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Michele is a fairly "young" brand among all the high-end brands on the market today. Formed in the 1940s by Maurice Barouh, a Belgian watchmaker, Michele has grown to become quite a staple for the small but vibrant ladies' watch segment. In its portfolio, though, the Michele Deco has to be the crown jewel of Michele's portfolio of fine watches.

About Michele Deco Watches

The original Deco, inspired by Miami's Art Deco style, quickly became iconic the year it came out at the turn of the century in 2000 with its bold feminine shape, MW diamond pattern, seven-link bracelet, signature red crown, and Swiss chronograph movement.
In 2009, the Deco received an upgrade, featuring double diamond indexes on the dial for added elegance and sparkle, along with a new day-of-the-week movement. The following year, the MICHELE logo took center stage on the dial, symbolizing the essence of the watch's spirit and design. Diamonds were also introduced on the seven-link bracelet, enhancing the Deco's beauty and symbolizing femininity and success.
In 2017, the Deco Madison was introduced, showcasing the brand's dedication to innovation and style. Then, in 2020, the Deco returned to its roots by reintroducing its original heritage chronograph movement. This update included modern touches like metallic outlines around each sub-eye and logo engravings, giving the Deco a distinct look. It's this blend of style and history that has allowed the Michele Deco collection to garner a loyal following!

How Much Do Michele Deco Watches Cost?

Michele watches are considered an entry-level premium brand. You'll find Michele Deco watches at various price points, ranging from as low as around $500 to as high as $4,000 for some exclusive or limited edition references. This table here will show you the prices of some popular models.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Michele Deco Madison White Ceramic Diamond Watch $4,095 White ceramic case, diamond Roman numerals
Michele Deco Madison Two-Tone 18k Gold-Plated Diamond Watch $3,195 Two-tone silver/gold case, 263 0.8600-carat diamonds
Michele Deco Madison Stainless Diamond Dial $1,695 Stainless steel casing with 47 0.1100-carat diamonds on the dial
Michele Deco Diamond High Shine Stainless Steel $2,695 120 hand-set 0.65-carat diamonds in MW pattern, silver mirror dial within stainless steel casing
Michele Deco Diamond High Shine 18K Gold-Plated $3,395 18k gold-plated stainless steel casing and gold mirrored high-shine dial
Michele Deco Mid Two-Tone 18k Gold Diamond Watch $2,895 126 hand-set 0.57-carat diamonds on the bezel and white mother-of-pearl dial with double diamond hour markings.
Michele Deco Sport Chronograph Stainless Steel White Leather $595 Chronograph movement with stainless steel silver-tone casing, white mother-of-pearl dial, and leather/nubuck straps

What's Unique About Michele Deco Watches?

The Michele Deco collection stands out for its Art Deco-inspired design, characterized by bold geometric shapes, clean lines, and a unique mix of materials. You'll find references that combine many colors, ranging from classic metallic tones like silver and yellow gold to vibrant shades such as red, commonly found on the signature red dial of the Michele brand.
This color palette not only allows wearers to express their personal style and make a statement with their timepieces, but it's also how Michelle makes a statement for itself among all the other ladies' watches on the market.

Michele Deco Movements

Depending on the exact line under the Deco collection, you'll find references powered by both quartz and Swiss-made automatic movements. For instance, the Sport line, being one of the more affordable sub-collections under Michele Deco, has quartz movements as standard.
Not to worry, though, even the quartz pieces have Swiss-made movements (the ones used in the Deco line are ETA-251s) and should keep time excellent. However, their overall craftsmanship and value, understandably, won't be as high.
From around $1,000 and up, these are the references you'll find Michele's mechanical movements in. All are automatics, so as long as you take care to wear it daily and swing the watch around a little, you'll never need to replace the battery like you would with the quartz references.
The exact movement for Michele watches, unfortunately, isn't very widely known. The brand's rather tight-lipped about it. Nonetheless, since Michele has been acquired by the Fossil Group, Ronda movements are strong suspects since they're regularly featured in Fossil-branded pieces.

Michele Deco Watch Colors

The Michele Deco collection embraces a diverse color palette, offering something for every taste and occasion. It's part of the charm of the brand - Michele allows you to customize your watch to suit your preferences.
The collection relies on classic colors like black, white, and silver to create timeless and versatile looks. Additionally, the collection features vibrant hues such as red, blue, and green, adding a pop of color to the wrist in details like the red crown or the dial. For those seeking a more luxurious look, the Michele Deco collection also includes watches with gold and rose gold accents, as well as models adorned with genuine diamonds.

Michele Deco Watch Materials

Michele Deco watches are crafted from an array of materials that are common and premium alike, depending on how high you're willing to go for their watch. Stainless steel is the starter material for the case and bracelet. Besides offering great strength and resistance to corrosion (the reason why it's prominently featured in the Deco Sport line), the silver hue of the material is timeless.
Some pricier models feature ceramic cases and bracelets, which are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and scratch-resistant. The collection also includes watches with gold and rose gold-plated cases, adding a touch of luxury to the timepiece. Sapphire crystal is used for the watch glass, providing excellent protection against scratches and impacts.

Michele Deco Watch Complications

While the Michele Deco collection primarily focuses on simple and elegant designs, it also offers a selection of watches with extra complications. Don't expect fancy ones like a Tourbillon or a GMT complication, however. You'll only find models with basic functions like a chronograph here - fortunately, at very affordable prices.
Pricier models will include date displays, making it easy to keep track of the day of the month. The collection also offered dual time zone watches (with two separate dials) once upon a time (the Deco Park Dual Time.) It's an incredibly unique-looking watch that represents the brand's innovative spirit very well!

Buying Michele Deco Watches

Michele Deco watches can be bought from Michele's official website. However, you can also order your new watch from authorized dealers like Exquisite Timepieces, who may have a stock of references that are no longer being produced or have been branded or sold out by Michele.
Exquisite Timepieces is proud to be an authorized dealer for all Michele watches, including the Deco collection. By shopping at Exquisite Timepieces, you can rest assured that you'll receive your Michele timepieces with full provenance and manufacturer warranties. You can browse through our selection right on Exquisite Timepieces' website, or you can also visit the boutique in Naples, Florida, for a hands-on viewing!

Caring for Your Michele Deco Watch

A Michele Deco watch is still worthy of regular care and maintenance just like any high-end watch. If you've made the decision to invest in one, it'll be wise to enlist it in a cleaning and servicing program to keep it running as best as it can.
Exquisite Timepieces can help you with exactly that. We provide professional watch servicing programs, run by our experienced technicians who use genuine parts and specialized tools to take care of your Michele Deco watch.
Besides ensuring accuracy and water resistance, we'll also help you restore the aesthetic condition of your Michele Deco watch if it's been scratched or blemished while you're wearing it. In the event that your watch requires repairs, Exquisite Timepieces also provides reliable repair services to restore your timepiece to its original condition!

Michele Deco FAQ

Q: When was the Michele Deco released?

A: The Michele Deco collection was first introduced in 2000.

Q: How much is a Michele Deco watch?

A: Michele Deco watches range in price from around $500 to over $4,000, depending on the reference.

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