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No other brand has seemingly transformed the women's watch industry like Michele has, and this is a testament to their heritage, their bold creations, and their unwavering vision of women's fashion. The Maison offers collections that fit the palette of every woman, but perhaps no collection is as dynamic and edgy as their Sport Collection, offering the perfect balance of style, comfort, and balance.

About Michele Sport Watches

Launched over twenty years ago, the Michele Sport collection is one of the most popular collections within the brand. Offered with croco-patterned silicone straps for easy wearing and customization, the Michele Sport collection effortlessly blends sporty and dressy.

Michele Sport History

Michele's origins can be traced back to the 1940s, under the craftsmanship of Belgian watchmaker Maurice Barouh. Barouh's unwavering commitment to using only the finest materials and his dedication to perfecting his craft laid the foundation for the brand.
Passing down his values and love for horology to his son, Jack, the Barouh legacy continued. Jack, renowned for his meticulous attention to detail, distinguished himself by seamlessly blending his father's traditional approach with a keen eye for contemporary fashion.
In 1995, Jack and his wife Rita established Michele, inspired by their daughter Michele, crafting timepieces that effortlessly merged current trends with timeless aesthetics. Today, Michele offers a plethora of customizable watches boasting an extensive array of dial and strap combinations.
The brand saw a new chapter unfold in 2004 when it was acquired by the Fossil Group, aiming to expand its global reach. Despite the acquisition, the Barouh family remains integral to the business, with Michele steering the company towards continued success. Consequently, the Sport collection launched in the early 2000s and continues to be a pillar for the brand today.

How Much Do Michele Sport Watches Cost?

Michele Sport watches are considered "entry-level" luxury timepieces. The Sport collection is priced between $400 and $600-an incredible value proposition. No matter what your budget is, Michele is a reputable leader within the women's watch sector, offering real horological luxury at an attainable price.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Michele Deco Sport Stainless Black Silicone Watch (ref: MWW06K000044) $395 Black croco-pattern silicone strap with lume filled stick indices and a silver dial.
Michele Sporty Sport Sail Rose Silicone Watch (ref: MWW01P000009) $495 Quartz chronograph movement, two-tone pink gold plated case
Michele Deco Sport Two-Tone Watch (ref: MWW06K000014) $395 Two-tone yellow gold plated case with a white sunray dial
Michele Deco Sport Chronograph Stainless Steel White Leather Watch (ref: MWW06K000066) $595 Mother-of-pearl dial with lume filled stick indices and chronograph functionality.
Michele Sporty Sport Sail Two-Tone Peony Silicone Watch (ref: MWW01P000023) $495 Quartz chronograph movement with Peony silicone strap and gold-plated pushers.

What's Unique About Michele Sport Watches?

It comes down to two things: brand recognition and dynamic styling. No other brand within the space of women's watches offers a recognizable "icon" that can seamlessly blend sporty, casual, and dressy like Michele. The brand offers some excellent dress options, too, like the Serein collection.
When you wear a Michele watch, you are making a statement: I acknowledge the past, embrace the present, and venture into the future, trusting in the same timepiece that countless women before me have.

Michele Sport Watch Colors

Michele does not cut corners when it comes to color. Within the Sport collection, Michele offers unique silver and pink mother-of-pearl dials, as well as a fresh array of whites and silvers. What's more, they offer two-tone cases in pink and yellow gold. If you are considering a different color of watch or strap, please contact us as Exquisite Timepieces; we would be happy to assist you in finding your dream Michele configuration!

Michele Meggie Watch Colors

The Michele Sport collection is offered exclusively in stainless steel, with yellow and pink gold plated options available in a two-tone configuration. They come with scratch-resistant glass and silicone straps, many with a unique-to-the-brand croco-pattern.

Michele Sport Watch Complications

The Michele Sport collection is a no-nonsense time telling icon. Customers can opt for three-hander watches which offer a date complication at the 6 o'clock, or they can choose the more complicated chronograph watches which have a date complication at the 6 o'clock as well as a fully functional chronograph.

Buying Michele Sport Watches

Michele Sport watches can be purchased from any authorized Michele dealer. The best way to purchase a new watch is always from an authorized dealer, as you are ensuring the watch will arrive with a full warranty. That said, not all authorized dealers are made equal. Department stores often put regular salespersons without expertise in the watch industry behind the counter, and in such cases, the customer will not always get the best experience or information.
At Exquisite Timepieces, we live and breathe watches-any and all of your questions will be answered! Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of Michele, and you can view the full range on our website from the convenience of their home. Of course, if you find yourself in Naples, Florida, please stop by our showroom Monday through Saturday from 10AM-5PM.

Caring for Your Michele Sport Watch

Caring for a luxury timepiece requires attentiveness in order to preserve its beauty and functionality. Regularly clean the case and strap with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent scratches and foreign debris. Avoid exposing the watch to extreme shocks and magnetic fields, as this can negatively impact the timekeeping. Store your watch in a watch box or pouch, protecting it from dust and humidity. Finally, be sure to follow all service intervals recommended by the manufacturer.
Be at ease because all Michele watches come with a two-year manufacturer's warranty, ensuring headache-free ownership. Be sure to follow all the owner's manual recommendations, but if an issue does arise, you can also use Exquisite Timepieces' authorized watch service and repair. Take the guesswork out of service and entrust your timepiece with the professionals.
To get started, call or email us at service@exquisitetimepieces.com

Michele Sport FAQ

When was the Michele Sport released?

The Michele Sport collection was released in the early 2000s and has been a pillar of the brand for over twenty years!

How much is a Michele Sport watch?

Michele Sport watches cost between $400 and $600, offering an incredible value for money-proposition.

Find your new Michele Sport watch with Exquisite Timepieces

Choosing your new Michele Sport watch is a decision deserving of confidence and assurance. From the precision of its craftsmanship to its meticulous finishing and timeless elegance, let us be your guide in selecting the perfect Michele timepiece.
As an authorized dealer of Michele, explore our curated collection online or experience the exclusive range available at our boutique in Naples, Florida. Every order from our Michele Sport collection includes complimentary delivery.
At Exquisite Timepieces, we're renowned for our expertise in luxury timepieces and our enduring partnerships with esteemed brands like Michele. For detailed insights into our services and FAQs about luxury watches, delve into our resources. Feel free to reach out anytime for guidance on your new Michele Sport timepiece.
Remember, finding the right luxury timepiece is a journey we're here to enrich and support you through!

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