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Ressence Type 2 e-Crown Watches

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Last year Ressence launched the Ressence Type 2 e-Crown Design, a design watch that first exposed the world to the notion of the "e-Crown," an electrical device mounted inside the mechanical watch that would simply allow the watch to refresh itself to the right time after the power reserve (among other things) has run down. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Ressence Type 2 e-Crown collection. You can find Ressence Type 2 e-Crown watches for sale here.

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Ressence Type 2 Watch Review

What’s interesting about the Ressence brand is that being an independent watchmaker it strives towards perfection not just for the sake of being distinct from others but for its dedication to making an advancement in the watchmaking industry.

For all of you who are not really familiar with Ressence as a brand, make sure you check our articles on Ressence Watches as well as the useful review information articles on their Type 1 and Dive Watch Type 5 Collections.

The question that arises with this collection is what advancement has Ressence made this time. What makes Ressence Type 2 distinctive and recognizable among other types is the development of the trademarked e-crown. If you have just started wondering what it means, here is the answer for you.


History of Ressence Type 2 Collection Development

The Ressence company, in their constant strive to introduce new innovative technologies that you can trust and rely on just the same way as you believe the good-old quality of the classical mechanical watches, designed the concept of e-Crown. Ressence watch Type 2 is the prime mechanical watch that features a “smart crown.” BenoîtMintiens, the founder of the Ressence brand, decided to take the best features from both worlds (the mechanical and the smart one) and combine them into one better world- the Ressence Type 2 and the development of the e-Crown.

One hundred and seventy-six years passed between the first creation of the crowns for winding and setting and its final technological development into e-crown, a notion designed by Ressence. What e-Crown does is an actual replacement of the old-fashioned function of setting up the mechanical watches. It is a cutting-edge system that interfaces the module ROCS developed by Ressence and the underlying mechanical movement.


Ressence Type 2 E-Crown Development

The Ressence E-Crown is made of 87 parts, and it represents an electro-mechanical framework that operates the distinctive e-Crown functionalities. The authenticity of this concept originates from the layout of the system and the fact that the parts require a minimal level of energy on a daily basis -solely 1,8 joules. Each of the elements must satisfy two essential pre-conditions: amazingly small and extremely low consumption of power. The majority of the components are tailor-made by Ressence. The 87 parts of the e-Crown are connected with the assistance of four PCBs with a thickness of 0.25 mm that are also custom-made by Ressence.


Ressence E-Crown Functioning

When one wishes to start and/or control the e-Crown, all there is a need to do is tap the crystal of the watch. This is very similar to the touch-screen that we are so accustomed to. In this way, Ressence adds a new dimension of mechanical watches, and this is user-friendliness.

On the back of the case, one will immediately notice a lever with an engraved Type 2 sign. This lever is used for setting the time manually, that on the other hand, shall be registered by the e-Crown, and it is used as a point of reference for all the further time setting, monitoring, and time adjustment.

What this means is that the e-Crown reads automatically if it was tapped on the glass of the watch, the time you had set manually. In reality, this also means if you leave the watch for some time without using it, the next time you decide to put on the watch even after a month or so, what you have to do is to tap the glass, and the e-Crown will set the right time. This way, the e-Crown saves itself and is in a mode of sleep that stops once you put the watch on the wrist.


Ressence E-Crown Power

The E-Crown is energized by a combination of two powers. The first one is Dinamo metric, or in other words, the self-winding system of the base caliber and the additional power is activated when the watch is inactive or has not been actively used, and on this occasion, the photovoltaic shutters are opened automatically, and the inner solar power charge the e-Crown, if not mechanically wound.

If you tap once on the dial, it will allow you to set the watch time, and if you tap twice to activate or wake-up mode.


Ressence E-Crown and Two Time Zones

Also, the e-Crown part of the Ressence Type 2 collection is perfect for all travelers who get confused continuously by the change of time zones. There are two possible Time Zones. The setting of Time Zone 2 is done in the same way as the setting of Time Zone 1. When you wish to check the other time zone, you can do that by choosing the selector of the mode that is part of the dial.

The operation of the e-crown is self-sufficient and enabled by photovoltaic cells that use external light as a source of energy.

Another good point is that even if you switch off the e-Crown, this will not affect the functionality of the watch, and you can still use it based on the mechanical movement.


Specially Developed App for the Ressence Type 2 Watch

Ressence developed a new notion with the introduction of advanced technology and the development of a unique app. The app is connected via Bluetooth to the watch, and it is used to choose a zone from a number of towns around the world. Ressence by this app enhances the user-friendliness and usability of the watch in general. It highlights that this collection does not have GPS nor options for radio control. The legibility of the watch during night times, no different than the watches in the other selections, is achieved by the super illuminated pointers and indicators on display.


Ressence Type 2 Watch Models

There are two model versions in this collection: Type 2G, which is in grey color, and Type 2A Anthracite. When we are discussing the case of the watches in this collection, Ressence preserves very much the same characteristics that are featured in the other collections too. This basically means that the case has a diameter of the standard 45 mm and a thickness of 12 mm that is a little bit thinner in comparison to the other watches from the previous collections of Ressence watches. It is made of titanium with grade 5, and it is covered with anthracite in the case of the Type 2A. The case also has anti-reflective sides with sapphire crystal.

The distinctive feature of water-resistance is shared with the other collections as well. There are slight differences between the two model versions regarding the aesthetics and style since the functions and the mechanics are entirely the same. The dial display follows closely the company’s concept of discs that are rotating like satellite type and are operating on the basis of the well-known and company’s developed second ROCS generation. The difference between the first and second generation of the ROCS system is basically in the reduced gaps between the discs that are reduced to a minimum of 0.035mm. The caliber 2892/A that are specially made provides precision in time expressions and offers a power reserve of 36 hours and vibrations of 28.000 hourly.


Functions of the Ressence Type 2 Dial

The watches in Type 2 collections are basically built around the e-Crown that, as mentioned, consists of 87 components that are placed right below the dial. The e-Crown allows your synchronization with the smartphone and use it to set the time Zones 1 and 2 via the app. Besides this function, the e-Crown provides the watch to monitor and update periodically as well as achieve automatic setting by use of the radiofrequency of the app that is the phone.

So the dial displays time in hours, minutes, and seconds and has an additional dub-dial for the second time zone. The dial display also contains the selector of functions that features different colors and can be initiated by single tapping. There are four different modes of functions that cover Time zone 1 and Time zone 2, the functioning of the e-Crown, and the mechanical mode, which is enabled even when the e-Crown does not operate. So when the e-Crown is not in function, the watch runs in a purely mechanical way.


Ressence Watch Type 2 Price

Ressence Type 2 collections covering the two basic versions 2G and 2A with Ressence e-Crown are available for purchase on our site Regardless of the option, you choose the price for the Ressence Type 2 is 48.800 dollars. There are many answers to why you should purchase your timepiece from Ressence, among which is the unique design of the watches, the innovative concepts developed by the company, and the entire development and research invested in the creation of these watches. Ressence designs mechanical watches that in the Ressence Type 2 got smarter with a note of the company that these are not smartwatches. The Ressence Type 2 e-Crown is one step ahead of everyone in the watchmaking industry as after all this long time Ressence successfully revolutionized the development of the crown into e-crown and thus paved a new way for mechanical watches in the future.

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