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Omega vs Breitling

With so many options on the market, it’s hard for watch enthusiasts to pick the best watch that meets their needs. As a watch enthusiast, you have to compare different watchmaking brands. Which is better, Omega or Breitling? When comparing these two brands, we show you the essential things to look for when purchasing a new watch. When comparing two brands, people will have different opinions, that’s why our team of experts is giving you a detailed review of these two big brands, Omega vs Breitling.


Omega Factory

Both Omega and Breitling have a rich history in the watchmaking industry. Omega was founded in 1848, four decades earlier than Breitling, which was founded in 1884. The two brands for more than a century have been known for innovations and making high-quality watches. Despite this similarity, the two brands have their differences. Breitling has a rich history in aviation, making reliable and high-quality chronographs, which have gained massive popularity among watch-connoisseurs. On the other hand, Omega has been very diverse with its creations, the most notable being the moon collection, which has a watch model that was worn to the moon.


Omega vs Breitling: Style and Movements

The movements are arguably the most important part of any watch. Different top brands are always trying to upgrade their movements. The movements are the heart of the watch, and all watch connoisseurs are impressed and attracted to the best movements a brand can offer. Having an in-house watch movement is an excellent achievement in the watchmaking industry. The two brands both have in-house movements, but they also have some of their models using externally sourced movements.

Compared to Breitling, Omega produces its own in-house movements, which are more complicated and have the best technology. For this, Omega has gained a reputation for making the best watches compared to Breitling. For many years, Omega has worked hard in making unique movements, which are extremely complicated, something that Breitling hasn’t focused on. Breitling has been focusing on the mass production of unique and innovative watches.

Omega Coaxial Movement
Omega Coaxial Movement

When looking at innovations of Omega vs Breitling, Omega stands out compared to Breitling. Since it started operating more than a century ago, Omega has made impressive innovations in the watchmaking industry. One of the iconic innovations that have been produced by Omega includes the “Master Co-axial anti-magnetic.” The Omega brand has also created a watchmaking culture where they experiment with new and unique materials, like different types of titanium and gold and liquid metals. Breitling has also tried to be innovative in its watchmaking processes, experimenting with new materials like carbon fiber.

When it comes to externally sourced movements, Breitling uses more externally sourced movements in their models than Omega. Many watch enthusiasts prefer Omega because of their in-house movements used in most models. They concluded that Breitling models with externally sourced movements don’t give you enough value for your money. When you look at the style and design, it’s evident that these two brands offer different products to the market.

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional
Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

The Omega Speedmaster model is considered the most iconic watch model from Omega, while the Navitimer is the most iconic watch from Breitling. Due to their distinctive design, the two models have gained respect and global recognition from watch connoisseurs. Even though the two watch models are chronograph watches, taking a closer look at the watches, you will notice the Breitling Navitimer has a much busier dial compared to the Omega Speedmaster. If you are focusing more on the chronograph rather than getting a diver’s watch, you will most likely compare the Omega Speedmaster with the Breitling Navitimer.

The other evident thing when you look at the Omega and Breitling models is the watches’ size. While most watchmaking brands like Omega make averagely sized timepieces, Breitling is known for making very large watches. Thanks to the overall big size of the Breitling watches, the brand has been able to appeal to a specific audience, compared to the averagely sized Omega watches universally accepted by many people. The two brands have an extensive collection of models and variants. Each year, more advanced models are released. For instance, the Omega Speedmaster has many variants, just like the Breitling Navitimer. 


Omega vs Breitling: Development

When it comes to digital watches, the watchmaking industry has seen very impressive inventions and variations. Omega and Breitling have developed several digital watches meant to be worn differently depending on the wearer’s preference. Breitling has a rich history in aviation, which has played an important role in its watch models. Breitling has created models to be used mostly by pilots. The most famous and innovative model from Breitling is the Breitling Emergency model, which has been described to be quite revolutionary. The timepieces from Breitling are considered to be professional watches. Omega has also released a few models which have been described as professional watches. One professional watch from the Omega brand is the Omega Seamaster PloProf 1200m with a water resistance of 1,200 meters.

Omega Seamaster PloProf 1200M
Omega Seamaster PloProf 1200M

Both brands are trying to exceed the current standards in the watchmaking industry. Both Omega and Breitling use innovative new technology to make brand new watches, which are beautiful and functional for watch enthusiasts.

