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Linde Werdelin

The Oktopus Crazy Universe is another collaboration with artist and engraver Johnny Dowell. As with the Oktopus Reef that Dowell worked on, this new project saw him take an existing Linde Werdelin piece and transform it with a full-case engraving.

The Oktopus Crazy Universe takes an Oktopus BluMoon as its base, onto which Dowell has engraved the universe design. The whole process, from designs to finished engraving, required up to 100 hours.
Adorning the case are drawings of the sun, various planets, including Earth, on the six o'clock facet, Mars, Saturn and Pluto, moons and shooting stars. The space theme is derived from the Oktopus BluMoon's moonphase complication, bringing the scene to life.

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