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Laco Durowe watches was founded by Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel in 1925 but was originally named Lacher and Co. The Laco factory, to this day, is located in Pforzheim, a city famous for its jewelry and watchmaking industry. In the early days, the company’s business was smooth. The company designed and manufactured watch cases in Germany, but had Swiss movements installed. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Laco Navy Watches collection. You can find Laco Navy Watches for sale here.

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Laco Navy Review

Maritime pocket watches have been a valuable source for sailors to perform nautical observations and measurements at different positions on the deck of a ship. With the help of these highly precise watches, the sailors around the globe were able to make complex decisions with ease in times of hardships, evading countless catastrophes. Thus, these maritime watches have served the human race through the course of history.  

The Laco maritime watches, just like the aviator watches, enable you to hold a thing in your hands: that’s a piece of history. Both these watch lineups from Laco look back on a legendary past and a rich history. The watchmakers take pride in their hundred years’ worth of experience. The need for constructing such pieces of the machine came from the Marine Observatory in Germany. And at that time only a few selective factories were able to coup up with the demand. Of those few companies, Laco was a prominent one. 

Marine Naval Observatory in Hamburg inspected and established the design requirements – ranging from the dial and the hand through to the housing. They conducted several experiments for the accuracy and reliability of the clock mechanism. Today's Laco maritime are designs perfected over the course of decades to become what they are today. To provide optimal readability even in low light, back in the 1940s the dials were fitted with active luminous material. This enabled optimal readability even in the twilight or complete dark.

Today's watches are still oriented toward the look of yesteryear in their appearance. The Laco Navy watches portray perfect reminiscence of the German past while incorporating the class and style characteristics into the 21st century.


Laco Navy 36 861614 ($1,190)

With a 36mm diameter, Laco Navy 36 is a watch that's suitable both for people who prefer smaller-sized wristwatches. The Navy 36 is powered by Laco 24 movement inside - ETA 2824-2 with a rotor, that is clearly visible through the sapphire exhibition case-back. Laco used to use the ‘industry average’ in the ETA movement. Now, the entire Laco company uses the brilliant Elaboré-grade movements.

The watch is enclosed in matt silver and polished stainless-steel case. The domed sapphire crystal is coated with an anti-reflective layer. The polished crown is marked with “L” for Laco, resonating with the luxury profile of the watch. As the watch crown is not screwed down by default, meaning the watch is offer water-resistant up to 5ATM. This is an adequate rating, given that this watch is not meant to be a sports watch.

The crème accent of the dial face does a great job of invoking a nautical theme. The watch hands in the metallic-blue accent perfectly complement the watch profile. One can acknowledge the simplicity of the dial, not being crowded up by the inclusion of a date window. Thus, a simplistic and clean look is achieved, without oversaturating the watch real estate.

The Laco Navy 36 is delivered on a brown calf leather strap and it suits the watch perfectly, bridging off the middle ground between casual and dressy. The strap itself is of premium quality and very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. At 36mm, the Laco Navy watch has a fairly slim profile, making it a great option to be worn under shirt cuffs. There’s plenty to love about this wrist watch. Delicate incorporation of the casual and dressy vibe, while keeping true to the navy theme, is indeed very well done.


Laco Navy Wilhelmshaven 861205 ($1,150)

The mother of all watches, the pocket watch on a chain was once a highly prestigious and wanted accessory. In the modern age, it celebrates a fashionable comeback as a trending item worn along with casual leisure clothing. The German Naval Observatory postulated the essential design fundamentals of the marine watches and the elements of this design still act as an inspiration for this watch today.

Of all models Laco has to offer, it is the marine pocket watch that is a well-established and chief player in their extensive collection. LACO has been producing this watch for long and it has remained practically unaltered right through to the current day. LACO has now given it a facelift; numerous minor modernizations to give it a harmonious and more smooth and contemporary appearance.

Laco Navy Wilhelmshaven uses hand winding movement Laco 97 - basic movement ETA 6497.1 (Elaboré). The polished stainless-steel case is also an original design. There is an option for stainless-steel case back or a clear domed sapphire crystal back. This allows the watch mechanics to be visible to the naked eye. The dial is painted with a Superluminova coat which enables it to "torch" even at night. Arabic numerals in matt black, a minute track and black watch hands against a light watch face provide maximum readability during any lighting conditions. The watch comes in with a stainless-steel fob chain measuring in at 35cm. 

