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William has been collecting and exploring luxury watches ever since he was 19. He discovered his passion for timepieces when he received a vintage rolex submariner as a gift from his father on his 18th birthday! And there has been no looking back ever since!
Best Seiko Diver Watches

Seiko is one of the brands with the richest history of timepieces. This brand started its wristwatch collection as far back as 1881 and has remained on top of its game. Over time, Seiko has produced the best wristwatches ranging from vintage to new models to out-of-production models. 

Interestingly, you will find Seiko watches for different budgets, making it one of the most budget-friendly brands compared to other wristwatch companies. While you typically find every type of wristwatch in this brand, we will look at the best Seiko diver watches today. 

As with other Seiko collections, you will find several cool features when patronizing this brand. One outstanding feature of these watches is that you can use them for swimming. Additionally, you will find a new and cooler feature with every hundred-dollar increase. 

Dive watches withstand at least ten bars of water. Additionally, dive watches are legible at 25cm in dark areas, shock-resistant, and anti-magnetic. Also, dive watches can withstand saltwater and update you on your diving time. You can easily track time elapsed and check your decompression stops using dive watches. With Seiko, you will get all these features. Before discussing the best Seiko watches, let us look at diver watches.

Best Seiko Diver Watches

  1. Seiko Prospex SRPC93
  2. Seiko prospex SNE5371P1
  3. Seiko SPB083J1
  4. Seiko Prospex SBDC055
  5. Seiko SNE499
  6. Seiko Men’s Automatic SKX011J1
  7. Seiko Prospex SRPB55
  8. Seiko Men’s Kinetic SKA371
  9. Seiko Prospex Analog SSC017
  10.  Seiko Prospex Automatic SRP639K1

1. Seiko Prospex SRPC93

Seiko Prospex SRPC93

This Seiko diver 200m automatic wristwatch is a midrange timepiece known as “Turtle.” The wristwatch obtained this nickname due to its cushion-shaped case. This timepiece’s blue dial goes well with the stainless steel case. Additionally, the timepiece has a stainless steel bracelet for comfort while diving. 

As we noted earlier, this timepiece has a 200m water resistance, luminescent hands, and markers. Thus, you can easily tell time properly in poor lighting conditions. Also, the unidirectional bezel featured in this wristwatch allows you to enjoy accurate data. This feature lets you easily tell how much time you spend diving. 

Another interesting feature of this timepiece is that it is automatic. The automatic movement means you do not have to worry about winding like mechanical wristwatches. Consequently, you get to enjoy more accuracy when using this timepiece.  

This timepiece has several upsides. First, the wristwatch feels comfortable due to the dial’s medium size. Additionally, considering the automatic movement, the pricing is relatively affordable. Hence, you will enjoy more features with this watch at an affordable price compared to other brands’ wristwatches

This round-shaped wristwatch has a case back and screw-down crown. Additionally, The timepiece has a date window at the three o’clock index and bigger hour indices at 9, 6, and 12 o’clock hour markers. The timepiece also has “automatic” and “diver’s 200m” inscribed on the dial just above the six o’clock index. 

 Just below the dial window, outside the dial, you will find Arabic numeral inscriptions for 20, 30, 40, and 50 minutes. The numbering corresponds with that of the date dial. Overall, this wristwatch is as classy as they come.

Main Features

  • Diameter: 43.8mm
  • Strap and Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Clasp: Tri-fold with a secure lock and push button release
  • Dial Color: Blue
  • Dial Window Material: Hardlex
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Special Feature: Automatic divers 200m
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Calendar: Date

2. Seiko Prospex SNE5371P1

Seiko Prospex SNE5371P1 is the best Seiko diver under $1000. This timepiece is a sports solar diver’s 200m device. Although this timepiece is not expensive, it has some of the coolest features you can find in a dive watch. The first feature you will notice with this timepiece is its green dial. Luminous, arrow-shaped, silver-tone hands enhance the green dial. 

Also, this timepiece has a Matt Green stainless steel case and a green silicone strap. Additionally, the timepiece has indices for hour markers and a date window near the three o’clock index. Another interesting thing is that this timepiece uses an Eco-Drive movement which accounts for its accurate timekeeping abilities. 

Interestingly, this has a water resistance of 200m which is impressive for its price. Furthermore, the wristwatch has a unidirectional bezel to help you keep track of your diving activities. The scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal window makes protecting the analog display featured on the green dial even easier. If you think you’ve seen it all, consider the solid case back, which makes the wristwatch impervious to water and other liquids. 

You also stand to enjoy a screw-down crown and a Tang clasp. If you have a large wrist, you will surely enjoy this timepiece. The wristwatch has a case size of 47mm, which makes it the largest Seiko dive watch in our review. This Seiko Prospex diver has a case diameter of 44mm and a case thickness of 13mm. Additionally, the timepiece has a band width of 30mm. Overall, this device is as solid as they come.

Main Features

  • Case Diameter: 44mm
  • Case Material: 47mm
  • Case thickness: 13mm
  • Band Color: Green
  • Dial Color: Green
  • Calendar: Date
  • Special Features: Hour, Date, Second, Minute, Solar-powered
  • Weight: 4.87 ounces
  • Movement: Eco-Drive
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Bezel: Unidirectional rotating bezel
  • Clasp: Buckle
  • Band Material: Silicone

3. Seiko SPB083J1

Seiko SPB083J1

This Seiko Prospex Marinemaster is one of the best Quartz professional men’s watches. The timepiece uses a Caliber 7C46 movement to offer higher accuracy. Additionally, this timepiece is highly desired and is nicknamed Tuna can or simply Tuna. 

The wristwatch contains a 7-jewel movement with an accuracy of 15 seconds per month. Unlike other timepieces you will typically find on the market, this Seiko timepiece has a battery life of 5 years. Another great thing you will enjoy about this timepiece is its anti-magnetic feature. Additionally, the wristwatch has a date and day display as opposed to the other timepieces we have reviewed.

This Seiko Marinemaster Quartz wristwatch has luminous hands and markers especially treated with Lumibrite. Thus, it is easier to tell time even under poor lighting conditions. Furthermore, the timepiece has a screw-down offset crown, and a diving bezel (unidirectional) with a luminous PIP positioned at 12:00. 

You don’t need to worry about scratches because this timepiece comes with an original Hardlex crystal in its dial window. Also, the wristwatch has a robustly etched, screw-down case back. This Marinemaster features a 48mm case containing a stainless steel shroud for diving protection. 

This timepiece has a 300m water resistance. Hence, this wristwatch can handle all your diving adventures without breaking. You also stand to enjoy a two-year guarantee when you purchase this product.

Main Features

  • Model Year: 2015
  • Shape: Round
  • Dial Window: Hardlex material
  • Display: Analog
  • Clasp: Buckle
  • Case: Stainless steel material
  • Case dimensions: 47.7mm x 14.7mm
  • Band: Rubber material
  • Bezel: Stainless steel unidirectional bezel
  • Calendar: Day-Date
  • Special features: Super hard outer casing and Silicone strap
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces
  • Movement: Quartz

4. Seiko Prospex SBDC055

Seiko Prospex SBDC055

The Seiko Prospex Diver PADI SBDC055, also known as the Scuba PADI special model, is one of the most outstanding diver watches under $1000. This timepiece has an electrifying design that suits scuba and deep divers. This wristwatch is all you need if you need a timepiece with a classic yet simple design. 

This timepiece has a deep blue dial that correlates with its black strap. Furthermore, the wristwatch has a date window near the three o’clock marker. Instead of Arabic hour markers, this timepiece has indices. However, you will find minute markers on the case ring. The timepiece has minute markers for 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 minutes. 

Another thing is that this automatic diver’s 300m timepiece has an analog display. The tri-hand analog display has luminescent hands, making it easier to tell the time in subpar lighting conditions. You will love this timepiece if you have big wrists. This Seiko Prospex SBDC055 has a case diameter of 49.8mm, which is bigger than others. We do not recommend this timepiece if you have smaller wrists. 

Like all the other timepieces we have considered, this wristwatch has a Hardlex dial window. The dial window material used prevents your wristwatch from scratches. Additionally, the window has an anti-reflective coating that uses the appropriate amount of light to display the elements on the dial. 

There are many reasons why you must consider this Marinemaster. First, the timepiece does not cost as much as its counterparts from other brands. Additionally, this timepiece suits diving and other occasions. 

This timepiece is anti-magnetic and has a water resistance of 300m. Also, the battery life is strong enough to last up to five years. You also get to enjoy the rubber strap that makes it more comfortable to wear while going underwater.

Main Features

  • Case: Stainless steel
  • Movement: Seiko 7C46
  • Strap: Rubber, blue
  • Water Resistance: 300m
  • Diameter: 49.8mm x 13.8mm
  • Year: 2018
  • Weight: 4.37 ounces

5. Seiko SNE499

Seiko SNE499

Our review features yet another promising timepiece from Seiko. The Seiko SNE499 is another choice popular among divers. This PADI solar timepiece is also known as the Golden Tuna. Interestingly, this timepiece has a power reserve of up to 10 months. Considering the pricing, this is a good headstart. 

This wristwatch also has a rotating bezel on its features list. Also, you can enjoy the screw-down crown, which serves as security for a diver that prefers deep diving. Also, this timepiece does not have the bulky outlook seen in other models. Instead, this model has a sleek design with several functionalities. 

First on the list of features is the Caliber V175 Solar Quartz movement. This movement offers accuracy as well as a good power supply. Although this wristwatch does not have up to 300m water resistance, the 200m is quite okay, considering the price. 

This timepiece is another one for those with big wrists. The wristwatch has a case diameter of 47mm. Additionally, this wristwatch has a black polyurethane band that increases diving comfortability. The color combination on the dial is also enticing. Although the timepiece has a black dial, you will find a red-colored arch that extends from outside the 12 o’clock hour marker to the three o’clock hour marker. 

Interestingly, the timepiece has a date window at the 20-minute marker instead of the regular three o’clock marker, as we have seen with previous models. You will find Arabic numeral minute indicators outside the hour marker window. Also, this timepiece has luminescent hands that make time-telling easier.

Main Features

  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Dimensions: 43.8mm x 12mm
  • Band Color: Blue
  • Dial Color: Black and a touch of red
  • Special Features: Luminous
  • Movement: Japanese Solar Quartz
  • Water resistance: 200m
  • Clasp: Stainless steel
  • Display: Analog
  • Dial Window: Hardlex material

6. Seiko Men’s Automatic SKX011J1

Seiko Men's Automatic SKX011J1

The SKX011J1 is a Japanese men’s analog sports Automatic wristwatch that stands out in all aspects. One of the first things you will notice about this timepiece is its eye-catching dial color. Unlike the other timepieces on our list, this timepiece has a unique yet enticing dial color contrasting beautifully with the watch’s design. 

This timepiece features an orange dial that increases legibility. Additionally, the wristwatch has luminous arrow-shaped hands for easy readability in poor lighting conditions. The timepiece also has luminous hour markers inside the dial. You will find 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50-minute indicators on the dial or window frame. 

Instead of indices for hour markers, you will find round hour markers and a triangle at the 12 o’clock marker. This timepiece also has a day and date indicator near the three o’clock marker. The silver-tone stainless steel case matches beautifully with the analog hands. Also, the case contrasts sharply with the orange-colored dial to give a beautiful and pleasing outlook. 

Interestingly, this timepiece also has a 200m water resistance to match its exciting design. Thus, you will enjoy using this timepiece while diving because it can withstand pressure. Also, the scratch-resistant Hardlex crystal window protects the analog display beneath. The window also refracts light in the right proportion to enhance readability. 

