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The Ball Watch Company has a unique and fascinating place in the history of horology.
Founded by Webb C. Ball, the Chief Time Inspector for the Lake Shore Lines Railroad, Ball watches were designed and manufactured first and foremost as tools for regulating the traffic of trains and avoiding deadly crashes like the one that cost 11 lives on July 19, 1891.
In an era in which reliable timepieces were needed to keep the newly standardized time, Ball's commitment to craftsmanship, legibility, and durability made his watches the standard for engineers and conductors. And his careful program of regulation and inspection ensured that the trains not only ran on time, every time but that passengers knew they would arrive safely at their destination.
Pre-owned Ball watches are highly sought after for their rich history, careful craftsmanship, reliable movements, and clean aesthetics. And while less well-known to the general public than other luxury brands, enthusiasts hold used Ball watches in high esteem.
On the used market, the gray-dialed Fireman Storm Chaser Pro and the white-dialed Trainmaster Standard Time are clear favorites. The Trainmaster Eternity and Engineer M Marvelight are also popular among collectors and as daily wearers for anyone who appreciates a fine timepiece.

Why You Should Buy Pre-Owned Ball Watches

Pre owned Ball watches offer luxury horology at a reasonable price.
Ball's commitment to industrial function-that all its watches are, first and foremost, useful, immediately legible, and easy to wear-means that you can buy a used Ball watch without paying the premium you would for a brand-new one.
Any immediate depreciation has been absorbed by the original buyer, and while all watches are unique in the degree to which they hold their value, a second hand Ball watch maintains its value as reliably as it tells the time.
And since Ball is known for its precision craftsmanship, excellent material selection, and attention to rugged movements and shock-proof cases, used mens Ball watches run just as well, and look just as good, as they did the day they left the factory.
A point to consider is that the second-hand market offers far greater variety than new collections.
Watch collectors, and indeed watch aficionados more generally, will also agree that limiting yourself to current releases constrains your choices, restricting the free flow of your style and limiting you to the choices other buyers are making. By investing in a pre owned Ball mens watch, you extend your options to legacy models like the elegant Trainmaster Officer, perhaps the most beautiful watch Ball has ever produced.
In short, considering a pre-owned Ball watch increases your purchasing power, guarantees little to no depreciation over time, and allows you the option of some of the most elegant and interesting models in Ball's history.

Best Place to Buy Used Ball Watches

Buying a second-hand luxury watch like a Ball mens watch requires care and discernment, and you need to be certain you're working with the right dealer.
Of course used Ball watches are sold across the world in brick-and-mortar stores and by online retailers.
But just as every watchmaker doesn't share the same expertise, commitment to quality, and history of excellence, so too, every watch dealer can't claim these attributes.
Exquisite Timepieces is proud to be an authorized used Ball dealer. Not only can we guarantee that the used Ball mens watches we sell are authentic, you can also be sure that our experts have carefully inspected each timepiece, selecting only the best examples.
And our unmatched expertise in the used luxury watch market extends to every aspect of the sale. A second-hand watch is new to you, and we provide each customer with the same outstanding level of service.
We offer optional overnight shipping, standard two-day delivery, and complimentary insurance on your purchase.
Keep in mind that like all timepieces, your used Ball watch will require routine service to keep it running optimally, and we'd be delighted to assist you with this. And should your watch be damaged while in your care, we offer repair service as well.

How Much is a Used Ball Worth?

Used Ball mens watches vary in price from a low point of roughly $600 for an entry-level Enterprise to as much as $9,500 for a Doctor's Chronograph. In the mid-range, elegant options like the Ball Engineer II Moon Calendar or the Trainmaster Officer can be had for as little as $2,300.
Like most watches, the price of a used Ball for sale varies with three criteria: the cost of the materials, the complexity of the movement, and the popularity of the model.
The Doctor's Chronograph, for instance, features a 43mm case made from 18-carat yellow gold, 18-carat rose gold, or platinum. In and of themselves, these materials are expensive, increasing the value of the watch.
Add to this that the Doctor's Chronograph includes complications like a graduated heart rate monitor, a triple calendar, a single-button chronograph, sub-dials, and tritium-gas capsules to provide low-light illumination, and you can see why collectors are willing to pay a premium for this timepiece.
Mid-range used Ball watches like the Trainmaster Officer are valued for their popularity and craftsmanship rather than any particularly-rare materials.
The Trainmaster Officer sports a smokey-gray brushed dial that's sleek and sophisticated, highlighting raised silver Arabic numerals and illuminated sword hands. Micro gas tubes mark the hours, ensuring legibility in the dark. And at 6 o'clock, Ball placed a subsidiary seconds complication that adds visual interest without being cluttered.
The dial is expertly crafted, and Ball's exceptional attention to detail is obvious.
Thus, despite a case made from polished stainless steel and the absence of rare metals or precious stones, this elegant timepiece commands a luxury price and quite a bit of attention on your wrist.

