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Trilobe creates timepieces that utilize unconventional time displays, designing them with a sense of French romanticism and charm and combining this with traditional Swiss watchmaking. The Parisian brand was founded in 2018 and has already enamored collectors with their creative timepieces.

About Trilobe Les Matinaux Watches

Serving as a tribute to poet René Char, Trilobe's Les Matinaux watches are an exercise in refinement and simplicity. Apart from the Les Matinaux line, you can find the same disc systems to display the time on the Une Folle Journée and other Trilobe collections.

Trilobe Les Matinaux History

Trilobe was started by Gauthier Massoneau after he became infatuated with watches. When his dream watch was out of reach, he decided to create his own brand that more closely aligned with his desire for unique timepieces.
With a focus on unique ways of telling the time, Trilobe's Les Matinaux collection was the first for the brand, and the name translates to "The Mornings," taken from one of René Char's books with the same title. The Les Matinaux collection continues to be a cornerstone for Trilobe, offering a number of colors, case sizes, and materials within the Les Matinaux collection.

How Much Do Trilobe Les Matinaux Watches Cost?

While Trilobe's origins focus on an element of attainability, this aspect is in contrast with the cost associated with similarly creative timepieces from high-end, haute horology brands. As a premium brand displaying some of the best Swiss craftsmanship, the prices of Trilobe watches remain reasonable in the grand scheme of the luxury watch space.

Model Starting Price Unique Features
Trilobe Les Matinaux Sunray Silver Steel 40.5mm $10,600 Sunray champagne dial. Natural barenia calfskin strap
Trilobe Les Matinaux Secret Titanium 38.5mm $14,200 Constellations on the dial. Dark blue sunray dial with blue alligator strap
Trilobe Les Matinaux Sunray Carmine Titanium 40.5mm $10,600 Bright red, sunray dial, beige suede calfskin strap
Trilobe Les Matinaux Rose Gold Sunray Grey 40.5mm $24,900 Sunray grey dial, 40.5mm 18k Rose gold case
Trilobe Les Matinaux Sunray Grey Titanium 38.5mm $10,600 38.5mm titanium case, suede grey calfskin strap
Trilobe Les Matinaux Rose Gold Sunray Silver 40.5mm $24,900 Silver sunray dial, brown alligator strap
Trilobe Les Matinaux Sunray Green Titanium 38.5mm $10,600 38.5mm titanium case, suede brown calfskin strap
Trilobe Les Matinaux Sunray Blue Titanium 38.5mm $10,600 Sunray blue dial, 38.5mm titanium case

What's Unique About Trilobe Les Matinaux Watches?

The Trilode Les Matinaux collection is a great entry into creative watchmaking. The time display utilizes rotating discs for the hours, minutes, and seconds while the indicators stay stationary. As part of the seconds aperture, there is an open-worked section that allows the wearer to view part of the movement.
Unlike other more creative watches that are more forward with their presentation, the Trilobe Les Matinaux collection strikes a wonderful balance of creativity and approachability, maintaining flexibility with a variety of personal styles.

Trilobe Les Matinaux Movements

Trilove developed their own caliber, named the "X-Centric" caliber. Conceived in-house, developed, and manufactured by Le Cercle de Horologers in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, this micro-rotor wound movement combines an artistic approach with Swiss watchmaking precision and craftsmanship. Created, assembled, and finished to a high standard, the "X-Centric" caliber is a display of modern watchmaking at its finest.

Trilobe Les Matinaux Watch Colors

Should one's tastes be more restrained, there are conventional silver and black dials available within the Trilobe Les Matinaux collection. With its unconventional design, the Les Matinaux seemingly invites more adventurous colors, including blue, green, and red.
Additionally, there is a constellation dial design with a sunray blue background, which is the standout piece within the Les Matinaux collection. Regardless of one's taste, a Trilove Les Matinaux watch should fit within any collection.

Trilobe Les Matinaux Watch Materials

Trilobe utilizes conventional materials for luxury watchmaking, including steel and 18k rose gold. To display a sense of modernity, they also offer a number of their watches in titanium within the Les Matinaux collection, which offers durability and lightweight comfort.

Trilobe Les Matinaux Sizes

The two sizes Trilobe focuses on in the Les Matinaux collection are 40.5mm and 38.5mm. While it may seem like a small difference, with a large portion of the design being dial-focused, the 40.5mm watch will seem quite large, while the 38.5mm versions will suit a wider range of wrist sizes.

Buying Trilobe Les Matinaux Watches

Trilobe Les Matinaux Watches are available directly through the Trilobe website or through authorized retailers. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer for Trilobe watches, and we'd be happy to assist you in purchasing your next Trilobe timepiece, whether it is online, over the phone, or at our showroom in Naples, Florida.

Caring for your Trilobe Les Matinaux Watch

Exquisite Timepieces, as an authorized Trilobe retailer, is able to assist in the care and servicing procedures for your Trilobe watch and ensure it remains in top condition. Should a problem arise with your Trilobe watch, Exquisite Timepieces will ensure it is properly repaired, either by our in-house repair team or by returning the watch to Trilobe for any necessary repairs.

Trilobe Les Matinauxs FAQ

When was the Trilobe Les Matinaux released?

The Trilobe Les Matinaux collection was released in March 2020. Initially released with an ETA caliber and a module placed on top, current versions include the in-house developed caliber.

How much is a Trilobe Les Matinaux watch?

The micro-rotor movement winds similar to other automatic watches available, but the design of the movement allows the overall design to be much thinner. The time display is read via rotating discs, with the outermost displaying the hours, the middle disc displaying the minutes, and the innermost disc displaying the seconds. The time is read by viewing the number that aligns with the fixed Trilobe logo indices on the dial.

Find Your New Trilobe Les Matinaux watch with Exquisite Timepieces

Whether it is your first purchase or adding to an existing collection, Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized retailer for Trilobe, both in our store in Naples, Florida, and online.
As an authorized dealer, all our new Trilobe timepieces come with their full manufacturer warranties and will be shipped free of charge and fully insured. Should you have any questions, please reach out and contact us, and an Exquisite Timepieces representative will be happy to assist you.

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