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The Glashütte Original Vintage Seventies watch collection honors the styles of the 1970s. The Glashütte Original Vintage Seventies watch series feature a panoramic, cube-style dial. This timepiece collection wonderfully merges fresh, modern aspects with the vintage look. The functions highlighted in these pieces include a perpetual calendar with multiple chronograph dials. The product line includes limited editions that you will not find anywhere else. For the ideal vintage timepiece, consider the Glashütte Original Vintage Seventies watch series. Trying to find Glashütte Original Vintage Seventies watches for sale can be tough when you are not sure where to start. If you are looking for the best place to buy Glashütte Original Vintage Seventies watches, Exquisite Timepieces can help. Exquisite Timepieces is a Glashütte Original Vintage Seventies authorized dealer.


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More on Glashütte Original Seventies Watches

The Glashütte Original story starts in 1845 in Glashütte, a town in the Saxon region of Germany, when the first watchmakers came to the area to manufacture both watches and watch parts.

The Glashütte name became synonymous with precise and elegant craftsmanship, which led to the town being known as the "birthplace of German watchmaking".

Glashütte Original is a brand that is respected and loved by enthusiasts and experts alike. They have a unique design language that stems from the brand's deeply German roots and, since the brand's inception, provides the wearer with a timepiece known for its craftsmanship, precision, and style, all evident in the Glashütte Original Seventies Collection.

About Glashütte Original Seventies Collection

The Glashütte Original Seventies Collection is part of what Glashütte Original calls their Vintage collection. This collection is comprised of both the Glashütte Original Seventies and Sixties collections.

The watches and designs in the Vintage collections are modern interpretations of timepieces from two decades that changed watchmaking forever.

But, moreover, it is important to remember that the inspiration for the Glashütte Original Seventies collection comes from timepieces of the 1970s, a time in German history when the city of Glashütte was part of communist-ruled East Germany.

Glashütte Original Seventies Collection History

The Glashütte Original Seventies Collection was first introduced in 2014 and was an unmistakably vintage-inspired timepiece with its square case, integrated bracelet, and automatic in-house caliber 37-02 movement.

As previously discussed, the Glashütte Original Seventies Collection is inspired by watches from the 1970s, a time in watchmaking history that was the beginning of the end for many watch brands due to the ever-increasing technological developments related to the quartz movement.

Between 1970 and 1983, the quartz crisis resulted in massive losses to the Swiss watch industry. In total, there was a 60% reduction in Swiss watchmakers during this time. However, due to Glashütte being isolated behind the Iron Curtain and focusing heavily on mechanical movements during this time, the watch industry in East Germany was not affected in the same way.

As we discuss the Glashütte Original Seventies Collection, you will notice that there are no quartz-driven timepieces, which is very much in line with the timepieces being produced in the 1970s.

How Much Does Glashütte Original Seventies Watches Cost?

The Glashütte Original Seventies Collection, like all Glashütte Original timepieces, are luxury watches, which means that they generally carry a luxury timepiece price. With that said, the brand offers incredible craftsmanship and precision for the price. Below, we will discuss two models from the Glashütte Original Seventies Collection, their starting price, and a unique feature.

Model Starting Price Unique Feature
Glashütte Original Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date Fab Green on Rubber Strap $13,400 The green lacquer degrade dial is the perfect balance of vintage 70's color with a modern interpretation.
Glashütte Original Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date Galvanic Blue on Nubuck Leather $13,400 Glashütte Original's signature panorama date at the 6 o'clock and sunray blue dial resulting from a galvanization process.

What's Unique About Glashütte Original Seventies Watches?

Glashütte Original Seventies timepieces are inspired by a time in watch history when brands weren't afraid of being bold or bombastic. This is apparent in the design language of the Seventies and, to some extent, the Sixties collections.

While they are firmly rooted in 70's inspired design with their square case, integrated bracelet/strap, and color choices, the use of an in-house movement and modern materials make the Seventies collection a great option for a vintage lover without the headaches that come with vintage timepieces.

Glashütte Original Seventies Movements

The Seventies collection is powered by the Caliber GO 37-02, an in-house, 4 Hz column-wheel chronograph movement with a 70-hour power reserve. The GO 37-02 is also a flyback chronograph with Glashütte Original's signature panorama date at 6 o'clock.

Not only is the Glashütte Original Caliber GO 37-02 a very precise movement, but it is also a well-decorated and beautiful movement with Glashütte three-quarter plate with stripe finish and a skeletonized rotor with the double-G symbol and 21-carat gold oscillation weight.

Glashütte Original Seventies Watch Colors

As mentioned earlier, the Glashütte Original Seventies Collection is an ode to the past, a time known for artistic freedom and originality, which is why the Glashütte Original Seventies has used such bold colors in their designs.

While the current collection is comprised of the Fab Green, Galvanic Blue, Ocean Breeze blue, and Golden Bay yellow, past iterations of the Seventies Collection have included colors like teal, emerald, mint, aquamarine, salmon, and bright yellow.

Glashütte Original Seventies Watch Materials

As expected with any modern luxury timepiece, the Glashütte Original Seventies Collection uses the highest quality modern materials, including stainless steel for the cases and bracelets, rhodium-plated indices, and some precious metals in the movements. But, where the Glashütte Original Seventies Collection really stands out is in their use of different dial finishes from galvanization to lacquer, the dial of your Seventies Collection timepiece will surely be a stunner.

Buying Glashütte Original Seventies Watches

When buying a luxury timepiece, it is important to always buy from a reputable authorized dealer. In the event that something is wrong with your timepiece, you want to be able to use the warranty to make sure your timepiece is properly fixed. With that said, Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer for Glashütte Original as well as over 60 other brands offering full factory warranties on all new timepieces.

Caring for Your Glashütte Original Seventies Watch

Like most luxury items, a luxury timepiece is an investment worthy of your time and care, so it is important to properly maintain your timepiece to ensure its longevity.

But sometimes, things happen that are out of your control. Luckily for you, all new watches come with a factory warranty in the event that the watch needs to be serviced.

And for those timepieces that might not still be under warranty Exquisite Timepieces offers a repair/service center that serves over 140 different brands.

Glashütte Original Seventies FAQ

When was Glashütte Original Seventies released?

The Glashütte Original Seventies Collection was first released in 2014.

How much is a Glashütte Seventies watch?

Depending on whether you get your timepiece on a rubber strap, nubuck leather strap, or stainless-steel bracelet, the Glashütte Original Seventies Collection will cost between $13,400 and $14,600.

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