Ball Pre-Owned Prices & Values

Used Ball watches hold their value well, slowly depreciating in general, though there are models that increase in value over time - sometimes dramatically.
Watch collectors and dealers use a Market Index that tracks representative models of each brand - in this case, Ball - measuring their fluctuation in value.
For instance, over the last three years, the Market Index for used Ball watches has decreased by 4.9% overall, while individual models like the Fireman Storm Chaser Pro and the Trainmaster Standard Time have increased in value over the last six months by 8.7% and 7.6%, respectively.
Popular models of pre-owned Ball watches can be tracked for both their approximate market price and their actual retail price on the used market.

Model Market Price (Approx.) Retail Price
Ball Fireman Storm Chaser Pro Stainless Steel(ref. CM3090C-S1J-GY) $1,200 $2,019
Ball Fireman Storm Chaser Pro Stainless Steel (ref. CM3090C-L1J-BK) $1,100 $1,708
Ball Engineer Master II Skindiver II (ref. DM3108A-SCJ-BK) $1,500 $2,799
Ball Trainmaster Standard Time (ref. NM3888D-PG-LCJ-WH) $1,200 $1,600
Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon (ref. DM2118B-SCJ-BK) $1,750 $2,000
Ball Trainmaster Eternity (ref. NM2080D-S1J-SL) $1,200 $2,100
Ball Engineer M Marvelight (ref. NM2128C-S1C-BK) $1,800 $1,800
Ball Engineer II Marvelight (ref. NM2026C-S6J-BK) $800 $1,099
Ball Engineer III Pioneer (ref. NM2026C-S15CJ-BK) $1,500 $1,616
Ball Engineer II Moon Phase (ref. NM2282C-SJ-BE) $1,400 $2,400

Does Ball Hold Resale Value?

Most new Ball watches depreciate to some extent upon purchase. That's a normal trend in horology.
After the original owner suffers that depreciation, it's fair to say that used Ball mens watches hold their value well over time. They're unlikely to appreciate significantly over the long term, but they are also unlikely to suffer serious depreciation for the second-hand buyer.
The reasons for this are clear: the precision and craftsmanship of Ball watches is excellent. That high quality allows used Ball watches to hold their resale value. But unlike other mainstream luxury brands, Ball watches appeal to enthusiasts more than the general luxury watch market, meaning that they take longer to resell.
Criteria like condition, resizing a bracelet, and especially the selling time horizon affect the price of any timepiece. Still, horological experts agree that Ball watches fare better than most when it comes to holding their resale value.

About Ball

Throughout much of the 19th century, timekeeping was decidedly local. Each town kept its own time, without standardization or agreement of any kind.
But with the advent of the railroad, and the need to schedule trains running on the same line in opposite directions, accurate time keeping became essential. This was unfortunately reinforced by a deadly collision on April 19, 1891, caused by an engineer's watch failure.
Determined to permanently correct this problem, railroad officials selected Webb C. Ball as their Chief Time Inspector, tasking him to regulate the timepieces of every engineer and standardize railroad time.
Ball created a system of careful regulation, demanding that these timepieces meet demanding standards, including accuracy kept within an exacting 30 seconds per week.
Ball focused his considerable skill on creating the most exacting standards, regulating each engineer's watch for precise time keeping. This Railroad Standardization, "RR Standard," guaranteed safety.
Now, the common man knew that not only would trains run safely on time but that the engineer could be relied upon to always have the correct time, wherever he was.
Industrial function remains the spirit of the Ball Watch Company.
And though the company is now headquartered in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, and though the designs are updated for the modern consumer, the "Official RR Standard" is still proudly displayed below the company's signature.
In the pre-owned market, Ball watches are popular among horological cognoscenti for their synthesis of functional design and simple, clean aesthetics, as well as their unique place in the history of precision timekeeping.
Enthusiasts are particularly drawn to the high-end complications of models like the Doctor's Chronograph or the Fireman Storm Chaser Pro - especially in gray - and to the refined elegance of models like the Trainmaster Eternity and the Engineer M Marvelight.
Another unique selling point of pre-owned Ball watches is their incredible durability. Many of their collections include the incredible BALL RR1402 automatic movement, which is protected from 5000 Gs of shock.

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