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The MeisterSinger Circularis watch collection features award-winning timepieces that continue to turn heads in the global watchmaking community. The MeisterSinger Circularis watch line offers single-hand chronometers with wide-faced dials. Watch collectors around the world hold these carefully crafted, hand-wound pieces in high-regard because of their intriguing highlights. The MeisterSinger Circularis watch series feature movements made of twenty-seven jewels, a power reserve of over one hundred hours, and upwards of twenty-eight-thousand precise mechanical beats. Trying to find authentic MeisterSinger Circularis watches for sale can be stressful. Let Exquisite Timepieces help. Exquisite Timepieces is known for delivering unparalleled luxury timepieces. Exquisite Timepieces is a MeisterSinger Circularis watch authorized dealer.


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Meistersinger Circularis Review


History of the Meistersinger Circularis Collection

What distinguishes Meistersinger from the other brands, among other things, and what strikes you at first glance is the manner of time displaying. Immediately you can notice the rare concept of time expression by using single-hand or rather pointer. Meistersinger from their very beginning created a design where they opt for one pointer that can serve as an hour hand but also minutes hand.

The single pointer makes circumference once in 12 hours, just like the standard hands. In addition, Meistersinger’s watches are robust but with simple design and power based on ETA movements or movements that resemble or closely follow ETA. Things changed for Meistersinger in 2014.

So back then, they designed their new core watch under the name Circularis that later in 2016 got a new member in the family Meistersinger Circularis Automatic, which the following year was complemented by Meistersinger Circularis Power Reserve. And things were never the same again!


What Makes the Meistersinger Circularis Different

The concept of design is closely followed with a width of 43 mm and the same dimensions of the case as the other watches, which, after all, are award winners when it comes to design. So what makes the Meistersinger Circularis different is the proprietary movement. The movement is custom-made and guarantees the high-precision of the moving of the single pointer without deviation. The power reserve of 120 hours gets its energy from the twin mainspring barrels. The movement is additionally enhanced with the bridge, authentic for Meistersinger, screws in blue color, and cuts with delicate ornaments. This design concept received many awards.


Meistersinger Circularis Collection

The Meistersinger Circularis collection covers three sub-categories, starting from the Circularis hand-wound, Circularis Power Reserve, and Circularis Automatic.


Meistersinger Circularis Hand-Wound

The Circularis hand-wound serial features three watches that share the same characteristics but differ in style. They are all 43 mm in diameter and height of 12,5 mm, and the case is made of stainless steel while the back is made of sapphire as well as the glass. The back of the case is a glass exhibition, and in this way, one can witness the movement with a power reserve of five days. The attention to detail is evident in the matching colors of the display and the digits engraved on it, and complemented by the watch straps. The straps are made of leather often alligator strap with stitches and there are Arabic numerals on the dial. When talking about the movement there are 27 jewels with caliber MSH01 and 28.800 vibrations. One great sample that you can also purchase at our site is the Meistersinger Circularis cc101 with brown strap and deployment buckle that can fit a 9- inch wrist.  


Meistersinger Circularis Automatic Watch

In the next stage of the development of Meistersinger Circularis the new generation of Circularis Automatic was designed and released. In this collection, there are five model versions to choose from. Meistersinger, with this collection in 2016, updated the watches from a practical point of view - in the context of the movement as well as the display. One of the very first things that you can notice as a difference to the hand-wound is that this Meistersinger version shows the date as well, which is positioned in a round aperture located under 6 o’clock. The case and the dial are the same as its first version. The automatic update refers to the mode of the self-winding crown, and thus these models are more oriented towards user-friendliness and everyday use of the watch. This version is a modern timepiece with a minimalistic approach.


Meistersinger Circularis Power Reserve Watch

A year after, or in 2017, Meistersinger made another update named Meistersinger Circularis Power Reserve that this year 2019 received an award for best design in Germany. The collection features four different styles, Circularis Power. The advancement made with this collection is the introduction of the gauge that is positioned at 9, which expresses the amount of power of movement left. For this purpose, the window for the date has been moved instead of 6 to 3. The remaining part of the watch possesses the same features, especially regarding the case with the same 43 mm dimensions with a conical crown and made of stainless steel, which adds to the weight of the watch. All the Meistersinger Circulariswatches are water-resistant up to 5 bars.

Meistersinger Circularis: Movement

The German company Meistersinger similar to other related brands in the mechanical watchmaking, decided that it should try to find solutions on improving the movement and thus, in 2015, together with Synergies Horlogères developed the movement implemented in the series Circularis with at first Caliber MSH01, that later developed in MSH02. As we know, the Meistersinger watches feature a single-hand so high precision is significant and in this context, the company instead of single spring introduced twin spring barrels that operate in accordance with each other, and there is no need for extra components.

The in-line movement of the twin barrels makes the energy conveying easer and more frequent if and when compared to the work of the single barrel. In order to reach a power reserve of 120 hours, you must wind the springs fully and do not be discouraged if you spend more time on this as we are discussing two mainsprings, so this is perfectly understandable. The good thing is that the long power reserve hours enable you to set aside the watch when you do not want to wear it, for instance, and after 2 days still find it fully operating.


Meistersinger Circularis: Design

The case for all the Meistersinger watches is 43 mm in size, but it does not look enormous when it lays on your wrist. Compared to other brands that mostly used Titanium grade 5, Meistersinger makes use of stainless steel as a material for the case. The watches in Meistersinger Collection are all elegant looking, and the back of the case, as well as the movement, displays the brand’s dedication to fine watchmaking.

Especially the Meistersinger Automatic and Meistersinger Power Reserve boast with luxury in style - beautifully polished edges, large but a fine-made bridge with blued screws and rhodium-plated case. The larger size of the case allows the caliber to be more robust, which, on the other hand, contributes to the movement.

When we talk about the Meistersinger Power Reserve, we must also mention that the gauge that displays the power reserve or to be more exact, how much is left from it, is well rounded by a polished ring that adds to the refined touch of the complete look of the watch.

In addition to all the models, there is a high-quality leather strap with a buckle system.


Meistersinger Circularis: Time Concept

Very similar to other collections of MeisterSinger, this one also represents the time concept in intervals of 5 minutes. The 12-hour dial is clear and very legible with 144 indexes that are different in size, and each represents time minutes. The longer marks surely indicate 15, 30, and 45 minutes. The single-hand watches are aesthetically pleasing and are not a new concept as it existed in the 16th-century watches, but Meistersinger managed to introduce it once again in modern style, creating the modern minimalistic look of the watches. Although the exact accuracy is a con in this type of watches as we mentioned Meistersinger wants to highlight the quality of time rather than exactness. It is all about the style that Meistersinger has brought to perfection.


Meistersinger Circularis: Price

As there are 16 different in style watches within the family of Meistersinger Circularis, the purchase price varies as well, starting from 4,295 USD for Messinger Circularis Ivory or Sunburst Blue up to 7,295 USD for a model version from the Meistersinger Circularis Power Reserve. The Meistersinger Circularis review has proven that the price is one that is worth as it is based on impeccable design, winner of many awards, the refined fine watchmaking details, single-hand time concept, and movement under the trademark of Meistersinger.

In the world of complexity and overburden, details, and accessories that we do not need Meistersinger once again reminds us that the quality of time is what it counts and not the exact time. The Meistersinger Circularis Automatic price starts at 5,295 USD for an ivory dial, and the Meistersinger Circularis Power Reserve price in the sunburst version also costs 5,695 usd. If you are interested in checking all the model versions from the three collections of Meistersinger Circularis watches, make sure you visit Meistersinger watches/Circularissection on our site and find out the details.

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