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Omega watches have become a household name among horological aficionados for as long as anyone can remember. Omega is no newbie in the watch industry, and its accomplishments and feats are not only known to enthusiastic watch collectors but also plebs in the industry. But the story about the road to success of a luxury watch brand never gets boring, and Omega isn’t just any luxury watch brand. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Omega Mark II collection. You can find Omega Mark II watches for sale here.

More on Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watches

The Omega brand, a Swiss luxury watchmaker with a storied past, has been synonymous with excellence and innovation since its inception in 1848. Whether you're drawn to its historical significance or its contemporary flair, the Speedmaster Mark II is a collection that offers a watch for every connoisseur.

About Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watches

The Omega Speedmaster Mark II series stands out with its rich heritage and distinctive design elements that have captivated watch enthusiasts since its inception.
Born in 1969, the Mark II variation introduced a streamlined case that deviated from the classic Speedmaster profile, offering a fresh take on the iconic design.
The Speedmaster Mark II also distinguishes itself with its historical significance, tracing back to its vintage predecessor from 1969.
It retains the iconic dial and supreme legibility that have been hallmarks of the Speedmaster series while also offering a modern touch with updated materials and construction.
The case and bracelet are designed to sit comfortably on the wrist, though it's noted that the case can be a bit bulky and is prone to wear if not handled carefully.
Owners and enthusiasts appreciate the Speedmaster Mark II for its classic aesthetics combined with reliable performance.
The automatic caliber, a testament to Omega's watchmaking prowess, continues to run with precision years after its initial release.
While it may not be the famed moon watch, the Speedmaster Mark II has carved out its own niche, appealing to those who seek a timepiece with a strong character and an enduring legacy.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II History

The Omega Speedmaster Mark II, a direct descendant of the legendary Moonwatch, carries forward Omega's rich chronograph heritage.
Introduced in 1969, it was a bold, more robust take on the classic Speedmaster design, tailored for a new era of adventurers both in space and on Earth.
The Mark II was the first in the series to boast a streamlined, barrel-shaped case, which housed the advanced caliber 861, a movement that continued Omega's tradition of precision and reliability.
Its popularity soared as it became associated with the golden era of space exploration and auto racing, cementing its place as an icon of horological history.
The Speedmaster Mark II's enduring appeal lies in its blend of historical significance and timeless design, making it a cherished piece among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

How Much Do Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watches Cost?

Below, you can find some of the best Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II watches you can purchase at Exquisite Timepieces:

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Omega Speedmaster Mark II Co-Axial Chronograph 42.4 X 46.2mm (ref. 327. $12,500 Two-tone version of the Mark II in stainless steel and Sedna Gold
Omega Speedmaster Mark II Rio (ref. 522. $6,500 Limited edition (2,016 pieces) honoring the 2016 Olympics. The 3 subdials are decorated with a gold, silver, and bronze ring respectively.

What's Unique About Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watches?

The Omega Speedmaster Mark II watches stand out with their barrel-shaped case and integrated bezel, offering a seamless profile.
Their cylindrical pushers add a modern touch to the chronograph functions, differentiating them from the classic piston-style ones found in other Omega Speedmaster collections.
This design ensures the Mark II series retains a distinctive, functional aesthetic within the Speedmaster family.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Movements

The Omega Speedmaster Mark II series is animated by the robust Omega Co-Axial Calibre 3330.
This automatic chronograph movement, with its advanced column-wheel mechanism and the brand's signature Co-Axial Escapement, ensures enhanced precision and stability.
Based on the ETA A08.L01, it features a 52-hour power reserve, 31 jewels, and a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour.
The movement also includes a date function, adding to the practicality of the timepiece.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watch Colors

The Omega Speedmaster Mark II collection predominantly showcases a sleek gray case paired with a classic black dial, offering a timeless aesthetic.
Golden highlights provide a touch of elegance, accentuating the watch's hands and markers, as well as the subdials and the chronograph pushers on some versions.
Overall, the color spectrum of the Omega Speedmaster Mark II collection is minimalistic, as the accent is placed on functionality and reliability above all.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watch Materials

The Omega Speedmaster Mark II is primarily constructed with a robust stainless steel case and bracelet, ensuring durability and a lustrous finish.
Select models feature an exquisite blend of steel and Sedna gold, offering a luxurious touch. The timepieces are crowned with sapphire crystal, known for its scratch resistance and clarity.
Special editions, like the Rio variant, introduce a palette of yellow gold, silver, and bronze.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watch Complications

Each watch in the Omega Speedmaster Mark II collection comes with a date complication at 6 o'clock. Four models have a subdial at six for the second hand. Quartz movement watches also have an end-of-life battery indicator.

Buying Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watches

Omega's official website offers a comprehensive range of their Speedmaster Mark II watches, providing direct access to the brand's latest models. Additionally, Omega Speedmaster Mark II watches can be acquired from other authorized dealers globally, ensuring authenticity and quality service for every purchase.
The most current selection of Omega Speedmaster Mark II watches is also readily available on Exquisite Timepieces. It's the ideal destination for watch enthusiasts to explore and purchase these iconic chronographs.

Caring for Your Omega Speedmaster Mark II Watch

Investing in an Omega Speedmaster Mark II watch is not just a purchase but a foray into a legacy of space exploration and timeless style.
To ensure the enduring performance and appearance of your Speedmaster Mark II, it is crucial to provide it with the care it deserves. Regular servicing is recommended every 4-5 years, which is essential to maintain the precision of its movement and the pristine condition of its materials.
Adherence to care guidelines, such as avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures and magnetic fields, as well as proper handling of the crown and pushers, will help preserve its complex mechanisms and refined design.
In the event of unexpected issues, Exquisite Timepieces offers a comprehensive service to keep your Omega Speedmaster Mark II in peak condition, along with expert repair services to address any concerns with finesse.
By entrusting your cherished Speedmaster Mark II to the hands of professionals, you ensure that it remains an emblem of luxury and precision, unaffected by the passage of time or the rigors of the environment.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II FAQ

What years did they make the Speedmaster Mark II?

The original Omega Speedmaster Mark II was produced from 1969 until the early 1970s. A re-issued version was introduced in 2014.

What is the history of Speedmaster Mark II?

The Speedmaster Mark II was Omega's innovative follow-up to the Moonwatch, featuring a streamlined case and advanced chronograph capabilities, marking a new era in the Speedmaster lineage.

How big is the Speedmaster Mark II?

The re-issued Omega Speedmaster Mark II has a case diameter of 42.4 x 46.2 mm and a case thickness of 14.9mm.

Find your new Omega Speedmaster Mark II watch with Exquisite Timepieces

Embarking on the journey to own an Omega Speedmaster Mark II watch is a seamless experience with Exquisite Timepieces.
Our online store and boutique present a carefully chosen array of Speedmaster Mark II models, each reflecting Omega's heritage of innovation and exceptional craftsmanship.
As an authorized dealer, we ensure a full warranty and complimentary insured shipping, guaranteeing that your luxury timepiece is delivered with the highest standard of care.
Explore the attractive world of the Omega Speedmaster Mark II with assurance, backed by our steadfast dedication to excellence and genuine quality.

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