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About Romain Jerome

With the number of participants in the luxurious watch business, watchmakers must carve out a unique niche for themselves. This is what RJ, also known as Romain Jerome, has done. The watchmaker has come to be known as a leader in making watches with unorthodox and peculiar designs.

As odd as its timepiece designs are, Romain Jerome watches always find a way to hit a sweet spot with users and fashion enthusiasts. Despite its relatively young age, RJ has numerous collections featuring odd and peculiar designs that fashion lovers worldwide have come to like. With these collections and series, such as the vintage video game series, Romain Jerome has cemented its name as one of the luxurious watch businesses' key players.


History of RJ Watches

RJ Watches was established in the year 2004 by Alain Bajulaz, who named the company after his two sons, hence the name Romain Jerome. At inception, RJ Watches started by manufacturing golf counter watches.

This was the main product of RJ Watches until 2006 when Yvan Arpa from Hublot took over as the CEO. The company then branched to other types of watches, such as the Titanic DNA, and this move allowed RJ to witness a massive growth in products and profits.

After Yvan Arpa left in 2009, RJ Watches came under the management of Manuel Emch, who was formerly at Jaquet Droz. Manuel Emch then continued steering the innovative and peculiar designs that RJ is known for today.


History of Romain Jerome Watches, Series, and Collections

Despite the continuous change in leadership faced by RJ Watches, the company has remained true to its founding concept, which is to recreate and replicate the DNA of legends and icons. While the company doesn't have a lot of history in watchmaking, it wants its customers to have a feel of historical relevance.

This is the reason why the watchmaker came up with the Titanic-DNA timepiece in 2007. The watch features some design aspects of the famous ocean liner, Titanic. After this came the Moon Dust-DNA in 2009, a timepiece that contained authentic moon dust and a fragment of the Apollo XI space shuttle. This timepiece was to commemorate the historic landing on the moon incident.

Romain Jerome also dabbled into the gaming and entertainment world, collaborating with industry leaders to produce Game Collections. The first game collection was unveiled in 2011, and it was a Space InvadersTM model featuring a Moon Invaders case. There was also a watch commemorating the 75th anniversary of the fictional hero, Batman, which was released in 2014 in collaboration with Warner Bros. A Spiderman Watch followed this timepiece in collaboration with Marvel in 2018.

In that same year, RJ released the ARRAW Marine collection. This collection of timepieces was the first signature collection of RJ. With this collection, RJ replicated the history of popular villains and Batman's enemies, Joker and Two-Face. In this same collection, the company celebrated the 50th anniversary of the historic moon landing with the Moon Phase ARRAW 6919.

After seeing this collection's success and the timepieces in it, Romain Jerome Watches released its first female-dedicated timepiece collection known as the RJ Star Twist.

The following are some of the popular RJ Watches collections:

  • RJ 1969 Series, which has watches such as Black Metal Brown Silicium, Heavy Metal Blue Silicium, Heavy Metal Grey Silicium, and Heavy Metal Meteorite.
  • The ARRAW Collection includes 6919, Marine 42mm, Marine 45mm, and Star Twist.
  • The Collaborations Series has Batman DNA, Berlin-DNA, Dia De Los Muertos, Clasico, and many others. This collection also has sub craft watches such as Subcraft Speed Metal and Subcraft Titanium.
  • There is also the Earth Collection, which has one watch, EYJAFJALLAJOKULL EVO, in its collection.
  • The Sea Collection is the collection with the highest number of timepieces, with 27 different watches. Some of the watches in this collection include Metal Octopus, Red Octopus, Black Octopus, Steampunk Auto Blue, and many more.
  • The Moon Dust Collection has watches such as Black Mood Chrono, Red Mood Chrono, Black Mood Black Auto, and many more.
  • The Moon Invader Collection features timepieces such as Red Metal Chronograph, Black Metal Automatic, Black Metal Chronograph, and Red Metal Automatic.
  • The Moon Orbiter Collection has only two watches under it; the Red Metal and the Speed Metal.
  • The Skylab Series features three watches, namely the 44, the 44 Red, and the 44 Red Metal.


RJ Delorean DNA Watch

This is one of the most popular timepieces produced by Romain Jerome. The watch is a product of a timeless collaboration between Romain Jerome and Delorean Motor Company. The purpose of this timepiece was to revive the legendary 1980 Delorean Sports Car.

While it remains debatable whether or not Romain Jerome and Delorean Motor Company actually went back in time on this particular timepiece, there is no doubt that the Delorean DNA Watch design did justice to this purpose. The watch features some accurate representation of the old car's design and element, powerful enough to inspire a sense of nostalgia in the sports car's fans.

The DeLorean DNA Watch features a 48mm stainless steel case with a vertically brushed stainless steel dial. The watch also bears the signatory cross strut, X, engraved onto the dial. The hour markers in the watch use a skeleton design, which is reminiscent of the dashboard of the DeLorean Sports car. Moreover, the three chronograph sub-dials of the watch also bears a resemblance to the car's design.

This DeLorean DNA watch uses an in-house Swiss Made RJ-001CH 23 jewel automatic mechanical movement, with a 42-hour power reserve and a chronograph function. The watch's back case shows an engraved DeLorean DMC-12 Car with car doors opened in a wing-like manner. This picture depicts the limited nature of the timepiece, as there are only 81 pieces of the timepiece.

Finally, the watch has a stitched strap featuring an upholstery black leather and grey anthracite material. If you are a collector or car enthusiast with a craving for the nostalgic feeling of a DeLorean Car, this timepiece is for you.


What Makes RJ Pre-Owned Watches Appealing?

While RJ Watches doesn't have a lot of historical relevance, the brand is innovative and seeks to dominate the future of watchmaking. As a result, the brand has a penchant for applying exquisite and unorthodox designs for their timepieces. These designs defy the conventions of watch designs and make you stand out among peers. 

The brand also uses natural elements such as air, earth, and water to inspire their watch designs. These elements show in the design and appeal to a broad audience in the fashion world. Due to these peculiar designs, RJ Watches has collaborated with huge names and brands in the gaming and entertainment industry.

These brands include Super Mario, Batman, Tetris, Space Invaders, and many more. With these brands, RJ watches have designed impressive timepieces that will make you stand out among peers and mates. Thus, in essence, the innovative and peculiar designs of RJ Used Watches make them appealing to the fashion world.


Why Purchase RJ Used Watches?

RJ pre-owned watches are exciting and incredible timepieces to own. They come in different exciting designs, colors, and sizes. Thus, if you are looking to add a timepiece to your catalog of luxurious watches, RJ Pre-owned watches are viable options.

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