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The Ball Watch Co. Train Master watch collection comes highly recommended as the luxury timepiece for professional settings and special occasions. The Ball Watch Co. Train Master watches are equipped with Ball Watch Company’s signature tritium micro gas tubes. This means, no matter how low the lighting might be you can expect enhanced visibility. Ball Watch Co. Train Master watches feature automatic movement and hand-polished, first-class finishing. Trying to find Ball Watch Co. Train Master watches for sale can be rough. Luckily, Exquisite Timepieces is the best place to buy Ball Watch Co. Train Master watches. Exquisite Timepieces is a Ball Watch Co. Train Master authorized dealer.


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Ball Watch Co. Trainmaster Watch Collection Review

The genuine value of a brand lies in its unique history. For the Ball Trainmaster collection, history is as fascinating as it is impressive. Unlike the other collections from Ball, the trainmaster collection was designed for a more modern setting – the perfect watch for any event. This collection was carefully designed using first-class finishing and Ball's signature tritium micro gas tubes that enhance visibility in the darkest rooms. To honor the masters who supervised the successful operation of the railroads, the Ball brand celebrated their achievement by releasing the exquisite Ball Trainmaster. This collection is exceptionally designed and undoubtedly, the most classic timepiece released by the Ball brand.


History of the Ball Trainmaster Watch Collection

The history of the Ball Trainmaster collection is one worth exploring. To bring back the predominant era of railroads, Ball brand decided to rewrite history by introducing a collection that represents the trustworthiness and quality of their magnificent railroads. The Ball Watch Co Trainmaster is the latest piece in the ever-growing history of the Ball Watch Collection. Ball Brand combined qualities of its vintage timepieces, to introduce the Ball Trainmaster collection, the collection that boldly maintains Ball's strict criteria.


What makes the Ball Trainmaster Watch Collection Special?

If you are new to the watch of horology and luxurious timepieces, or even a seasoned watch enthusiast, the greatest mistake you can make is ending up with a boring watch. However, with the ball trainmaster collection, you can't go wrong. Ball Watch Co effortlessly makes the collection stand out from its predecessors. Well, the trick is, instead of using the custom SuperLuminova light source; the Ball brand used its signature micro tritium gas tubes. Tritium is a radioactive gas, so it constantly emits electrons, these electrons collide with the phosphor layer inside the tube, and self-powered light appears.


Models of the Ball Trainmaster Collection

Ball Watch Trainmaster Standard Time 18K NM3888D-PG-LCJ-WH

This model of the Trainmaster collection subtly blends modern technology used in contemporary watchmaking with the antique signature of the 19th-century railroads. The Ball watch Trainmaster Standard Time 18K NM3888D-PG-LCJ-WH features an ETA 2895-2 automatic Swiss movement with a powerful 42-hour reserve. The COSC certified timepiece is housed in sapphire glass that reveals the beauty of the movement and a stainless steel case. The crocodile leather strap displays the elegance of the timepiece and makes it effortless to wear.


Ball Trainmaster Manufacture 80 Hours Blue

The most notable feature in the Ball Trainmaster Manufacture 80 Hours is in its name. The excellent movement has a powerful 80-hour reserve. The transparent back case gives the owner a tip of the mechanical prowess. Unlike other models, the Trainmaster 80 Hours Blue ignored the standard Swiss movement from ETA or Selitta and used a much larger sapphire crystal. The automatic movement of the 80 hours blue has excellent finishing, as does the counterweight.
This luxury timepiece is COSC certified and is water-resistant up to about 50 meters (5 bars) and impact resistance of 5000Gs.
For watch collectors all over the world, this timepiece remains a coveted piece. It's impressive appearance, and powerful caliber makes it a watch every owner will genuinely appreciate.


Ball Trainmaster World Time GM2020D-LL1CJ-SL

Ball brand decided to make an improvement on ETA 2836-2 and came up with the modified Ball RR1501-C caliber, which they introduced in the trainmaster World Time hour GM2020D-LL1CJ-SL. The hour, minute, and second hands glow with the help of tritium powered micro gas tubes. The radioactive tritium provides a stable light source 100 times more luminous than SuperLuminova and can shine for up to 25 years. The radioactive rays it emits is totally safe, the low-energy emissions react with the coating of the mineral glass tubes to create an intense glow.
This luxury timepiece is COSC certified and is water-resistant up to about 50 meters (5 bars). The back case has a porthole-type window that showcases the powerful caliber with its impressive oscillating weight. The design of this classic model is finished with a leather strap that displays masculinity and lets the watch sit comfortably on the wearer's wrist.


