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Two exciting periods in the previous century serve as inspiration for these timepieces. The Sixties and Seventies models in the collection are contemporary interpretations of two dynamic decades whose ideals, music, architecture and design changed the world forever. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Glashütte Original Sixties collection. You can find Glashütte Original Sixties watches for sale here.

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Glashtte Original Sixties Watch Collection Review

We all get ready in the morning and look for that one accessory to complete our outfits and daily look. Of course, we are talking about wristwatches! Watches are known to enhance the grace of ay outfit that you wear and will make sure that you look the best. Not to forget the compliments that you will receive. Glashtte Original watches are known to stand out and make the wearer look their best.

The History Behind the Glashtte Sixties Watch Collection

Glashtte watches have a vibrant history behind its making; that is what makes these watches so unique and appealing. The Glashtte brand was originated in a small German town. The brand got its name from the name of the town that it was founded in. The Glashtte sixties truly signify the delicacy, quality, and creativity in the work and product that is expected from the region.

One of the strong pillars behind these great watches is the homological heritage of the town that it came from. This particular collection was known to celebrate the art and history of the great watchmakers that invested their ideas and beliefs with the brand that we so proudly know of today,

The Glashtte sixties green was launched back in 2016 at the time it debuted as a limited collection. The launch of this watch collection was to mark the decade long celebration for the courageous ideas, freedom along with the bold visionaries that came together in the 1960s to make the most iconic watches of the millennium. The first collection that was launched included five different designs inspired by the sixties. These comprised of grey, turquoise, red, gold, and brown hues.

How is the Glashtte Original Sixties Green Watch Made?

Glashtte watches are not any ordinary watches and just not compromises of a flat dial that includes a uniform color. Instead, the dials of these watches are uniquely curved in nature, and they also include and degrade effect that is known to be distinctive. To provide this look at the watches, the watchmaker has to go through a special galvanization process for the dial. The method includes added multiple layers of lacquer to the Glashtte Original Sixties watches and then finally adding up the color in it with the use of a particular spray gun.

The wet look on the watch dial is simply the result of the reflection from the lacquer layers on the dial. All the techniques that are used on these watches finally result in providing us an intense dimensional look on the GlashtteSixties Green. Turquoise, red, and gold color variations are available in the models to complete the look of the watch, and neutral hues like grey and brown accompany them. The colored variations for sure offer the sunburst finish feature on the watch, whereas the natural tones are more often known to provide an impression of the guilloche stamp.

Best Glashtte Original Sixties Watches

Glashtte Original Sixties Panorama Date Stainless Steel
Price: USD 8,000
The color of the dial in this watch is Galvanized blue, the case is built of stainless steel which makes the watch durable and strong. The sapphire crystal is domed sapphire and anti-reflective, both features provide excellent readability.

This Glashtte original sixties green beauty is known to have a three-quarter plate that comes in a striped finish, and also, it has the feature for the swan-neck fine adjustment that makes it better. Other than this, it has the panorama date feature in it along with the polished steel parts, beveled edges, and exquisitely finished movement that is enough to catch the attention of anyone.

Glashtte Original Senator Sixties Rose Black Gold Dial
Price: USD 12,800
Another Glashtte watch that we will recommend to you in this collection is this original beauty of the Glashtte original sixties collection. This watch is known to be one of the best! Not only does it has an excellent finish, but it also has that subtle dignified appearance that we all want.

This is the kind of accessory that you can easily pair up with anything in your wardrobe. This watch has a black satin-finished dial that is arched adequately along with the rose gold index and skeleton hands that adds stars to its beauty. Along with every other feature that it exhibits, it is also water-resistant up to thirty meters.

Glashtte Original Senator Sixties Panorama Date Price: USD 16,500
The design is inspired by the 1960s and is known to bring back one of the most iconic and existing decades from the 20th century. Along with all the other factors of that era, the weeping change even left a mark on the design of this masterpiece. This watch is both elegant as well as independent and is known to be an epitome of modern-retro styling. This superbly excellent traditional designed watch incorporates the slight touch of the new era in its design.

The dial on this watch is doomed as the original Glashtte Sixties designs and distinctively implements the date display of panorama. Also, it amazingly styles Arabic numerals at 12, 9, 6, and 3 hours. Also, the minute rind is finely drawn. The dial is white, and all the added crystals are original sapphires. This surely is one of the best luxury watches to buy for you.

Wrap Up: Glashtte Original Sixties Watch Collection Review

Glashtte's Original Sixties Green is undoubtedly the most exquisite and fantastic brand of watches that you can come across. The products offered are the best are specially designed to provide you with the elegant and subtle look that you were yearning for all these years. These watches come in various designs and styles that you can invest your money in. Just make sure that you choose the right option to go with your personality and taste.

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