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The British Aviation company, Martin-Baker is known for supplying around 70% of the Air Forces in the world with fighter ejection seat technology. In 2007, to create the definitive aviation watch they approached Bremont. Other than just simply placing the logo, the watch has to go through some rigorous testing program. After two years, Bremont MBI came into being. The Bremont MB1/MB2 watch has endured 12-30G successfully during the first second of ejection. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Bremont MBII & MBIII collection. You can find Bremont MBII & MBIII watches for sale here.

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Bremont Martin Baker MB Watch Collection Review

Martin Baker and Bremont, have joined together in designing and building the greatest aviation wristwatch, which embodies everything that's meant by "Made in Britain." Bremont wristwatches, including Bremont MBI and MBII, are able to endure about 12-30G in the entire initial second of ejection. These wristwatches are one of the few to ever pass through a live ejection seat testing program.

Martin Baker, which is the forerunner of the ejection seat, is a representation of the pinnacle of British engineering. This collaboration has incorporated the knowledge of testing, design, and materials of Martin Baker with the watchmaking skills of Bremont. Their goal is to create a challenge for conventional mechanical wristwatch craft by making use of standards that really give the definition of "a matter of life and death."

An ejection seat will likely sit without being used for forty years, at the same time that same seat is ready on a moment's notice to save the pilot’s life. The testing facility of Martin Baker is distinctive, and the MB wristwatches by Bremont have passed through several trials you can see nowhere else, even stimulating an aircraft life of thirty years via a vibration testing machine.

It'll be easy for you to recognize the Bremont MBI ejection survivor watches through the red barrel they have. This Red barrel can not be seen in any other Bremont Martin Baker wristwatch. It is subtle: it isn't obvious except viewed from its side. It does not scream, "Look at me, and what I did."

Thankful to a company which has a sole mission of saving their clients in the most demanding of an atmosphere on the bad days of their lives. Maybe the corporate tagline of Martin Baker should be "We save butts."

The ejection seats of Martin Baker stays silently in the cockpit with no complaint, never ever been called on, most likely for the aircraft's life. Then unexpectedly, the black-and-yellow-striped handle, then the seat rockets to life, doing precisely what it was crafted to do – flawlessly and for less than one life-saving second. That second is what makes every difference.

Martin Baker and Bremont merged for the creation of a wristwatch recognizing the experience for the individuals who lived through it.

Bremont and Martin Baker: An unlikely partnership

Since the launch of Bremont in 2007, the watches they make have earned them a good reputation for higher durable watches under the worse circumstances. This brand seems as British as possible. Although, in a good way. Following a close and to practicing magnificence embodying every that's meant by the predicate "Made in Britain."

The two gentlemen who founded the Bremont Watch Company, Giles and Nick English, possess an extended memory. In the late '90s, they were forced to have an emergency landing while they're flying in their '30s aircraft along France. They eventually ended up in the field of a farmer.

It happened that this precise farmer was a pilot during World War II, and even an engineer also. The best incorporation for assisting these brothers to get their airplane back in the air. Giles and Nick did not forget the kind of hospitality they got from this farmer, and this made them honor him in the best way: the name of that farmer is Antoine Bremont.

Martin Baker is a British British which is privately held and makes one particular thing: that is high?performance ejection seats of aircraft. We presently have about eighty thousand Martin Baker ejection seats in service found in ninety-two of the air forces in the world in eighty types of aircraft.

The relationship between Martin Baker and Bremont punched the afterburner on the great engineering these two brands are known to offer.

With the aim of applying reliability and durability to a mechanical watch craft, think temperature extremes, G forces long exceeding the unveiling of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy and equivalent of salt fog to a six-month deployment of the carrier flight deck.

No other wristwatch I've seen has such exact standards. Again, there's no other wristwatch crafted for surviving to stay idle for tens of years, then rocket out in a suddenly made convertible which is moving at a speed of 1,000 km/hr.

But that was not all that is gotten from the partnership between Bremont and Martin Baker: a segment of production of this extremely special wristwatch – the MBI – would be separated exclusively for honoring the pilots that survived to evacuate their aircraft in the ejection seat of a Martin Baker.

