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NOMOS Glashütte Lux Watches

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The NOMOS Glashütte Lux watch series offers a flawless example of timepiece excellence. The NOMOS Glashütte Lux watch collection takes its inspiration from the traditional German kitchen clock, presenting the wearer with a contemporary tonneau form. The sleek barrel-like shape only enhances the clock face, giving the user a spacious view of the dial backdrop. It is the perfect combination of simplistic presentation and modern flare. Trying to find original NOMOS Glashütte Lux watches for sale can get challenging. Let Exquisite Timepieces help. Exquisite Timepieces is well-known for connecting people with the top luxury watch brands on the market. Exquisite Timepieces is a NOMOS Glashütte Lux watch authorized dealer.


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Nomos Lux Review

Nomos Lux is one of the most exceptional timepieces from the German luxury watch brand, Nomos Glashutte. Lux is Latin for light, clarity, and shine, traits this model effortlessly exudes. A quintessence of the Glashutte tradition, this impressively modern piece has the shape caliber DUW 2002 running within. They can either come in 18kt rose or white gold, an impeccable tribute to beauty. With the exciting colors that the dial comes in, there is something to suit all tastes. These colors range from white, light blue, soft gray, aubergine to lemon yellow. The legendary German kitchen clock did play a big part in inspiring the dial design of the Lux models. With its shape not being either square or circular, these timepieces are a classic beauty.

The prize-winning model bears several details that enhance its appeal. It has the handcrafted shape caliber, which has twin mainspring barrels that fill the unique casing. The caliber features beautiful details such as the gold chatons, swan neck fine adjustments, and a hand-engraved balance cock, among others. This model has its straps from the best-known leather material, remborde, and cushioned horween genuine shell cordovan. There are two sizes of the lux model, the large one measures 40.5mm, whereas the smallest measures 38.5mm.

Nomos Lux's price is attractive, and it also guarantees you value.  The price range is either $19,500 or $21,500. With each model, the cost is different as the details and functionality vary too. One of these elegant timepieces is Nomos Lux Zobel (Ref 942), which goes for $19,500. With this watch on your wrist, beauty feels like it’s a tangible thing as it comes in deep aubergine and 18kt rose gold casing. It bears the sapphire crystal glass; hence scratches should be the least of your worries. The dimensions of this watch are size 34.0 mm by 38.5mm, making it one of the smallest timepieces of this model.

It has a galvanized, white silver-plated dial with the markers printed in aubergine. The sub-dial features the seconds function, and it has gold hands. On the dial are the finely drawn markings with the delicate interplay of the hands, decoration, and tempered blue being reminiscent of a kinetic sculpture.  Underneath the tripartite sapphire crystal glass back, one can see the hand-wound caliber DUW 2002, one that was exclusively developed for the model Lux. It has various unique details, which include gold chatons, beveled edges, and a twin mainspring barrel, among others.

On the balancing cock, the phrase “Lovingly produced in Glashutte,” is engraved. Being a hand-wound model with a power reserve of up to 84 hours, the wearer only needs to wind it once every three and a half days. This watch is also splash-proof, with water resistance levels of up to 30m. We cannot forget the elegant version of the robust horween genuine shell cordovan strap. The material is remborde, and cushioned, making it extra comfortable to wear.

Another impressive piece from Nomos Glashutte is the Nomos Lux 920. The dimensions for this watch are 36.0 mm by 40.5mm, making it one of the robust watches from the Lux collection. It has white gold 18kt casing and a sapphire crystal glass. The galvanized, white silver-plated dial with light-blue printed markings also has a light-blue frame. On the dial, there’s also a sub-dial featuring the seconds function as well as the rhodium-plated hands. Its water-resistance level is up to 30m, making it splash-proof. Underneath the tripartite sapphire crystal glass back, the wearer gets to enjoy the breathtaking view of the manual caliber DUW 2002 from time to time.