The SKX011J1 also has a unidirectional rotating coin edge bezel, an important feature for divers. You also enjoy the black rubber band and buckle clasp, ensuring maximum comfortability. You can easily wear this wristwatch for hours without feeling any discomfort. This timepiece has a case diameter of 43mm, which is suitable for big wrists. 

The wristwatch also has a Japanese automatic movement. If you want a watch you can enjoy while diving and use for other occasions, you must consider using this excellent Seiko diver wristwatch.

Main Features

  • Bezel: Unidirectional black ion-plated
  • Calendar: Day-date
  • Movement: Japanese Automatic
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Dial Color: Orange
  • Band Material: Rubber
  • Case Diameter: 43mm x 13mm
  • Case Material: Stainless steel
  • Display: Analog
  • Dial Window: Hardlex Mineral
  • Clasp: Buckle

7. Seiko SRPB55

Seiko SRPB55

This is also part of Seiko’s diverse group of diver 200m wristwatches. One interesting thing with this men’s black ion Prospex automatic dive watch is its black and gold combination. Hence, we sometimes think of this wristwatch as belonging to the royalty line. 

A glance at this wristwatch reveals its sturdy yet subtle design. It helps to know that the black and gold colors connect uniquely to create an aesthetically pleasing combination. This timepiece has a date window at the three o’clock marker. Furthermore, it has luminescent gold-colored hands and hour markers. The minute counter on the window rim only starts at 20 minutes to 50 minutes with 10-minute intervals per indicator. 

The Seiko SRPB55 also comes with a mineral crystal window that prevents scratches. While you may argue that it is not as scratch resistant as its sapphire counterpart, the Hardlex mineral is more impact-resistant. Additionally, the mineral material is hard enough to protect the elements in the dial. 

This timepiece has a diameter of 43.85mm, perfect for people with big wrists. Also, it has a 12mm thickness, which is just enough for diving purposes. The wristwatch also has automatic movement, which means it does not need batteries. Pure mechanical movement ensures you enjoy accuracy while diving. 

Another interesting thing is that you can enjoy 41 hours of power reserve. Additionally, you can hand-wind your timepiece for 30 seconds to keep it wound. Did we forget to mention that it is automatic mechanical? You only need to wind the watch if you do not use it. Otherwise, the timepiece winds with your arm’s movement.

Main Features

  • Movement: Automatic mechanical
  • Case diameter: 43.85mm x 12mm
  • Dial Color: Black
  • Display Type: Analog
  • Power reserve: 41 hours
  • Window material: Hardlex
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Bezel: Unidirectional

8. Seiko SKA371

This Seiko men’s kinetic wristwatch is another interesting piece for divers. This timepiece has a 42mm stainless steel case. Additionally, the wristwatch has a Hardlex dial window that protects the analog display underneath. The major distinguishing factor between this wristwatch and the others we have reviewed is that it does not have a date window. 

Released in 2007, this round-shaped timepiece has a Hardlex mineral window that protects the dial and its analog display. Additionally, this timepiece has a foldover clasp and a double push-button safety for accessibility. Also, this device has a stainless steel case material. 

This device has a 42mm case diameter, suitable for big wrists. Also, the timepiece has a silver-toned band that goes well with the black dial. The Seiko SKA371 also has a stainless steel unidirectional bezel. It has a water resistance of 200m. 

This timepiece has a Japanese Quartz movement for accuracy. Furthermore, you can enjoy a two-year warranty when you purchase this wristwatch from the device. Also, this wristwatch weighs 15.84 ounces, which makes it lightweight. Overall, this timepiece is one of the best options if you need a simple and classic design.

Main Features

  • Case Diameter: 42mm x 14.8mm
  • Band Material: Stainless steel
  • Bezel: Stainless steel, unidirectional
  • Water Resistance: 200m
  • Weight: 15.84 ounces
  • Movement: Japanese Quartz
  • Dial Color: Black

9. Seiko SSC017

Seiko SSC017

Do you need a complex yet classic design? The Seiko Prospex Analog SSC017 is one of the unique timepieces you can get from this brand. This wristwatch has a black dial with a touch of blue on the dial rim. Additionally, this device also has three sub-dials in the mail dial window. 

First, you will find the minutes sub-dial and an hour sub-dial. Also, the wristwatch has a stainless steel bracelet contrasting beautifully with the black dial. The 43mm stainless steel case matches the bracelet and aligns well with the dial window. 

Another enticing feature is that you get to recharge by light. You can recharge up to 3.5 with 10,000 lux. The wristwatch also has a water resistance of 200m. Thus, this wristwatch is suitable for professional divers. Also, you can use it for other marine activities. There is no need to take your wristwatch off when participating in surface water sports; this wristwatch has covered you.

Main Features

  • Model Year: 2018
  • Dial Window: Hardlex Material
  • Display: Analog
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter: 44mm x 14mm

10. Seiko SRP639K1

Seiko SRP639K1

The last timepiece on our list is Seiko’s men’s automatic dive stainless steel watch. This timepiece has a Caliber 4R36 24-jewel automatic movement for accuracy. Additionally, the timepiece has a hackable second hand with winding capabilities. Thus, you get to enjoy the complexity of this watch at an affordable rate. 

The timepiece also has a polyurethane band for comfortability and a day/date display. An outstanding feature of this day/date display is that you can access the English or Spanish options. Also, the wristwatch has luminous markers for easy readability in dark conditions. 

This timepiece has a case size of 46.5mm, which makes it suitable for people with big wrists. Also, the wristwatch has 200m water resistance, a screw-down crown, and a back case. Overall, this timepiece is one of the best considering the price.

Main Features

  • Model Year: 2018
  • Shape: Round
  • Dial Window: Hardlex Material
  • Display: Analog
  • Clasp: Buckle
  • Case Diameter: 47mm x 12mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Water Resistance: 200m

Buying Guide

Getting a good diver watch requires a few things. Although Seiko has several outstanding diver wristwatches, knowing a few things will help you get value for your money. We have outlined this detailed guide to help you pick the best diver watch.

Know What You Want

The first thing you need to pick a diver watch is what you want. You need to make up your mind on the features of the wristwatch you need before going to purchase any timepiece. Different timepieces have different features. For instance, you could find one with a time-day feature or a self-winding wristwatch. The water resistance also varies. Thus, you need to pick a wristwatch with all the required features.

Consider Your Budget

Budgeting is essential when picking your dive watch. While you can find dive watches for less than $1000, you can also find some that cost more than $10000. Hence, you need to consider your budget to pick a watch you can afford.

Read Reviews

As many wristwatches bring several outstanding features, you need to read reviews. Reviews will give you a first-hand experience of what to expect when you buy these timepieces. You must read reviews to pick the best Seiko dive watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Seiko dive watches durable?

Yes, Seiko dive watches have a two-year warranty. The warranty tells you how confident the brand is with its products. You can use your wristwatch for more than five to ten years without issues. However, it all depends on how well you handle your timepiece.

Is the Seiko SKX007 discontinued?

Yes. Seiko officially discontinued the SKX collection in 2019.

How good are Seiko Prospex?

Seiko makes the best timepieces. Its Seiko Prospex line is another one of its uniquely made watches. Like its other collections, the Seiko Prospex line offers outstanding features.

Is Grand Seiko the same as Seiko?

Initially, Grand Seiko and Seiko were from the same root brand. However, the two brands have since parted ways and are separate entities.

Are Seiko dive watches any good?

Seiko dive watches are as good as dive watches from other brands. You can use dive watches from Seiko if you want to enjoy outstanding features.


We have outlined some outstanding timepieces from Seiko. In our review, we included wristwatches for small and big wrists. You can use these timepieces if you want to enjoy top-tier time-telling while exploring the marine world. We also included a buying guide to help pick the best timepiece for you. If you feel confused, you can read through our FAQs section to see if you will get the answer you need.

Best Minimalist Watches without numbers

Some of the most popular wristwatches have numbers on their dials. Most wristwatches and clocks have numbers for as long as you can remember. Some wristwatches do not come with numbers. Instead, you will find index markers on these timepieces.

But why would wristwatch brands decide not to use numbers in their designs? Not everyone loves numbers on their timepieces. Some people prefer the minimalist nature of their wristwatches. Hence, for more inclusiveness, some watch designers deliver minimalist timepieces for people that fancy them.

If you are a minimalist that loves watches without numbers, you are in the right place. Our article will consider the 22 best watches without numbers.

22 Outstanding Minimalist Watches to Consider in 2022

Without wasting any time further, we will look at the 22 most outstanding timepieces with minimalist designs in 2022. These wristwatches include

  1. Mondaine Classic Swiss Railway
  2. Bulova Classic 98A167 Ultra Thin Quartz
  3. Muhle M1-40-72 Glashutte Panova
  4. Stowa Antea Back to Bauhaus
  5. Vacheron constantin Patrimony
  6. Stowa Antea 1919
  7. Junghans Max Bill 027/3701.04 Hand-Winding
  8. A Lange & Sohne 201.026 Saxonia
  9. Rolex Cellini 50509 Time
  10. Bulgari Octo Finissimo
  11. H. Moser & Cie Pioneer 3200-1214 Centre Seconds
  12. Cartier Tank Louis
  13. Grand Seiko SBGW259
  14. JLC 397846J Reverse Tribute Small Seconds
  15. IWC Purtugieser Automatic
  16. JLC Master Ultra Thin
  17. Zenith Elite
  18. Glashutte Original Sixties
  19. Rolex Oyster Perpetual
  20. NOMOS Orion 301
  21. Oris Art Blakey 01 733 7762 4081 Limited Edition
  22. Meistersinger Nº 01

1. Mondaine Classic Swiss Railway

Mondaine Classic Swiss Railway

The Mondaine A66030314.16SBW Classic Swiss Railway is a unique timepiece for minimalists. This timepiece is legible, so you will not miss your way around the dial markings. Additionally, this classic collection has the purest form of minimalism with a simple, bold dial.

This timepiece spots the Quartz Rhonda 513 movement for efficiency. You can highly depend on this watch’s accuracy in time telling. Also, you can trust this watch’s dial window to remain unscathed since it has a mineral crystal window. The window protects the dial components from the external environment. Overall, this timepiece is one you must acquire.

Main Features

  • Case Size: 36mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Lug Width: 18mm
  • Bracelet Material: Silver-toned, stainless steel
  • Dial Window: Mineral
  • Display: Analog
  • Movement: Quartz Rhonda 513
  • Resistance: 30m
  • Reference: A660.30314.16SBW
  • Price: About $275

2. Bulova Classic 98A167 Ultra Thin Quartz

Bulova Classic 98A167 Ultra Thin Quartz

Another brand that has taken the initiative to create a watch without numbers is Bulova. As expected, Bulova makes an entire collection out of this minimalist design. One good thing about this watch is that you do not need tutorials on how to tell time on a watch without numbers. Once you own one, you can easily enjoy time-telling as though the wristwatch had numbers. 

If you need quality, you cannot look past this wristwatch. The watch has a Quartz 9T22 movement that powers its accurate timekeeping. On top of that, you will find a mineral dial window protecting the dial and its elements. Overall, this timepiece fits the ideal minimalist’s mindset.

Main Features

  • Dial Color: Black
  • Bracelet: Black Leather
  • Reference: 98A167
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Water Resistance: 30m
  • Movement: Quartz 9T22
  • Dial Window: Mineral
  • Price: Around $187

3. Muhle M1-40-72 Glashutte Panova

Muhle M1-40-72 Glashutte Panova

If it’s not Muhle, it’s not classic enough. This brand always produces top-notch timepieces. It is not surprising that they have cheap minimalist watches you can patronize. One exciting thing about this model is that it is as rugged and minimalist as you would like. 

