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Inspired by the classic pilot watches from the 1940s, the Bremont SOLO comes in two different dial variants. Legibility played a significant role in its design. The SOLO is a beautiful chronometer, an obvious choice for anyone interested in the allure of mechanical watches. The classic Bremont 43mm Trip-Tick® case, hardened in the UK to over 2000Hv on the Vickers’ scale, is over seven times more scratch resistant than typical watch-grade steel.

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Bremont Solo Review

The British have a certain sense of style and they reflect that in their watch designs. With brilliant history when it comes to watchmaking, Great Britain has been the homestead to advancements and innovations in horology. Bremont, a British-based company is determined to play a crucial role in the rejuvenation of the watch industry on English shores.

With their establishment in the year 2002, Bremont – The British luxury watchmaker, is considered by some as a relative embryo in horology terms. Yet through their high work standards and unprecedented dedication to some of the industry’s finest traditions, Bremont with its luxury watches has successfully continued to delight a wide group of its esteemed clients all over the globe. Bremont range of watches clearly holds its own against the best in the market.

Bremont continues to build on a significant in-house watchmaking knowledge, together with experience from the F1 industry, the company capitalizes on local transferable skills in the CNC and machining space. This enables Bremont to manufacture significant quantities of beautifully engineered and finished watch parts on British shores.

Bremont’s core ideology has always been ‘precise timekeeping’. It is made possible by the use of the highest quality components in the watch movements – nothing less. Every core watch, bearing the Bremont name, is chronometer-tested, then further subjected to a rigorous quality control protocol. The prime focus of Bremont is on stunningly made mechanical movements – the trademark of their expertise and unmatched skill. Each watch rolling out of their production line is finished with the highest levels of craftsmanship.

The inspiration for a SOLO watch collection, by Bremont, dates back to the characteristic pilot during the 1940s. These Bremont SOLO watches come in various dial variations and case sizes. The SOLO is an elegant chronometer. Readability played an important role in its design. A perfect option for someone interested in the allure of mechanical wristwatches.


Bremont Solo White (£2,995)

The Bremont Solo is the basic entry-level watch in the company’s product line-up but it doesn’t feel like one. It has a 43mm COSC certified chronometer. Basically, it means that the watch is based on an advanced ETA 2836 movement (which Bremont calls BE-36AE). The classic watch movement can be viewed clearly via a sapphire exhibition case back.

Solo watch, from a design perspective, it uses Bremont’s distinctive Trip-Tick design. For making the case highly resistant to daily wear and tear, it has been treated using Bremont’s hardening process. It makes it seven times more scratch-resistant than ordinary steel used for watch manufacturing.

The watch dial has a stunning white color, which is more iridescent than pure white. It glistens in the daytime. Polished numbers and markers create a three-dimensional look. Plus, there is the subtle use of red at 12Hand also on the second hand of the watch. A hardened sapphire crystal protects the dial. Bremont offers its own coating of anti-reflective material on each side of the crystal which is later hardened further for the increased capability of scratch resistance. It also offers extremely readability in all lights and viewing angles. In the dim light, the watch dial comes to life with a vivid blue lume.

The Solo watch by Bremont comes on a premium grade black leather strap. The Solo suits a variety of different strap styles and colors which completely transforms its appearance and keeps it looking fresh. The watch is water-resistant to 100 meters of depth.

In short, SOLO by Bremont is a sight you would want to spend time looking at. The Bremont White Solo has classic aviator styling incorporated with premium build quality to create a stunning yet tough watch. It’s a watch that one can be happy to wear every day to work. Its simplicity yet elegance is beyond words. It’s a must to say that this watch is a great addition to the collection.


Bremont Solo Polished Black (£3,095)

Bremont, as a brand, certainly has tied themselves to flight (with brothers Giles and Nick English being pilots in their own right), so the Bremont Solo is ostensibly an aviation watch. This is evidenced by the triangle up at 12H, something well-associated with pilot watches. A watch at 43mm diameter is not particularly small (or overly thin), but the polished finishes on the case, handset, and applied indices certainly give things a dressier look. 

The polished finish of the dial and nicely polished indices adds to the elegance and sophistication of Bremont Solo-PB. The inverse date wheel matches the dial quite well. Text on the dial is kept to a minimum.

Wearing Bremont Solo around is a piece of cake, with the standard 22mm leather strap. Flipping the case over you get an eyeful of the BE-36AE automatic movement that takes the Bremont Solo through its paces as you wear it. This is a nicely-finished movement. 

To sum up, you will enjoy the time you get to spend with the Bremont Solo. The feeling of first solo flight and the exhilaration as the wheels leave the runway was the theme behind these watches. The quality and class of this watch have a tendency to leave a long-lasting impression on its wearer. 


Bremont Solo-43                                                                                            

Solo 43 is crafted by Britain’s own Bremont and is the company’s most simple model to date. Most of the people call the Bremont Solo collection, entry-level and basic series of watches. Though, technically it may be true as these are Bremont’s most reasonably priced watches. Having said that, Solo 43 by Bremont is anything but an entry-level timepiece. 

Bremont Solo has a graceful presence. The watch is very elegant in shape. It is comprised of brushed steel. To have a good case design is very important, even a modest-looking watch. The absolute synergy between the dial, case, and strap, is a must. The British based brand - Bremont tends to perform well in this area.

At 43mm wide diameter, the steel case shared among several Bremont watches has always been comfortable to wear and well finished. The watch is powered by modern Swiss ETA 2836, which is also used in other watches by Bremont. This is the simplest execution of a dial design to date from the brand – yet completely unique and charming to the eyes.

