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The Omega De Ville collection was originally, in 1960, as part of the Seamaster collection, but later became a collection of its own in 1967. The De Ville watches simply offer a more classic look, away from the sporty designs of the other Omega watches. It’s more or less the most vintage-looking omega line, and it is no surprise that Pope John Paul II wore Omega De Ville watches. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Omega De Ville collection. You can find Omega De Ville watches for sale here.

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Omega De Ville Watch Collection Review

The History of the Omega De Ville Watch Collection

The Omega De Ville Collection was introduced in 1967 and since that time, it has never gone out of style. This refined collection of premium watches was introduced under the sports model watches category with a classic design. Around 1960, the De Ville was first introduced in the market and it was a part of the Seamaster Series. It started as a sophisticated watch collection that went on perfectly with dresses and the latest fashionable clothes. The De Ville collection was then taken over by the Seamaster Divers watch collection. 3 years later, in 1970, Omega launched the Seamaster De Ville collection which had an elegant gold dial with a date counter and outstanding overall looks.

In the year 1967, the official launch of Omega De Ville was carried out. This extraordinary Omega product line was more than just an ordinary series of watches. These watches have been one of the best Omega products to date! The Omega Seamaster De Ville 1960s had their headquarters in Geneva and it quickly became the best-selling watch of its time. In the 1970s, the Omega De Ville won some prestigious awards that included 6 Golden Rose design awards and another highly regarded award which was "The Grand Prix Triomphe de Excellence Europeanness".

In the year 1999, the Co-Axial Calibre was introduced which was one of the first watches to be created using the all-new Co-axial caliber. The Co-axial mechanism was one of the most revolutionizing inventions in the whole watch and Omega industry. Invented by George Daniels, the Co-Axial system included in these Omega watches used three different pallets for three different functions. This mechanism helped to make the performance of all the watches stronger and every Omega timepiece had it. It had a complete golden dial with a golden outline and one of the best overall golden designs so far.

Then, in the year 2007, came the brand-new Omega De Ville Automatic Calibre 8500 which was the start of the brand new Co-Axial mechanism of Omega watches. The De Ville collection was first to introduce the Calibre 8500 and it was one of the best watches created in the Seamaster De Ville Gold Edition. It had a blue colored, attractive dial design that showed absolute class. It was also scratch-resistant and had sapphire crystals on its dial. It was a revolutionary watch and it was an inspiration to almost every single timepiece in the De Ville edition.

After 2007, The Omega De Ville family introduced several timepieces to its collection. There are many different models in these divisions. The best collectible watches of the Omega family are included in the De Ville collection and they are truly a class apart. These collectibles include De Ville Tour Billion Collections, De Ville Gents Collection, Omega De Ville Prestige, Omega De Ville Ladymatic, and The Omega De Ville Hour Vision.

The Omega De Ville Tourbillon Watch

One of the most glorious and marvelous watches in the De Ville category known for its lavish design and unique art, the tourbillon collection is amazing. It is handcrafted to precision and the detail to attention is what makes it one of the best timepieces in the De Ville category.

Omega DeVille Tourbillon Co-Axial Watch Numbered Edition 44MM

Powered by the Co-Axial Calibre: OMEGA 2638, this masterpiece consists of a Co-axial mechanism and its authenticity can be seen with the Watchmakers initials at the back of its main plate. This perfectly designed watch has 18K Sedna gold brushed dial and inner ring. The design is produced by laser ablation and it also has a blue leather strap with 18K Sedna gold clasp.


Dial Color: Blue
Crystal: Sapphire Crystals with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Water Resistance: 30 meters/100 feet
Lugs: 22mm
Strap: Leather
Power Reserve: 45 hours

Omega DeVille Tourbillon Co-Axial Watch Numbered Edition 38.7MM

Powered by Co-Axial Calibre: OMEGA 2645, this is a stunning masterpiece which is specially designed with a scratch-resistant crystal dial and gold indexes. It is a numbered edition available with the chronometer feature. It has an 18K gold plated second hand and an 18k red gold case.

Specifications: Dial Color: Sapphire
Crystal: Sapphire Crystals with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Water Resistance: 30 meters/100 feet
Lugs: 19mm
Strap: Leather
Case: Red Gold
Power Reserve: 45 hours

Omega De Ville Tourbillon Co-Axial Limited Edition Watch 38.7

Powered by Co-Axial Calibre: OMEGA 2637, this limited-edition watch is a pure platinum timepiece with an 18K red gold seconds hand-built on a titanium cage. It has a 950 platinum case with 170 different baguette diamonds and 289 single-cut diamonds. The watchmakers initials can be seen on the back off the main plate to prove its authenticity.