Unlike other timepieces we have reviewed, this one has a water resistance rating of about 100m. Thus, you can use this wristwatch for light swimming activities and other water games. You cannot, however, use this wristwatch for deep diving. It is fair to say that this wristwatch is as good as they come considering its pricing. You can get this wristwatch for about $999.

Main Features

  • Dial Color: Dark Green
  • Display: Analog, Tri-hand
  • Case Diameter: 40mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47.5mm
  • Case Thickness: 10.4mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Movement: Automatic SW200-1
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Water Resistance: 100m
  • Price: About $999

4. Stowa Antea Back to Bauhaus

Stowa produces some of the best watches that tell time differently. The watches are products of Hartmut Esslinger, the inventor of the Apple design language and founder of the Frog Design. It is no surprise, then, why these timepieces have a certain level of elegance about them. 

The watch also has several dial colors to allow for diversity. You can purchase either white, blue, black, green, pink, or brown dial-colored wristwatches. Also, the watch has a water resistance of 30m – 50m, depending on the type you pick. The sapphire crystal window also helps protect the wristwatch’s dial elements. Overall, this timepiece is one for those who love minimalist designs.

Main Features

  • Case Diameter: 35.5mm, 36.5mm, and 39mm
  • Case Thickness: 6.9mm to 9.2mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 44.6mm to 47.8mm
  • Lug Width: 18mm and 20mm
  • Display: Analog
  • Movement: Manual or Automatic
  • Water Resistance Depth: 30m to 50m
  • Dial Window: Sapphire
  • Dial Color: Blue, White, Black, Green, Pink, or Brown
  • Price: About $1000

5. Vacheron Constantin Patrimony

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony

This timepiece stands out when it comes to dressing watches. With its uniquely tailored design, the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony fits every outfit you wear. The dial has a white gold color with a uniquely designed pencil-style handset, which pleases the eyes. 

With the Vacheron Constantin Patrimony, you enjoy a water resistance of 30m. Although this resistance depth is not enough for deep diving or serious water activity, it protects your watch from damage when it comes in contact with rain. Also, this timepiece has a manual VC 1400 movement that makes time-telling easier. Rest assured that the sapphire dial window will protect your wristwatch from external harm and absorb shock.

Main Features

  • Reference: 81180/000G-9117
  • Thickness: 6.79mm
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Water Resistance: 30m
  • Lug-to-Lug: 45.6mm
  • Movement: Manual VC 1400
  • Display: Analog, dual hand
  • Dial Window: Sapphire
  • Dial Color: White Gold
  • Price: About $18,100

6. Stowa Antea 1919

Stowa Antea 1919

It is no mystery that Stowa’s Antea 1919 makes it to this list. Frankly, the timepiece has an elegant design that is hard to pass up when looking for minimalist watches. Interestingly, minimalist watch women and men can enjoy this timepiece since it has a somewhat unisex design. 

Stowa allows you to choose between manual or automatic movement for your Antea 1919 wristwatch. The watch has a 39mm case size and a thickness of 8.2mm. Furthermore, the watch has a Lug-to-Lug of 47.80mm and a lug width of 20mm. Overall, this timepiece is a perfect choice for classic watch lovers.

Main Features

  • Reference: Antea 1919
  • Display: Tri-hand, Analog
  • Dial Color: White Matte
  • Dial Window: Sapphire
  • Case Size: 39mm
  • Case Thickness: 8.2mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47.80mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Water Resistance: 50m
  • Movement: Manual or Automatic
  • Price: About $800 to $900

7. Junghans Max Bill 027/3701.04 Hand-Winding

Dating back to 1861, this brand has become one of the best watchmakers in history. This Junghans timepiece speaks volumes about the brand. Interestingly, this brand has a minimalist design with bolder indexes and smaller numbers. 

The watch features an ETA 2801-2 movement and has a Plexiglass dial window. The dial window protects the intricately designed dial from external forces. Also, this timepiece has a tri-hand analog display that matches the stainless steel watch case. Overall, everything about this timepiece speaks of class and style. If you love classics, this watch is one you must acquire.

Main Features

  • Reference: 027/3701.04
  • Dial Color: White
  • Display: Analog, Tri-hand
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Size: 34mm
  • Thickness: 9.0mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 37mm
  • Lug Width: 18mm
  • Movement: ETA 2801-2
  • Water Resistance: 30m
  • Dial Window: Plexiglass
  • Strap: Leather, Brown
  • Price: About $795

8. Lange & Sohne 201.026 Saxonia

Lange & Sohne 201.026 Saxonia

If you are a true watch lover, you must have heard of A Lange & Sohne. The brand produces some of the best luxury dress watches for its users. Priced at about $17,050, this timepiece is for small-wrist individuals with a case size of 35mm. The thickness is perfect at 7.3mm, and it has a lug width of 19mm. 

Double indexes are at the three, six, nine, and twelve o’clock hour markers. The rest of the hour markers only have single indexes. Also, the wristwatch has a stainless steel case and a leather bracelet to improve your user experience.

Main Features

  • Reference: 201.026
  • Movement: Manual L941.1
  • Dial Color: White
  • Display: Analog, dual-hand
  • Water Resistance: 30m
  • Case Size: 35mm
  • Thickness: 7.3mm
  • Dial Window: Sapphire
  • Lug Width: 19mm
  • Strap: Black leather
  • Price: About $17,050

9. Rolex Cellini 50509 Time

Rolex Cellini 50509 Time

This list wouldn’t be complete if we did not include the Rolex brand. Regarding moving units, you cannot ignore Rolex and its timepieces. Although Rolex is well known globally, some of its pieces, like this one, have not hit hard like others. 

Rolex spares no expense on this watch. The wristwatch features an Auto Rolex 3132 movement with a sapphire crystal window to protect the dial elements beneath. If you need an elegant wristwatch to match your outfit, you must purchase the Rolex Cellini Time. 

Main Features

  • Reference: 50509
  • Case Size: 39mm
  • Thickness: 11.2mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 45.3mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Water Resistance: 30m
  • Movement: Auto Rolex 3132
  • Dial Color: White
  • Dial Material: Sapphire
  • Price: Around $15,200

10. Bulgari Octo Finissimo

Bulgari Octo Finissimo

Bulgari Octo Finissimo is a combination of minimalist and classic. If you are unsure whether you want a watch with no numbers or whether you don’t, you can go for this timepiece. The wristwatch has numbers at the six and twelve o’clock markers. Additionally, the watch has a mono-hand subdial at the seven o’clock marker. 

With the Bulgari Octo Finissimo, you get a well-designed timepiece that tells time the way you want. Unlike the other timepieces we have reviewed, this one has an octagonal design. On top of that, this wristwatch once held the record for the thinnest automatic movement.

Bulgari uses titanium to make the bracelet, case, and dial of its Octo Finissimo. This watch is not only thin but also very light. Also, the timepieces’ movement is only 2.35mm thick and has a power reserve of 60 hours. The Bulgari Octo Finissimo has a frequency of 21,600vph.

Main Features

  • Reference: 102713
  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Thickness: 5.15mm
  • Water Resistance: 30m
  • Lug-to-Lug: 45.6mm
  • Movement: Auto BVL 138
  • Case Material: Titanium
  • Dial Window: Sapphire
  • Bracelet Material: Titanium
  • Price: About $13,900

11. H. Moser & Cie Pioneer 3200-1214 Centre Seconds

H. Moser & Cie Pioneer 3200-1214 Centre Seconds

Watch lovers know how important this brand is in the Swiss watchmaker industry. H. Moser & Cie’s Pioneer Centre Seconds is one timepiece you cannot ignore. The watch fits individuals with big wrists since it has a case size of 42.8mm and a thickness of 14.2mm. 

With this watch, you can enjoy swimming and other light water activities because it has a water resistance of 120m. While the design is beautiful, you will love the Automatic HMC 200 movement, which offers accuracy and precision. Also, the wristwatch has a sapphire crystal window to protect the delicate dial and its elements.

Main Features

  • Reference: 3200-1214
  • Price: About $12,900
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Size: 42.8m
  • Case Thickness: 14.2mm
  • Water Resistance Depth: 120m
  • Lug Width: 51mm
  • Movement: Automatic HMC 200
  • Dial Window: Sapphire
  • Display: Analog

12. Cartier Tank Louis

Cartier Tank Louis

Price at about $12,400, the Cartier Tank Louis timepiece has a beautiful design that deserves recognition. The rectangular-shaped timepiece has a case size of 33.7mm by 25.5mm. Additionally, the wristwatch has a thickness of 6.6mm and a lug width of 18mm. 

It is interesting to see how the Cartier Tank Louis dial places its markers. You will find Roman numerals lined up around the dial, with black-colored hour and minute hands in the middle of the dial. The watch also has a water resistance of 30m and uses a manual 8971MC movement. Also, the watch has a black leather bracelet that matches the dial design. 

Main Features

  • Reference: WGTA0011
  • Display: Analog, Bi-hand
  • Case Dimension: 33.7mm x 25.5mm
  • Case Thickness: 6.6mm
  • Lug Width: 18mm
  • Movement: Manual 8971MC
  • Water Resistance: 30m
  • Price: About $12,400

13. Grand Seiko SBGW259

Grand Seiko is another popular name we must not ignore in this review. The brand has created something unique with its SBGW259 timepiece. The timepiece has a brilliant hard titanium case for a lightweight feel. Additionally, the watch has a symmetrical dial design, making it aesthetically pleasing. 

The Grand Seiko SBGW259 has a case thickness of 10.9mm and a size of 38mm. Also, the watch features a lug-to-lug of 47mm and a water resistance of 30m. The watch also features a manual 9S64 movement and a sapphire crystal window. Overall, you will enjoy this minimalist design if you love multipurpose wristwatches.

Main Features

  • Reference: SBGW259
  • Price: About $8,000
  • Case Thickness: 10.9mm
  • Case Size: 38mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47mm
  • Movement: Manual 9S64
  • Water Resistance: 30m
  • Dial Window: Sapphire

14. JLC 397846J Reverse Tribute Small Seconds

JLC 397846J Reverse Tribute Small Seconds

The JLC 397846J Reverse Tribute Small Seconds is a timepiece for people with big wrists. The watch features a 45.6 x27.4mm case size and a thickness of 8.5mm. Also, the watch has a lug width of 20mm and a water resistance of 30m. 

Patronize this watch if you want to enjoy manual movements at its best. The timepiece has a Manual 822/2 movement and a sapphire crystal window to protect the dial and its elements. Overall, this timepiece is worth it based on the design and pricing.

Main Features

  • Reference: 397846J
  • Case Diameter: 45.6mm x 27.4mm
  • Case Thickness: 8.5mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Movement: Manual 822/2
  • Water Resistance: 30m
  • Dial Window: Sapphire
  • Price: About $7,650

15. IWC Portugieser Automatic

The IWC Portugieser Automatic is an organized and symmetrical interpretation of reference 325 that made headlines in the 1930s. This timepiece only recently got introduced to the Portugieser collection for minimalists. IWC goes all out, flexing the horologic muscles of this watch. The Portugieser Automatic 40 is a superior horological dress watch designed for those with the sharpest eyes. This watch perfectly illustrates how good mainstream watch brands can do when they branch out.

Main Features

  • Case Size: 40mm
  • Case Height: 12mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Bracelet Material: Leather
  • Dial Window: Mineral
  • Display: Analog
  • Movement: IWC 82200
  • Resistance: 20m
  • Reference: IW358303
  • Price: About $5,218

16. JLC Master Ultra Thin

JLC Master Ultra Thin

Jaeger LeCoultre Ultra Thin is one of the watches that come to mind when discussing the most elegant minimalist watches. The watch embeds a lot of style in a simple masterpiece design with an exquisite finish. 

The Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin is built around an in-house JLC caliber 925/1. Furthermore, the caliber delivers everything you’d expect from a high-end luxury watchmaker in technical terms. Made of 30 jewels, the watch movement is automatic and self-winding. The dial design is nothing short of perfection. The design is so good; it blends every complication and makes it one.

Main Features

  • Case Size: 39mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet Material: Leather
  • Display: Analog
  • Movement: Automatic, Self-Winding 925/1
  • Resistance: 50m
  • Price: About $10,000

17. Zenith Elite

Zenith Elite

Some watches are designed to take your breath away; Zenith Elite is one such watch. The minimal design is a timeless show of finesse and style that will catch any collector’s eye. Zenith Elite has very few models presently; however, nothing of class and style has many models. 

The most noticeable feature of this watch is the lovely bronze dial that perfectly reflects a spotlight. The dial has a very fine grain sunray finish that radiates outward from the center of the dial. Also, the watch captures light rays perfectly and gives you that professional shine everywhere you go.

Some watches are designed to take your breath away; Zenith Elite is one such watch. The minimal design is a timeless show of finesse and style that will catch any collector’s eye. Zenith Elite has very few models presently; however, nothing of class and style has many models. 

The most noticeable feature of this watch is the lovely bronze dial that perfectly reflects a spotlight. The dial has a very fine grain sunray finish that radiates outward from the center of the dial. Also, the watch captures light rays perfectly and gives you that professional shine everywhere you go.

Main Features

  • Case Size: 41mm
  • Case Material: 18kt rose gold, Stainless Steel
  • Bracelet Material: Leather strap
  • Display: Analog
  • Movement: El Primero caliber 4069
  • Resistance: Enough for light poolside swimming
  • Reference: A660.30314.16SBW
  • Price: About $5122

18. Glashutte Original Sixties

Glashutte Original Sixties

The Glashutte Original Sixties has always been an annual watch collection enthusiasts looked forward to. Since the collection’s release in 2018, the watch has won the hearts of watch collectors worldwide. From the extravagant green in 2018 to the orange/red in 2019, the watch collection brings a new edge to the watch-making industry. The 2020 model of the collection brings a sublime elegance to the collection with a cool glacier blue. The coloring gives the collection a profound and impressive appearance.

Main Features of The 2020 Annual Edition

  • Case Size: 39mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Display: Analog
  • Movement: 39-52 automatic movement
  • Power Reserve: 40 hours
  • Frequency: 28,800vph
  • Resistance: 30m
  • Reference: 1-39-52-14-02-04
  • Price: About $10,500

19. Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Rolex is always a wonderful addition to the timepiece world. The Oyster Perpetual isn’t the most expensive of the Rolex collection but is quite formidable. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is a simple, sleek Rolex that comes with a smell of elegance. The Oyster Perpetual comes with a clean stainless-steel case that is incredibly beautiful. Rolex Oyster Perpetual is one of the most wearable watches from Rolex.

Main Features

  • Case Size: 36mm
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Bracelet Material: Stainless steel
  • Display: Analog
  • Movement: Calibre 3230
  • Resistance: 300m
  • Reference: 124300
  • Price: About $5100

20. NOMOS Orion 301

NOMOS Orion 301

Another outstanding timepiece with a fair price is the NOMOS Orion. If you love pieces with sentimental value, you will love this watch. The watch uses an Alpha Manual Caliber and complements it with a lovely white dial. Also, the watch has a symmetrical design with a tri-hand analog display. 

Small-wrist individuals have something to look forward to when they purchase this timepiece. The design is so sleek that it allows you to wear it for long periods without discomfort. If you love your timepieces, classic yet simple, you must go for this watch.

Main Features

  • Reference: 301
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Case Size: 35mm
  • Thickness: 7.9mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 44.8mm
  • Lug Width: 18mm
  • Water Resistance: 30m
  • Movement: NOMOS Alpha Manual
  • Dial Color: White
  • Dial Window: Sapphire
  • Price: About $2,020

21. Oris Art Blakely 01 733 7762 4081 Limited Edition

Oris Art Blakely 01 733 7762 4081 Limited Edition

The Oris brand is one with a massive history. One interesting thing about this timepiece is how the brand arranges the indices on the dial. Although you might find it quite difficult to tell time as a newbie, minimalist lovers will enjoy everything about the design. 

The watch has a 38mm case size and a thickness of 11.4mm. You will also find a lug width of 20mm and a lug-to-lug of 44mm. Also, this timepiece has an Auto SW 200-1 movement and a sapphire crystal window. Thus, you will enjoy pure.

Main Features

  • Reference: 01 733 7762 4081
  • Case Size: 38mm
  • Thickness: 11.4mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 44mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Movement: Auto SW 200-1
  • Water Resistance: 30m

22. Meistersinger Nº 01

This timepiece is a classic one you cannot pass by. The first thing you will notice is that this wristwatch only has a single-hand function in contrast to the double and tri-hand displays we have reviewed. Additionally, the watch has a cream dial and a Manual 210 movement to complement its beautiful aesthetics. 

The wristwatch features a water resistance of 50m and a case size of 40mm. Thus, people with moderate wrist sizes can use this timepiece. This watch is fairly priced at about $2,000 compared to other wristwatches we have reviewed.

Main Features

  • Reference: DM303
  • Case Size: 40m
  • Case Thickness: 11.5mm
  • Lug Width: 20mm
  • Movement: Manual SW210
  • Price: About $2,000

Buying Guide

Minimalist wristwatches are quite different from conventional timepieces you find on the market. Hence, picking the best minimalist wristwatch that fits your perspective gets quite stressful. We have outlined a few things to help you pick the best minimalist wristwatch.

Wrist Size

The first thing you must consider before purchasing a minimalist watch is the case size. You must first check your wrist size to know if you have a small, moderate, or big wrist. Ensure to stick with watches that are for your wrist size. Wearing too big or too small wristwatches may make them seem out of place on your wrist.


Another essential factor you must consider is the price. You must compare the watch and its offerings to the price. If the watch is not worth the price, you can look for another watch with excellent features and an affordable price. Ensure you do not buy a watch because it comes from a renowned brand. First, ensure that the watch has the features you desire.


Minimalist wristwatches have different designs. It would be best to pick a design that makes you feel comfortable. Always ensure that the design is legible enough to allow you to tell time properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell time on a watch without numbers

Telling time on a watch without numbers is the same as telling time on a watch with numbers. Since we already know the position of the hour markers, it is quite easy to tell time on a numberless watch. The indices replace the numbers. Hence, you can use their positioning to tell time. If you have issues with telling time on a watch without numbers, it would be best to get a watch with numbers or obtain another less complicated design to help you tell the time properly.

What is a minimalist watch?

A minimalist watch has a simplified design. Such watches strip off the complicated features of complex wristwatches. Consequently, you will only find the basic features needed for time-telling.

How many watches should a minimalist have?

There is no particular number of watches a minimalist can have. You can have as many watches as you desire, provided you can afford them all. However, ensure that you do not use all your funds on watches.

Is there a watch that doesn’t tell time?

Yes. Some wristwatches do not tell time. Examples are the rubber ducky watches, the Haldimann H9 Reduction, and the rosin Jerome’s Day and Night Tourbillon.

Are there any Watches with no Letters or Numbers?

Of course. You can find several timepieces without letters or numbers in them. Instead, you will find indices in the place of letters or numbers. We have included some of these watches in our review. You can find examples by reading our review again.

Why don’t luxury watches have numbers?

Not all luxury watches don’t have numbers. The type of luxury watch you pick determines whether or not it will have numbers. You can also find luxury watches with numbers. Hence, you must pick those with numbers if that is what you desire.

What are watches without numbers called?

There is no particular name for watches without numbers. However, you can call it an analog watch since it is not digital. All digital watches have numbers on them.

Tudor GMT vs Rolex GMT

Rolex and Tudor are some of the best brands producing timepieces globally. These brands have built a reputation in the watchmaker industry for their classic and efficient wristwatches. Although Tudor is not as famous as Rolex, the brand comes through when you need outstanding wristwatches. 

Until recently, people considered Tudor wristwatches “the poor man’s Rolex.” However, the brand has proven itself worthy by crafting some outstanding luxury wristwatches. Nowadays, it is easier to find people checking to see which of these two brands is the best, more with the introduction of GMT watches. 

The Tudor GMT vs. Rolex GMT comparison strikes several nerves. It is pretty challenging to pick a side in this debate because each brand produces the best GMT wristwatches. Thus, it isn’t easy to pick a side at first glance. We will take an in-depth look at the two brands and what makes each unique. Before we proceed, we will first understand what GMT wristwatches are and how they work.

What Is a GMT Wristwatch?

We have often seen wristwatches with the inscription “GMT” on them. However, we may not fully understand what GMT means. A GMT timepiece is one with a 24-hour format in addition to a second hand that indicates a second-time zone. This means you can tell the time in your current location and another location of your choice if you correctly set the second hand. 

“GMT,” as seen on some wristwatches, stands for Greenwich Mean Time. GMT watches offer two things: standard hands that tell local time and a hand always synchronized to GMT. Hence, you can use the GMT hand to get accurate time readings worldwide. Why, then, do you need GMT timepieces? 

GMT timepieces make it easier and more efficient to tell the time in another timezone. Not all GMT wristwatches work as well as others. One of the most popular and reliable GMT timepieces is from the Rolex brand. The Rolex GMT-Master is renowned for its efficiency. Another brand that produces efficient and exciting timepieces is Tudor. 

Now that we understand the workings of GMT wristwatches, we can better compare Rolex and Tudor GMT timepieces, their features, histories, and what makes each brand’s GMT timepiece special.

The Rolex Brand

Rolex Yachtmaster vs Submariner

Rolex SA is one of the most renowned watchmakers in the world. This British-founded Swiss timepiece designer and manufacturer came into existence in 1905. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the brand started using the name “Rolex” in 1908. Later, the brand changed its name to Rolex Watch Co. Ltd in 1915. 

After World War I, in 1920, Hans Wilsdorf decided to register the timepiece as Montres Rolex SA. The Hans Wilsdorf Foundation has owned and run this company since 1960. Interestingly, Tudor falls under Rolex as one of its subsidiaries. 

Although Rolex has a hand in developing the famed quartz watch movements, it has produced chiefly mechanical timepieces. While the brand has only made a few quarts timepieces for its Oyster brand, the Rolex engineers helped design and implement the movement in the late ’60s and early ’70s. 

It is interesting to see how Rolex SA has improved with time. Initially, the brand used ceramic bezels (Cerachrom) on its timepieces. One of the wristwatches that featured this bezel was the GMT-Master II in 2005. Later, the brand used ceramic bezel inserts in its professional sports watches. 

When it comes to steel, Rolex uses 904L grade stainless steel, which is more than you will find in other brands. Most other watch brands use 316L grade steel. Hence, Rolex wristwatches are more corrosion-resistant. Additionally, these wristwatches leave a beautiful luster when polished.

Rolex GMT Wristwatches

Rolex began making GMT wristwatches in 1954 with the introduction of the Rolex GMT Master. It didn’t take long before the brand also launched the GMT Master II, which is one of the most prominent timepieces in the world today. The GMT Master from Rolex has a luminous bakelite bezel insert. Additionally, it features a caliber 1036 automatic movement and a GMT complication. 

The brand quickly replaced the red and blue bakelite since it easily cracked. Later in 1956, Rolex introduced a metal bezel for its GMT timepieces. Moreover, the brand released several watches after the first. Some significant releases include 1675, 16760, 16750, 16710, 16700 GMT Master II, and 116710.

Tudor Wristwatches History

Tudor Black Bay

In 1946, Wilsdorf established Montres Tudor SA to offer a new perspective to users who wanted something other than Rolex watches. This unique collection of wristwatches targeted a new market segment and made a name for itself. 

