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The Oris Aquis watch collection offers a range of complications to fit the needs of all watch enthusiasts. The collection is dedicated to the ocean’s health, featuring watches such as the Oris Aquis Relief, Oris Aquis Hammerhead and the Oris Aquis Great Barrier Reef. The most popular complications are the Oris Aquis date, Oris Aquis GMT and the Oris Aquis chronograph. For those who love the Oris Aquis Diver aspect, some Oris released the Oris Aquis depth gauge watch which allows the user to know their depth at all times while diving. Other notable complications and features of the collection are the Oris Aquis big-day date and the Oris Aquis small second. The most popular material in this collection are the Oris Aquis titanium watches, which is extremely scratch resistant. Additionally, the most coveted colors are the Oris Aquis green watches and the Oris Aquis red watches, followed by black, then orange. As for size, most people go for the Oris Aquis 39.5 mm (aka Oris Aquis 40mm), which seems to be the perfect fit for all. The Oris Aquis price ranges from just a couple thousand to just below $10,000 USD, a great value! That concludes our Oris Aquis review.


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Oris Aquis Watch Review

The History of the Oris Aquis Collection

Oris Watchmaking Company has transitioned over the years through the production of several luxury watches that maintain quality and fundamental features. During the initial decades, the company focused on the production of pocket watches, which were heavily demanded then. In I925, the brand reshaped its model by introducing the bracelet buckles to the pocket watches.

The move made Oris watches gain recognition worldwide due to innovative and quality features. Around the 1960s, the industry had changed, and the trend was on recreational diving watches. Oris assessed the market and produced a quality 100m waterproof timepiece that had a calibrated unidirectional rotating bezel. Divers loved it because it was now easy for them to track the underwater movements.

The Quartz Crisis affected many Swiss brands, but Oris didn’t feel the impact. It continued to thrive and succeed in the watchmaking arena due to its innovative nature. The 21st century has been extremely good for divers who love Oris watches. Through re-launching of the divers Oris Aquis watch line with excellent performance and functionality and introduction of Aquis models in 2011, the company evidenced its capability to produce high-quality timepieces. After the success of the Aquis Depth Gauge, Oris has produced several watches in the Oris Aquis Collection. Read on to get the comprehensive details.


Oris Aquis Collection General Craftsmanship

Oris Aquis Collection Movements

Oris Aquis Collection consists of mechanical watches that are dependent on mechanical calibers. This makes them mechanical automatic watches. The company receives the unfinished movements and then modifies them to suit the particular need. Each timepiece has a characteristic movement based on the features and purposes targeted. No matter your choice, you are guaranteed a quality Oris Aquis watch.

For instance, Oris Aquis Date uses caliber 733 movements, which are based on the Sellita SW200-1 movement. For distinctive purposes, the movement has a red Oris rotor. The Oris Aquis Staghorn Limited Edition utilizes Oris caliber 735 movements while others use the Caliber 743. An automatic movement that depends on SW220-1 from Sellita. With the red rotor that provides the self-winding, the timepiece gets full energy for daily operations.


Oris Aquis Collection Materials

The materials in this collection are all that you need. You will not be disappointed in any way. The timepieces have high-quality stainless steel cases, sapphire crystal, and multiple Oris Aquis straps worth choosing. Other quality materials used include ceramic, Oris Aquis titanium, or tungsten. Every material undergoes extensive scrutiny and quality assurance before incorporating them on each timepiece. Besides, you enjoy the high water resistance capability. Your decision depends on the material you prefer. In each case, you get a watch worth your money.


Oris Aquis Collection Appearance

The appearance depends on the watch design, readability, and color. The first thing every buyer notices is the general outlook of a watch. It gives the first impression, and you are comfortable investing in it. Luckily, Oris Aquis Collection has very attractive watches that will look good on you. The company watchmakers have used classic looks that never go outdated.

