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H. Moser & Cie is a traditional Swiss watchmaker specializing in creating minimalist and sophisticated timepieces. With the Heritage collection, H. Moser awakens pocket watch designs from centuries past with modern engineering while keeping it simple.

About H. Moser Heritage Watches

Heritage watches are vintage-inspired retro timepieces embodying H. Moser. Cie's 187-year watchmaking tradition. They reflect on early pocket watch models converted into wristwatches by welding lugs to the case during the late 19th century.
Heritage watches have vertical fluting along the case flanks, borrowed from another Moser & Cie masterpiece, the Pioneer collection.
Globolight is a rare ceramic material that can be forged in infinite colors and light intensity. Moser uses it to create oversized, three-dimensional hands in all Heritage watches. Infused with Superluminova, it can glow in the dark. What's unique about Globolight is it's plain white during the day, unlike attached or painted-on Superluminova.
Certain Heritage Tourbillon and Perpetual Calendar models have the complete pocket watch-inspired case look. The models have bedazzled front and back case covers that will leave anyone in awe.
Any H. Moser & Cie. Heritage model (limited edition or not) is available in small numbers. The Swiss brand makes less than 1,500 watches a year.

H. Moser Heritage History

The Heritage Collection is H. Moser & Cie's proof that the past and present can co-exist. Currently, we do not have a valid record of the birth date of the Heritage collection. Nonetheless, we can pinpoint its official release to 2018, when Moser created a Heritage Bucherer Blue edition.
However, sources show that the Heritage Perpetual Calendar debuted in 2016. It was a 10-piece limited edition watch and was a carbon copy of the pocket watch, except it was built for the wrist.
HMC also released the Heritage Bronze 'Since 1828' around 2018. A pseudo pilot watch, H. Moser & Cie, was modeled after early pocket watches. This limited edition Heritage maintained a rounded case and cast bronze finish, with modernized Superluminova sword hands. Although it's now sold out (limited to 50 pieces), it set the precedent for the design of all HMC Heritage watches.
New releases had an identical appearance but different complications. Mass sale Dual Time and Perpetual calendar hit the marker around 2021.

How Much Do H. Moser Heritage Watches Cost?

The H. Moser & Cie. Heritage watches are mid-level luxury watches offering status and substance for their dollar. They'll cost anywhere from $12,000 for simple Center Seconds models to over $200,000 for the rare pocket watch-themed models.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
OH. Moser & Cie. Heritage Bronze 'Since 1828' (ref. 8200-1701) $19,600 Bronze case with black gold sunburst dial
H. Moser & Cie. 8200-1201 Heritage Centre Seconds Funky Blue $12,000 Center seconds and 3d Globolight markers
H. Moser & Cie Heritage Tourbillon 8804-1200 $55,000 Flying Tourbillon with double hairsprings
Heritage Perpetual Calendar Midnight Blue Enamel $112,000 White gold case and enamel dial
H. Moser & Cie Heritage Dual Time 8809-1200 $22,500 Stainless steel case with burgundy-colored fume dial

What's Unique About H. Moser Heritage Watches?

Although it's a relatively rampant vintage watch design, a few features make the H. Moser Heritage collection unique.
First, the rounded case sports a thin bezel and classic squashed onion crown style for a simple yet grand look. Speaking of which, the Heritage case is largely finely polished with a mirror-like allure and possesses Moser's trademark vertical flutings on either side.
In line with a converted pocket watch theme, Heritage watches have wire lugs, which resemble the classic soldered design and maintain Moser's minimalist culture.
The dial is magnificent and uncluttered. All models use a railroad minute track and either Arabic or Roman numeral hour markers. They mostly have a sunburst fume finish, adding a funky retro vibe to the colors.
Moser focuses on modernizing the old ways by using a futuristic element on the indices � Globolight. This composite ceramic material has been around for less than five years. It allows the Swiss watchmaker to use white, sizable 3D indexes in the Heritage line without sacrificing luminescence.

H. Moser Heritage Movements

The watches in the H. Moser Heritage family carry spectacular movements. The strongest is the hand-wound caliber 800 seen in the Perpetual Calendar, boasting seven days of power reserve and an award-winning calendar mechanism. It allows you to read the calendar using the hour markers instead of cluttering the dial with subdials.
The caliber HMC 804 tourbillon automatic is the most technologically advanced Heritage movement seen in Moser Tourbillon. It has a flying minute-tourbillon escapement, double hairsprings, and 72 hours of power reserve.
Another advanced Heritage Movement is the Dual Time caliber 809, with 72 hours of power reserve. And, of course, a dual time function for travelers, but executed in Moser's minimalist style.
The Center Seconds model uses a basic automatic movement, the HMC 200 caliber, showcasing the minutes, hours, and seconds. It stores 72 hours of juice to keep the watch running if you're not walking.

H. Moser Heritage Watch Colors

The Heritage collection has a basic color wheel. The Center Seconds and 'Since 1828' models typically have brown leather straps and funky blue, fume-finished dials. This funky blue theme is also seen in the Tourbillon. But the Tourbillon also has a plain white variation on an enameled dial.
Only the Perpetual Calendar is in a league of its own. Rather than funky blue, it has a midnight blue dial, which is black around the edges. The most daring color in the Heritage collection is the Dual Time model with sunburst-fume finished burgundy.

