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These classically elegant timepieces reflect, with typical German functionality and understatement, the historic roots of Glashütte Original. Traditional design elements encounter mechanical complexity and distill the Saxon art of timekeeping to what is essential: the highest of all standards. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Glashütte Original Senator collection. You can find Glashütte Original Senator watches for sale here.

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Glashtte Original Senator Watch Collection Review

History of the Glashtte Original Senator Collection Th? tim?pi?c?s from th? Gl?shtt? S?n?tor ?dition d?riv? from th? cr??tiv? l?nd of po?ts ?nd think?rs, ?s w?ll ?s th? t?chnic?l world of ?ngin??rs ?nd t?chnici?ns. Th? tim?pi?c?s from th? G?rm?n w?tch m?nuf?ctur?r off?r cl?ssic?lly distinct ?nd ?rtful d?sign f??tur?s ?long with ?n und?rlying m?ch?nic?l sophistic?tion. Glashtte Original Senator Collection is ? tr?dition?l w?tch comp?ny th?t is involv?d in th? world of film. Th?r?for?, w?tch?s from th? comp?ny h?v? gl?dly ?ccomp?ni?d c?l?briti?s lik? D?ni?l Brhl ?nd Chris H?msworth to ?v?nts such ?s th? Zurich Film F?stiv?l.
Gl?shtt? Origin?l is ?n ?nthusi?st of th? film ?s it is th? offici?l p?rtn?r of th? Int?rn?tion?l Film F?stiv?l in B?rlin. M??nwhil?, th? B?rlin Film F?stiv?l ?lso s?rv?s ?s ? pl?tform for Gl?shtt? Origin?l. Th? S?n?tor Obs?rv?r w?s pr?s?nt?d ?t th? B?rlin Film F?stiv?l ?n ?ttr?ctiv? tim?pi?c? with ? 44-millim?t?r st?inl?ss st??l c?s?. Th? B?rlin Film F?stiv?l ?nd Gl?shtt? Origin?l s??m to compl?m?nt on? ?noth?r p?rf?ctly. Not surprisingly, Gl?shtt? Origin?l ?dorns th? wrists of m?ny ?ctors ?nd dir?ctors.

Th? Gl?shtt? Origin?l S?n?tor - G?rm?n cr?ftsm?nship ?round th? wrist

Th? Glashtte Original Senator Collection st?nds out for its cl?ssic y?t highly distinctiv? d?sign. Th? tim?pi?c?s ?r? h?ndcr?ft?d ?nd ?bid? by th? strict?st qu?lity st?nd?rds ?pplic?bl? down to th? slight?st of d?t?ils. ? m?jority of Gl?shtt? Origin?l w?tch?s ?r? int?rn?lly produc?d up to 95%. Such ? high l?v?l of v?rtic?l int?gr?tion is r?r?ly s??n in th? w?tchm?king industry, m?king Gl?shtt? Origin?l ?nd ?xc?ption to th? rul?.

Th? S?n?tor coll?ction off?rs ? wid? r?ng? of ?l?g?nt m?ns w?tch?s th?t ?r? ?v?il?bl? with diff?r?nt complic?tions. Th? tim?pi?c?s ?r? pr?s?nt?d in both squ?r? ?nd round forms ?long with ? wid? s?l?ction of br?c?l?ts ?nd di?ls. Th? S?n?tor w?tch sp?ctrum r?ng?s from th? vint?g? Sixti?s ?nd S?v?nti?s s?ri?s to v?ri?nts with sophistic?t?d lun?r displ?ys ?nd p?rp?tu?l c?l?nd?rs.

Gl?shtt? Origin?l, ?long with ? h?ndful of n?m?s such ?s A.Lange & Shn?, Tutim? or Nomos, is symbolic of th? r?birth of G?rm?n fin? w?tchm?king. Its mod?rn history b?g?n in 1994 wh?n H?inz W. Pf?if?r bought Gl?shtt?r Uhr?nb?tri?b GmbH to th?n ?st?blish th? Gl?shtt? Origin?l br?nd. Its origins, how?v?r, go b?ck much furth?r, to th? v?ry b?ginning of w?tchm?king in S?xony, in th? middl? of th? nin?t??nth c?ntury. Th? br?nd, which join?d Sw?tch Group in 2000, h?s brought m?nuf?cturing op?r?tions und?r its on? roof, from d?v?loping mov?m?nts to fin?l ?ss?mbly. Its production is ch?r?ct?ristic of th? r?gion's p?rticul?r styl? of w?tchm?king, wh?th?r in th? ?rchit?ctur? of its mov?m?nts or th? ov?r?ll ??sth?tic r?fin?m?nt.