Color combination is one thing you cannot ignore. The combination is exciting, and it will match your desired goal for wearing the watch. The alternative materials and dials' colors contribute a lot to the watch's aesthetic. These diver watches have high readability, and you’ll not have to worry about the clarity. The feature is not just significant for divers, but everyone interested in a high readability timepiece.


Watches in the Oris Aquis Collection

Oris Aquis Depth Gauge

Are you seeking a diving watch that satisfies you fully? Oris Aquis Depth Gauge does that. This timepiece has multiple features that interest every buyer. At 46mm, the proportioning is perfect and there is no sensation that you feel like it is too big for you. It features water resistance to 500m, a unidirectional ceramic bezel, an automatic movement, among others. A unique characteristic is that the watch can show the water depth by absorbing a small amount of water.

The anti-reflective crystal of the Oris Aquis Depth Gauge, rubber seals, and the overall design plays a key role in ensuring the movement is secure and no water goes to the wrong place. Another thing you will notice is the case, dial, and hands. Everything lines up beautifully. If you value the addition of ceramic then this will be your best option. The black brushed ceramic finish adds a taste everyone will love. It is scratch-free and reflects very well in the presence of light.
The bracelet is handsome and it is among the most impressive aspects you'll notice in this watch. The Oris Aquis Depth Gauge with yellow rubber strap will only cost you $3600 at our stores.


Oris Aquis Depth Gauge Chronograph

This highly innovative Oris Aquis black rubber diving watch follows the footsteps of the Oris Aquis Depth Gauge. At 48mm, the automatic timepiece guarantees readability in water. While using it in the underwater environment at anywhere below 500m, you’ll realize that the indices, hands, and the ceramic bezel have luminous material that assists you in tracking time and pressure at deep dark ends.


Oris Aquis Chronograph

The watch comes with a sporty black Oris Aquis rubber strap with the diver’s extension at the closing end to allow the wearer to loosen or tighten it until it fits the wrist. Oris Aquis Chronograph is a limited edition devoted to conservation causes. The timepiece has an advanced depth gauge to record the water resistance up to 500m. At 46.0mm, the timepiece has excellent features that you need to check out. With different styles that come with the blue dialed look, you can be sure you will get your choice.


Oris Aquis Small Second Date

Oris has always produced dive watches with amazing features. Oris Aquis Small Second Date is one of them. It has a slightly thinner and larger diameter case that measures 46.0mm. It has two versions that are both water-resistant to 500 meters. One has a blue dial and the other with a black dial. With this variation, you are sure you will find what suits you. The versions also come with blue, black, or stainless steel straps. With $2450, you can own a stainless steel Oris Aquis Small Second Date.


Oris Aquis Date

Oris has gained recognition over the years for being honest and producing quality watches with fair prices. Every model you purchase is worth the money you spend acquiring it. The first thing that draws you to these watches is the dial color. The diver watches, especially those on the Oris Aquis Date category have an extensive range with varying dial colors and straps. With a range of $1350 - $2150, you can purchase any of the watches in the Oris Aquis Date category explained below.


Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial

These watches suit wearers that prefer a versatile, handsome, and bold watch with a modern touch. The Oris Aquis watch design suits both the water and land environment, and it is very refreshing when you wear it with your casual or official attire. With 43.5mm wide and a nice strap, it fits you well, and you don’t have any reason to keep on replacing the straps.

If you enjoy the flexibility of a rubber strap feels free to choose Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial on Rubber Strap. Those who want to match the dial with the straps will require the Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial on Blue Rubber Strap. If you need to complement the colors, then go for it.
There is also the Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial on a Brown Leather Strap. Oris Aquis leather straps strive to achieve comfort and satisfaction. Still, on straps, the bracelet comes as an ideal option for you. It is slimmer and more tapered. Such features make it less bulky. Oris Aquis Date Blue Dial on Bracelet is a fantastic choice if you need a pretty cool timepiece.