Tudor launched the Tudor Oyster in 1947. Although the name resembled the Oyster seen in Rolex wristwatches, the design was quite different. Since then, Tudor and Rolex have shared brand names. Another prominent collection shared by Rolex and Tudor is the Submariner models. 

Although Tudor is a subsidiary of Rolex SA, the brand uses original and distinct advertising to garner its customers. Tudor’s early models were among the first to offer water resistance and self-winding movements in timepieces.

Historical Tudor Timepiece Models

Much like Rolex, Tudor has a rich history of prominent wristwatches that have made their mark. One such timepiece was the Tudor Oyster Prince 7909, launched in 1952. The timepiece had several case sizes, from 31mm to 34mm. Hence, users could enjoy a classic watch for their exact wrist size. The Tudor 7909 had a crown with a logo. 

The watch case lodged the caliber 390, a third-party movement with a 2.5Hz frequency. After this first Oyster release, Tudor released subsequent models like the Tudor Prince Date-Day in 1969. The Tudor Prince Date-Day had a case diameter of 37.5mm. 

With time, Tudor moved to produce Diver wristwatches which somewhat became the brand’s specialty. The brand released its first Submariner model in 1954, called the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner 7922. This timepiece had a Mercedes-style hour hand and a crownless protector case back. 

Tudor started producing wristwatches with case guards in 1959 with the advent of the 7928 movement. Moreover, the brand has worked on and evolved its case guard designs. Tudor proceeded to introduce several chronographs in the 1970s. One central chronograph released by Tudor at that time was the Montecarlo 7169/0, and the brand released the timepiece in 1971.

Tudor’s Renaissance

As with most renowned brands, Tudor underwent a period where it seemed to have lost focus. Consequently, the demand for its models dwindled and was at an all-time low. At that time, the brand no longer sold its timepieces in America and the United Kingdom for several years. Tudor only started selling in the UK market in 2014. 

When a new administration arrived, they paid more attention to detail and released the Tudor Advisor in 2011. This timepiece had a mechanical alarm and took its design inspiration from the Tudor Advisor 7926. Although the watch was not a replica of the Tudor Advisor 7926, it was a contemporary interpretation of the past. 

Next, the brand released the Tudor Pelago, a timepiece without crown protectors. This timepiece had a snowflake hour hand and featured a titanium and steel case. One of the brand’s most outstanding designs arrived in 2012 when it released the Tudor Heritage Black Bay. 

Later in 2013, Tudor launched the Heritage Chrono Blue. The timepiece has some eye-catching orange and blue hues once spotted by the 1970s Monetcarlo models. Since its renaissance, Tudor has managed to enlarge its timepiece models. Nowadays, you will find Style and Range models as a part of its diversification process.

Rolex GMT Vs. Tudor GMT: Which Is Best?

Although Rolex is the most famous brand in the world and will always get many customers, Tudor has gained more ground since its renaissance. Before now, most people thought of Tudor wristwatches as the poor man’s Rolex. However, the brand has changed this perception. 

Tudor and Rolex GMT wristwatches are all outstanding timepieces. Hence, it is challenging to pick a favorite at first glance. However, we can use a few things to determine which brand produces the best GMT watches. We will look at these features and compare the similarities and differences to determine which brand has outstanding GMT timepieces.


You will discover that Rolex and Tudor have many things in common, considering their timepiece designs. Its public knowledge that Tudor obtained inspiration from Rolex’s Submariners when designing its Tudor Black Bay collection. Not only that, Tudor and Rolex have both used similar designs on several projects. Each brand modifies the primary structure into something exclusive. 

Tudor was the cheaper alternative to Rolex before now. Nowadays, Tudor also produces some of the most expensive timepieces that match Rolex’s pricing. This increase in pricing is understandable since Tudor uses Rolex components for making its watches. The only difference is that Tudor uses third-party movements in all its timepieces. 

Considering the current Tudor Black Bay GMT (ref M79830RB-001), you will discover that it has that distinct Submariner design found in other Black Bay timepieces. The 41mm retro wristwatch resembles the watches of the 1950s when the Rolex GMT Master (1954) and Submariner (1953) debuted. 

Although the Rolex GMT master has evolved, the Tudor Black Bay GMT has retained some of its original designs. You will discover that the GMT Master II Pepsi (ref 126710BLRO) looks more modern than the Black Bay GMT. This GMT Master II is the first with a red and blue ceramic bezel.


Before now, Rolex was the better of the two brands technology-wise. While Tudor depended on third parties to produce its movements, Rolex made theirs for decades. However, Tudor launched their in-house movement in 2015 and has swiftly implemented them across its timepiece collections. Today, both Rolex and Tudor have in-house movements for their GMT wristwatches. 

While the most recent Rolex GMT Master has a Rolex Caliber 3285 movement, the Tudor Black Bay GMT has the Tudor caliber MT5652 movement. Both movements are automatic and feature 70-hour reserves, respectively. Additionally, both wristwatches display time in two time zones.

The difference is that the Rolex wristwatch comes with a magnifying Cyclops lens on the date window. The Tudor Black Bay GMT has a regular date display without the unique magnifying lens featured in its Rolex counterpart.


It shouldn’t be a surprise that Rolex charges premiums for its wristwatches. The Tudor Black Bay wristwatch with a stainless still bracelet goes for about $4,300, which is quite affordable. On the other hand, Rolex charges about $10,300 on its current GMT Master II. Thus, you can make a choice depending on your budget. 

From the price angle, the Tudor Black Bay is a better choice. However, it is not that easy. The money spent on Rolex’s GMT Master II offers quality and status. Wearing a Rolex wristwatch comes with so much respect, and Rolex stands for success and is the foundation for the Tudor Black Bay GMT. If you need an original GMT wristwatch, the Rolex Marinemaster is your surest bet.

Tudor Pepsi Vs. Rolex Pepsi

As we mentioned earlier, Rolex and Tudor share similar names for their wristwatches, and the Pepsi collection is not left out. While you can find Pepsi wristwatches for both Rolex and Tudor, there are some slight differences that we will now consider. 

Tudor Pepsi and Rolex Pepsi wristwatches got launched in 2018 as part of each brand’s exclusive GMT wristwatches. Hence, there is not much separating them in the year of release. However, considering the case size, Tudor’s Pepsi Black Bay GMT wristwatch has a bigger case size (41mm) than Rolex’s Pepsi GMT Master II (40mm). 

Although both brands use stainless steel materials for their wristwatches, Rolex uses higher-grade steel. Rolex uses Oysetersteel 904L stainless steel for its case material. Hence, you will enjoy a more scratch-resistant timepiece from Rolex than Tudor.

There is nothing much to separate the two timepieces regarding the dial. Tudor Pepsi and Rolex Pepsi have a black dial with luminescent hour markers. Additionally, both wristwatches have date displays, time with running seconds, and GMT functionality. Rolex’s Pepsi GMT Master II has a bidirectional bezel with red and blue ceramic inserts and a 24-hour scale. 

Although Tudor’s Pepsi Black Bay GMT wristwatch has a bidirectional bezel, it uses aluminum (red and blue) inserts with a 24-hour scale. Also, while you typically find a domed sapphire crystal on Tudor’s Pepsi timepiece, you will find a flat Sapphire crystal window on the Rolex Pepsi GMT Master II. However, the distinguishing characteristic is that the Sapphire crystal from Rolex comes with a Cyclops lens. 

Another distinguishing feature is that Tudor’s Pepsi Black Bay has a water resistance of 200m, which is more than the 100m spotted by Rolex’s GMT Master II. While both wristwatches have automatic caliber movements, Tudor opts for the caliber MT5652, while Rolex uses a unique caliber 3285 movement. Below is a table summarizing the similarities and differences between the Rolex Pepsi and Tudor Pepsi wristwatches.

FeatureTudor PepsiRolex Pepsi
Launch Year20182018
Case Size41mm40mm
MaterialStainless steelOysersteel 904L Stainless Steel
FunctionsDate display, time with running seconds, and GMT functionDate display, time with running seconds, and GMT function
DialBlack with luminescent hour markersBlack with luminescent hour markers
CrystalSapphire (flat) with Cyclops lensSapphire (domed)
Water resistance200m100mm
MovementTudor caliber MT5652Rolex caliber 3285
BezelRed and blue aluminium insert, bidirectional with 24-hour scaleBidirectional, red and blue ceramic insert with 24-hour scale
Strap/BraceletFabric or leather strap, stainless steel braceletJubilee or Oyster bracelet
Retail PriceAbout $4000About $9,700

Things to Consider When Choosing Between the Tudor Black Bay Vs. Rolex GMT Master II

Timepiece enthusiasts know that wristwatches do more than just tell time. For such watch lovers, these timepieces represent coveted accessories that suit their outfits. Additionally, brands like Rolex and Tudor produce wristwatches of high value that can serve as collectibles. 

It is usually challenging regarding the Tudor black bay GMT vs. Rolex Pepsi debate. However, consider a few before choosing a suitable wristwatch from these brands.

The Style

You need to consider the watch style when deciding between these two brands. While Rolex has evolved, Tudor has not. Tudor still carries the vintage designs from timepieces in the ’60s and ’70s. Thus, you can go with Tudor if you need vintage yet classic styles. On the other hand, you must patronize Rolex if you need modern and more aesthetically pleasing timepieces.

Although these brands come from the same ownership, Rolex is more prestigious. Wearing a Rolex GMT Master II timepiece or any Rolex wristwatch classifies you with successful and accomplished individuals. At the same time, Tudor is also a renowned brand but not as famous as its Rolex counterpart. 

Whichever brand you choose, ensure that the Pepsi wristwatch you pick suits your daily outfits. You won’t have to spend more money buying extra wristwatches. Additionally, you must consider water resistance if you love water sports or marine activities. You can also try to select neutral colors. The strap you pick depends on your preference. Hence, you can choose leather, stainless steel, or rubber straps. 

The Fitting

You must always consider how well your wristwatch fits to look smart. Although mostly overlooked, your wrist size is essential in picking the suitable wristwatch for you. If you have a small wrist, you must choose a timepiece that suits smaller wrists. For example, our article covers borders on the Tudor Pepsi Vs. Rolex Pepsi comparison. 

Tudor Pepsi has a bigger case size than Rolex Pepsi. Hence, smaller-wrist individuals will have to opt for Rolex Pepsi if they want to enjoy more brilliant looks. Contrastingly, more prominent wrist individuals will have to consider Tudor Pepsi GMT timepieces since they have a bigger case size. Why must you pick an appropriate wristwatch for your wrist size?

A small, thin wristwatch may look rather delicate on someone with a large wrist. A more oversized watch will look too big on a smaller wrist in the same light. Thus, it would help if you always used the appropriate wristwatches to appear smart.

Price and Value Retention

It is no hidden fact that Rolex timepieces cost more than Tudor’s. People usually referred to Tudor timepieces as “the poor man’s Rolex.” Although Tudor has increased the pricing for its Pepsi Black Bay and other models, it still does not measure up to the amount charged by Rolex. 

You must consider the Rolex Pepsi timepiece if you want a pricier wristwatch with higher value retention. If, on the other hand, you need a less expensive option, you can consider the Tudor Black Bay. 


Both Tudor Pepsi and Rolex Pepsi have durable and robust timepieces. These brands have made a name for producing solid and durable watches. Thus, you may not need to spend extra money on maintenance after purchasing these timepieces. 

Note that you may have to spend more on maintenance with Rolex Pepsi if you have to do any maintenance. Tudor does not charge as much as Rolex regarding maintaining its Pepsi Black Bay wristwatch.