H. Moser Heritage Watch Materials

The Heritage line has a particular taste in material choices, especially when you consider limited edition models.
Left to the models in H Moser's online store, it's a simple list that includes white gold, bronze, and steel cases. And kudu, alligator, or textile straps.
Adding to the list of materials of limited edition Heritage watches (wrist-pocket watches with covers), Moser gets more exclusive. We see case covers with enamel engraving, diamond studs, and guilloche patterns. With these Heritage watches, you can also get HMC crocodile leather straps.

H. Moser Heritage Watch Types

As with the culture of H. Moser & Cie., Heritage watches are mainly dress watches. And they're also suitable for casual or even active styling.
The large face, sword hands, and oversized Arabic hour indexes make Heritage watches versatile. Perhaps the funky fume finish on these timepieces makes them a befitting companion for everyone. Except for divers or folks who want to swim with their watches � its 30-meter water resistance is generally recommended as protection against splashes.
Overall, the Heritage collection, although versatile, is a typical dress watch with leather and textile strap options.

H. Moser Heritage Watch Complications

H. Moser. Cie Heritage collection offers tourbillons, perpetual calendar, dual time, and center seconds complications.
The tourbillon complication, unsurprisingly, is featured in one of the most exclusive models of the collection. It's an automatic, one-minute flying tourbillon featuring Moser's double hairspring technology, where two identical hairsprings compensate for any positional errors.
The Heritage Perpetual Calendar complication is the rarest and most expensive Heritage model. It has the calendar integrated into the movement rather than as an add-on. It has small hands in the center and the 12 indices to represent each month. It's limited to only 20 pieces.
Alternatively, the Heritage collection also features a readily available dual-time complication. A grey hand indicates the dual time zone and can be cleverly hidden behind the main hour hand when unused.
On the other hand, Moser's Center Seconds is a simple complication with the typical long seconds hand.

H. Moser Heritage Sizes

H. Moser Heritage watches, while dressy, are sizable. They are only available in 42mm diameter cases, generally considered a sweet spot for men's watches.
However, they can vary in sleekness based on their complications. The Heritage Tourbillons are the thickest, with a 12.20mm height, while the Center Seconds are relatively slim, with an 11.10mm height.
On the contrary, pocket watch designs like the Heritage Tourbillon Skeleton and Heritage Perpetual Calendar are understandably larger cases. They are about 46mm in diameter and 13.6mm thick. This is due to minor upgrades, like a more prominent crown with a push button, day/night indication, and two case covers.

Buying H. Moser Heritage Watches

H. Moser Heritage watches are readily available at the H. Moser & Cie. online store. But you can also buy from trusted authorized luxury watch dealers, like Exquisite Timepieces. We currently carry all Heritage models except the Perpetual Calendar and limited edition models with case covers.
All H. Moser Heritage watches at Exquisite Timepieces come with a free winder and free insured shipping. We ensure your watch is safe in transit until it reaches your doorstep.
If you love Heritage watches and wonder how you can finance one, ETP accepts trades of broken or valuable timepieces. Not to mention no-interest finance for full payments within 12 months.

Caring for Your H. Moser Heritage Watch

There's no debate that mechanical watches need special maintenance. Simple care tips like wounding before reserve runs out, avoiding contact with magnetic fields, and screwing in the crown go a long way. The latter is critical because H. Moser Heritage watches are only waterproof for dishwashing and other gentle splash activities.
But we understand mistakes can happen. That's why we offer prepaid service options for any damage to your watch at Exquisite Timepieces. From broken glass, strap replacement, and deep cleaning to full service on the movement, your Heritage watch is in safe hands.
Our team of experts will assess the damage and give you a free estimate. And when you're ready, we'll send a prepaid label to ship your watch to our store. Then, have your timepiece delivered to you once it's ready.
If your watch requires direct service or parts from Moser, we can send it to their service center. Otherwise, we'll send your watch to an authorized service facility. Either way, your watch will be returned shining like it's brand new!

H. Moser Heritage FAQ

How much is Moser Heritage dual time?

The H. Moser & Cie Heritage Dual Time 8809-1200 costs around $21,000 at the ETP online store. It's a Heritage watch that displays two time zones using two-hour hands. This model comes with a grey kudu leather strap.

When was H Moser Heritage Centre Seconds released?

The Heritage Centre Seconds was officially released in November 2019.

Find your new H. Moser Heritage watch with Exquisite Timepieces

Getting an H. Moser Heritage watch is a significant investment, even by luxury watch standards. If you're ready to choose one that suits your lifestyle, we can assist you in making an informed decision.
From the Center Seconds to the Tourbillon, Exquisite Timepieces watch experts will show you all the crucial details in person. If you're indisposed to visit our Naples, Florida, boutique, we're also available online.
Exquisite Timepiece covers you with free shipping insurance, ensuring your watch gets you safely. Free full warranty on your Heritage timepiece like it's brand new from H. Moser Switzerland. And premium customer service before and after the sale.
Contact us at or call for further inquiries.

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