Omega vs Breitling: Warranty

A warranty shows how proudly a brand can stand behind its models. When comparing different watch brands, the warranty is used to determine the highest quality watch brand. As of July 1, 2018, Omega offered a five-year international warranty on all their watches after initially only offering a three-year warranty. The Breitling watches offer a five-year warranty for models equipped with the mechanical manufacture Breitling in-house movement, while the rest of the models have a two-year warranty.

The difference in the Breitling watches’ warranty period can be seen as an issue by some watch enthusiasts. Omega uses in-house movements for all their models, so they don’t need to offer different warranties for their models. Omega extended their warranty period after they had an improvement in the components of their models. The new, improved materials used in-house by Omega are known to make more durable and high-quality movements.

The warranty offered by both brands is important since they both provide unique innovations. Whether you buy Omega or Breitling, you are guaranteed to get a top-notch Swiss brand.


Omega vs Breitling: Pricing

Most watch enthusiasts use price as one of the guiding factors when comparing two brands. When comparing Omega vs Breitling pricing, they both have relatively the same price for their models. Due to their relatively close price range, most watch lovers tend to compare the two brands. You can purchase an entry-level Omega watch at Exquisite Timepieces, and at the same price, get an entry-level Breitling watch.


Omega vs Breitling: Conclusion

It’s evident that Omega has more popularity than Breitling because Omega sells more watches compared to Breitling. Both Omega and Breitling are deemed to be among the top Swiss watchmaking brands in the world. The two brands both play an essential role in the Swiss and global watchmaking industry. The two brands are ranked in the top 50 Swiss watchmaking brands in the world. However, when you look at the ranking, Omega ranks higher compared to Breitling. Omega ranks at #7 most recognized Swiss company worldwide, and #2 most recognizable Swiss watch brand. Omega has 70% brand recognition globally. Breitling is #41 most recognized Swiss company worldwide and #15 most recognizable Swiss watch brand.

Omega also has a much bigger global recognition compared to Breitling. Omega’s popularity has been enhanced thanks to the brand being associated with big names like George Clooney and the James Bond movies. Breitling has its ambassadors, but associating a timepiece with James Bond is a big deal.

Omega James Bond Watch
Omega James Bond Watch

When comparing the two brands, one might find it hard to come to a definite conclusion. It also narrows down to the personal preference of the buyer. However, Omega stands out to be a much more powerful brand in the global watchmaking industry compared to Breitling. Getting an Omega watch will guarantee you a top-quality watch crafted with an in-house movement and creations from a highly respected watchmaker. At Exquisite Timepieces, you can find your preferred Omega model and many Breitling models.

Breitling vs IWC

Luxury watches are an investment and watch enthusiasts expect them to be outstanding in every aspect. When you go out into the market to buy a luxury watch, you do not plan on buying multiple watches to satisfy different requirements. Just one luxury watch can be the answer to all your desired qualities if you know what to look for. Breitling and IWC have always been known as reliable brands for luxury watches. They are both classy and luxury Swiss watch brands that are undoubtedly sought after and loved worldwide. They have quality, design, and functionality, which is why the Breitling vs IWC debate is very difficult to call.

In this article, you will take a look at many different perspectives on how you can best judge these brands and their watches. We will tell you exactly what things you should look into for buying the best luxury watch that will last you for a lifetime.

It is crucial to be aware of many factors and characteristics of watches, as merely looking at one cannot determine its functions and features. Indeed, a good design often reflects the watch’s working, but it is smart to research luxury watches before making a purchase decision. As you will see in this comparison, IWC and Breitling will be put against one another in many different categories, such as:

  •   History
  •   Craftsmanship
  •   Resale value
  •   Price ranges
  •   Brand popularity
  •   Measurements and time

Let’s dive straight in, beginning with the basics.


History of the Two Brands

IWC Factory
Original IWC Factory

Both brands have stood long since the late 19th century, emerging at around the same time. The earlier brand to launch was IWC, which started in 1869. It was established in Schaffhausen in Switzerland, making fine watches. It has an experience of around fifteen years more than its competition, Breitling. Starting up in 1884, Breitling began as a watchmaking company in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland.

