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The NOMOS Glashütte Zurich watch series takes timekeeping precision to the next level with its world time accuracy. The NOMOS Glashütte Zurich watch line is an award-winning wristwatch collection, praised by timepiece connoisseurs for its global functioning and elegant presentation. Their more classical dials focus on minimalism with features like the galvanized backdrop and power reserve indicator. The Worldtimer models are the perfect choice for users who favor a distinct traveler watch. The GMT pieces highlight major cities around the world and allow the wearer to stay updated on the time, regardless of their location. Do not get overwhelmed when trying to find an authentic NOMOS Glashütte Zurich watch for sale. Exquisite Timepiece is a trustworthy source for all your luxury watch brand needs. Exquisite Timepieces can assist you. Exquisite Timepieces is a NOMOS Glashütte Zurich watch authorized dealer.Read More...Get a FREE Watch Winder with your purchase of selected NOMOS Glashütte Zurich watches over $2,000. Learn More »

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NOMOS Glashütte Zurich Weltzeit

NOMOS Glashütte Zurich Weltzeit





NOMOS Glashütte Zurich Worldtimer True Blue

NOMOS Glashütte Zurich Worldtimer True Blue





Nomos Zurich Review

The Nomos Zurich collection is one of the Nomos Glashutte timepieces with a striking impression. This model is considered to be world time as it can tell the time regardless of the time zone, from Berlin to Moscow and so much more. From the watch casing to the straps, one can know that it is a beautiful work of art. This elegant model continues to collect prizes from around the globe thanks to its mechanics and precision.

The model’s dial comes in two color versions, white silver-plated and midnight blue. With this collection, the German brand has been able to combine Nomos tradition with the skill of their craftsmen and the latest technology to have the most exquisite timepieces. There are several calibers at work, such as the Epsilon, Zeta, and DUW 5201. Precision and accuracy are easily achieved with the presence of the Nomos Swing System.


Nomos Zurich 806

Nomos Zurich 806 is one of the alluring timepieces from this collection. Designed by the Swiss Hannes Wettstein, this automatic watch has received several awards. It may be reserved, but it never hides its charm. With a 40mm diameter, this watch makes a perfect fit for robust wrists. The casing is stainless steel, while the tripartite stainless steel back is fixed with six screws. Underneath the domed sapphire crystal glass is a galvanized, white silver-plated dial with rhodium-plated applique. There is also a sub-dial on the main dial which features the seconds function. Apart from being rhodium-plated, the hands are also faceted; hence they feature angular polishing.

This model is splash-proof as it has a water-resistance level of up to 30m. Epsilon, the first Nomos automatic caliber which was out in 2005 with the company’s in-house caliber, runs within. The caliber, together with the Nomos swing system, ensures excellent winding and impeccable accuracy. This model has an impressive power reserve of up to 43 hours. The straps are from one of the quality leather materials, horween genuine shell cordovan. It is smooth, thick, and fits comfortably for both the wearer and the watch.



Nomos Zurich 801

The other classic piece from the German luxury watch brand is the Nomos Zurich 801. This watch is the Zurich version with a see-through case back that Hannes Wettstein also designed for Nomos Glashutte. This modern classic in silver-white is a piece of art for the wrist. With this watch, a great deal of precision is involved as the indexes are applied by hand. Featuring the seconds function is a sub-dial on the main dial at noon. The hands are rhodium-plated and faceted, featuring angular polishing. Its lugs are elegant and feature a slight inward curve. The form of this watch tapers down towards the wrist, giving this model a sleek and slender appearance.

This watch also has a 43-hour power reserve as well as a water-resistance level of up to 30m. Its diameter is 39.8mm, and a height of 9.7mm. The Epsilon automatic caliber can be seen running underneath the sapphire crystal glass back fixed with six screws. With the Nomos swing system, the watch can offer a high level of precision and accuracy. The straps are from horween genuine shell cordovan black leather material. It is long-lasting and suits the watch and wrist perfectly.


