Communication is possible through the exchange of calls and messages. This is an important feature added to the high-end Garmin watches. The majority of watches, however, can transfer their data to the computer when needed.
The technology adopted by the Garmin brand exceeds that of several brands. The ANT + feature allows, for example, to connect the watch to multiple straps and sensors. The camera is controllable from the connected watch. Some Quatix 5 models can connect to the on-board system of a few boat models.


What Does The Connected Watch Garmin Offer For Functionality?

The majority of Garmin connected watches cover the basic needs of each user. Count steps, calculate calories, or analyze sleep. Timing and even the recall of movements. The brand's trackers dedicated to Fitness can analyze the heart rate. The small accessories preferred by the sportsmen even inform the notifications, calls, and messages received in the smartphone. The management of musical titles is possible to enjoy his best albums from his wrist. The display of important appointments is available for fans of the organization of tasks and work. It is no longer necessary to search for your smartphone. The smartphone alarm call function is available.
The automatic launch of the activity is active from the first movement. The intelligence of the watch detects the type of activity thanks to the sensors. The model called Vivosmart 3 has well-being applications for stress management and daily relaxation. For fans of bodybuilding sessions, the watch can count the rehearsals to organize your series. Break times are configurable for complete coaching of your bodybuilding session.
Garmin House continued the development of GPS modules. The X40 approach modules assist golfers for example, for the exact location of the elements of the field. The watch can also save statistics and data for later use.


The Capabilities Of Garmin Fitness Watches

Garmin models are excellent for everyday operations. There are several models of specialization, depending on the sports or activities desired. Snowboarding or hiking watches called multisport adapt easily and quickly to your activities. Improved waterproofness allows you to practice swimming or diving without any fear.The Garmin smartwatch is a real sports partner. The reports after each session make it possible to organize the sports planning. The oxygen supply can be measured. For outdoor activities, an altimeter and a barometer, a compass, and even an internet browser and GPS are available. To avoid getting lost, the navigation system offers real-time assistance during outings and hikes. Fishing forecasts are possible thanks to the specialized calendar.
The applications dedicated to Golf are multiple, and the GPS system facilitates the activity. Locating green areas and holes becomes easy and fun. The health performance during training is indicated in an easy way. The measurement of the pulse on the wrist. The counting of steps or distance traveled permanently for lovers of walking or simply during shopping. If you're interested in your diet, then analyzing the calories consumed and remaining will help you.
If you are tired, the sleep slot analysis option is available. The differentiation between light, deep, and intermediate phases will be displayed each morning when you wake up. Two series named Tactix and Quatix are adapted to extreme conditions.
Reinforcement and protection for all-terrain. Sailors, fishermen, or boat pilots. These two series meet a number of requirements in terms of performance and endurance. The Vivomove model is special and has an analog dial. Daily use seems possible thanks to this classic type dial. This watch also has a button cell instead of a rechargeable battery. It's a feature of a real hybrid smartwatch. It is a model that remains smart but with a classic look for everyday office use.
The look is associated with your choice of evening dresses or events. The watch has separated from its digital dial to make way for a prestigious look. If you are asked for meetings, the watch does not have a design worthy of a recent Smartwatch. This point is important, and many users prefer this model for this specificity.
Garmin watches and accessories combine different power supply technologies. The Vivofit 3 fitness bracelet is equipped with a battery that can last up to a full year. Some models are rechargeable, and life depends directly on the number of features used and installed. The brand has developed over the years powerful batteries that can reach a full week of autonomy despite the functions of highly developed edge.
The multiple tests of Garmin watch with GPS module have proven the average battery life of 24 hours. This is a very convincing result given the energy aspect of GPS modules among Garmin's competitors.


Move Iq Artificial Intelligence

Guess the type of activity to start the performance scans. It's a technological rebound proven by Garmin's Move IQ technology. Users often forget to launch a program or application. Technology is taking care of that from now on. Running, bike ride, or even lap swim. The sensors detect the movement sequences to launch the associated application.
Do not miss a walk or race session. The Garmin watch launches the stopwatch, the pedometer, or the recording of personal data automatically. This technology allows you to focus on your goals for higher performance.
The automatic recording feature is programmable. Each person determines the minutes before each start of recording. For a reliable result and accurate data, athletes set the recording to include the few seconds or minutes that are unproductive. First sprint or the first steps of a race, the watch will be an exception to record the active and interesting part of the exercise.

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