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If you are interested in diver-style luxury watches check out the Ball Watch Co. Engineer Master II watch collection. Crafted for divers, this line of exquisite timepieces is water-resistant to 330 feet. Ball Watch Co. Engineer Master II watch collection also has a wide range of straps, dials, and materials to choose from. The Ball Watch Co. Engineer Master II watch features a dial with unique characteristics such as the world time ring and numerals that stand out. Other design hallmarks of the Ball Watch Co. Engineer Master II watches include resistance to shock and resistance to magnetic disturbances. You do not have to look far for Ball Watch Co. Engineer Master II watches for sale. Exquisite Timepieces is the best place to buy Ball Watch Co. Engineer Master II watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Ball Watch Co. Engineer Master II authorized dealer.


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Ball Engineer Master II Watch Collection Review


History of Ball Engineer Master II Collection

The Ball watch company is deep-rooted and traditional, and the history of the brand goes back to the 1880s. Webb C.Ballfounded the company, and he was the first person to use standard time measurement in the first watch he created. He is the pioneer of time measurement standardization in the world of watch manufacturing. The Ball company has made a significant place in the watch market. The company designs mechanical watches with superb designs and unique traits that hint at their traditional roots and values.


Some interesting facts about the Ball Engineer Master II Collection

The story behind the creation of the Ball watch company is very intriguing and exciting. Web C Ball was a jeweler in the 1880s and was famous for the standardization of the measurement of time. After a tragic train crash in the area, Ball had appointed as the Time inspector at the rail lines, and shortly after his appointment, he introduced the standard measurement of time all through the rail system. In this way, a standard tool for measuring time came into existence, which was called the Ball Railroad watch. The Ball Company has now six lines of timepieces and is a famous watch brand all over the world.


Ball Engineer Master II Diver

Who could have assumed that a dive watch could be so useful but when you consider the fact that the company came out with the second run for the match makes it a watch worth buying. The Ball engineer master ii diver watch is an exciting buy and will make you stand apart when you wear it. Even though it is a dive watch but most people who have purchased a dive watch don’t spend much of their time diving underwater. Many people like to wear sporty watches for daily use.


Ball Engineer Master II Diver: The Dial Design

The dial design of the Ball engineer master ii diver dm1020 is unique, and this is where the novelty of the watch stands out. The dial has a modern look and has a little decorative touch on it. The dial has a three-dimensional look, and multiple layers with splashes of red add color and energy to the watch. The world time ring has a black and white sign to indicate day and night. The watch's aesthetic design is an eye-catcher and will make heads turn if you purchase it.


Ball Engineer Master II Diver: The Case

The surface of the Ball engineer ii diver case has screw-down crowns that help to control inner bezel. The matching steel bracelet is very comfortable and relaxed on the wrist. The Ball engineer master diver is made up of sturdy material and doesn’t break or destroy.

The engineer master ii diver watch is perfect for travelers who like to travel around the world. The Ball engineer master two divers are $2,149.


Ball Engineer Master II Normandy Watch

Sporty Look

The sub-second counters have a little bigger font at 30 and 60, and the watch overall gives a sporty touch. If you like to go on road trips or into playing sports regularly this one is for you.

Micro gas tubes

The micro gas tubes are a unique element in this watch. The microtubes provide bright light when the watch is in the dark, and the best thing about it is that the microtubes don’t need to get recharging from the sun.

The perfect color balance

The dark blue tone with surfaces that are white and a few splashes of red on the watch gives a charming look to the watch.

Stainless steel

The case of the watch has made of stainless steel. The case is water-resistant. The case has a retro-style look, while the crown looks more modern.

Ball Engineer Master II Normandy Price

This watch will be available online and will not be available in stores. The cost of the watch is $2,650. The watch is also offered in PVD and has green highlights as well.


Ball Engineer Master II Voyager

With the arrival of the Ball Engineer Master II voyager, the manufacturers of this watch have come up with a dynamic and thinner micro gaslight. While this watch is a limited edition, it does come in both 44m and 40mm models. The micro gas tubes are always activated and they can last up to 25 years.

Additionally, the micro gas tube is complemented by Super LumiNova for a better and added brightness. The engineer master ii voyager comes with a classic and secondary dial and can display two time zones with ease. This watch will keep you up to date about your city or country if you are traveling for business or holiday. It is considered one of the best travel watches in the market. It can easily be worn and won’t feel heavy on the wrist.

The Ball Engineer Master II comes with a magnificent anti-shock system that can absorb external shocks easily. The anti-magnetic ring that moves around the mechanical movement has a protective nature. This timepiece can resist 5,000Gs of force, and a soft iron shield deflects the magnetic disturbance. The Ball engineer master offers the dial in blue and black. The Master ii watch is offered with a calf strap or metal bracelet depending on whatever suits your requirements.

The price of this Ball engineer master two, which has a stainless steel bracelet, is USD 1,699. While the edition with a leather strap can be bought for USD 1,659. The voyager can feature time, date, power reserve indicator, and is water-resistant as well. The best thing about luxury watches is that they can fit well on any occasion very well, but this timepiece is specially designed for people who are fond of traveling.


Ball Engineer Master II Skindiver II

Every year the manufacturers of Ball come up with new and exquisite designs that grab the attention of all the watch lovers instantly. The Ball Engineer Master II Skindiver II is a new addition in the already exciting collection. It retains the classic look yet provides a modern touch that will be suitable for different age groups. The skin diver case is 43mm wide and has a thickness of 14mm. It is water and dust resistant, which is an additional advantage as you don’t have to worry about dust spilling on it. If you want, you can occasionally clean it with a light fabric. It can resist up to 5000GS a shock, which is a much-needed bonus. The chronometer of the Ball watch skin diver is certified ETA 2824-2 fits inside the Ball RR1103-C automatic movement quite easily.

The Ball skin diver is a shining star that comes with 15 double-sized micro gas tubes which form the markers of the hour. The glowing elements in the hands make it even more appealing, and the best thing is that the gas tubes do not require any charging. It can glow for over 25 years, and the bezel, which is of black ceramic, has Lume-filled markings. It contains a power reserve for 38 hours and can be worn as long as a person wants. The U.S. Coast Guard Reserve’s emblem is featured on the case back.

Skin diver II comes in both a black rubber strap and a multilink stainless-steel bracelet. There is also a folding clasp and an extension of a small diver. It is very durable and can strap on your wrist quickly rather than one of the best tools for divers. The Ball skin diver 2 has classic yet unique styling. It can increase your style statement no matter worn with a casual or party wear. It provides the best technical innovations for a modern-day wristwatch. It can be bought for under $4K and is a class apart from all other collections out there. The Ball engineer master ii skin diver has a perfect vintage look that a diver will need and will look cool even when the light goes out. If you are fond of swimming or diving underwater, it can turn out to be your best companion.


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