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Laco Durowe watches was founded by Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel in 1925 but was originally named Lacher and Co. The Laco factory, to this day, is located in Pforzheim, a city famous for its jewelry and watchmaking industry. In the early days, the company’s business was smooth. The company designed and manufactured watch cases in Germany, but had Swiss movements installed. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Laco Chronographs collection. You can find Laco Chronographs watches for sale here.

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Laco Chronograph Review

Laco Durowe Watches was founded by Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel in 1925 but was originally named Lacher and Co. Laco has been into watchmaking for almost a century now. So, what can you expect from watchmakers who’ve accumulated such mammoth of experience over decades? Exceptional quality. Unparalleled workmanship. High precision. Top-notch functions and features. These are a whole lot of characteristics that make a Laco watch stand out among others. There is just simply something one might not perceive at first glance but can surely be felt in every single second, minute and hour, the watch is worn: the passion and dedication of the experienced watchmakers.

Chronographs are characteristic watches that make Laco stand out in the already crowded competition. Chronographs by Laco have been made with a special emphasis on unprecedented attention to detail. Hand-crafted by skilled watchmakers in their factory located in Pforzheim. Laco Chronographs are not merely timepieces – their existence means a lot more. They are something beyond watches – there are pieces of art. The watch designs were perfected to the finest by the German watchmakers. Chronographs stand for elegance, sportiness, sophistication and intricate designs. Strength and precision - these have been core concepts for Eco Chronographs all along. Designed especially for people who tend to appreciate heritage design, rich tradition and precise craftsmanship.


Laco Chronograph Kiel Limited Edition 861716 ($2,400)

Laco symbolized luxury and elegance with introduction of “Kiel Limited Edition” Chronographs. This chronograph is a glorious symbol of sophistication and extravagance. 

With a black dial that is easy to read, the watch mechanics are embedded in a stainless-steel case. Laco Kiel Chronograph is not a watch for people with thin wrists – 44 mm makes it quite noticeable man timepiece. This limited edition is rounded off by its color-coordinated black date display, which is incorporated into the watch face in perfect harmony. The watch has a domed sapphire crystal is on both sides, providing a perfect view of its luminous numbers and characteristic watch hands. The heart of the watch lies behind this sporty-looking exterior: the Swiss ETA 7750 automatic movement. It is a well-established classic movement used in the watchmaking industry. Watch’s sapphire crystal case back allows the viewer to admire the caliber. The calfskin strap offered with this chronograph perfectly suits its aviation roots, thanks to its rivets and stitching in a pale accent. 

Every watch in this special series offers its own limited-edition number inscribed on the side of the stainless-steel case as a serial number; a delight for watch collectors.


Laco Chronograph Hockenheim 861915 ($2,400)

The essence of pure technology, the LACO Chronograph "Hockenheim" leaves nothing to be desired. From day and date display to minute and hour counters, centrally positioned second hand counter, and even a running sub-second dial. This very model is perfect for leisure racers, who can use the tachymeter on the bezel to determine their velocity. Tachymeters serve as practical support for the precise determination of speeds of bikes, automobiles, ships and other means of transportation. The numerals, hands and indexes are painted with Superluminova, enabling easy readability even in low light settings. The extra degree of sportiness is achieved by wine red accents on the totalizers and the second hand. 

It makes the style of this watch hard to capture in words. The sleek watch design and 42 mm dial gives it a modern appearance, but the case and shape remain reminiscent of legendary vintage chronographs. As with any Laco product, optimum readability and functionality are priority to the watchmakers. Anti-reflective and Sapphire coated glass is embedded to protect this premium watch. The tightly screwed bottom case provides a water-resistant up to 10 ATM. A secure hold of the watch on the wrist is made possible by a matt black calfskin strap with a folding clasp. 40 hours of power reserve is offered when fully wound.


Laco Chronograph Trier 862104($350)

Trier is an all-round article in the Laco Chronographs lineup. Without breaking the bank, this German-made watch model ensures that style and elegance is accessible to each and every one of the watch lovers out there. 