This watch is not for everyone. It targets a special and specific audience. For someone who needs to stand out amongst the ordinary crowd. It’s something that depicts a bold personality. A watch that symbolizes utter discipline and sheer confidence! 


Laco Navy Cuxhaven 862104 ($1,190)

With Laco Navy Cuxhaven, Laco combined design and function of two seafaring legendary classics: the pocket watch of the 1940s and wristwatches of the members of the crew in submarine “U1”. With the advent of the new navy watches, Lacowas able to close the circle and present a state-of-the-art wristwatch that combines the modern age precision with a classic design.

The Laco Navy Cuxhaven comes in a beautiful stainless-steel case with a sandblasted and polished finished. It has a fluted bezel which previously was used for additional waterproofing but now it’s purely aesthetic and is excellently done on this model. Cuxhaven is powered by ‘hand winding movement Laco 98’ based on the Swiss ETA 6498.1. Its high-end mechanisms are visibly highlighted by the sapphire glass base. The bright white dial of the Navy Cuxhaven stands out in any light and glistens in the sun. It is an uncluttered dial with the Laco logo just under the 12H and a small ‘Made in Germany’ at the very bottom of the dial which leaves no distraction from reading the time. It features a large ridged signed crown that is easy to grab and very satisfying to wind. A railway track covers the outermost part of the dial which has been a characteristic of Laco watches over the years.

The large Arabic numerals are just inside the track and also have the same SuperLuminova C3 generously applied, and this lume really does burn blindingly bright and lasts a long time. The 22mm strap comes in cream leather with a stainless-steel pin buckle, color matches the dial. It looks great and properly complements the watch dial and overall military aesthetic. The watch weighs approximately 80g but still maintains a healthy wrist presence thanks to the pure white-colored dial and the large crown.

This beautiful pocket watch-based movement helps you build a strong connection with the watch and love it even more. This is something that you wouldn’t experience with an automatic watch that you simply put on your wrist.

For any potential watch buyers looking for a military-inspired timepiece with a legitimate historical value to back it up, the Laco Navy collection has to be considered. A brand that produces an aesthetically pleasing and more refined collection in this price range is yet to be discovered. Both the Bremerhaven and the Cuxhaven retail for USD 1,190, which is definitely a value proposition. It’s by no means the cheapest in the market, but in this case, you get what you pay for – premium quality.


Laco Navy Casablanka 42 861776.2 ($510)

Laco Navy Casablanka 42 is powered by the “Laco 21 automatic movement”. The watch comes in a stainless-steel casing with PVD coating. The black-colored dial coupled with black watch hands and Arabic numerals makes this watch an elegant yet simple piece timepiece. The face is painted with Superluminova C3 to ensure maximum readability in dim conditions. This 42mm dial comes with a black calf leather strap, adding to the overall theme of the watch.

Casablanka by Laco is a great option considering the price and value Laco Navy Casablanka has to offer. You cannot go wrong with this one.


Laco Navy 36 Black 861615 ($1,190)

Laco Navy 36 Black is in the same footprint as that of Laco Navy 36. Navy 36 Black offer the same elegant and stylish look but just in a darker theme.

This watch is suitable for people who prefer smaller-sized wristwear. The watch is driven by Laco 24 movement inside - ETA 2824-2 with a rotor that is clearly visible through the sapphire exhibition case back. Laco used to use the ‘industry average’ in the ETA movement. Now, the entire Laco company uses the brilliant Elaboré-grade movements.

The watch is enclosed in matt black and polished finished stainless-steel case. The interior of the domed sapphire crystal is coated with an anti-reflective layer. The Laco “L” sign is ingrained on the polished crown of the watch. The black accent of the watch face coupled with luminous bold watch hands ensures readability even in the dark. The Laco Navy 36 Black is offered in a brown calf leather strap and it perfectly adds up to the grace and sophistication of the watch


Laco Navy Bremerhaven 862105 ($1,190)

Laco offers two watch articles in this product lineup, with a 42.5 mm diameter each: The brightly colored Laco Navy Cuxhaven is gorgeously decorated with a white dial and a leather strap of cream color, whilst the dark themed Laco Navy Bremerhaven version is tailored with a matt black dial and leather strap in black. The watch names are suggestive of maritime cities. Both of these premium watch models reflect past eras and yet have a contemporary maritime appearance.

