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Pre-Owned Ressence Watches


Founded in 2010 in Antwerpen, Belgium by industrial designer Benoît Mintiens, Ressence has proven that it is a watch company here to compete will all the big names in the industry. The name Ressence is a combination of the words renaissance and essence. Since its introduction about a decade ago at the Baselworld conference, very few watches have been able to generate the kind of buzz and followership that Ressence has garnered within a short period. Ressence has won awards like the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève award in 2013, Spiral Award for best design and concept in 2014, induction as a member of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie in 2016, and Fast Company Award for 10th Most Innovative Companies in Design, among others. The world is embracing the Ressence brand. Perhaps it's the reason why celebrities like 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch, former Nest CEO Tony Fadell, and many Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley executives love their watches.



Ressence insists on quality control. The watch company subjects all their designs to over 500 hours of testing to ensure that precision and accuracy are top-notch. Another reason why Ressence watches are so appealing is that they are one of a kind watches.

The timepiece makers have patented almost everything about their unique designs. Ressence watches come with the unique E-crown (electronic crown). For any watch lover or enthusiast, you can testify that that is a break from the norm. The E-crown helps the wearer set the time by turning the back and rotating a special back-bezel. It eliminates the manual crown common to most timepieces, which is a unique feature. Ressence took a cue from history, making their watches with rotating disks that orbit around each other, thereby allowing for a distinct time display.

Another spectacular and unique thing about the Ressence design is the oil in dial concept Benoît Mintiens adopted in some of his watches. Yes, there are a few drops of oil in most of the timepieces on the market, but Benoît Mintiens flooded his Ressence Type 3 and Type 5 with 35 ml of oil (about 2.4 teaspoons). This technique makes the Ressence dial different from most of the watches in the market today. The oil used helps bend light, thereby projecting the dial in the most effective way against the sapphire crystal glass.

Finally, another sign of Ressence's genius is the movement system on which all their watches run. Benoît Mintiens designed and invented the Ressence Orbital Convex System or the ROCS that powers the Ressence watches. ROCS is a three-dimensional revolving bridge system that converts power from the axle to the customized self-winding caliber. This system differs from one Ressence watch to another.

Today, wearing a Ressence watch doesn't just make you stand out from the crowd. It shows the world that you appreciate the superior quality awareness and craftsmanship of watchmaking and let the world know that you have exquisite taste.



Buying a pre-owned Ressence watch doesn't have anything to do with money. There are a couple of reasons why you could want a pre-owned Ressence watch.

Firstly, buying a pre-owned Ressence watch offers you the chance to own a piece from editions that are no longer in production. Although Ressence started making watches in 2010, watches like the Ressence Type 1X Slim and the Ressence Type 3 are both limited editions.

Furthermore, if you want to have the same Ressence watches worn by Hollywood stars, Silicon Valley executives, sports stars, and legendary divers, then you can't purchase the new one. Getting one of the pre-owned Ressence watches for sale puts you in the position of achieving that dream.



At our Exquisite Timepiece store in Naples, we have some pre-owned Ressence watches for sale. These watches are also up for sale on our website. Below is a brief description of some of these watches and the price at which you can purchase them.


Ressence Type 1 Squared Blue

This watch comes with a 41 mm titanium case, hands, and dial maker with engraved indications filled with Superluminova for visibility in darkness. It also uses sapphire crystal glass in its manufacture. This pre-owned Ressence watch price is $ 18,000.


Ressence Type 1.3W

This pre-owned Ressence watch features a 42 mm titanium case, Superluminova hands and dial marker, sapphire crystal glass, and a face that is constantly changing to mimic the change in human faces due to various emotions. This pre-owned Ressence watch price is $ 17,500.


Ressence Type 3

This particular watch won the Horological Revelation Prize at the 2013 GPHG Awards. It comes with a durable titanium case, 44 m in diameter, water-resistance up to 30 m, Superluminova hands and dial marker for visibility in the dark, and runs on Patented ROCS 3.3 Ressence Orbital Convex System with 36 hours power reserve. This pre-owned Ressence watch price is $ 25,000.


Ressence Type 3B Quick Set Dial

This pre-owned Ressence watch features a titanium case of 44 m diameter, Superluminova hands, and a dial marker for clear visibility in darkness. It also has an oil-filled dial that tricks the eyes into believing that the dial is part of the sapphire crystal itself. It has a water resistance of 30 m. This pre-owned Ressence watch price is $ 34,000.

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