MT5652 vs. Rolex Movement: Which is the best?

Both movements have unique and similar characteristics. The Rolex GMT Master II has a caliber 3285 movement. Furthermore, this movement has a self-winding, 31-jewel automatic movement feature that replaces the original caliber 3186. This new movement has a bigger diameter that enhances its 70-hour power reserve. Thus, you can expect higher precision, resistance to shock, power reserve, and longevity with this timepiece. 

The Tudor Black Bay GMT has a caliber MT5652 movement, which is just as efficient as the Rolex caliber 3285 movement. Unlike the 3285 movement, this movement has a 25-jewel self-winding movement (automatic). Interestingly, this movement also has a 70-hour power reserve. Additionally, this movement has a variable inertia balance, a bidirectional rotor system, and a micro-adjustment by screw. The caliber also has a non-magnetic balance spring (silicon).

It is pretty challenging to pick out the better of the two because each of these movements has similar features with just a few variations. Hence, you can use any of them and get near-similar results.

Tudor Pepsi or Roles Pepsi: Which is more expensive?

Both Tudor and Rolex Pepsi are exciting timepieces. However, as far as pricing is concerned, Rolex Pepsi costs more than Tudor Black Pay. While you can obtain your Tudor Black Bay wristwatch for around $4000, the Rolex GMT Master II goes for about $9500 to $10000.

Conclusion: Which Pepsi GMT Timepiece Should You Buy? Rolex or Tudor?

After reading this article, there should be only one question on your mind; which timepiece then should I buy? This question has several answers depending on what you want. Whether the Rolex GMT Master II or Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT depends on your preference. 

If you want prestige and class, you can go for Rolex. However, you can buy a few Tudors with the money for the Rolex and still have some change. The Tudor Pepsi is an outstanding timepiece with an excellent design. If you are a purist, you will love Tudor Pepsi. Interestingly, the wristwatch features a 70-hour power reserve in its in-house movement. 

You can snatch up a Tudor Black Bay GMT from its online store if your local retailer has no left in store. Don’t worry about the fees; you will only pay a small fee for delivery. If you are a Rolex lover, you should be ready to spend around twice the amount a Tudor buyer would spend. However, as you may have guessed, a Rolex timepiece is the real deal. 

So which timepiece is right for you? That we can’t say. However, we can say that the two watches have exciting features. You can opt for any of them depending on your preference and budget. Whichever wristwatch you choose, you will indeed have a beautiful experience. 

Patek Philippe vs A Lange sohne brand comparison

Patek Philippe and A Lange & Sohne are two of the most sought-after watches in the collecting circles. Watch enthusiasts obsess over every nuance of these watches. These two watchmakers are at the peak of their game. In this article, we will examine each brand under different categories and see how they perform against its counterpart.

Brand Recognition

Patek Philippe and A Lange & Sohne are top-shelf luxury watchmakers in their respective countries. Both brands are highly recognized, and many watch debates on this topic end in a draw. When debating these two brands side by side, it is impossible to pick a winner. They are similar in virtue and on the same level as each other for a good reason.

Of course, they will always be second best to Rolex regarding international recognition, but they both hold their ground against each other. The main reason Rolex has such recognition internationally is that the brand targets the everyday man. Even in luxury, there are levels to it, and these two brands are the most luxurious you can find.

Brand Prestige

Regarding prestige, A Lange & Sohne and Patek Philippe are the most respected top-shelf brands in the watchmaking industry. In their respective countries, both luxury brands are reserved for only the most luxurious people. Both brands are considered untouchable because they are far ahead of their respective competition. For instance, Patek Philippe is one of the most exclusive brands because they don’t consider themselves on the same level as other Swiss watch brands. 

They don’t even regard Swiss watchmakers as competition. And to think Swiss watch brands are the most luxurious in the world. However, one watch brand from the Saxon region of Glashutte can give Patek Philippe a run for her money. The German brand A Lange & Sohne is possibly the only brand in the world that keeps Patek Philippe on her toes. 

This rivalry between the two brands for dominance of the uber-luxury industry keeps pushing them to their limits. Both brands have a fascinating history. Serious horologists ensure they have a piece from these brands in their collection. Owning just a timepiece from one of these collections elevates your collection. You may not have heard of these two watches, but they are silently shaping the age-old craft of traditional watchmaking.

Retail Value

A regular watch collector will always aim for the cheapest watch from either of these collections. Such a goal will make experienced watch horologists chuckle. None of these watches are considered cheap. Not one of their watches has ever been described as inexpensive. Buying a watch from Patek Philippe always has a minimum of five figures attached to it. 

To top that, their watches always start at the $25,000 mark and move upward; you will never see a retail price lower than this. The most expensive Patek Philippe watch ever sold is a one-of-a-kind Grandmaster Chime, the 6300A-010. The watch was sold at a charity auction for $31 billion, dubbing it the most expensive watch ever to be sold in history. You can consider the lowest price a watch from this brand will go for. 

A Lange & Sohne, on the other hand, has an entry cost of nearly $18,000 at the full retail price. And this is for small size 35mm 3-hand manual wind watch called the Saxonia Manual Wind. A larger self-winding Saxonia will cost around $27 -$30 thousand within the US. Higher horology models cost over $250 thousand. The brand’s famous Grand Complication goes for about $2.5 million. Only six of these watches were ever made.

Resale Value

Regarding resale value, Patek blows A Lange & Sohne out of the competition. Patek Philippe has better resale value compared to A Lange & Sohne. The entire brand was built with the core value of retaining value over a while. The brand’s main goal is to create pieces that customers can hand over to their families as an inheritance.

Hence, the inspiration of the brand’s slogan; “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.” A Lange & Sohne also hold their value, but not nearly as much as Patek Philippe. Most watches lose value from the very moment you put them on, but not these two brands. However, A Lange & Sohne is a little lacking in this category. Patek Philippe and Rolex are the two watch brands that hold their value the most.


Patek Philippe and A Lange & Sohne produce watches with very advanced mechanical complications. A Lange & Sohne Grand Complication released in 2013 features many coveted complications. The Grand Complication is a 3-barrel, triple-gear train watch with a perpetual calendar. The watch has a grand sonnerie, a petite sonnerie, moon phase, minute repeater, and a monopoussoir chronograph. 

The monopoussoir or mono-pusher is housed within a 5th of a second foudroyante, or flying seconds. The equipment this single watch has under the hood is impressive. Ordinarily, this is more than a regular person can handle on the watch. Hence, only six models of the watch were ever made.

Patek Philippe outshines more brands than any other brand in the world in terms of grand complication watches. Patek Philippe watches are highly technical with complicated mechanical movements. Not long ago, Patek Philippe released the Grandmaster Chime, which stands to be the brand’s most complicated timepiece ever to be made.

The watch has 24 different complications, two independent dials with a reversible case. The watch also featured six patented proprietary innovations. According to the brand’s official website, they spent over 100 thousand hours on this timepiece. 

The brand has released more complicated pocket watches in the past. Chief of those watches is the famous Patek Philippe Henry Graves and Vacheron Constantin 57260. Both these watches were of extensive size. Patek Philippe was able to make smaller versions of these complications.


Patek Philippe is known for solidifying the position of Swiss watches as being highly accurate. And before you ask, they didn’t perform these tests themselves. A third-party Swiss lab, COSC, tested the brand’s timepieces and achieved a precision of -4/+6 seconds per day. Patek Philippe’s watches are highly accurate. 

The brand’s watches have been known as the house of accuracy for the past couple of decades. Because of how accurate the brand’s watches are, they have received a special pedigree called “Chronometer.” This pedigree is one to kill for. It is only awarded to high-precision watches tested according to ISO 3159. 

A Lange & Sohne has to undergo a different certification process and use a German third-party lab testing facility called Wempe. COSC is used for Swiss brands; hence, A Lange & Sohne can’t use this testing brand. However, Wempe’s third-party laboratory is a trusted brand, and many watch horologists trust its test results.

Wempe performs its tests according to DIN 8319 standards which are the same as COSC. The test is as precise as COSC’s -4/+6. A Lange & Sohne have some watches that have unbelievable accuracy. There is a model with a total deviation of only +3 seconds a week. German engineers are known for their unbelievable precision, so there’s no surprise. Other models, like the Lange 1, hold a precision rate of about +2/-2 seconds per day, doubling the accuracy of COSC specs. 

Even after years of wearing the watch, it still holds an unbelievable accuracy rate. However, A Lange & Sohne holds a minimum accuracy rate of +/-3 seconds per day. It may have a deviation of one second, but it still bests COSC-certified chronometers in precision. 

Like many high-end urban luxury Swiss watch brands, Patek Philippe doesn’t use COSC certification as a standard. The bar to them is set a little low for watchmakers of their caliber. Patek Philippe has testing methods, allowing its watch models to rank above COSC specs consistently. This consistency gives Patek Philippe watches the special brand seal. For a watch to have a Patek Philippe seal, it means they have an accuracy within -3/+2 seconds per day. 

A Patek Philippe seal covers more than just a watch’s accuracy; they represent the entirety of the watch. For a watch to have a Patek Philippe seal means the watch is nothing short of quality. Various requirements must be met before any watch gets this seal; even watches from the brands are properly checked and scrutinized. 

The seal places strict requirements on finishing, quality of material in use, the perfection of the gems in use, and the setting of those gems. In addition, the seal covers the entire lifetime of the watch. Having a watch with this seal guarantees you services for the entire lifetime of the watch. That includes repairs and restoration for every watch crafted by the company since 1839.


Many watch horologists argue that A Lange & Sohne has better craftsmanship, especially if you’re considering the finishing and decoration or engravings. The brand is known worldwide for its world-class hand engravings on various components and plates. Don’t write off Patek Philippe out yet. 

The brand has some of the industry’s unique finishing and decorating skills. However, the German watchmaker dominates this category when comparing Patek Philippe to A Lange & Sohne in terms of finishing and decoration. A sapphire case back from the German giant gives A Lange & Sohne an edge over its Swiss counterpart. The distance sets the brand off from other luxury brands worldwide. 


Both brands have an amazing warranty policy. They offer a minimum of 2 years warranty for all their products. Some brands will extend their standard warranty if you register the watch with the brand’s official website. In the case of A Lange & Sohne, they will extend the 2-year warranty by another year, taking the total warranty years to 3 years if you purchase the watch in a boutique.

An Overview of Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Store

Patek Philippe is one of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious watchmakers. The brand’s watches are state-of-the-art and are the epitome of ultra-luxury watchmaking. Watches from this brand are very rare due to their high price tags and limited releases. For some models, you may have to wait for years before you can get your hands on one. The brand is reserved for the most luxurious people in the world. 

Patek Philippe isn’t like any other luxury watch brand. Patek Philippe baths in the best craftsmanship with keen attention to detail. The brand has a rich heritage that spells nothing but perfection. Due to their limited releases, the demand for Patek Philippe watches is always over the roof.

Hence, collectors are always prepared to pay hefty sums to get a glimpse of these beauties. Patek Philippe watches have skyrocketed in recent years; adding one of these watches to your collection won’t be cheap. 

The brand is exclusive to 1% of the world’s population. The brand only deals with power and royalty. In 1851, Patek Philippe was granted the honor of delivering watches to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. This honor also extended to the Queen’s entire consort. Patek Philippe delivered a key wound timepiece in November of the same year during the Great Exhibition of London. 

The brand etched its initials in the sands of time during this event. Having the Queen of England show off one of your timepieces is more than an honor. However, the Queen didn’t just own one but two watches from Patek Philippe. The second watch she owned was even more exclusive, suspended from an enamel brooch. Patek Philippe is the Swiss representation of watchmaking perfection. 