The design of the twin watches harkens back to 1940s pocket watches. The watch is enclosed in a 316L stainless steel case. Most of the stainless-steel case is adorned with a brushed satin finish, but the watch bezel is polished. 

The Bremerhaven by Laco comes with a flat sapphire crystal, an anti-reflective coating and the case-back which has an expansive sapphire clear window flaunting the ETA pocket watch-based movement that populates the entire back. The crown has Laco’s logo “L” ingrained on a flat, polished end. The lug width is 22mm, common for a case of this size. The watch is resistant to water up to 10ATM.

The Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven are essentially identical, with the former having a completely black colored dial and the latter dressed in white. The Laco Navy Bremerhaven has somewhat of a military vibe but the Cuxhaven showcasing a bit dressier theme, but both are oozing with vintage character nonetheless. Large Arabic numerals also painted with Superluminova C3 are just inside of the track with a second sub-dial interrupting at 6H. It showcases a sunburst appearance perfectly complements the watch, especially with the glossy and shinier tone against matte black.

Dim the lights and the bright green glow is both bold and lasting. The two dial colors do an excellent job of differentiating the watches and giving them distinct personalities, but they’re clearly twins nonetheless. The heart of Laco Navy Bremerhaven is ETA 6498.1 Elaboré grade movement. The spacious view of screws, gears, jewels, plates, and oversized balance wheel will be a site to. And winding the watch feels like cranking a centuries-old clock. Tactile, loud and simply so cool. The plain, uncluttered and simple dials are easy to comprehend during both, day and night alike.

Laco, as a brand, needs to be considered if one is serious in finding a military-inspired timepiece with a legitimate historical value to back it up. Laco produces a more refined and aesthetically pleasing watch collection in such a price range. Both the Bremerhaven and the Cuxhaven retail for USD 1,190, a definite value proposition.


Laco Navy Philadelphia 861921 ($1,390)

Philadelphia by Laco is the most distinctive watch in the navy lineup. With a 36mm dial, Laco Navy Philadelphia is a very compact watch, suitable both for women and for men who prefer smaller-sized wristwear. The watch is driven by Laco 24 movement - ETA 2824-2 with a rotor, evidently visible through the clear sapphire exhibition case back. 

The deep blue sunburst accent of the watch dial does a pretty great job of invoking a marine theme. The watch hands in the metallic-silver accent perfectly complement the watch profile. The clean look on the dial is achieved by avoiding the inclusions of day and date indicators. The tidy watch face adds to the simplicity and class of this wristwear. The Philadelphia’s case comprises of a round-brushed bezel sitting atop a polished mid-case and lugs. The finely brushed bezel highlights a sharp contrast between itself and the polished surface beneath. The Laco “L” symbol is ingrained on the polished flat side of the crown. This watch offers water-resistant up to 5 ATM.

Arabic numerals are highly polished. The same finish applied to minute and hour hands. Despite the fact that the watch indices and watch hands offer no luminosity, the surfaces glint as they catch the light which makes optimum readability with the slightest movement of the wrist. The domed sapphire crystal is applied with an anti-reflective coating. The Laco Philadelphia comes with a Milanese mesh bracelet that perfectly complements the watch theme. The watch bracelet is of premium quality.

Laco Navy Philadelphia has a fairly slim profile, making it a great option to be worn under shirt cuffs. The extra heft from the mesh bracelet also means that Philadelphia doesn’t feel like a dainty and an overly small on your wrist.

Although Philadelphia by Laco may appeal to a higher percentage of female customers, it remains equally appropriate for men too. This watch has a lot to be loved about. A delicate combination of casual and dressy, while sticking closely to the marine theme, is done remarkably. Laco Navy Philadelphia may put off some people due to its smaller and compact size, but if you’re in the market for sub-40mm watches, this model by Laco is indeed worth taking a closer look at.


Wrap Up: Laco Navy Review

Laco has been pushing its business frontiers further than ever before. With affiliations to renowned brand dealers around the globe, Laco is now readily accessible to its valued customers. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Laco watches. It is an exceptional place if you’re in the market for Laco Chronographs. Their sense of professionalism and work ethics matches the esteemed watch brands they deal in. A perfect place to acquire new or pre-owned brand watches.

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