Th? history of Glashtte Original Senator Collection m?rg?s with th? wid?r history of watchmaking in th? S?xony r?gion. Wh?n in 1949 th? G?rm?n D?mocr?tic R?public w?s ?st?blish?d, ?ll w?tch production w?s brought tog?th?r into ? St?t?-own?d ?nt?rpris?. T?chnic?l ?nd d?sign innov?tion continu?d non?th?l?ss; ind??d, th? br?nd h?s r?viv?d c?rt?in mod?ls from th? p?st for its 20th C?ntury Vint?g? coll?ction. ? p?g? w?s turn?d with th? f?ll ?f th? B?rlin W?ll in 1989. T?king its n?m? from ?n inscription onc? ?dd?d to c?rt?in tim?pi?c?s ?s ? gu?r?nt?? of ?uth?nticity ?nd prov?n?nc?, Gl?shtt? Origin?l p?ti?ntly built up its coll?ctions. Sinc? th?n it h?s d?v?lop?d ? numb?r of origin?l mov?m?nts, c?rt?in of which f??tur? highly pr?ctic?l ?nd r?fin?d functions. Th? m?ch?nic?l ?l?rm of th? S?n?tor Di?ry, for ?x?mpl?, c?n b? progr?mm?d up to 30 d?ys in ?dv?nc?. Th? Gr?nd? Cosmopolit? Tourbillon off?rs, ?mong oth?r complic?tions, ? m?ch?nism which m?moris?s ?ll 37 tim? zon?s to tr?ck tim? ?round th? world. Th? w?tch?s th?t compris? th? S?n?tor Sixti?s ?nd S?v?nti?s coll?ctions ?r? r?minisc?nt of two of th? most ?xciting f?shion d?c?d?s of th? 20th c?ntury. Both w?tch lin?s ?mbody ? r?sp?ctiv? d?c?d? ?nd impr?ss with w?tchm?king fin?ss?.

Th? 1960s w?r? ?n inspiring tim?. ?mong m?ny oth?r influ?nc?s w?r? r?volts ?g?inst soci?l norms ?nd ? sp?ci?l 1969 Woodstock w?y of lif?. Soci?l ?nd politic?l ch?ng?s of th? tim?s d?finit?ly pl?y?d ? rol? in th? p?rticul?r f?shions inclin?tions ?nd pr?f?r?nc?s. Th? w?tch?s of th? S?n?tor Sixti?s lin? convinc? with ? cl?v?r r?tro-mod?rn styl?. Th? Glashtte Original Senator Collection (R?f. 1-39-52-04-02-04) is m?nuf?ctur?d with ? 39-millim?t?r c?sing, ? dom?d s?pphir? cryst?l, ?nd ? bl?ck Louisi?n? ?llig?tor l??th?r str?p.
Th? 1970s w?r? ?lso m?mor?bl? in t?rms of ?rt ?nd d?sign. Th? ch?r?ct?ristic styl? of th? d?c?d? ?mbr?c?s ??rth ton?s, str??mlin?d forms, ?nd ??rodyn?mic ?l?m?nts. Th? S?v?nti?s coll?ction w?s inspir?d by th?s? fund?m?nt?ls ?nd is th?r?for? compris?d of ? squ?r? c?s? with round?d corn?rs. Th? S?v?nti?s P?nor?m? D?t? is cr??t?d with thr?? diff?r?nt di?l colors ?nd c?n b? p?ir?d with ? Louisi?n? ?llig?tor l??th?r str?p in bl?ck, blu? ?nd gr?y, or ?lt?rn?tiv?ly, with ? sporty rubb?r str?p d?cor?t?d with intric?t? ?ngr?vings.

Wh?t is sp?ci?l ?bout the Glashtte Original Senator Collection?

Glashtte Original Senator Collection h?s b??n ?round for ov?r ? c?ntury ?nd h?s b??n coin?d in m?king th? only w?tch th?t m?tt?rs. Providing r?li?bl? ?nd dur?bl? tim?pi?c?s, Glashtte Original Senator Collection is prob?bly th? most ?min?nt luxury w?tch br?nd in th? world.
W?v? round?d up ? f?w littl? known f?cts ?bout this iconic comp?ny.

?ll of Glashtte Original Senator Collections w?tch?s ?r? h?ndm?d?

It t?k?s considerable time to make just one Glashtte Original Senator Collection w?tch. ?v?ry w?tch is p?inst?kingly m?d? by h?nd in G?rm?ny. Glashtte Original Senator Collection w?tch?s ?r? giv?n ?ll th? ?tt?ntion ?nd d?dic?tion to ?nsur? th?y m??t th? cov?t?d br?nds strict st?nd?rds. Virtu?lly ?v?rything is m?d? from b?s? m?t?ri?ls in-hous?. Onc? ?ll th? p?rts for ? Glashtte Original Senator Collection w?tch ?r? compl?t?d, th?y ?r? th?n mostly h?nd-?ss?mbl?d ?nd ind?p?nd?ntly t?st?d. Th? qu?lity ?ssur?nc? proc?ss is r?th?r int?ns?.

