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NOMOS Glashütte Lux Watches

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The NOMOS Glashütte Lux watch series offers a flawless example of timepiece excellence. The NOMOS Glashütte Lux watch collection takes its inspiration from the traditional German kitchen clock, presenting the wearer with a contemporary tonneau form. The sleek barrel-like shape only enhances the clock face, giving the user a spacious view of the dial backdrop. It is the perfect combination of simplistic presentation and modern flare. Trying to find original NOMOS Glashütte Lux watches for sale can get challenging. Let Exquisite Timepieces help. Exquisite Timepieces is well-known for connecting people with the top luxury watch brands on the market. Exquisite Timepieces is a NOMOS Glashütte Lux watch authorized dealer.


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More on NOMOS Glashütte Lux Watches

NOMOS Glashütte is a young but well-esteemed German brand with a strong cult following of lovers of minimalist and affordable luxury watches with pops of color. However, the Saxony-based watchmaker released the Lux collection as a statement piece, ushering in a unique but simplistic design, luxury materials, and an exclusive price point.

About NOMOS Glashütte Lux Watches

Lux is a Latin term that means "light," "clarity," or "luster," and a play of words in German and English to mean "luxury." All these terms accurately describe the NOMOS Glashütte Lux collection.
Lux watches use a specially designed caliber DUW 2002 mechanical movement for their tonneau-shaped case structure. The movement is on full display through its sapphire caseback. DUW means "Deutsche Uhrenwerke'' and signifies that it's German-made by the brand itself.
The eye-catching dial design of Lux watches, according to NOMOS, is a replica of the German kitchen clock. It instills the same principles of using premium materials (oak or walnut to its 18-carat gold), minimalism, and an open case back.
Although known for creating affordable luxury pieces, NOMOS released the Lux and Lambda collections to do the opposite. The Lux family is a luxury timepiece demonstrating that German brands can compete in the artful world of watchmaking.
The Lux Zikade reference 941 is an award winner at Luxe! Awards, a design award by A&W that's decided by public vote.

NOMOS Glashütte Lux History

NOMOS introduced the Lux collection in 2013 to bring in a new look and establish a luxury range for the brand. The eccentric tonneau case is the work of German industrial designer Simon Husslein, while the dial was created by Berlin professor of design Axel Kufus.
Meanwhile, the unique movement is an afterthought from NOMOS's partnership with Wempe, a German watchmaker and jeweler, in 2004. NOMOS collaborated with Wempe to design a tonneau-shaped watch (among others) to celebrate its inauguration of the Glashütte observatory as its workshop.
At the time of release, only two Lux models were released, "Weissgold" and "Weissgold Hell", and they were limited to only 100 pieces. Production of Lux models is still low, which (although not scarce) is evident in its low-volume secondary market.

How Much Do NOMOS Glashütte Lux Watches Cost?

Lux watches are an exception from the price range NOMOS Glashütte typically offers. But NOMOS maintains the culture of offering a breathtaking price-to-performance ratio since these watches cost around $20,000 for the 18-carat gold casing, a unique in-house movement, and a special leather strap.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
NOMOS Glashütte Lux Weissgold Hell $21,500 18-carat 40mm white gold construction
NOMOS Glashütte Lux Cicada $19,500 18-carat 38.5mm rose gold, Yellow dial
NOMOS Glashütte Lux Weissgold $21,500 18-carat white gold, light blue dial background
NOMOS Glashütte Lux Sable $19,500 Aubergine dial and 38.5mm 18-carat rose gold case
NOMOS Glashütte Lux Ermine $19,500 Purple dial and 18-carat rose gold construction

What's Unique About NOMOS Glashütte Lux Watches?

The Lux is a masterpiece from NOMOS Glashütte. Their atelier can make luxury timepieces that can compete with the best watchmakers in engineering prowess and material.
All lux models have a unique tonneau-shaped gold case regardless of color or size. The cases are deliberately fully see-through to showcase the small details of the DUW 2002 movement.
Perhaps the most striking, unique feature of the Lux is its exquisite, minimalist dial. It's a tripartite construction of a brass plate and inner reflector ring, a plain-colored galvanized background, and the main dial printed on.
The watch dial is numberless, with only stick hands and markers in the large hour and small seconds window.

