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Ressence is a young and innovative watchmaker dedicated to the art of timekeeping beyond the use of traditional hands. In this spirit, the Belgium-born brand released the Type 8 collection as its simplest iteration, emphasizing an uncluttered dial and comfortable wearability.

About Ressence Type 8 Watches

The Ressence Type 8 collection is the brainchild of Benoît Mintiens, a genius industrial designer with a portfolio that includes hunting guns, medical devices, high-speed trains, and aircraft cabins.
Ressence designs and engineers Type 8 timepieces in Antwerp, Belgium, to satisfy its user experience. The company uses a workshop in Fleurier, Switzerland, where the ideas are brought to life by the brightest minds in the watchmaking industry.
Type 8 watches have a novel saucer-shaped, UFO-esque case that's on brand with Ressence. It's the first Ressence case with a sandwich construction, which gives it this unique shape.
The outstretched hand logo on the dial and caseback is Ressence's way of paying homage to the historic international port of Antwerp.

Ressence Type 8 History

On the 24th of March 2022, Ressence put out a press release announcing the launch of the brand new Type 8 as the latest member of the family. It became available to the public through authorized retailers from March 30th to April 5th, 2022.
It's the sixth member in the Belgium-based brand's family of watches. Ressence ushered in its release as a step away from its previous models, focusing on a modern, minimal, and sleek watch.
The Type 8 introduced an all-new sandwich-style case construction to ensure the watch meets this design ethos. Another new feature this collection ushered in is an integrated bezel.
The Type 8 is also the first Ressence watch with a clean face, eradicating the usual Arabic numeral markers and windows on the dial of Ressence watches.
Most crucial to its release of the Type 8 was how it introduced a new entry-level price point to the otherwise chronically exclusive brand.
Today, the Type 8 remains the simplest timepiece from an ordinarily futuristic and experimental watchmaking house. If you're looking for even more complications, check out the Type 3 collection by Ressence.

How Much Do Ressence Type 8 Watches Cost?

The Type 8 collection is currently Ressence's cheapest model, opening them up to a wider audience. However, a Type 8 costs around $13,000 to $15,000, which is still relatively expensive but certainly not overpriced. Loyalists to the bizarre design will appreciate this new entry-level price.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Ressence Type 8C $14,500 Cobalt blue dial and blue strap with ardillon buckle
Ressence Type 8S Sage Green $14,500 Sage green dial and gray strap, polished ardillon buckle in grade 5 titanium

What's Unique About Ressence Type 8 Watches?

The Type 8 is the ideal definition of unique and innovative in watchmaking. It stays true to the brand tradition of using the iconic Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS) dial display.
This novel dial tells time without using hands, or at least not in the conventional way. You tell the time using two orbiting discs, keeping the hours and minutes.
Furthermore, the discs are domed and protected by domed sapphire crystals, which create a captivating dynamic view of the time at any angle. Also, a bi-directional titanium caseback replaces the need for a crown to set the time.
What sets the Type 8 apart from other Ressence watches is its uncluttered dial and low maintenance requirement (it's not oil-filled).

Ressence Type 8 Movements

Type 8 models use the caliber ROCS 8. Otherwise known as the Ressence Orbital Convex System 8, it's a mechanical automatic movement engineered on an ETA 2892/2 base.
This version has two discs that rotate on an orbital plane to show the time. The smaller disc moves slowly, marking the hours, while the larger disc whizzes playfully around, keeping track of the minutes.
Ressence maintains a decent power reserve of 36 hours on its latest movement. This is expected due to the torque-intensive movement of its orbiting discs.
The Ressence caliber ROCS8 runs on an industry-standard frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and has 31 jewels and 4-jewel ball bearings inclined at 9,75° for prolonged longevity and accuracy.