Both are well respected, highly established, and renowned Swiss luxury watch brands. They have come out with many innovative and ideal products over the many years of their work. Their contributions to the watch industry are important and appreciated worldwide and not just in Switzerland.


Breitling vs IWC: Craftsmanship

Here will officially begin comparing Breitling vs. IWC as there is always a difference in craftsmanship between two brands, even if they are both Swiss.

IWC makes watches that have a classic transparent sapphire case at the backing. This element allows you to look at the mechanical working of the watch as the fragments move and work. These movements are also known as calibers that are finished in various techniques giving a gorgeous shine. This shine is a special one as you will not find it in the underworked pieces. This has built the image of IWC watches, as their dedication to aesthetics of the movement and calibers is extremely pleasant and beautifully crafted. Their watches are available in many models that can sometimes be engraved, giving you a more in-depth look into the calibers’ features and the brand itself.

Breitling offers beautiful watches as well. However, they do not provide the transparent case backs most of the time. They also have many quartz movement watches that are battery operating in function instead of mechanical watches. These quartz watches do not give options for the beautification of the plates and displays, which is easily done with mechanical watches. For this reason, they primarily use solid case backs.


Breitling vs IWC: Resale Value

In terms of resale value, one might opt for a watch that has a high resale value even before purchasing it. Simultaneously, one may also look at the value it will have once worn and used for some time. Both can be different. Nonetheless, resale value also depends on the brand, condition of the watch, the watch model, the place you may be reselling it to, original documents, and so on.

Luxury watches are an investment of sorts, lasting you a lifetime and being impeccable in all areas of their functions and design. But it is not an investment of something like equity. The value of a watch can change. Therefore these things must be kept in mind when buying or reselling.

Between IWC and Breitling, IWC is well known to stay at its original value at the time of purchase during reselling, whereas Breitling is not.


Breitling vs IWC: Price Ranges

An accurate comparison is best made in terms of price ranges. If something is more expensive than its competitor, is it worth it? Let’s see.

Breitling and IWC are both, for the most part, head to head, considering price points.

The Breitling entry-level and most affordable watches are priced at $3,000. This is the Breitling Endurance Pro Quartz 44mm. Seeing as it is a quartz watch, it is battery operated rather than mechanical. It also has a solid case back. Breitling also has Aviator watches that cost less than IWC models, such as the 41mm Aviator 8, which costs $3,930. This is a stainless steel model from the Aviator watches. The price skyrockets to $26,920 for the 18K Rose Gold watch.

This determines Breitling as a true luxury watch brand. However, things like solid case backs and battery-operated mechanisms limit what a luxury watch can best offer.

IWC, on the other hand, holds a record for the best value and highest quality Pilot watches starting with a price point of about $4,150. They have even better functioning Big Pilot watches, but they cost more at around $13,200. But their transparent case backs, mechanical functioning, visible working of calibers, aesthetic build, and high resale value quite literally justify the prices of their watches. You truly get your money’s worth.


Breitling vs IWC: Brand Popularity

Swiss Brands Popularity
Swiss Watch Brand Market Share in 2019

Brand recognition is built with years and years of hard work and contribution to the industry and public. Advertisements play a huge role in conveying a brand’s vision and its products. In the battle of Breitling vs. IWC, the crown of high rank in the popularity contest falls into the hands of IWC. It is ranked as the 10th most popular Swiss luxury watch brand. On the other hand, Breitling falls a bit lower at the 15th rank on the same list.

IWC is generally considered a higher prestigious standard than Breitling, with credit to their art and horology. Especially the Grande Complication watches from IWC are to be credited for this high recognition. They have a big set of inculcated features and functionalities that run on the mechanical mechanism, catering to the masses much more profoundly than Breitlings quartz watches that are battery operated. Breitling is, however, super popular amongst aviators and aeronautics professionals. They are appreciative of the unique and specialized features just for them provided by Breitling watches.

However, both brands are popular in conclusion and are deserving of their ranks on the most recognized Swiss luxury watch brands. However, if you were to consult a luxury watch connoisseur or collector, they would most definitely lean more towards getting an IWC, an excellent brand catering to many different niches and aesthetics.