NOMOS Glashütte Lux Movements

All NOMOS Glashütte Lux watches use an in-house caliber DUW 2002 with 84 hours of power reserve. With its tonneau shape, it's specially designed for Lux models and is on par as one of the strongest movements out of NOMOS' Glashutte atelier.
It's a statement-maker for both the brand and the user. Upon its release, the general manager of NOMOS at the time of the release said they wanted to create a piece to demonstrate what they are capable of.
The caliber DUW 2002 is a hand-wound movement with hand-beveled and polished edges endemic to Glashutte watchmakers. It has a three-quarter plate screw balance that's adjusted in six positions. The entire movement surface is also rhodium-plated with a fine sunbeam finish.
NOMOS also uses gold chatons, the most luxurious ruby seat, for 5 out of its 23 jewels, which you can see through the caseback.

NOMOS Glashütte Lux Watch Colors

The Lux collection has a good selection of watch colors to offer. There are five colors in the Lux family, and although NOMOS categorizes them by material, they carry different model names.
White is Weissgold Hell, light blue is Weissgold, gray is Hermelin, yellow is Zikade, and aubergine or wine is Zobel. The latter appears feminine, albeit unisex, but is also a smaller Lux, so it's well-suited for female wrists.
NOMOS also uses case-matching colors for the hands and markers of the Lux. So, white gold will have white gold indicators and vice versa. And they come with either brown or black Shell Cordovan straps.

NOMOS Glashütte Lux Watch Materials

NOMOS Glashütte isn't as experimental as other brands in its choice of materials, especially for the Lux collection. There are only two options - rose gold or white gold, used for the casing and clasp (and hands of rose gold models, like Zobel, Zikade, and Hermelin). The hands and indexes of the white gold models are also rhodium-plated.
A similarly fancy but high-quality material is used for the leather straps. The straps are Horween Shell Cordovan, which is a waterproof material derived from tissues of horse hide. NOMOS also uses a Rembord� edge finish, guaranteeing longevity, comfort, and style.

NOMOS Glashütte Lux Watch Types

The NOMOS Glashütte Lux is purely a dressy time-only watch collection with a Bauhaus design. Its slim profile, uncluttered, and tonneau shape combine to deliver a timepiece to pair with any formal wear or casual outfits you want to dress up.
Considering the movement and price of Lux models, these tonneau-shaped watches are also somewhat loyalist offerings.
Lastly, the Lux is a nice collectible for the engineering prowess of its movement, featuring gold chatons.

Buying NOMOS Glashütte Lux Watches

Buying a NOMOS Glashütte is hassle-free if you're patient. They are only available brand new at authorized retailers, and the secondary market for these timepieces is almost non-existent.
Exquisite Timepieces is an accredited NOMOS Glashütte dealer and offers all Lux models. Alternatively, you can shop any other NOMOS model, including the luxurious Lambda it was released alongside at our store and online.
Exquisite Timepieces is dedicated to helping you get a brand-new luxury timepiece with our online and in-store credit offerings. Get yourself familiar with our finance options here.

Caring for Your NOMOS Glashütte Lux Watch

Despite its high-end pricing, a NOMOS Glashütte Lux is a simple watch with basic maintenance demands. With routine precautionary practices by regular cleaning and safekeeping, you'll keep the gold shining and caliber 2002 movement running perfectly for generations.
Nonetheless, unprecedented events occur in the workplace, while having fun, or at home to damage your watch. If such happens, our team of certified expert watchmakers has got you covered.
Alternatively, you should bring your watch in for servicing every 5 years, even if it has stayed in tip-top shape. This will include complete cleaning and restoration of the movement and replacement or repair of any broken parts.
We provide a free estimate before sending you a prepaid shipping label to ship your timepiece to our store. After that, we handle the rest, including shipping to the NOMOS Glashütte workshop if necessary.

NOMOS Glashütte Lux FAQ

When was the NOMOS Glashütte Lux released?

Although evidence of the official press release is unseen, NOMOS Glashütte released the Lux collection alongside the Lambda line in 2013.

How much is a NOMOS Lux?

The price of NOMOS Lux varies by material and size but generally costs around $20,000 to $22,000.

Find your new NOMOS Glashütte Lux watch with Exquisite Timepieces

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Our team at Exquisite Timepiece will be on standby to make it a memorable day when you walk into our boutique or contact us. We'll answer any questions to help you make an informed decision without haggling.
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