With no ejection seat number of the Martin Baker which saved your life coupled with vetting from Bremont, you can not get this particular special edition wristwatch having the red barrel. Without any exceptions. And one MBI for every ejection.

The individuals who have the MBI are an exclusive club, yet none of them had the aspiration of being members. A lot of them are incredibly proud of what they accomplished and the fact that they are survivors. The owner group of the MBI includes the senators and congressmen of the United States, CEOs of top publicly held companies, and several chiefs of 6 air forces throughout the globe.

Features Which Makes the MB line of Bremont Extraordinary

Ability to absorb shock

The movement of the watch is located within the Trip-Tick (three-piece) of Bremont case and then closes it in a case on the inside which connects to the case outside via a rubberized, shock-absorbing, and flexible ring.

In addition, the regulating parts and movement make use of the latest technology of shock-absorbing alongside a Bremont's special-made shock-absorbing rotor.

The testing procedure and purpose-built assembly, shock-absorbing parts, relative weight of 107 grams on a strap, inner case, and Trip-Tick case give the MB series the chance to withstand the highest form of violent usage any watch in the world is able to withstand.

Anti-magnetic components

The Bremont MB wristwatch is totally immune to great magnetic fields, achieved by making use of an inner case which entirely encloses the movement. Soft iron is used in making the inner case, and if functions as a Faraday cage, preventing high magnetic fields from having an effect on the movement. The regulating components of the movement are also created from materials that are non-magnetic.

Inner bezel and dial

The design of the dial allows reading visibility and clarity in every condition, which includes frozen salt fog. Its hour markers and hands are coated using Super-LumiNova, glowing a fresh blue under dim light. The MBI and MBII also possess an inner bezel that rotates, that a knurled crown at the two o'clock position rotates to each elapsed time. This makes use of a ball-click system of locking, which is unique to the Martin Baker line of Bremont.

Features of the watch design

Bremont MBI Watch

The element that differentiates the MBI and MBII is the color of the aluminum barrel. The barrel of the MBI is in a vibrant red color. This wristwatch arrives in a black calfskin leather strap alongside triangular stitching beside the two lugs to identify the seat theme of the ejection. It also arrives with a canvas NATO strap which has a cool look.

The MBI only arrives in a black dial with date, day, seconds, minutes, hours, and an inner bezel which is rotating marked in minute increments and large markings every 5 minutes.

Bremont MBII Watch

The availability of this wristwatch is to the general public. It possesses a number of variances from the MBI. Initially, you can order the aluminum barrel which is on the MBII in a plan anthracite knurled finish in Bremont MBII green, Bremont MBII blue, and Bremont MBII orange. But it can never be red.

You also have the chance of ordering the watch with either a black or white dial. The functions are similar to that in the MBI; date, day, seconds, minutes, hours, and a rotating inner bezel. Lastly, you have the chance of choosing either a steel bracelet or a leather strap. The MBII is priced at $5,595 with the steel bracelet and $4,995 on a strap.

The case backs of the MBII and MBI have an icon of the triangular ejection seat warning engraved in them. The case back engraving of the MBI has the inclusion of the space for as many as ten characters – typically the name of the owner, Martin Baker Ejection Tie Club membership number, and the call sign. There is no engraving offered by Bremont on the MBII.

Bremont MBIII Watch

The MBIII turned out to be the first time that a GMT movement will be introduced by Bremont to any of its wristwatches with no chronograph. Similar to the MBII, this newest inclusion to the Martin Baker x Bremont collection gives a variety of barrel choice colors, which include Bremont MBIII bronze, Bremont MBIII orange and Bremont MBIII anthracite.

Functions are 24-hour GMT hand, date, seconds, minutes, hours, and an inner bezel that rotates. The color of the MBIII's dial is only black. The prices of this are $6,395 for the one with steel bracelet and $5,795 for the one on a strap.

There's also a special anniversary edition of the MBIII which marks the ten years of partnership between the Martin Baker and Bremont on this excellent series of watches which was introduced in the early moments of 2019 at the "Townhouse" event of the brand.

There is a limited production of the anniversary edition, and they are only 310 pieces, which arrives only with a white dial. The engraving of an MK16 ejector seat on the case backs used to mark the milestone. The prices are $6,195 with the steel bracelet, and 5,595 on a strap.

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