Zurich World Time Nomos 805

Nomos Glashutte Zurich models are true classics in the modern world of watchmaking. These timepieces have unique features and functions that make them outstanding from others. Zurich world time Nomos (Ref 805) is one of the elegant pieces. With just the push of a button, the wearer can tell the time in 24 different places. Among these places are Dubai, Sydney, Alaska, Denver, New York, and London, among others. The elegant lugs feature a slight inward curve while the hands are faceted and rhodium-plated. For the straps, the material is horween genuine shell cordovan black leather, which is quite long-lasting.

Apart from the stainless steel casing, the watch also has a domed sapphire crystal glass with an anti-reflective coating on both sides. The wearer can see the in-house built automatic caliber DUW 5201 working through the tripartite crystal glass back. Also, with a proprietary escapement, or the Nomos swing system, the caliber tells time with outstanding precision. Its dial is galvanized, white silver-plated with world time and 24-hour indicator-both at home and 23 other time zones. This watch also happens to be splash-proof and has a 39.9mm diameter. Its power reserve is up to 42 hours.


Nomos Zurich Blue 807

The Nomos Zurich blue (Ref 807), is yet another exciting world time Zurich model that comes in midnight blue. With just the click of a button, the watch can tell you the time almost everywhere. This timepiece displays 24 time zones with precision and legibility. The small space between the lug and bezel presents the case like a set diamond. Its hands are rhodium-plated with the edges being beveled. The casing is stainless steel, while the case back is a tripartite sapphire crystal glass that has six screws fixing it. Its lens is a domed sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating inside and out.

With a 39.9mm diameter and 10.9mm height, this watch makes the perfect fit for confident wrists. The dial is galvanized, midnight blue with world time, and 24-hour indicator. With the see-through case back, the wearer gets to see the breathtaking movement of the in-house built automatic caliber DUW 5201. The timepiece can tell time with utmost precision and accuracy thanks to the Nomos swing system. This model also has an impressive power reserve of up to 42 hours. With a water resistance level of up to 30m, this piece passes as splash-proof. Straps are from excellent leather material that is long-lasting and perfect for both the watch and wrist.


Nomos Zurich Price

We offer you some of the most attractive prices for our Zurich luxury watches from Nomos Glashutte. For instance, the Nomos Zurich 806 price range starts from $4,480 only. With the Nomos Zurich price, the clients are guaranteed the value for money spent as the timepieces are of exceptional quality. The mechanics and functionality of our Zurich luxury watches speak volumes for the German luxury watch brand. These prices also vary from one piece to the other as they have different functions and features. There are various from which our clients can choose from depending on their unique preferences and style.

For the Nomos Zurich world time model, the price range starts from $6,100. It happens to be the same as that of the Nomos Zurich blaugold. Over time, this German brand has been able to combine art, skills, and the latest technology seamlessly to come up with some of the most exquisite timepieces for the Zurich model. With the watches being generously proportioned, they certainly make the perfect fit for robust wrists. We can’t also forget to mention the Nomos Zurich date, whose price range starts from $5060. The date function for this timepiece makes it different and outstanding from the rest.


Nomos Zurich 802

Nomos Zurich 802 is a timeless classic that has a slender bezel and distinct lugs featuring a slight inward curve. The indexes are applied by hand while the hands are faceted and rhodium-plated. This model has also won several awards due to its unique design and mechanics. It has a stainless steel casing and a domed sapphire crystal glass. The dial is galvanized, white silver-plated with rhodium-plated applique. On the dial is a sub-dial featuring the seconds function as well as the date window at noon. This timepiece is splash-proof as it bears a water resistance level of up to 30m.

The diameter is 39.8mm with a 9.7mm height. Running within is the in-house built Zeta automatic caliber that boasts an impeccable winding rate and outstanding winding rate. The watch also has the patented Nomos date mechanism, thus enabling the date function. Its power reserve is up to 42 hours. The straps of this model are from the unique horween genuine shell cordovan black leather material. This material happens to be almost indestructible and comfortable on the wrist. By combining a great deal of tradition and the expertise of their craftsmen with the best technology, this German luxury watch brand continues to produce impeccable timepieces.