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The HYT "Time Is Fluid" H20 watch combines several features found in different HYT collections. The HYT H20 uses a beautifully- looking movement exclusively produced for the brand by APRP, also the watch uses a similar(unnamed) movement to that found in HYT H20 watches. The HYT APRP manual wind movement works at 3Hz per second and features a full 8 day power reserve. The liquid display is made possible by HYT`s module. With the tall crystal, you can see a lot of movement and from different angles, including the bellows that control the liquid time display. It measures 51mm wide and 20mm thick. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the HYT H20 collection. You can find HYT H20 watches for sale here.

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HYT H2O Review

The HYT H20 –‘The time flows’ watch-is the combined feature watch extracted from vast features comprised of various HYT collections of timepieces. It consists of a beautifully carried out mechanical and fluidic movement by APRP working at 3Hz per second boosted with a full 9 days power backup. Bellows controlling the gooey time exhibit you are able to showcase the tall crystal and movements from different angles. The HYT H2O watch comes with a dimension of 51 mm thick and 20 mm wide. The HYT H2O adds a more horological twist to the H0 version but builds on the same concept with more minimalism. The V-shaped bellows are left clearly visible under the dome-shaped sapphire crystal.

HYT H20 Black and HYT H20 Silver, these are the two very limited edition watches numbered with only 25 pieces are going to showcase your time garbed in black with bright green fluid and the other ones come with a neon green colored fluid having a silver-colored case with deep blue liquid. Both the HYT H20 watch price comes as $95,000.00, referenced 251-AD-46-GF-RU for HYT 20 Black and HYT H20 Silver as 251-AD-46-BF-RU. 

HYT H20 Black Dlc Red, HYT H20 Black Dlc Blue And HYT H20 Black Dlc Brown, the three variants of HYT H2O series created with the three variants of color like black, red and brown stainless steel DLC. The case width will be 51 mm and 19.95 mm as thickness for all of them. These watches are a marvelous opportunity for garbing what you like. The three variants of colors are extravagantly superior looking when it comes to having an impression with the richness of luxury vibe. The HYT H2O watch price comes as $95,000.00 and referenced as 251-AD-461-RF-RU, for red variant, 251-AD-462-BF-RU for blue variant and 251-AD-463-RF-RU for the brown variant.

HYT H20 Time Is Fluid Gold, referenced as 251-GD-465-RF-RU is revealed to be the most exquisite timepiece carrying a gold tinge to the outer edges of the watch. It also comes with a stainless steel variant. It conveys a message of legacy and novelty of 18 carats yellow gold. The tinged and clear paths of the eloped and anticipated future can be flaunted in royalty once worn on the wrist.

HYT H20 Blue Wave comes with the 51 mm case width embellished with sapphire crystal and a lavish white color finish to the dial, matching exactly to the desires of silver tinge garbing personalities. Rubber straps with a clasp type folding HYT H2O watch price are labeled as $95,000.00referenced H20-Blue-Wave available with a limited edition of only 5 exclusive timepieces.

HYT H20 Silver & Black, this HYT H20 watch variant is another example of mastery in a black variant of exclusively crafted timepieces by HYT. The HYT H20 Silver And Black watch price is quoted as $95,000.00, referenced H20-Silver-Black has black depicting fluid hours in a stainless steel case with width as 51 mm and jeweled with a sapphire crystal which is making it look really extravagant. 

HYT H20 All Black and HYT H20 Time Is Fluid Silver, both the exclusively crafted fluidic representation of time, time pieces one is the all-black combination consisting wholly black colored design to the dial and fluidic time dictator too. The one, HYT H2O silver has the fluidic time in black color but the dial comes with a grey color. Stainless steel satin finished 51 mm wide and 19.95 mm thick case having a sapphire crystal jeweled in it makes a combo of such intelligently selected combinations makes this HYT H20 watch a must flaunt of time. HYT H2O All black referenced as 251-AD-468-RF-RU and HYT H20 SILVER as 251-AD-464-BF-RU has a price on request criteria. ?

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