The brand has some of the most exclusive clients among all watch brands. Some clients don’t even take watches from any other brand except theirs. The list of royalty the Swiss brand works with is endless. They have supplied watches to Christian IX, Princess Louise of Denmark, Hussein Kamel, Victor Emmanuel III of Italy, and many others.

The Revolution

Everything you thought was impossible with a timepiece, Patek Philippe might prove you wrong. In 1989, Patek Philippe revealed the most complicated watch that hadn’t been seen before. The timepiece was made for the Swiss brand’s 150th anniversary. The watch has over 39 complications. The complications include but aren’t limited to the date of Easter, time of sunrise, sidereal time, time of sunrise, and many more. 

Patek Philippe has always been a family-owned watch brand. Since it was founded in 1851, the band left the Philippe family once and has never exchanged hands again. The economic crisis of 1929 pushed the company’s leaders a bit far. The economic crisis caused a lot of distress for the management as customers struggled to pay their obligations. 

Eventually, Patek had to find other solutions to the financial crisis. However, they didn’t want the company to be acquired by a competitor. Hence, the directors of Patek contacted Charles and Jean Stern, who owned the company “Cadrans Stern Freres.” Patek Philippe was certain they could collaborate since they had been working together for a while.

Both brands have collaborated to produce some top-quality dials and were Patek’s best suppliers. The Swiss companies agreed, and the Stern brothers took a stake in the company and preserved the Swiss watchmaking tradition. Within a year, the Stern brothers bought over the entire company. 

As of the late 2000s, the Swiss watchmaking company is led by Philippe Stern and his son, Thierry Stern. Theirry Stern took over the company’s leadership from his father in 2010 and continues the rich heritage Patek is known for. Since 1839, Patek Philippe has produced less than 1 million watches. Creating even the most basic Patek Philippe watches takes nine months of hard work and craft.

An Overview of A Lange & Sohne

A Lange Sohne

Adolph Lange originally founded the trademark German ultra-luxury watchmaking company A Lange & Sohne in Glashutte in 1845. The original A Lange & Sohne ceased to exist in 1948 following the occupation by the soviet union after World War II. The current A Lange & Sohne was founded in 1990 by Ferdinand Adolph’s great-grandson Walter Lange. 

A Lange & Sohne is a highly regarded luxury watch manufacturer. A Lange & Sohne has had some interesting customers over the last decades. The company’s top customers included German Emperor Wilhelm II, the Ottoman Empire, Alexander II of Russia, and Abdul Hamid II. A Lange & Sohne boasts of distinct Glashutte styles and designs. 

Their designs are closer to the classic British style but completely different from what Swiss watchmaking brands offer. A Lange & Sohne is largely regarded as the sole pillar of German watchmaking quality. The company has a rich history.

The company’s founder was key in developing the watchmaking industry in Germany. He pioneered key horological tools, techniques, and components. One of his many contributions to the watchmaking industry is the three-quarter plate which adds stability to watch movements. 

A Lange & Sohne distinguishes itself from other luxury brands with high-end complication watches. And like many other German watchmakers, it nationalized during the East-West divide in Germany. Unlike many other brands during the nationalization, it retained its identity. A Lange & Sohne has played a major part in making the German watch industry respected. The brand can go toe to toe with the biggest ultra-luxury brands around. 

The designs of the brand pay strict attention to detail. Every single design from the brand is the epitome of quality. The founder, Adolph Lange, first studied horology at Dresden. His mentor was Johann Christian Friedrich. He worked on the Semper Opera House clock project. The clock was Adolph Lange’s first major project.

It was a digital clock designed for maximum visibility; the clock was a special request from the king. He wanted to have a big clock that the audience would look at instead of repeatedly checking their pocket watch minute repeaters which would usually disturb others.

 He then moved to Paris to continue his apprenticeship. Adolph Lange then adopted the metric measurement system instead of the SI system they used. Although the metric system has existed since the 18th century, some parts of the world have never used it.

His adoption of the metric system made him the first European watchmaker to adopt the metric system of measurement—quite a way to start a watchmaking career. Germany hadn’t had any notable watch brands that could go toe to toe with Swiss and English brands. That realization drove Adolph to create one of the best watch brands in the world.

Lange 1 Time Zone vs. Rolex Submariner

The Lange 1 Time Zone is truly a watch to behold. In terms of price, you can’t compare the two wristwatches as the entry price for the Time Zone is around $50 thousand. In comparison, the entry price for the Submariner is around $8 thousand. And it maxes out around $38 thousand. However, a price tag isn’t all that makes a watch. In this section, we will compare the beauty and mechanism of both watches. 

The new edition of Lange 1 Time Zone, released in 2020, comes in three different case colors and materials. You have the choice of going for pink gold, white gold, and yellow gold. After shunning yellow gold for a couple of years, A Lange & Sohne is actively bringing back the yellow gold color. For many horologists, it’s a relief that the brand is bringing back the iconic yellow gold color.

One reason they prefer this color over its counterparts is its stunning, nostalgic, and endearing effect on watch enthusiasts. The newest Lange 1 Time Zone edition maintains the iconic 41.9 mm x 10.9 mm measurement. In terms of design, the watch is pretty much the same, only that it has a brushed design for older specimens that are polished. 

The dial color that a Time Zone comes in depends on the case it is paired with. A pink gold case gets you the classic “argente” or silver dial. A white gold case will fetch you a radiant black dial, making this version the most contemporary of the lot. On the other hand, the yellow case gives enthusiasts an aesthetic champagne dial that is simply beautiful. This watch version has so much character and flair, especially when matched with a light brown alligator leather strap. 

The Time Zone comes with a day/night indicator. The blue semicircle represents the time from 6 pm to 6 am, while the opposite semicircle represents 6 am to 6 pm, daytime and night time, respectively. Also, the position of the hour hand on the discs indicates if it is night or day. The watch also comes with an inbuilt daylight saving time aperture represented by a red segment.

The complications on this watch are highly advanced. Wearers of this timepiece can travel across time zones effectively. Under the hood of all this aesthetic beauty, there’s a 448-part movement, the 65th movement developed by A Lange. The movement is a 38-jewel caliber system with a 72-hour power reserve.

The Rolex SubMariner

One edge the Rolex Submariner has over the Time Zone is that it is a diving watch. But who will purchase a watch for $50 thousand to go for a swim with it? The Rolex Submariner is one of the first watches ever to be released to be able to withstand depths of up to 300 meters. The Rolex Submariner has a waterproof winding Triplex crown with an interior O ring, making it a triple waterproof watch.

The Submariner is a corrosion-resistant watch and a highly durable one too. The Rolex Submariner 116610 comes with a 40mm highly polished 904L Oyster steel case. The base is a black 60-minute inserted ceramic bezel with four click springs, making it more adjustable. The bezel’s edges allow for a better and more secure grip on the watch. 

The circle indicator and the hand and time markers are all Chromalight illuminated, making it easy for users to read time underwater. The black bezel is complemented by a visually striking Maxi dial design. The hour markers have 18k white gold surrounds with chroma light accents.

The Submariner is a 3135 self-winding, COSC-certified wristwatch. The watch is shock, magnetic, and temperature resistant. It has a Parachrom hairspring with a precision of -2/+2 seconds per day. It is a highly reliable watch, but you can’t compare it with an A Lange & Sohne product.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut vs. Rolex Daytona

When Patek Philippe launched Aquanaut in 1997, it was immediately clear that this watch would dominate the watch industry. Aquanaut offers a more sporty approach to the modern luxury industry. The watch brings a rubber strap, which is the first for a Patek Philippe wristwatch.

The watch comes with a 40 mm rounded octagonal steel with a black embossed dial. Aquanaut is undoubtedly a robust sports watch for the more sports-loving audience. The watch is super comfortable with a thin 8.1 mm thickness; the watch can easily slide under a shirt cuff if need be. 

The face of the watch is simple, with large luminous Arabic numerals. It also has luminous center hands and a discrete date window at 3 o’clock. The watch isn’t too complicated to read, it is simple but beautiful. The watch runs on a 324 S C caliber with a 35 – 45 hour power reserve. Since the watch is sports-themed, it can take up to 120 meters depth of water.

This feature encourages weekend adventures with its durable composite straps resistant to salt water and UV rays. To add to the watch’s attributes, the strap’s underside includes many grooves that promote airflow to keep stickiness at bay. 

The Rolex Daytona is one of those watches well-known by the watch collecting society. Mention the word Daytona in any watch-loving group, and you immediately grab the attention of everyone around. In terms of popularity, this watch no doubt beats the Aquanaut. But that doesn’t mean it does more than that. 

Since Daytona is designed for a regular person, it is more common to find a Daytona on a wrist than an Aquanaut. That doesn’t mean the Daytona is common; it is one of the rarest watches on the planet. But the Aquanaut is on another level in that category.

The Daytona 116500LN, introduced in 2016, comes in white and black faces. Both cases have an aesthetic black ceramic bezel with polished bracelets. The Daytona is a bulletproof watch, and it is highly legible. 

Sinn vs Damasko Brand Comparison

German. Entry-level pilot watch. These are some of the features that come to  mind when you think of luxury watchmakers like Sinn and Damasko. We can testify that they are both fine manufacturers with distinct features but suit a different crowd of watch enthusiasts. 

Our Sinn vs. Damasko brand review isn’t a battle but a guide to help you clarify similarities and differences that matter. We’ll look into these watchmakers’ technical specs, craftsmanship, price ranges, and all other details that you need to know. Let’s start with the brand recognition of Sinn and Damasko. Who’s more popular?

Brand Recognition

Sinn watch

Although both brands don’t have the popularity of Rolex, Sinn is clearly the more reputable brand. First, they’ve been in business since 1964, while Damasko is a family-run business established in 1994. Despite this, Sinn is not the most famous German pilot watchmaker (sill behind Laco) but stays mainstream with new collections and useful technology.

Alternatively, Damasko maintains its tradition of building classy watches that can take a beating. There’s also a popularity gap when considering the number of publicity tests from these two watchmakers. Sinn – ironically known as the “aesthetic” watchmaker – has launched more durability tests than the Damasko, whose motto is literally selling durable timepieces.

They first sent a 140 S model into space in 1985 and 1992. And have since conducted many design tests like a recent temperature test for their 303 Kristall at the Yukon Quest dog sled race and a dive test for the 203 ARKTIS in the Arctic sea. 

So far, Damasko’s most revered publicity is being a NATO aviator watch supplier and Sinn ice-blasted case supplier. But, in their defense, they don’t “really” do marketing but leave it to fanboys and critics. And it works for Damasko because they are a small family-run company with a yearly output of only about 1,000 watches. 

Ultimately, you won’t turn as many heads with either brand unless you have a handful of watch enthusiasts in your social circle. But expect to pique more people’s interest or recognition of your watch with Sinn.

Ease of Finding US Sellers/Distributors

Finding authorized dealers of an overseas brand can be challenging. Some watch enthusiasts welcome the exclusivity, but it’s a dealbreaker for many who value having options and easy after-sale services. Fortunately, both brands have an authorized dealer here in the states. Unfortunately, there’s only one authorized distributor for Sinn in the USA, but you’ll find a handful of trusted third-party dealers.

Exquisite Timepieces, for instance, sells new and pre-owned Sinn watches. Meanwhile, Damasko has three authorized dealers in the United States. But unlike Sinn, you won’t find many trusted dealers for a good sale or after-sale service.


In a world of mechanical watches, even a one or two seconds delay counts. So how do these two weigh up in terms of accuracy? It’s a bit unfair. Damasko manufactures only mechanical watches (talk about exclusive), while Sinn makes quartz watches. This makes Sinn clearly better because even a knock-off quartz watch can be four times more accurate than a $4,000 mechanical watch from Damasko or Sinn.  

