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The Glashütte Original Pano watch collection presents the wearer with a timepiece that is distinctly eye-catching. The Glashütte Original Pano wristwatch line is a prime example of combining traditional values with a modern twist. The aesthetically pleasing display is designed with symmetrical dial visuals lending it a contemporary air. The styles range from the smooth, classic look to intricately embellished inlays and skeletonized designs. With a striking case and a remarkable dial, Glashütte Original Pano wristwatches are truly elegant timepieces. Trying to find Glashütte Original Pano watches for sale without help can get frustrating. If you are looking for the best place to buy Glashütte Original Pano watches, Exquisite Timepieces is a Glashütte Original Pano authorized dealer.


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Glashütte Original Pano Review

The power of invention combined with the creativity of design is immediately noticeable at first glance when you look at the watches within the collection of Glashütte Pano. Thus the collection has an unmistakably modern look complemented with aesthetics achieved by not symmetrical dial visuals that give the collection a synthesis of modernity and tradition.


History of Glashütte Original Pano Collection

The Glashütte Pano appeared for the first time in 2001 with the sub-collection PanoRetroGraph. The model featured a motif of subdials for the time and seconds that overlapped and an alarm with not typical countdown function. The limited-edition was introduced with 50 watches in platinum.

The collection Glashütte Original Pano covers timepieces that include the distinctive Panorama Date that is typical for the design of this reputable manufacturer. The display for the date is very large and has become identifying of this German watchmaker in Saxony. Some Pano versions are at present long-established timepieces of this collection of Glashütte Original.

The name “Panorama Date” is reserved and it always refers to the brand of Glashütte original as the discs for the dates are positioned concentrically enabling the discs to be set at an equal level in the interior of the watch.

Talking about the watches from the collection of Glashütte Pano, the dial display of the date looks bigger compared to the more conventional watches. The Panorama Date gives a twist to the complete dial and provides sophisticated charm to Pano Collection watches.


Glashütte Pano Models

There are eight sub-categories in this collection Pano Original.


Glashütte PanoMaticInverse

There are three models that belong to the Panomatic Inverse collection. The PanoMaticInverse displays proudly some of the features of Glashütte which are typically not displayed such as the splendid finish of the stripe, screw balance, precise perlage, beveled edges a balance bridge that is engraved by hand, and blued screws.

What is evident with the PanoMaticInverse collection is the design that was achieved with the inverse position of the components and they can be seen from the case back that is made of sapphire.

The case is with a diameter of 42 mm and it features the typical displays of seconds, minutes, and hours and the Panorama Date that is typical for Glashütte Original. The date display is straightforward and readable and the mechanism is with automatic winding. The technical sophistication combined with the exceptional design makes the three models from PanomaticInverse incredibly stylish for daily wear. The caliber is manufactured by Glashütte Original with 49 jewels and a power reserve of 42 hours.


Glashütte PanoInverse

The Glashütte PanoInverse collection contains 2 models and from this collection, there is a limited edition with one model.

The Glashütte PanoInverse differs from the other collections in reference to the caliber movement which is manual winding. The diameter of the watch is 42 mm, and the height is 12 mm and what is also distinctive for the Glashütte PanoInverse is the function of display of power reserve. The power reserve is also slightly different featuring up to 41 hours and 31 jewels.

The Glashütte PanoInverse was released for the first time in 2008. It is a collection that showed the inner beauty of the watch by raising one element that was not exposed to the watch surface that is visible. Thus, the innovative fine adjustment with the swan neck is now shown to the public. This collection is rich in decorations: delicate gold chatons, blued screws, blued hands made of steel, elegant display for the power of reserve, and Arabic numerals.


Glashütte PanoMaticLunar Watch

There are 11 model versions in the Glashütte PanoMatic lunar collection. As the name implies the PanoMaticLunar takes inspiration from the Stars and the Moon. The non-symmetrical design of the dials is one of the distinctive characteristics of the entire Pano Collection and here in the PanoMaticLunar, it is complemented with the Panorama Date and striking moon display on the left side of the dial.

The case is with a diameter of 40 mm and a height of 12.7 mm. The caliber is an automatic movement. The Glashütte PanoMaticLunar besides the standard functions for expressing time features a second stop and a moon phase.