The watch is powered by the MIYOTA OS10 movement. With a strong stainless-steel casing enclosing the watch internals, a flat mineral crystal and a stainless-steel back, the structural integrity of this chronograph is beyond question. The black-colored dial measures in at 42mm. The indexes and watch hands are luminous to ensure functionality even in dim light conditions. The Trier Chronograph is available in black calf leather strap with rivets. The Laco Chronograph Trier offers water resistance up to 5ATM.


Laco Chronograph San Francisco 861585 ($2,250)

San Francisco Chronograph from Laco, belongs to a series based on various metropolitan cities. The others feature slightly different color profiles. Laco Chronograph - San Francisco has an ivory dial with matt black hands and Arabic numerals. It’s the epitome of beauty that a watch can possibly exhibit. This masterpiece is powered by Laco 50 Automatic Chronograph movement - ETA 7750 (Elaboré). 

The watch features a stainless-steel case, which is 44mm by 15mm. This means the San Francisco is not a small watch and that the measurements are more in line with the company’s traditional pilot watches. There’s no luminous material used on the dial at all, resulting in clean Arabic numerals and leaf-shaped hands, both in midnight-colored metal. San Francisco has a crème-colored dial floor. The style of hour and sub-register numerals entirely compliment Laco logo and the more utilitarian typeface used for the date and day. The cognac-colored leather strap perfectly complements the overall watch look.

Nonetheless, the San Francisco is engineered with just the right sense of balanced form and functionality in mind, mainly inspired by Laco’s historical affiliation with the aviation department. The smaller sub-dials are delicately configured in a 6-9-12 layout, with a 12-hour, 60-second, and 30-minute registers. Each of the registers is minimally detailed with concentric engraving. Below the “Laco 1925” insignia at 3H, one can find two apertures for the date and day function.

If you are in the market for a chronograph with traditional looks, but without faux patina or dramatic detailing, San FranciscoChronograph could be a good bet. It also doesn’t hurt that it comes in under $3,000.


Laco Chronograph Monte Carlo 861815 ($2,250)

Elegance personified. Monte Carlo Chronograph by Laco is an embodiment of pure class and exalted stature. This watch is a true reflection of skilled German craftsmanship. It is simply spectacular and can equate with premium watches double its cost. 

Monte Carlo features a stainless-steel case with a polished/brushed finish; measures in at 44mm by 16mm. It reflects that this is not a small watch by any means. It possesses a fair bit of heft to it. The watch mechanics are powered by Laco 50 Swiss-based (Valjoux 7750) automatic movement, which translates into a reliable and long-lasting gearwork.

Naturally, this watch features typical LACO refinements such as a domed, sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and an exhibition case back that enables you to view the infamous 7750 rotors in action. The dial markers and watch hands are treated with SuperLuminova for excellent readability in low light. The second hand at 9H comes in a cherry red accent. In the dark, the dial’s indices glow as brightly as the hour, minute and second hands. The watch includes a black strap with rivets. Laco - Monte Carlo offers a 5 ATM water resistance as well.

To find a better chronograph than this Monte Carlo Chronograph by Laco, you'd have to look far and wide beyond.


Wrap Up: Laco Chronograph Review

A wrist watch is the concluding piece of your outfit, that either makes or breaks it. You should, therefore, choose very carefully. A watch that compliments your outfit and your personality is invaluable. The fact that a watch incorporates your visual perception, identity, and personal presence into a wearable attire – makes it that much more indispensable. 

Passionate, authentic and precise – is what Laco brand stands for in the modern era of watch manufacturing. Their claim to quality processed products with optimal functionality and timely design has always existed. Laco stays true to the rich history of its craftsmanship. And at the same time look ahead and create innovations that meet the current spirit of the age.  

Laco has been pushing its business frontiers further than ever before. With affiliations to renowned brand dealers around the globe, Laco is now readily accessible to its valued customers. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Laco watches. It is an exceptional place if you’re in the market for Laco Chronographs. Their sense of professionalism and work ethics match the esteemed watch brands they deal with. A perfect place to acquire new or pre-owned brand watches.

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