The way of presenting the watch movement is very impressive indeed. It is clearly visible through a rear-mounted sapphire case-back window. A custom Bremont automatic rotor and blue steel screws for adds to the watch decoration.

Bremont Solo 43 offers water resistance up to 100 meters of depth. Adomed clear sapphire crystal envelope the dial. It has numerous layers of anti-reflective paint on the back and front of the crystal. It is essential to ensure maximum readability at all light intensities and viewing angles. 

Bremont states that the dial of the Solo 43 was inspired by pilot wrist watches during the 1940s. Though it cannot be denied that there is a certain retro charm to the dial indeed. But Solo 43 could not be called a retro watch. Clean and simple design makes the watch dial easy to read. All of the dial hour indicators and the watch hands have been coated withSuperluminova paint. Readability is a breeze in the dark thanks to the luminosity. The watch is offered with a supple leather strap with Bremont signed buckle. 

Overall the Bremont Solo 43 is indeed a comfortable watch to wear. This timepiece by Bremont can go with a wide variety of outfits and won’t let you down, for sure. It might not be the watch for each and every day, but it is a contender for being an “old faithful” member of your beloved watch collection.


Bremont Solo-34: Updated Chronometer Collection For Women                                                                                           

Bremont has refreshed its watch collection for ladies with the induction of the new Bremont SOLO-34. Building upon the increasing interest in the women’s range, Bremont has revamped the stylish timepiece in a slightly larger 34mm case size. A pleasant and refreshing update for the Bremont customer base. The Solo-34 AJ range (titled after legendary female pilot Amy Johnson) features the first mother-of-pearl dial Bremont has yet manufactured. While the other 34mm series, the Solo-34 LC, is named after Lettice Curtis, an English racing pilot and flight test engineer. Apparently the same, the LC line-up features applied Roman numeral hour markers, whereas the Solo-34 AJ has dot indexes.

Bremont takes pride in its watch strength and robustness. All these watches are manufactured from hardened stainless steel. Solo-34s by Bremont are a fine and delicate mixture of admirable simplicity and everyday sophistication. With highly elegant blued sword watch hands, Solo-34 watches are available on a number of different straps and bracelets provided by Bremont. These watches are fueled by the BE-92AV, a clear sapphire case back enables you to see everything ticking away.

As a private company, Bremont is holding up the British watchmaking industry almost single-handedly. They never fail to impress. They are well-aware of how to do things properly in the world of luxury timepieces, building their own in-house movements and are edging towards becoming a completely vertically-integrated manufacturer.

The Bremont Solo 34 is built using gracefully polished stainless steel and offers two different dial designs. The Solo 34 AJ series has a more advanced and modern-looking appearance with applied index markers. The introduction of a mother-of-pearl dial in Solo 34 line-up is not only new to the women’s offering but is also something completely fresh for the brand. The classic and timeless Solo 34 LC complements this design with its elegantly applied Roman numerals adorning the dial. 

The gracefully finished BE-92AV automatic movement is clearly visible through the open case back design. It is housed in a 34mm case that is a little over 10.5mm in thickness. The watches are manufactured using Bremont’s trademarked Trip-Tick® case construction, ensuring unprecedented strength. The signature coating by Bremont ensures high impact resistance to their watches whilst completely maintaining its highly polished finish of the surface.

The convex sapphire crystal of the Solo 34 is treated numerous anti-reflective coating to both sides for increased readability. The Bremont Solo 34 series of watches are made available on a diverse variety of straps as well as a polished stainless-steel bracelet by Bremont, perfectly suit your personal taste and preference.


Bremont Solo Polished White Solo/Pw-r (£3,095)

The inspiration behind Bremont’s timepieces is the love of flying aircraft, watches and everything mechanical. Incredibly reliable, precise, and highly durable - Bremont watches are a symbol of style and class

The Bremont Solo-PW will leave just as big an impression on its wearer as an aircraft pilot’s first solo aerial flight does. The spectacular automatic chronometer has a 43mm polished stainless-steel case. A scratch-resistant DLC treated case barrel that contains the renowned BE-36AE movement. It can be clearly seen in the case back. The Solo watch by Bremont incorporates a high level of precision and enhanced performance with impeccable style. 

Readability played a key role in the watch design of the Bremont SoloPolished White. The watch is encased beneath the domed anti-reflective and scratch-resistant clear sapphire crystal glass. The Solo PW comes in a characteristic white metal dial with polished nickel indexes and propeller styled watch hands with Superluminova paint coating. Bremont Solo watch is delivered with a premium calfskin leather strap and pin buckle for ultimate comfort and ease of wear.

Remaining true to their signature style, Solo Polished White by Bremont is a symbol of sheer class and elegance. The watch design ensures that tradition is met without compromising on functionality and appeal. A perfect addition to the watch collection of any timepiece enthusiastic.


Wrap Up: Bremont Solo Review

Each and every timepiece is designed at Bremonts’ to appeal to those who actually share the company’s keen passion for, and appreciation of the pure innovation and mastery behind intricate watchmaking. On this planet, watches are one of the most precise devices. Bremont believes to keep it that way by their unprecedented chairmanship in watch manufacturing. Their products stand for sophistication, elegance, beauty, and innovation. With Bremont aiming to increase its outreach to potential customers, affiliations with renowned brand dealers around the globe help the brand to so. Bremont is now readily accessible to its valued customers. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Bremont watches. Looking for a great Bremont timepiece? Well, look no further. Folks at Exquisite Timepiece take pride in their customer service. Great companies are made by the people that run them. It is an exceptional place if you’re in the market for a Bremont watch. Our sense of professionalism and work ethics correspond to the premium watch brands we deal with. A perfect place to acquire new or pre-owned brand watches.

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