Glashütte PanoReserve Watch

The Glashütte PanoReserve features 10 model versions. The foundation of the watches in the collection Glashütte PanoReserve is the Calibre with manual winding and power reserve of 42 hours. The case back made of the sapphire crystal provides a view to a number of the classical timepiece elements: plate with Glashütte finish with stripes, balance cock that is hand- engraved, gold chatons that are screwed mounted, and small blued screws.

The diameter is 40 mm with a height of 11.70 mm. The caliber movement is manual winding. All of the models in the Glashütte PanoReserve boast a simple elegance that is shown in the off-center display for the hours and minutes. Very similar to the other collections the straps can be made of leather or stainless steel.


Glashütte PanoGraph Watch

Glashütte PanoGraph is the second generation of PanoRetroGraph that was released in 2000. The case is bigger with the shape of the cylinder and Panorama Date Window that is impressive and positioned at 4 o’clock.

The nonstandard counter of 30 minutes is an exceptional presentation of the prime design - three scales of 10 minutes and three individual pointers that have different lengths. The red gold case and rose gold hands and indexes are a true representation of aesthetics in the design.

Very similar to Glashütte PanoReserve this collection of Glashütte PanoGraph has a 40mm case but with a slightly larger height of 13.70 mm, and caliber with a manual winding that is manufactured by Glashütte Original. A traditional switching wheel does all chronograph functions.


Glashütte PanoLunar Tourbillon

When we talk about the brand of Glashütte Original there are three things that we have to highlight and which refer to this brand: 1. Panorama Date as a distinctive feature; 2. The sophisticated moon phase; and 3. Flying Tourbillon designed in 1920. The watches in the PanoLunar Tourbillon collection because of the dual visuals which are asymmetric are exceptionally striking. The Tourbillon is aligned together with the display for minutes and hours and is positioned at the left part of the dial. The visual harmony is achieved with the moon phase and the window for the date on the right side.

The Flying Tourbillon is different than the classic in that it operates with one anchor. The display for the moon phase is an incredible design with shimmering stars in gold and the moon laid out on a blue sky. The entire layout and design are inspired by the well-known golden ratio that has been an inspiration for many artists from history until now.

The power reserve is one of the best with 48 hours and the same diameter compared to the other model versions from the Glashütte Pano Collection with 40 mm and a height of 13.10 mm. On the dial, the tourbillon cage features the small seconds beside the standard functions and the specific one for this collection i.e. the Flying Tourbillon.


Glashütte PanoMaticCounter XL

There is only one watch in the PanoMaticCounter XL and the model was released in 2010. It has been known for the variety of interesting characteristics that it possesses and the relatively affordable price. The case is made of stainless steel and has the biggest diameter of 44 mm and a height of 16 mm as the name XL implies. One of the fascinating functions of this timepiece is the added counter. It can be used for counting many things from number 1 to number 99. The counter is represented via red numerals that are set on a striking black ground. The window for the Panorama Date in this version is positioned right next to 3 o’clock. There is a scale for stop-seconds and a counter for half an hour. The indexes are in white gold and set on a black surface so the contrast in colors makes the time reading very straightforward and clear. The watch contains 584 components and the design is inspired by an award-winning one also made by Glashütte Original.


Value of the Glashütte Pano Collection

Glashütte Original showed and proved that Germany is able to produce reputable luxury watches. Not surprisingly Glashütte Original, the well-known classic German watchmaker, has attracted numerous followers and brand admirers among collectors but also watch lovers worldwide, as well as influential and famous people. Among the most prominent individuals, Alec Baldwin, Eric Singer, and Iris Berben have been long-time admirers of the exquisite timepieces from the Glashütte Original collections.

Regardless of which of the model versions within the Glashütte Original Pano collection you choose, all timepieces bring a note of elegance. Some of the most popular ones are part of the Glashütte Panomatic and Panograph because they can be combined with so many different styles, a range from a professional look to a trendier one that perfectly fits on a leather jacket as well. The watches in this collection satisfy and exceed the strictest requirements so purchasing one of these models makes a great investment. Glashütte Original Pano collection watches boast timeless design and incredible precision. If interested to check the prices of these incredibly stylish and all-time favorites make sure you visit our site.

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