Horology – Measurements and Time

IWC has built up its prestige on its own, refusing COSC certifications for chronometer evidence on their watches. They are still much more popular than Breitling, which has COSC certified watches with chronometers. Breitling has quartz watches that run on battery and are, most of the time, COSC certified quartz calibers. Their watches also have Quartz Chronometer written on them. Quartz calibers provide the most accuracy in a watch, even higher than the most high-end mechanical IWC watch. Yet, it remains the fact that IWC has won this Breitling vs. IWC contest.

The traditional methods of craftsmanship, transparency of the case backs, beautifully visible movements, and aesthetic collections are just some of the most prestigious qualities of IWC. They have made incredible contributions to the watchmaking craft by building high-quality, simple watches and even higher quality complicated watches. The Grande Complications watches, with simple time and day functions, also give features like stopwatch, moon phase, perpetual calendar, retrograde, minute repeater, and more. All of this runs mechanically. This is perhaps the only reason why IWC is the winner here for buying your best luxury watch.

They do not require COSC certifications at all to prove their magnificent abilities. Their watches that give traditional and valuable features speak for themselves. IWC is the best brand to get the best luxury watch that will last you a lifetime with great warranty, functions, value, and aesthetics.

Longines vs Breitling

There’s something enigmatic about luxury watches that makes them worth every penny you spend. Unlike any other ordinary watches, both Longines and Breitling have unique features to offer. However, when it comes to buying luxury watches coupled with exclusive technology, you need to determine various factors before making a purchase decision, bringing us to the question of Longines vs Breitling.

Both Longines and Breitling luxury segments are rooted in deep history, heritage, class, style, sophistication, tradition, design, and, most importantly, quality. The Longines vs Breitling debate a daunting task for the watch enthusiast to choose one from both stunning timepiece brands. Allow us to take a closer look at both the luxurious watch brands to find out which is more praiseworthy, Longines or Breitling.


Longines vs Breitling: Market-Size

Since the introduction of Longines back in 1832, it has remarkably mastered providing the most elegant and extravagant timepiece collections of luxurious watches to the world. Over the last decade, Longines has extended its collections ranging from simple, classic, vintage to automatic watches without compromising quality. 

In the last 188 years, the brand has transformed dramatically with time. It now focuses on designing future-proof watches, including dignified sports watches for activities like gymnastics or tennis.

As a highly-rated Swiss watch brand, Longines is among the top five most profitable influential brands globally. In 2018, Longines generated around $1.81 billion profit alone, reports revealed by the Swatch group. Every year, more than 700,000 watches have been sold alone in the Chinese market. 

In addition to China, Longines is roaring like a lion in the Indian market. India is amongst the top 15 markets, aiming towards enlarging the franchise model in the next financial year. Besides China and India, Switzerland, Germany, the US, the UK, and Italy were among the global marketers for Longines.

swiss watch market
Estimated Market Share by Swiss Watch Brands in 2019

Breitling was founded in 1884 and was mostly known for precision-made chronometers designed for aviators. Over the last decade, Breitling has come a long way, gradually shifting its focus from pocket-size watches to fully functional wristwatches. This is when makers came into form and consistently pushed the limits of multi-functional and timeless designs. The company aims to fit all of its watches, from mechanical, military watches to dive watches with excellence and precision.

Just like Longines, Breitling is also achieving profitable growth with a positive performance in China, Hong Kong, and South Korea. However, social distancing measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic have dropped the sales, forcing the makers to boost their growth by relaunching the products.

Being considered a small yet niche player globally, Breitling, with a limited assortment of products, is expected to reach extreme heights by launching new collections on Watches & Wonders Geneva (a digital platform where Richemond brands unveil their watches every year). This way, Breitling hopes to bounce back, allowing watch lovers to enjoy life and luxury products simultaneously.


Longines vs Breitling: Popularity

The popularity of Longines is unmatchable and undisputable when compared to Breitling. Longines is the only luxury brand that has earned an excellent reputation in the market by fully understanding the changing needs of reliable shoppers. In China alone, the brand is achieving milestones with more than 400 retailers selling 600,000 to 700,000 watches every year. On the other hand, Breitling has made only 10 percent of its sales in Greater China.

Based in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, Longines luxury watches use highly efficient battery-powered quartz movements, unlike their biggest rival Rolex that has no quartz watches at all. Longines utilizes ceramic material for manufacturing extraordinary timepieces for both men and women. Being successful watchmakers for ages, Longines has been actively serving fascinating watches in various industries, such as aviation, sports, and entertainment. Many prominent personalities, such as tennis player Andre Agassi, actress and supermodel Chi Ling Li, and gymnast Giulia Steingruber, have associated with Longines for many years.