Exclusively handcrafted for Lux models, the caliber is impressively beautiful, down to the smallest detail. From the hand-beveled and polished edges, fine sunbeam polishing, and screwed gold chatons, among others. This watch bears a power reserve of up to 84 hours, meaning once wound, it can keep running for half a week. On the straps is the winged clasp in 18kt gold, designed in Berlin and elaborately polished by hand. The elegant, robust straps are from horween genuine shell cordovan leather. This material happens to be long-lasting and extra-comfortable on the wrist as they’re remborde and also cushioned.  

Another beautiful piece of art for the wrist is the Nomos Lux Zikade (Ref 941). This impressive watch is currently collecting prizes and compliments, all thanks to its elegant design and functionality. Being a smaller version of the Lux model, it measures 34.0mm by 38.5mm. The casing is rose gold 18kt with a sapphire crystal glass. Its dial is galvanized, white silver-plated with lemon-yellow printed markers. Both the main dial and the sub-dial, which features the seconds function, all have gold hands. This watch is suitable for showering as its water-resistance levels are up to 30m.

From time to time, the wearer gets to enjoy the beautiful hand-wound movements of the in-house built caliber DUW 2002. All this is possible, thanks to the tripartite sapphire crystal glass back. The caliber was handcrafted in the Nomos Atelier for gold watches exclusively for the Lux models. Once wound, it ticks for three and a half days because of its outstanding power reserve of up to 84 hours. The straps are Horween genuine shell cordovan dark brown leather. This material is remborde but also cushioned, thus providing extra comfort to the wrist of the wearer. The price range for this particular timepiece starts from $19,500.

Nomos Lux Hermelin (Ref 940) is yet another alluring timepiece from the luxury watch manufacturing German brand. This watch is an elegant masterpiece in rose gold, gray, and crème. Measuring 34mm by 38.5mm, it makes the perfect fit for more delicate wrists. It has a rose gold 18kt casing and a sapphire crystal glass. The dial is galvanized, white silver-plated with gray-printed markers. Its hands come in gold for both the main dial and sub-dial. With a water-resistance level of up to 30m, this watch is splash-proof.  This model has manual movement, with the caliber DUW 2002 running within.

The hand-wound caliber movements can be seen clearly through the tripartite sapphire crystal glass back. Also visible is the fine sunburst polishing, gold chatons, hand-beveled edges, swan-neck fine adjustment, and the hand-engraved balance cock. Flattering the hand and the wrist is the crown in 18kt rose gold. Once wound, the watch runs for half a week, so three and a half days. The winged clasp in 18kt gold is designed and elaborately polished by hand and exclusive to the Nomos Atelier collection. Its unique remborde straps are from horween genuine shell cordovan. The leather material is thick, smooth, and robust, making the straps long-lasting. Also, the fact that they’re cushioned provides extra comfort to the wrist.

Another exquisite version of this model is the Nomos Lux Weissgold (Ref 921). It is the biggest lux version measuring 36mm by 40.5mm, making the perfect fit for robust wrists. The functionality and design are quite impressive. It is an elegant timepiece that is perfect for minimalists. This model has an 18kt white gold casing with a sapphire crystal glass. The dial is galvanized, white silver-plated, whereas the hands are rhodium-plated. It also has a sub-dial which features the seconds function. The in-house built manual caliber DUW 2002 can be seen running within the see-through case back.

This shape caliber was handcrafted in the Nomos atelier for gold watches exclusively for the Lux model. With a power reserve of up to 84 hours, the timepiece keeps running for three and a half days before needing to be wound again. Down to the smallest detail, such as the polished edges and the screwed gold chatons, the watch is incredibly beautiful. There’s also the outstanding strap material, from horween genuine shell cordovan leather. It is robust, thick, and also cushioned, making it extra-comfortable to wear.

With Nomos Glashutte Lux, there is something for everyone. The varying models of timepieces from this collection are enough to suit different tastes and styles. They range from small-sized watches for delicate wrists to generously proportioned watches for more robust wrists. There are also unique dial colors for those with varying preferences. Nomos Glashutte has been able to seamlessly combine art, tradition, their craftsmen skills, and the latest technology to come up with the beautiful Lux models. With the outstanding functionality and attractive prices for these watches, one is guaranteed value for the money spent. Here at exquisite timepieces, we have all the Lux model varieties available at great prices.

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