?v?ry singl? Glashtte Original Senator Collection is pr?ssur?-t?st?d b?for? l??ving th? manufacturer

B?ing ?t th? for?front of w?t?r r?sist?nt t?chnology involv?s ? multitud? of st?ps. ?v?ry Glashtte Original Senator Collection is pl?c?d in ? s?nsitiv? ?ir-pr?ssur? ch?mb?r to d?t?rmin? if th?r? ?r? ?ny ?ir l??ks in th? c?s?. If ? m?dic?l-gr?d? optic?l s?nsor finds ?ny cond?ns?tion or w?t?r infiltr?tion, th? w?tch is scr?pp?d.

Glashtte Original Senator Collection us?s th? most ?xp?nsiv? st?inl?ss st??l (904L Steel)

Oth?r high-?nd br?nds us? ? st?inl?ss st??l gr?d? (known ?s 316L) in th?ir d?signs, but 904L is ?xclusiv? to Glashtte Original Senator Collection. Th? st??l is much mor? ?xp?nsiv?, ?nd s?id to b? r?sist?nt to rust, corrosion, ?nd pitting ? r??l probl?m for s?lt w?t?r div?rs.

?n in-hous? foundry m?k?s ?ll th? gold for Glashtte Original Senator Collection w?tch?s

Glashtte Original Senator Collection m?k?s th?ir own gold. B?c?us? th?y control th? production ?nd m?chining of th?ir gold, th?y ?r? ?bl? to strictly ?nsur? not only qu?lity but look of th?s? ?xtr?ordin?ry m?t?ri?ls. Glashtte Original Senator Collection is th? only w?tchm?k?r th?t m?k?s th?ir own gold or ?v?n h?s ? r??l foundry in-hous?.

Nobody knows wh?t the phrase Glashtte Original Senator ?ctu?lly m??ns

W?tchm?k?rs ?ssum? th? n?m? com?s from th? Fr?nch t?rm horlog?ri? ?xquis?, m??ning ?xquisit? clockwork. But Glashtte Original Senator Collection found?r H?ns Wilsdorf ?dmitt?d th? n?m? Glashtte Original Senator Collection w?s pick?d b?c?us? h? w?nt?d a word th?t w?s short ?nd look?d good on ? w?tch f?c?, ?nd could b? pronounc?d in ?ny l?ngu?g?. H? ?lso thought th?t th? n?m? sound?d lik? th? nois? ? w?tch m?d? wh?n ?t w?s b?ing wound.

Glashtte Original Senator Collection might b? ? luxury Swiss comp?ny, but it origin?t?d in G?rm?ny

Th? comp?ny st?rt?d out ?ss?mbling w?tch?s, not m?king th?m. Gl?shtt? Origin?l, ?long with ? h?ndful of n?m?s such ?s A.Lange & Shn?, Tutim? or Nomos, is symbolic of th? r?birth of G?rm?n fin? w?tchm?king. Its mod?rn history b?g?n in 1994 wh?n H?inz W. On th?ir Rom?n num?r?l di?ls, Glashtte Original Senator Collection still us? IIII r?th?r th?n IV
IIII is known ?s th? W?tchm?k?rs four, ?nd is ? m?tt?r of ??sth?tics ?nd visu?l symm?tric?l b?l?nc?.

Th? Complic?tion: ?ll th? tim? in th? world

Th? displ?ys ?f th? S?n?tor Cosmopolit? h?v? b??n d?sign?d for ??sy l?gibility, but th? m?ch?nism b?hind th?m is compl?x. In d?v?loping it, th? Gl?shtt? ?ngin??rs h?v? ?nrich?d th? product lin? with ? complic?tion ?s ?mbitious ?s it is cont?mpor?ry whil? pl?cing p?rticul?r ?mph?sis on ??s? of us?.
With th? S?n?tor Cosmopolit? on? c?n s?t th? tim? in two tim? zon?s ?t onc?, without th? w??r?r h?ving to think twic? ?bout it. ? tim? zon? ring off?rs ? s?l?ction of th? 36 world tim? zon?s curr?ntly in us?. ??ch of th?m is displ?y?d using ?n offici?l I?T? loc?tion cod? r?pr?s?nting ?n int?rn?tion?l ?irport in th? r?l?v?nt tim? zon?. Not ?ll tim? zon?s ?r? offs?t from th? Gr??nwich M??n Tim? r?f?r?nc? tim? in int?rv?ls of on? hour: for this r??son, th? 24 tim? zon?s th?t do show ? full-hour d?vi?tion ?r? indic?t?d using ? bl?ck I?T? cod?; ? furth?r nin? tim? zon?s with h?lf-hour offs?ts ?r? shown in blu?, ?nd th? r?m?ining thr?? I?T? cod?s ?pp??r in r?d. Th? two windows ?t 8 o'clock ?llow th? w??r?r to s?t summ?r ?nd st?nd?rd tim? (D?ylight S?ving Tim? DST / St?nd?rd Tim? STD); ?n ??sily r??d D?y/Night indic?tor for both hom? ?nd d?stin?tion off?rs ?ddition?l ori?nt?tion. ?ny n?c?ss?ry ?djustm?nts of th? d?t? whil? tr?v?ling forw?rds or b?ck in tim? ?r? h?ndl?d by th? mov?m?nt's intric?t? m?ch?nics.

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