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In a hectic world, full of hustle and bustle - where it seems to be no break button - it is time to change and create a watch to recall the 1950s.

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Meistersinger Neo Review

MeisterSinger, is a German brand from Münster, Germany. It is a relatively young brand that is known for its watches with the distinctive one-hand watch design. The design was inspired by the early watchmakers of old times. In an era of the one-handed timepieces, MeisterSinger is undoubtedly the king. Although the prices of the watches are not very high, these watches are manufactured to a stunningly high quality. As a result, they are of interest not only for beginners but equally so for experienced watch lovers. 

What type of watch would it be that has taken a legendary art and design approach for its manufacturing? A timepiece that completely takes a new approach to the basic features of classic watches while managing to instill its own personal touch? The German band’s particularly trendy and classy watches, “Neo Collection” delivers answers to these questions…


The Neo collection characterizes a significant change in the usual appearance of the brand watches. The Neo collection by Meistersinger is an attempt on producing a vintage watch, and it looks like they’ve done it very well. It is a very thin watch and is on point for a look and feel straight out of the 1950s. It is the leanest and flattest of the watches by MeisterSinger. 

The Neo watches come in five different colors and is topped off by an acrylic crystal. The acrylic used in the watch is a very decent inclusion that will get praise from the watch purists out there. Also, it really adds to the overall appeal of the watch itself. It’s a class of its own! MeisterSinger Pangaea Neo NE903 has an ivory watch dial. The model NE909 has a sunburst green dial. The NE907 has a gray watch face and is overall a dark themed watch. NE901 is the classic silver dial while NE902 is the all-black variant. Perfect for a stealthy and classy look.

The Neo MeisterSinger features a 36mm diameter watch case, designed with elegant and very minimalistic lines. Constructed from polished stainless steel, the Neo’s slim and thin structure is undoubtedly its most important feature. This aspect of watch design plays a significant role in highlighting the vintage appeal of the watch. The classic vintage theme is continued by the inclusion of the domed sapphire crystal on the front side of the watch. As the Neo is a MeisterSinger, it is likely to come with only one watch hand. How does it feel to read time with only a single hand? At the very beginning, not that easy.

We see “Less is More” motto applied in Neo watches, which is frequently encountered in German designs. The elegance and simplicity of Meistersinger Neo’s case continue on its dial as well. The watch has fewer inscriptions. There is absolutely nothing else other than the watch’s model and the brand name on the dial, which is elegant and good. The only extra detail on the dial is the presence of a small display window depicting the current date, located at 6 o’clock. Noteworthy, the red background date disk on the blue and black dial versions look pretty cool. When it comes to the indexes, this watch brings more with it. It doesn’t include minute indexes instead, there are 144 markers indicating a 5-minute interval each.

The Meistersinger Neo is a simple watch that only displays the time and the date. It keeps things clean and classy. The watch is powered by (again) a simple but reliable movement that will do its job for ages – a Sellita SW 200-1 or an ETA 2824-2 movement with a power reserve of 38 hours. Watch mechanics can’t be seen as the case back is full. Instead, a nicely engraved case back is present to cover the backside of the watch. The MeisterSinger brand name and the company logo are engraved in the case back. The Neo is water-resistant up to a maximum pressure of 3 bar.

The Neo’s different dials come with nice straps combinations: a plain black dial with a cognac strap, a silver dial combined with a black strap, a blue dial combined with a light grey strap, and a sand dial with brown strap. The watch straps are firmly secured by polished stainless-steel buckles signed with the Meistersinger logo, a small but nice little detail. The cherry on the cake: its price! $1,2959, which is, for a unique watch with the right amount of originality, elegance and a Swiss mechanical movement, not a bad deal!


Meistersinger Neo Plus

The Neo by MeisterSinger is hailed as a classic design because of its thin bezel, slim silhouette, domed plexiglass, and functional typography. It is an exquisite Germantimepiece that demonstrates an idea of simplicity which combines the nostalgia of the 50s with today’s modernity. There were numerous requests from customers about a larger case. Asa response to the feedbacks by their clients, MeisterSinger went ahead and launched the Neo’s “big brother” - the Neo Plus.

It is fundamentally just a design and size update to the existing Neo collection by the brand. The Neo Plus’s most prominent difference is its diameter of 40mm compared to the original Neo’s 36mm. Having said that, Neo Plus still has a handsome design at a new and larger scale. The watch case is very slim. It has short but elegant lugs. It features a so-thin-it’s-almost-nonexistent polished bezel. The crown positioned at 3 o’clock is small, making sure nothing overshadows the classic minimalistic watch dial.

Coming in with a 40mm dial diameter and a flat-domed glass, the Neo Plus remains true to its predecessor. The dial has the functional sans serif Helvetica font used for the round date window as well as the hour digits. At 6 o’clock, the date window stands out stunningly, contrasting against the color of the dial. The Neo Plus comes in five different shades with elegant suede straps - the sunburst green original ivory, midnight blue, and black remain available. MeisterSinger offered a new version; a silvery, matt shimmering white dial. The red-colored single hour hand, date disk on the black and green models a red 12-hour marker; a bold use of color seldom seen by the MeisterSinger. The German brand most often opts for calm, neutral colors yet the Neo Plus sparks a change for the brand. 

The stunningly slim design is shockingly very strong. It features the flat-domed glass manufactured from hardened plastic and a screwed back stainless-steel. It is water-resistant up to 30 meters / 100 feet), the case features a screwed back decorated with a relief pattern.

The Neo Plus is a very decent watch. If you are already familiar with the Neo or just MeisterSinger as a brand, you’ll love this model. Nothing’s too crazy with this one. It can be elegantly used with formal attire for a serious event. It enhances the personality of its wearer by symbolizing maturity, grace, and seniority. It retails for $1,395 in the US. You can get your hands on one at


Wrap Up: Meistersinger Neo Collection Review

MeisterSinger as a brand is well-known for its characteristic mechanical single-hand watches. The Neo line-up by MeisterSinger is symbolized by slim models featuring very thin bezels and simplistic watch dial. 

MeisterSinger stands out from the crowded watch scene with its unique identity. MeisterSinger is cool and the brand showcases it in their products. You may hate it, or really like unique the single-hand watch concept and the actual philosophies which make it even more personalized. Regardless of it, it’s their schtick, and they stick to it – “religiously”. 

I suspect most audiences this article will succumb to the charms of the Neo by MeisterSinger. It is an excellent timepiece, looks splendid, proves easy to live with and symbolizes a stunning level of refinement and quality.

The Neo watch collection is a well-designed and refined timepiece for people who desire to stand out. The simple elegance derived from industrial design leaves its wearer in awe - A retro look with hints of modern.

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