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Inventor of the first chronograph and the first high-frequency stopwatch (certified by Guinness World Records in 2016 and 2020 respectively). The Louis Moinet watch collection takes skeletonized designs to the next level with truly brilliant dial displays. The Louis Moinet watch line exudes radiance with each distinct timepiece. Known for the astounding representation of Haute Horlogerie, these watches are admired by watchmakers and high-end timepiece enthusiasts around the world. The unique backdrops feature intricate dial displays, giving the wearer an interesting perspective into the inner mechanisms of each piece. Looking for genuine Louis Moinet watches for sale can get frustrating when you do not have help. If you are looking for the best place to buy Louis Moinet watches, let Exquisite Timepieces assist you. Exquisite Timepieces is a Louis Moinet authorized dealer. Read More...

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Brand Review: Louis Moinet Watches

Producing a total of only 500 timepieces a year and selling out all of them consistently, Louis Moinet is considered as a name of elegance, radiance, and class. 

The History Of Louis Moinet Watches

Louis Moinet (1768 – 1853), a French watchmaker, was fond of watches at his young age. His interest in timepieces brought him close to professional watchmakers so that he could learn more about watchmaking and horology. He developed his first chronograph after this apprenticeship and studying watch-making. Over many years, he perfected the art of watchmaking and was able to establish his name in the world of horology as a fine watchmaker.
While Louis Moinet was a professor in Paris, he collaborated with an experienced and expert watchmaker he knew for many years. He was dedicated to watchmaking, and his passion for watchmaking took him to visit the land of watches, Switzerland, frequently. His knowledge, craft, and expertise in the field of horology were acknowledged, and he went on to become thePresident of the Chronometry Society of Paris, and a member of other such associations. Moinet and Abraham-Louis decided to join hands for watchmaking right after their very first meeting. “compteur de tierces’ watch was the outcome of this collaboration between Moinet and Abraham.
With time Louis Moinet optimized watch making techniques. This led him to invent new workflows and tools in the world of watchmaking. Because of his interest in astronomy, he came up with a watch shaped counter which could display 60ths of a second. His distinguished clientele and customers like Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe made Louis Moinet maestro in the watchmaking industry.

Louis Moinet Watches - Design

The Louis Moinet designs are distinguished and are highly popular for their two significant characteristics. Aesthetic appeal and functionality. The Louis Moinet watches are bold, beautifully designed, and have their unique style, which stands out. Small and struggling brands tend to distinguish themselves based on uniqueness. Despite being unique, if they want to expand and grow, most of the brands have to talk to a broader audience. Secondly, most of the Louis Moinet watches are very complicated timepieces. This is pretty evident from their invention of chronograph.
Most of the Louis Moinet pieces are comprised of a double-tourbillon with an animated dial. Some complex chronographs or automaton pieces. Although these features are highly desirable among watch lovers but this makes them inaccessible to many because of the Louis Moinet prices. This paves the way for the introduction of series like Louis Moinet Metropolis so that they can open new horizons.

Types Of Watches And Materials Used

Case: The material used for making these poetic pieces of horology is stainless steel, gold, rose gold, or titanium. The titanium case is very light, and this quality of titanium makes it comfortable to wear large and thick watches on the wrist. The sides and lugs are polished flawlessly, adding radiance and shine to its surface. A brushed stripe runs between the slightly curved lugs on both sides.
Movement: The movements of Louis Moinet are exotic as they are made in-house . Louis Moinet watches are a bit of an enigma because of the automatic winding system. The movement is just perfectly gorgeous.

Price Of Louis Moinet Watches

With a brand image of makers of luxury watches, Louis Moinet watches offer watches at a modest price- enabling people from all walks of life to get their hands-on time with anything. Although it can be challenging for a firm to provide the utmost level of functionality along with impeccable designs, yet Louis Moinet watches price manage to entertain clients from various social groups.

What Is Special About Louis Moinet Watches

Louis Moinet wins a new Guinness World Record™ title for the first high-frequency stopwatch.

This new Guinness World Records™ title is awarded to Louis Moinet, who revolutionised watchmaking in 1816. Not only did he invent the first chronograph (certified by Guinness World Records in 2016) but also high frequency, duly recognised by a new Guinness World Records title in 2020. This “first high-frequency stopwatch” award for his Compteur de Tierces made in 1816 definitively places Louis Moinet in the circle of the world’s most avant-garde watchmakers.

Uniqueness and exclusivity are the characteristics that make any brand popular and phenomenal.

Luckily, Louis Moinettimepieces incorporate both in their designs and watches. Louis Moinet watches are known and recognized with a strong identity of “Côtes du Jura” guilloché dials, “Gouttes de rosée” hands, and unique cases with screwed bezels. Another signature characteristic of Louis Moinet is the use of extremely rare materials. These include tropical fossilised palm wood, dinosaur bone, or meteorites from the Moon or other planets such as Mars.
The meteorite watch is the most extraordinary product of the Louis Moinet brand. The meteorites have been used in Louis Moinet timepieces, such as the Sahara 955. The dial of Astralis contains a fragment of which is believed to be 4.6 billion years old. Such elements make these watches extremely rare and extraordinary, containing the oldest known rocks in our Solar System.
The Louis Moinet watches are the product of various patent applications. These are to protect the technical innovations which have been acknowledged worldwide and have won several international accolades.
Louis Moinet takes huge pride in counting a number of this era's celebrities among their prestigious clientele. This includes the King of Malaysia, among many others. The prestigious and highly prominent figures in its clientele are a result of continuing and preserving Louis Moinet’s historical heritage.
The CEO and Creative Director Jean-Marie Schaller take it as his responsibility to revive and retain the Louis Moinet name and reputation to see it as a leading brand in the world of horology. In his own words, Mr. Schaller says:
“Watchmaking has always been in my blood. Coming from the Jura Mountains, the world surrounding me revolved around one thing: Horology. I grew up knowing that a watch is no ordinary object: It is a cultural testimony, a legacy inherited from a generation of craftsmen. In a watch, you see the brain of the engineer, the heart of the designer, the eye of the artist, and the hand of the watchmaker.”
It is a fact that a watch is an object of art in harmony with the real values which they harbor inside themselves as human beings. The founder watchmaker Louis Moinet was an artist as well as a brilliant horologist. He enjoyed a great reputation and was the most influential watchmaker of all time.
Louis Moinet is consistently and continuously trying to revive his legacy of ‘mechanical art.’ With the right blend of the exciting possibilities available because of today’s technology, it has become possible to make timepieces a poetry material.

Louis Moinet - Clientele

The reputation of Louis Moinet has been such that it has produced really fine watches for several eminent figures in history. If we have to identify one thing which sets apart Louis Moinet brand from other clock making brands, that is its clientele of legends and historical figures.
Louis Moinet has created some marvelous timepieces for eminent figures of his era, such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Tsar Alexander Ist, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, King George IV of England, King of Naples Marshal Murat, Marshal Ney, and so on.