Dial Color: Sapphire
Crystal: Scratch- Resistant Sapphire Crystals with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Water Resistance: 30 meters/100 feet
Case Diameter: 38.7mm
Strap: Leather
Case: Platinum
Power Reserve: 45 hours

This timepiece also has another variant that is powered by Co-Axial Calibre 2636. It has a transparent case back with an additional 18 pieces of gold indexes. The bridges, barrels and the main plate are skeletonized. It also has a sapphire dial color.

The Omega De Ville Prestige Watch

Some great featured timepieces with graceful designs and a classic touch, the Omega De Ville Prestige collection has some outstanding pieces of art. With over 40 different strap options, it provides you with several options that will help to achieve a new look every time by experimenting with different colors and combinations.
Features include Chronometer, power reserve indicators, small seconds and date display. The Prestige Collection has many different options in materials and colors used. Every single timepiece is either silver, gold or platinum with embedded diamond or sapphire crystals. You will get many variations including steel yellow gold on a leather strap, red gold, grey steel, white gold on leather strap and steel on steel options. Here are the major prestige categories in which you can get different timepieces according to your needs:

  • Omega Prestige Co-Axial Power Reserve 39.5mm
  • Omega Prestige Co-Axial 39.5mm
  • Omega Prestige Co-Axial 32.7mm
  • Omega Prestige Co-Axial 36.8mm
  • Omega Prestige Quartz 27.4mm
  • Omega Prestige Quartz 32.7mm
  • Omega Prestige Quartz 24.4mm

The Omega De Ville Hour Vision Watch

The De Ville Hour Vision is one of the finest examples of exemplary craftsmanship. It is a combination of class and simplicity. It has the Master Chronometer feature, which means that the watches under this category went through 8 different tests taken by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), and cleared every single one.

You will find some exceptional watches in the Hour Vision category that are made up of 18K gold. Another great feature in every Hour Vision timepiece is the Annual Calendar which displays the month and the date. There are 20 different models in the Hour Vision Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Annual Calendar 41mm category. Here are all the variants that you can choose from:

  • Omega Sedna Gold on Sedna Gold Strap
  • Omega Sedna Gold on Leather Strap
  • Steel On Steel
  • Steel On Leather Strap

The Omega De Ville Tresor Watch

The elegant and stylish Tresor collection by De Ville is specially designed keeping the tradition of Omega watches in mind for both men and women. This category includes some of the finest timepieces which are inspired from the past and include a touch of modern design. Every single watch in this category has the chronometer and anti-magnetic features. With scratch-resistant sapphires and 18k gold used in each watchs creation, the traditional touch of Omega can be seen in every Tresortimepiece. The difference in material, the range in colors and the unique dials will leave you speechless with their beauty. The Tresor models are created with the utmost precision and you can get them with diamonds, leather straps, quartz or steel. Every Tresor watch is powered by Master Co-Axial Calibers 8910 and 8929. Here are all the different models you can choose from:

Omega Tresor Co-Axial Master Chronometer 40mm

  • Omega Tresor Co-Axial Master Chronometer 40 mm - 125th Anniversary Edition
  • Omega Tresor Quartz 36mm Moonshine Gold
  • Omega Tresor Quartz 39mm
  • Omega Tresor Master Co-Axial 40mm

Omega De Ville Ladymatic Watch

The perfect watch for the 21st-century woman, the Omega De Ville Ladymatic is one of the best self-winding timepieces created especially for the ladies. First launched in 1955, the Ladymatic is now revised and it features a supernova pattern. Available in many dynamic colors, the Omega De Ville Ladymatic comes with 11 diamond-set indexes. There is a total of 49 variations of the Omega De Ville Ladymatic. Some of the best features of every watch in this category include Diamond covered bezels, chronometer, transparent case back, screw-in crown, gold rings, and a ceramic inner body case. Here are some of the best Ladymatic Omega Co-axial 34 mm variations that you can choose from.

  • Omega Steel on Leather Strap
  • Omega Sedna Gold on Leather Strap
  • Omega Yellow Gold on Leather Strap
  • Omega Moonshine on Leather Strap
  • Omega Canopus Gold on Leather Strap
  • Omega Steel on Fabric Strap
  • Omega White Gold on Leather Strap

Wrap Up: Omega De Ville Watch Collection Review

Every Omega watch is a timeless and graceful instrument. All Omega devices come with a 5-year warranty that covers all repairs and defects. With some of the most advanced features, Omega has been one of the leading brands since the late 60s.

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