In contrast, Breitling is in the reinventing stage producing impressive models to appeal to a broader, less niche audience. Breitling watches are particularly known for their intensely intricate technical designs that can be worn every day.


Innovation & Technology

From the beginning, each design and element of Longines watches have exceeded the expectations leveraging major technological and advanced methods. Technical innovations have led them to change the appearance, aesthetics, and design of the watches from time to time. Longines has successfully launched the Asthmometer-Pulsometer Chronograph wristwatch and became the first company to introduce an LED-display watch. This makes them a recognized name that keeps on reinventing and pushing its limits with ever-increasing precision.

breitling history

Just like luxury cars, luxury watches from Longines function flawlessly gives a sense of pride and the feeling of sophistication to the wearer. All Longines watches are built carefully and thoughtfully by hand while maintaining a balance between traditional techniques and modernization. To ensure longevity, each Longines model goes through a series of quality inspections by the best artisans in the industry.

If we talk about Breitling, the brand has steadily improved their models’ technology and innovations. Among the various brands, Breitling has a stronghold over technical watches, mainly chronographs.

Being a devoted partner of the aviation industry, the brand has played a crucial role in resolving its uncomplicated missions using ultra-modern technologies. Over the years, Breitling has distinguished itself from other niche brands by always uplifting, improving, and innovating in exclusive watches in terms of movements and watch exteriors.


 Most Laudable Master Collection

Professionally speaking, Longines has broken many stereotypes by creating unique brand new watches that watch lovers have never seen before. From military, aviation, diver to dress, Longines has excelled while maintaining class and aesthetics.

Here are the most promising Longines watch collections:

  • Longines Master
  • Longines HydroConquest
  • Longines Heritage
  • Longines HydroConquest Green
  • Longines Spirit 40mm
  • Longines Heritage Classic Chronograph Tuxedo Dial
  • Longines Heritage Marine Nationale
  • Longines Record Automatic


Each collection of Breitling is packed with versatility, fantastic movements, and water resistance, including automatic mechanical features that could fit almost all sizes. 

Let’s go through some of Breitling’s most famous and stylish watches:

  • Breitling Superocean Heritage
  • Breitling Avenger II Seawolf
  • Breitling Navitimer 8 B01 Chronograph 43
  • Breitling Chronomat
  • Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton
  • Breitling Colt
  • Breitling Superocean II

Comparing Longines and Breitling, it is hard to choose for the shopper the better brand. Longines is considered one of the oldest brands that has triumphantly grown over the years, whereas Breitling is another powerful brand, effortlessly unveiling masterpieces that appeal to the masses.


Longines vs Breitling: Takeaway

It is now crystal-clear that both the brands are coming up with timeless models while maintaining brand image fiercely in the market. However, it could be challenging for watch enthusiasts to choose the best. When it comes to comparing Longines and Breitling, the brands have massively grown and built an empire delivering better efficiency and a high standard of watches every year.

Both brands are excellent, but Longines may be the better choice. Longines has positively exploded in terms of strength, robustness, quality, and performance. Longines has the power to bring out and accentuate the masculinity in men and femininity in women magically to their wrist without much effort. With Longines, you have a plethora of fantastic options to choose from. Equipped with the right combination of craftsmanship, price value, and uniqueness, Longines collections separate them from other brands available in the market.

By adding more value, timepiece enthusiasts get a wide array of options, including many unimaginable styles that can be worn in a broad range of circumstances. From vintage-inspired pieces to contemporary design watches, Longines never fails to disappoint.

Get ready to combine all the elements beautifully on your wrist by making a sound investment through Longines. There is something about Longines that you will cherish forever. Every masterpiece is diligently crafted and sets you apart from the crowd. As there are no parameters for luxury products, you need to create your own style statement by choosing the perfect model that matches your personal style.

From simple and stylish to the most complicated designs, easily choose from a wide selection of Longines watches to upgrade your style quotient. No matter the occasion, discover a spectacular collection of luxury watches for both men and women from Longines.

If you believe in love at first sight, we genuinely believe you’ll fall in love with Longines’ new models and vintage and classic designs the minute you try them on.

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