Ball Trainmaster One Hundred Twenty NM2888D-PG-LJ-SLGO

The Ball Watch One Hundred Twenty NM2888D-PG-LJ-SLGO features an automatic movement that makes the timepiece resistant to water up to a depth of 50 meters. The model was specially produced to celebrate the heritage of the railroads. The case of this model is made with stainless steel, which blends perfectly with the black color of the dial. This model has water-resistance of meters and although it can be immersed in water for a short period, usually for fishing and swimming, the water-resistance may fail if it is used for high water sports. Ball brand released only 120 units of this limited edition classic watch.


Ball Watch Trainmaster Cannonball Chronograph CM1052D-L1J-WH

The Ball Watch Trainmaster cannonball chronograph features an automatic RR1401 caliber. The Ball 2050 movement and 49 jewel chronograph movement brings out the elegance of the luxurious modern watch. The watch portrays its beautiful 14 micro gas tubes, anti-reflective sapphire glass, water-resistance of 50 meters, a screwed-in crown, and shock resistance of 5,000Gs. This excellent appearance of the cannonball Chronograph CM1052D-L1J-WH model gives the wearer a truly elegant look.


Ball Watch Trainmaster Flying Scotsman NM2198D-PG-LCJ-WH

The Ball Watch Trainmaster Flying Scotsman NM2198D-PG-LCJ-WH is a timepiece for every room. This luxury limited-edition timepiece only had 149 units released as a tribute to celebrate the great era of the railways. It's no doubt the watch is coveted by both watch lovers and critics alike. It features a catchy crown, broad bezel all encased in the attractive solid 18 Karat pink 42mm gold case. The old-style Arabic numerals and design of the watch recall the beauty of the 1930s. The case is superbly finished which gives the timepiece its graceful appearance.


Ball Watch Trainmaster Cleveland Exp Power Reserve PM1058D-L1J-BK

The Trainmaster Cleveland Power Reserve (PM1058D-L1J-BK) boasts of water resistance of 50M and impact resistance of 5000Gs. This COSC certified watch features an automatic movement, a powerful 42-hour reserve, and 15 gas micro tubes that make the watch visible even in the darkest room.


Ball Watch Trainmaster First Flight GM1056D-S2J-BK

To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first flight, Ball Watch Co introduced the Trainmaster First Flight GM1056D-S2J-BK model. This eye-catching model features a fixed stainless steel bezel, an automatic Ball Watch Co caliber 651 movements, and a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal all enclosed in a striking stainless steel case. To display the watch's commanding movement, Ball Watch Co made a transparent 41mm back case. This limited edition model only had 600 units produced.


Ball Watch Trainmaster World time COSC II GM2020D-LC-BK

This model boasts one of the most impressive designs of the Trainmaster collection, the COSC certified World time GM2020D-LC-BK features an automatic movement, luminous hand indicators, and a catchy white globe dial. The anti-reflective scratch-resistant sapphire glass crystal covers the dial. Ball Watch Co went a step further to improve this model by including Worldtime display, date display at the 3 o'clock position, English & Spanish Day of the week display at the 6 o'clock position. This functional model has a 38-hour power reserve, anti-magnetic movement, and is water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters/165 feet. With the superb finishing, this watch is the epitome of modern elegance.


Ball Watch Trainmaster Legend NM3080D-LJ-SL

The Ball Watch Trainmaster Legend NM3080D-LJ-SL has a commanding appearance. The timepiece emphasizes the mechanical work behind the scenes with the sapphire crystal back case. This model is truly an impressive men's watch. The movement is enclosed in a stainless steel case that complements the unique black dial. Among others, other features this model highlights are date function and water resistance up to 30 meters. This watch was made for the casual workroom or official function. The water resistance will protect the watch against splashes of water, droplets of rain, and even when the wearer rinses his hand. However, the water resistance may fail if it is fully submerged in water.


Ball Trainmaster 125th Anniversary Limited Edition

Only 1000 units of this limited edition timepiece were released to mark the 125th anniversary of the Ball Brand. The quality finishing and peculiar case design to highlight the graceful appearance of this timepiece. As a new watch enthusiast or even a seasoned watch collector, it is almost impossible to miss the vintage hints placed all around the luxurious timepiece. The 40mm stainless steel and scratch-resistant anti-reflective sapphire glasses encase the unique automatic movement and dial. To increase its legibility, Ball Watch Co used its signature tritium micro-glass tubes and a transparent back case to display its mechanical prowess.


Wrap Up: Ball Watch Co. Trainmaster Watch Collection Review

To pay homage to the women and men that played a part in supervising the great railroads of America, Ball Watch Co decided to celebrate the hard work and contribution to the design of the renowned railroads by releasing the Trainmaster collection – A classy but stunning timepiece. The Ball Trainmaster collection was designed with Ball's strict criteria that elevate tradition, reliability, and precision.
Whether you are a watch collector, a newbie just giving into your passion for watches, or even if you are a fan of the vintage railroads, the Ball Watch Co Trainmaster has a timepiece to satisfy your desire.

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