Ressence Type 8 Watch Colors

The unique and innovative design of the Ressence Type 8 collection requires a highly selective choice of colors to highlight its key attributes. Ressence opts for both classic and contemporary color choices, including a deep blue and a one-of-a-kind sage green option.
The watches also utilize a heavy dosage of white that provides contrast and helps with legibility. Straps for Ressence Type 8 watches are usually found in matching or complementary colors, like blues and grays, to ensure a harmonious and aesthetic result.

Ressence Type 8 Watch Materials

Since its establishment in 2010, Ressence has never skimped material choice. It didn't change with the release of the Type 8.
Its case is grade 5 titanium, making the Type 8 lightweight, weighing only 47 grams with the straps attached.
The case has a dual finish of polish and satin. The more visible areas, like the upper side of the lugs and bezel, are polished to a high, mirror-like shine. Meanwhile, the underside is matte and textured.
On the dial, we see a polished finish on the indicators and a satin finish on the background. The dial indicators are filled with 100% Blue Superluminova grade A for world-class legibility.
The straps are made from alligator leather and use an ardillon-style buckle in grade 5 titanium, matching the case.

Ressence Type 8 Watch Types

The Type 8 collection features only a simplistic, dressy watch type. This is because it has an abysmal splash tolerance of only 10 meters. It's also a nice self-winding watch for those who are in the market for a sleek and futuristic everyday timepiece. On the other hand, it's a high-luxury contender for a time-only piece.

Ressence Type 8 Watch Complications

Type 8 has a market positioning as the simplest watch ever made by Ressence. It's essentially an hour-and-minute reader, but its existence as a Ressence model is a complication on its own.
The watch moves in the orbit of two discs to keep the time, so the entire dial is in perpetual motion. To adjust the time, the Type 8 replaces the conventional crown with a crownless manual winding design on the caseback. It has a 12-degree bidirectional turning radius, winding it to the left to recharge the mainspring and to the right to set the time.

Buying Ressence Type 8 Watches

Due to their rare nature, Ressence watches are only available through the brand's network of authorized dealers. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer for all Ressence watches, including the Ressence Type 8 collection. In fact, you can just walk into the Exquisite Timepieces store to have your pick of the Ressence Type 8 if you're in Naples, Florida.
Can't find any store near you? You can shop from our online catalog of Type 8 watches with a full factory warranty and free insured shipping.

Caring for Your Ressence Type 8 Watch

As you can imagine, a Ressence Type 8 watch requires special attention to maintain accuracy and functionality. Not only is a Type 8 watch a significant investment, but it's also a non-traditional, complicated timepiece.
Try your best to keep the watch clean by dusting it with a soft, clean cloth after every use. Always store it in the case to prevent dust accumulation in the movement or accidental falls.
Despite our best efforts to protect our prized timepieces from damage, mistakes happen. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized service center cleared to perform basic maintenance and complete servicing on your Type 8 watch.
Once you send your watch to us, we'll send it to the Ressence engineers if your watch requires full servicing or a special procedure. The ETP team can help you expedite the entire process, from dealing with customer service to quickly replacing any damaged parts.

Ressence Type 8 FAQ

When was the Ressence Type 8 released?

The Ressence Type 8 was released to authorized dealers on March 30th, 2022, in two colorways, the Sage Green and Cobalt Blue dials.

What size is the Ressence Type 8?

A Type 8 watch features a 42.9mm case that's only 11mm from top to bottom, establishing it as a minimalist Ressence timepiece. It has an integrated lug with a 20mm width and a 20mm leather strap.

Find your new Ressence Type 8 watch with Exquisite Timepieces

There are only eleven Ressence authorized dealers in the United States, and Exquisite Timepiece is proud to be one of them.
If you're ready to own the orbital marvel that is the Type 8, you can find all the models on our online store or boutique in Naples, Florida.
All Ressence Type 8 watch purchases from our website come with a free winder to adorn your collection shelf. We understand a Type 8 is a precious timepiece, so we also provide free insurance ensuring you get your watch in one piece at your doorstep.

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