So we’ll play on the level field of their mechanical watches. More specifically, their chronometers. If they were Swiss brands, we’d judge accuracy easily by the number of COSC and META-certified watches both brands carry. Regardless, Damasko offers a few COSC-certification-level watches, such as its recent DC76/2 with equivalent “Military Certified” and “Central Minute Counter” certificates.

This chronograph uses a heavily modified in-house C51-6 movement that’s modeled after the legendary Lemania 5100. In addition, Damasko currently offers nine classic pilot chronograph watch series of comparable accuracy. On the other hand, Sinn currently offers 14 chronographs, among which are design award winners. The Sinn 93, for instance, won a Red Dot Product Design Award in 2020 and so have a few other models.

How accurate can Sinn and Damasko get in extreme temperatures?

Sinn’s temperature resistance technology keeps their watch functioning well between -40 degrees celsius to +80 degrees Celsius. Damasko, on the other hand, uses watch movements with industry-standard accuracy.

Watch enthusiasts often say Damaskos never lose accuracy but gain by the second. So if they start with +1 seconds per day, they can typically gain around +5 to +6 seconds per day after a few years. But indeed, there are exceptions.


German watchmakers put extra effort into timepiece technology. Konrad Damasko, CEO of Damasko, in the earlier interview with Gear Patrol, confirms this: “Damasko is based on technology: we build watches to be worn all day and 100% made in Germany.” 

Although robust tool watches are Damasko’s specialty, Sinn also makes durable watches with innovative technology. I’ll brief you on some of the notable ones.


One of Damasko’s steel hardening technologies is the DAMEST coating, which prevents any traces of wear. Another one, probably the most popular, is their ice-hardened 100% in-house made stainless steel bracelets. We’ve seen users wear watches with this steel case for almost a decade without scruff marks. 

And Damasko submarine steel that’s seawater and corrosion resistant. Now let’s switch to Sinn’s high-end steel bracelet, the Tegimented Steel. Instead of hardening the material (such as stainless steel) with a coating like “ice” or sand, it’s hardened through a unique process called tegimenting.

Coincidentally, it was a replacement for Damasko’s ice-hardened steel in 2002. While this speaks of innovation on Sinn’s part, it also reveals industry trust in Damasko’s steel durability. Alternatively, Sinn also uses bead-blasting technology on some of their other models.

Magnetic field protection

If you’re an engineer or scientist, you’ll regularly operate instruments that can mess with your watch’s components, causing it to malfunction, freeze, or veer off by up to thirty seconds per day. While magnetism can’t be 100% prevented, you can use a watch (usually a chronograph in today’s world) with strong enough protection against instruments you handle.

Most watchmakers use a protective casing material with a low reaction to magnetic fields, qualifying it as “non-magnetic.” Ideally, they offer protection from magnetic fields of 4,000 A/m.

So what do Sinn and Damasko have in place for magnetic protection?

Damasko uses a shielding cage for anti-magnetism in all its non-glass back watches. It’s a special alloy that provides magnetic protection of up to 80,000 A/m and is DIN8309 certified. Sinn is also a frontrunner in magnetic field protection and has an array of mission watches with up to 80,000 A/m protection. They use a “magnetically soft” inner case as the magnetic shield. 

For perspective, 80,000 A/m or 1,000 Gauss is the same anti-magnetic resistance of the Omega Milgauss. So you’ll find an option with both brands but probably have to buy an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra with 1,100,000 Am protection. You’ll find other models you can compare as you read this guide.

Humidity and Fog Protection

Mechanical watches need a “dehumidifier” to prevent aging from moisture exposure. Yes, it’s simply making the watch case anti-fog. But Sinn and Damasko approach the situation differently. Sinn uses “Ar-Dehumidifying Technology,” which reduces air infiltration by about 75 percent in select watches. 

You can find the details of Sinn’s technologies in another post. Damasko, on the other hand, hasn’t specified its dehumidifying tech. But judging from their pilot and diving watch line, it’s intuitive that they have humidity protection.

Temperature Resistance

Although we talked about accuracy earlier, lubrication is the life force that makes a watch tick in harsh (or any) weather.  Sinn uses a “special sinn oil” to maintain accuracy and prevent aging in extreme temperatures between -45 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius. For instance, Mario Weidner, an ARKTIS explorer, wears the Sinn 203 while swimming in the arctic ocean.  

Although Damasko doesn’t market its temperature tech as much as Sinn, their watches have passed EADS pilot tests in Manching since 2007. To put it simply, they’ve supplied NATO pilots with aviator watches for over 15 years.

Owing to meeting this military standard, all Damasko timepieces – not just aviators – can survive temperature fluctuations between -40 degrees to +54 degrees Celsius. Ultimately, any entry-level Damasko or Sinn pilot watch, like the Sinn 104 UFC, can withstand any weather you put it through.

Water Resistance

Both brands manufacture regular watches with decent water resistance of up to 20m. However, when we speak of the ultimate water resistance in a luxury watch, we mean the category of diver’s watches. You’ll be shocked to discover that Sinn was the first company to manufacture diving watches in compliance with European diving standards. 

Some of Sinn’s best water-resistant watches are Sinn 856 UTC, U1, and U2, with a DNV-certified water resistance of 2000 meters. They also have special features for divers, such as German submarine steel, strong lume for readability in murky waters, and a glove-controllable bezel.

Damasko doesn’t seem to compete with their best diving watch, Damasko DSub 50. It’s water-resistant up to only 300 meters (984 feet) but uses the crack-resistant submarine steel and other features in high-end diver’s watches. In the final analysis, Sinn is the choice brand if your work or hobby requires deep diving up to 1000 meters. But if you’re a recreation diver who loves Damasko’s bold designs, their DSub series should suffice.

Resale Value

Understanding resale value is also something to consider, so I would add that in. In a nutshell, this is an area where Sinn outshines Damasko. They have a large market, not just because they prioritize marketing but also because they’ve been in business longer. 

That’s not to say you won’t get a good bargain for a used Damasko if you ever want to sell. But Sinn watches drive a slightly higher resale value. Despite Damasko’s exclusivity, the market is fairer towards Sinn. For instance, a five-year-old fairly-used Sinn 104 can still sell for about $1000, which is close to its cost price. But a 2-year-old DC56 chronograph – worth over $2,000 new – would currently trade at around $1600.  


Both brands have a similar warranty duration of between 2 to 3 years. It costs around $50 to upgrade a Damasko’s warrant to 3 from 2 years. The warranty is also transferable from a previous owner if you buy a pre-owned watch. 

Remember that you also need the previous owner’s full name to validate the warranty. Not just a serial number, so you don’t waste shipping costs. This raises the question, “which brand is more responsive to after-sales service”?  

Although Damasko has more authorized dealers in the US, watch enthusiasts prefer Sinn’s customer service. They are more helpful and reply faster even though they send repairs all the way to Germany. At Exquisite Timepieces, honoring the manufacturer’s warranty on available timepieces is second nature. 

Comparable Sinn and Damasko Watch: DA46 Vs. Sinn 104

Sinn 104 vs Damasko DA46

Should you buy Sinn or Omega? Both brands compare on almost every level. These two German watchmakers offer pilot watches, chronographs, and diving watches, so there’s usually a design or price range overlay. Let’s head off with a brief Sinn 104 and DA46 showdown.

The major deciding point usually boils down to style preference. You either fancy a DA46 for its bold and rugged build or a Sinn104 for its casual dress appeal. The 104 has a polished case and bracelet that only relaxed people would appreciate, but the Damasko’s finishing is similar to a practical tool watch – built for everyday use in a specific field.

But if you pay attention to the components of your watch, you’ll appreciate a DA46 better than a 104 in gold bracelets. That’s because it uses an Arabic numeral dial, wide sword hands, and sports a bead-blasted case.  Both watches still have significant similarities, like a two-directional rotating bezel, black dial finish, and triangular lume pips.

Other Sinn and Damasko Watches

  • Everyday watch: Sinn 556 and Damasko DS30
  • Diving watch: Damasko Dsub50 and Sinn U1
  • Chronograph: Damasko DC56 and Sinn 103St
  • Anti Magnetic watch: Damask DC86 and Sinn 140St

Price Points

It’s easy to outrightly write off Damasko as the cheaper brand because they’re smaller. But with their recent technologies and releases, they aren’t so far off from Sinn on the price scale. Does this make the Sinn more expensive than Damasko? You’ll find out below.

Tool Watches

Well, with tool or instrument watches, they aren’t far off. Damasko’s limited in-house production guarantees that genuine craftsmanship (not mass production) goes into even its most affordable timepieces. An entry-level Damasko ds30 pilot watch costs less than $1,100, while you can still find a Sinn 556 I for around $1000 (shipping fees not included). That means anyone considering both brands can afford to get at least an entry-level watch from either.


Sinn blows Damasko out of the water when you compare higher-end series. For example, Damasko DC86 is one of Damasko’s most expensive timepieces and costs about $4000. Meanwhile, Sinns’ 6000 Rose Gold costs around $15,000 and is only one of its many pricy models. 

If you head into their diving watch shelf, you’ll see some correspondence in price points. Damasko’s DSUB50, for instance, would hold its own against Sinn’s row of high-end diver’s watches. 

Ladies Watches

It’s essential to add that Sinn also carries a beautiful line of women’s watches, while Damasko doesn’t. The entry-level models cost around $1300 to $3500, while exclusive models decorated with precious stones and metal cost about $4000 to $6000. Sinn also has a line of limited and special edition watches that cost anywhere from $4000 to over $10,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I Chose A Damasko Watch Over A Sinn?

Both models (D46 and Sinn 104) had identical specs, but I chose the Damasko for its ice-hardened steel bracelet. I wanted a tool watch I could wear daily at work and not worry about scuff marks while at it. Plus, the DA46 had a bright lume.

What’s the Damasko vs. Sinn Debate In A Nutshell?

The Sinn and Damasko debate generally borders around their dressiness and toughness. Watch enthusiasts believe Sinn watches are better suited for casual or dressy occasions, while Damasko’s are for those looking for rugged, “everyday-use” tool watches. 

While this is true, it’s a fan-based generalization. Sinn might be a jack-of-all-trade brand, but they carry some of the toughest watches money can buy. And Damasko, as a small, family-owned, in-house producer, is great at what it does best – making durable watches.

Are Sinn Watches Tough?

Sinn reinforces its watch case and bracelet with either a scratch-resistant bead-blasted coating or their high-end steel hardening technology called Tegiment. 

Most of these watches carry professional-standard anti-magnetic inner cases. And use Sinn’s “special Sinn oil” to stay accurate in freezing and hot temperatures. Overall, Sinn builds robust watches but also offers polished dressy models.

What Movement is in the Sinn 556i?

Buyers get confused when they find a different movement from different dealers. But it’s not an issue nor an alarm for knock-offs. The Sinn 556i officially uses a Selita SW200-1 but is the same as the ETA-2824-2. It’s known to run at an average of +3 seconds per day.

Are Sinn Watches German?

Found by a German, Helmut Sinn, in 1961 and based out of Frankfurt am Main district in Germany. 
Sinn is a renowned and trusted watchmaker that sells over 12,000 watches yearly and has won several red dot design awards.

Final Thoughts

Sinn and Damasko are great watchmakers beyond dispute, so it all boils down to your preference. If you value exclusivity and rugged tool watches, Damasko makes it clear they focus on toughness and produces only about 1000 watches yearly.

Prefer having more options and growing your taste with one brand? Sinn has several entry-level and high-end options in many categories, from chronographs to ladies’ watches. What’s your experience with Sinn and Damasko? If you’re shopping, you can check out our collection of authentic Sinn watches (with manufacturer warranty) in the store.

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