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Pre-Owned Ball Watches

About Ball Watches

Ball watches are timepieces produced by the Ball Watch Company, founded in 1891 by Mr. Webster Ball, a jeweler from Ohio. This timepiece derives its design inspiration from the profound history of railroads in America. At some point, Webster Ball introduced the concept of accurate timekeeping to the railroad business. This further increased the brand's popularity as it was known with the slogan "on the ball," signifying its timepieces' precision accuracy.

While the Ball Watch Company has developed into a global brand, with its head office in Switzerland and currently owned by Asia Commercial Holdings, it still stays true to its core specialization. And this is the design and manufacture of highly functional and accurate timepieces.


History of Ball Watches

The Ball Watch Company gained a reputation during the railway renaissance in America. The company depended on the need for accurate timekeeping by the railway system. It thus has a reputation for providing trains and the entire railway system with an effective and precise timekeeping system.

It started in 1891 when two trains had a head-on collision in Ohio, which claimed several lives and injured many more. Upon investigation, the government discovered that one of the conductors' watches stopped and lagged by four minutes. This made his train run late, causing a collision with another train traveling in the opposite direction.

To curb further accidents, Mr. Ball, the Chief Time Inspector, introduced the Standard Time System for standardizing the timekeeping activities throughout the entire American railroad system. He also developed time signals adopted in many countries, including Canada, Mexico, and the United States of America.

For the time signals to work, he needed timepieces. Thus, Mr. Ball proceeded to manufacture about 2,300 timepieces for all the personnel in the railway system. He also kept track of the watches and upgrades for any watch that lags for about 30 seconds.

As a result, the American Railway system developed alongside the Ball Watch Company, upon which the railway system relied for precise timekeeping.


Used Ball Watches Today

In line with its tradition of accuracy and precision, the Ball Watch Company continued to manufacture high-quality watches with accurate timing. These watches can withstand even the harshest conditions without a drop in their precision.

However, while Ball Watch Company retains its high technical functionality, it modernized into a new and appealing design befitting of the modern-day watch. There is a distinct difference between the design of the old watches and the new ones. Thus, modern Ball watches combine legendary precision with a new and appealing design.

To maintain its reputation for accurate timekeeping, Ball Watch Company utilizes different technologies and innovations. Amongst these includes anti-magnetic system, water resistance, anti-moisture, visibility in darkness, and high shock resistance.

Finally, the timepieces produced by Ball Watch Company all go through a Chronometer Certification Test. The test consists of seven different phases, and the inability of a watch to pass any of these seven tests results in the watch's rejection. That is the standard to which Ball Watch Company holds its timepieces.


Pre-Owned Ball Watches Collections

Ball Watch Company has eight different collections of timepieces. Each of these collections includes watches bearing testament to Ball's high functionality and intricate designs. Amidst these collections, you will find watches that are perfect for any purpose.

 Below are some of the Ball watches collections.


Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon

This timepiece is a reflection of the core values of the Ball Watch Company. The watch's design allows it to perfectly meet an explorer's needs, as it can withstand harsh conditions. The watch's design features the moon's unification, time, and tide, an effective combination for an explorer.

The Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon has a 42 mm case, with options to choose from a blue or black dial. The watch's face shows the Ball logo and a RR engraving. There are two bezels in this timepiece, the outer denoting high and low tides, while the inner bezel denotes the days.


Ball Engineer Master

This watch is more like a fulfillment of Ball’s promise to continue to give people a combination of top-notch design and high-end precision. This collection is ideal for sea-diving and other nautical adventures.

The watch comes in a 44 mm case, an exclusive rotating bezel, and a chronograph with an accumulated 12-hour measurement. There is also a circular slide rule and sub-dials for hours, minutes, and seconds. Finally, there is a 50 m deep water resistance feature and 21 microtubes filled markers for night visibility.


Ball Roadmaster

The Roadmaster collection is a divergence from the other collections explained above. Rather than exploration and nautical adventure, the Roadmaster collection reflects its rich history with railroad systems.

This collection has about 40 timepieces under it, each with different designs and features. Thus, it is difficult to get a general description of the collection. However, some watches within this collection deserve special mentions. These are the Ball Roadmaster Worldtime and the Ball Roadmaster M Icebreaker.

The Roadmaster Worldtime features an outer bezel moving in a unidirectional manner, an inner bezel showing the world time, and a complication showing day and date. On the other hand, the M Icebreaker features a simple dial and excellent functionalities, including a 5000Gs shock resistance and 200 m water resistance.


What Makes Ball Pre-Owned Watches Appealing?

You may notice that Ball is not a very popular brand. However, the brand has watches known for their high functionality and interesting designs. Fashion and watch enthusiasts know about the watch very well and can bear witness to its attractive features. 

The affordability, durability, and high functionality are the key features that make the pre-owned Ball watches appealing to users and watch enthusiasts worldwide.


Why Purchase Ball Used Watches?

With used Ball watches, you can never go wrong. The watches have intricate design features coupled with high-end functionality that you may not find in other timepieces. Your watch catalog is never complete without a Ball used watch.

Exquisite Timepieces has several collections of used Ball watches for sale at incredible prices. For instance, the Engineer Hydrocarbon Spacemaster goes for $3,500. You can also get the Ball Engineer Master Slide Chronograph for $3,000. The best prices for your Ball pre-owned watches are available here at Exquisite Timepieces.

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