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Pre-Owned Nomos Glashutte Watches

The German Nomos Glashutte watches have plenty of history, founded just two months after the historic fall of the great Berlin Wall. The various collections from Nomos Glashutte have maintained a reputation of being clean and modern timepieces. Their reputation has improved over many years. Nomos Glashutte produces all its timepieces from its factory. Every single part of the watch is produced and tested in the factory. The completed watches are tested in six different positions before they can be released into the market. The brand is known for having a straightforward style, which has produced many award-winning timepieces in the past. If you are looking for a timepiece representing elegant simplicity and opulence, then the German Nomos Glashutte watches are the best choice. You can opt to purchase used Nomos watches. Buying a watch from the German Nomos Glashutte collections means owning a watch that comes with plenty of rich history.

The Founding History of Nomos Glashutte Watches

Nomos is a German independent watchmaker based in the humble city of Glashütte, Saxony, Germany. Glashütte is two hours' drive south of Berlin and has approximately 7,000 residents. Despite being a small town, it has close to a dozen watchmakers and manufacturers. Nomos is a member of the prestigious Deutscher Werkbund, a German organization of artists, architects, and watch designers.

The German Nomos Glashutte was founded in January 1990 by Roland Schwertner. Schwertner was a computer geek and a photographer and had zero experience in the watchmaking business. Nomos Glashutte remains one of the few independent watchmaking companies in the world. Nomos existed in the early 1900s but only for a short period. Nomos has more than 300 employees working at the Nomos headquarters, which used to be a train station in Glashütte, Saxony, Germany. Other employees work at the Nomos in-house creative studio, located in Berlinerblau, central Berlin.

Nomos Glashutte First Collection

The first collection of Nomos Glashutte was released in 1991. The collection featured the following models: Orion, Ludwig, Tangente, and Tetra. Susanne Gunther designed all these models, and they had a similar aesthetic: minimal, clean, and Bauhaus. All the models were suitable for both sexes. Nomos was ahead of its time by releasing models that could be worn comfortably by both genders. The models were round-shaped and had a size of 35mm. The Nomos Glashutte first collection is available for sale, and you can find them among preowned Nomos watches for sale.

The Tangente model was the success story of this collection; the 35mm round-shaped watch showed the highest degree of classical Bauhaus inspiration. The Tangente model was inspired by the 1930s first Bauhaus watches, the first Bauhaus-style timepiece by Lange, and the first Stowa Antea. These two Bauhaus watches were both released in the year 1937. Despite being an imitation of the early Bauhaus watches, the Tangente model garnered such a success that it stirred up a generation of watch imitators. Thanks to the success of the Tangente model, Nomos partnered with a German retailer who invested in the brand. With the extra capital, Nomos was able to start his project of developing his own in-house. Nomos became a completely independent company by 2003 by buying back the shares owned by his partner.

With more progress, Nomos released its first timepiece, which had an in-house movement called the Tangomat. The manual movement of the Tangente was also to be an in-house production feature. The first Nomos Glashutte model to use the first Nomos self-winding movement was the Tangomat, while the Nomos Alpha was the first Nomos Glashutte model to use an in-house manual movement. The two movements featured: hacking seconds, rhodium-plated surfaces, Glashütte stripes, tempered blue screws, and crown wheel having "Glashütte" sunburst. The movements, however, were using an escapement that was sourced externally.

In 2014, Nomos Glashutte developed the Nomos Swing System, which was an in-house escapement. The escapement was launched in Baselword along with the launch of the Nomos Glashutte model, the Metro. The Metro was designed by the famous Mark Braun, an Industrial designer. Today Nomos Glashutte has evolved to produce 13 in-house movements for its various watch collections. Some of the legendry movements made by Nomos Glashutte include DUW 1001, DUW 5101, DUW 5201, and DUW 2002.

Nomos Glashutte released a new movement, DUW 3001, which is an automatic movement. The movement was just 3.2 mm thick and was very efficient and accurate. The movement featured the new Nomos Glashutte Minimatik model. The Neomatik line, a new Nomos Glashutte collection, is also using the new automatic movement. The Neomatik line features classic Nomos designs which new ascents and colors.

Why You Should Buy Pre-Owned Nomos Glashutte Watches

The Nomos Glashutte collection has maintained a prestigious reputation in the global watchmaking industry. By leveraging precise German engineering, efficiency and adding a human touch to their collection, Nomos has managed to remain at the top of the game when it comes to exquisite timepieces. Their collection represents modern watch manufacturers who use automation techniques to create unique pieces.

All the Nomos Glashutte are beautifully decorated with rhodium plating, sunburst decoration, pelage, and Glashütte stripes, features that can only be found in luxurious timepieces. Most Nomos watches can be purchased with a sapphire exhibition case back. This option allows buyers to admire the beautiful finishing and movements of the watch. Nomos has been applauded for being a pioneer in producing unisex watches. Their core catalog cannot be described to be traditionally masculine or feminine. The aesthetic of the Bauhaus models is genderless and timeless. There is no reason why you shouldn't own a Nomos Glashutte watch. Nomos designs help you appreciate the mid-century design and the history of Bauhaus.

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