Oris Aquis Date Black Orange

It seems like Oris had Halloween in mind when producing this watch. The 43.5mm case watch has a black dial with luminous orange inserts making it a perfect match for you. The feature allows it to be visible in the dark. Oris Aquis Date Black Orange on Bracelet is rated 300m. It is available with orange or black straps. With a budget of $1900 - $2100, you will comfortably own either of them.


Oris Aquis Date Green Dial

It is among the few watches with the green dial out there. The Oris Aquis green uniqueness makes it every wearer’s choice. With a 43.5mm case and Oris 733 movement, you can be sure it will serve you well. Despite the asking price of $1950 - $2100, you get value beyond the pay. The variation on these blue dials is on the straps. You are to choose leather, rubber or bracelet.


Oris Aquis Date Brown Dial

If you desire a brown dial, have a look at the Oris Aquis Date Brown Dial on Strap. The brown on the strap complements that of the dial, making it a perfect fit for diving and day to day activities.


Oris Aquis Date Mint

It is a new color that Oris has bestowed on their timepiece. The minty dial is paired with a grey tungsten bezel insert. The Oris Aquis 39.50mm case diameter watch is water-resistant up to 300m. If you desire to enjoy the new refreshing look, Oris Aquis Date Mint on Bracelet or leather will suit you fully.


Oris Aquis Date Relief

Aquis Date relief was produced to raise awareness about the scarcity of fresh water in the world. The timepiece has grey, red, and bracelet options from which to choose. Ideal watches for scuba diving due to water resistance up to 300m making them excellent for in-depth water endurance. The three main watches here include the Oris Aquis Date Relief Red Strap, Oris Aquis Date Relief Grey Strap, and Oris Aquis Date Relief on Bracelet.


Oris Aquis GMT Date

The Aquis GMT Date is a true revolution on the Oris watches. The model retains the features of Aquis Date with little modification. For instance, it measures 43.50mm, retains the shape, and water-resistant at 300m. Do you need an Oris timepiece with a dual time function? Well, the Oris Aquis GMT Date comes to quench your desires. The traveler’s complication helps a lot especially if you use the timepiece for daily activities. The timepiece is available with leather, rubber, and stainless steel straps.


Oris Aquis Limited Editions

Oris has many watches featured in the limited edition. The company believes in partnering with society on a particular cause to create awareness, support, and mobilize the public towards some activities. In some cases, it supports specific organizations or foundations by helping them find a solution to the underlying problem. Note that these watches have varying specifications to meet the desired cause. Some of the limited edition timepieces include:

  • Oris blue whale limited edition
  • Oris star wars Stormtrooper limited edition
  • Oris Aquis regulateur der meistertaucher
  • Oris Aquis Clipperton limited edition on strap
  • Oris Aquis red limited edition
  • Oris Aquis clean ocean limited edition
  • Oris Aquis hammerhead limited edition. Rubber and stainless steel strap


Special Things About the Oris Aquis Collection

The depth gauge. The yellow marks you see on the dial are the meter marks meant to record the water depth. As you move deeper, the gauge raises and records more pressure. You might have noticed that there is a small semicircle before 12:00. That’s the path through which water gets into the watch.

Extensive sort of models. You will not miss a watch that you love in the collection. From the above listing, the collection has advanced models that suit your diving purposes and any other routine tasks. If you feel you deserve more than one Oris watch, consider getting an addition from the Aquis collection.

A high degree of individuality. The personalization happens because of the simple yet classic design. Every part of the watch is made with the final user in mind. The watches are more custom-made, and they aim to help you professionally, compliment your style, and raise your comfort levels. You will not need any adjustment or rectification to suit you.


Oris Aquis Collection Review Wrap-Up

Since 1904, Oris has produced luxurious watches with great design, high quality, and very reliable. The Oris Aquis Collection showcases all those features. With a plethora of attributes, the watches in this collection still retains reasonable prices. This is one factor that has attracted the majority of buyers. Do you need any timepiece in Oris Aquis Collection today? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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