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The Omega Globemaster watch series is famous for its limited-edition timepieces and refined dial designs. The Omega Globemaster watch line is well-known for its iconic automatic co-axial master chronometers which helped inspire many of Omega’s current luxury timepieces. Notable features include anti-magnetic technology, a calendar, and gold faceted hands and indexes that are coated in Super-Luminova. Each dial is meticulously designed to stand out thanks to the popular “pie-pan” shape which helps create remarkable depth. The stunning background is only accentuated by the sleek, engraved ring surrounding it. Looking for an authentic Omega Globemaster watch for sale can be challenging when you do not know where to start. If you are looking for the best place to buy Omega Globemaster watches, Exquisite Timepieces can help. Exquisite Timepieces is an Omega Globemaster watch authorized dealer.


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Omega Globemaster Review


History of the Omega Globemaster Watch Collection

The Omega Constellation Globemaster collection consists of the most classical and elegant timepieces from Omega. Omega has been a huge and successful brand for more than 50 years now. There is a defined set of rules, ideas, and values that are followed by every single craftsman and watchmaker at Omega. The Omega Globemaster was one of the first collections ever to be launched. Every Omega timepiece has a long and rich history behind it. The Omega Globemaster was created in the 1950s, under the Constellation collection. This makes the Omega Globemaster an older timepiece as compared to The Speed Master and Seamaster collections.
At the time of Omega Globemaster’s origination, the pie-pan structure was the most famous article in the Omega Catalogue. The very first timepiece was the 1952 Omega Constellation Automatic Chronometer 2648. Omega Globemaster is the ancestor of all the other Omega Collections and this watch had the limited-edition chronometer movement, which was originally launched in 1948. Around the year of 1952, it was one of the most famous timepieces to hit the markets.

Omega Constellation Globemaster timepieces were an inspiration for people in the Omega headquarters at Geneva. The high demand and popularity of Omega and the Globemaster in particular, helped Omega to create much more advanced timepieces which resulted in the invention of The Seamaster and all the other collections that we see today. Thus, the Globemaster was the reason that the family of automatic chronometer Omega Co-axial watches was ever created in the first place. The Constellation collection was always committed to strive towards excellence in all aspects of watchmaking with perfection. Omega chose the name, Constellation; with reference to the “set of stars” which are always consistent and positioned at the same place all the time, just like the timepiece. By keeping the name “Constellation” for their collection of watches, Omega wanted to make its customers realize that just like theses “set of stars”, the Constellation Collection will be a set of the most reliable watches ever built. From 1952 to the 1970s, Omega was the largest manufacturer of luxury watches with the help of Constellation and the Globemaster collections. The elegant designs and excellent overall performance were the prime features that Omega focused on in its early days. At the start in the ’50s, the pie-pan dials, the beautiful cases, stylish hour shaped markers, smooth bezels, and the chronometer movements were some of the major features that made the Omega Globemaster and Constellation series stand out from the rest of the crowd. These were some of the finest catalogs of watches at the time which were available in steel or gold dials, held onto the wrist by leather, gold or steel bracelets and straps. The Omega Globemaster Gold watch was also included in the Omega Constellation Deluxe collection. Another limited-edition timepiece was the Omega Constellation Grand Luxe. It included platinum dials on ‘Brick link” bracelets and straps at that time.
There were many different experiments done in the coming years around the ’60s. At this time, the Constellation collection was given the nickname “Connies” by users and customers. Omega made sure that its Connie Collection never fails to amaze people. They added some great, exceptional features like the convex sided dial which introduced the pie-pan feature in Omega Globemaster Collection.

The 1966 Omega Constellation was a trademark watch and had a huge overall impact on Omega and its customers. It soon became one of the favorites among the customers and they totally loved it. Omega added additional features, but the touch of the classic and luxurious Globemaster Collection was never lost. Every latest timepiece had newly added features every time with a vintage touch. In the ’60s after the success of the 1966 edition, some changes like the minimalistic dials and integrated lugs were introduced. Stainless steel, platinum and gold dials were added in the different upcoming varieties of timepieces under these categories. They had an overall uncluttered style when the fluted bezel version was released in 1966. The elegant bezel became a trademark of the Constellation and Omega Globemaster Collection, just like the authentic Geneva Observatory’s symbol of Omega Constellation which was printed at the back. The 1966 Omega Constellation was also an inspiration for the creation of the all-new 2015 Omega Globemaster.

If we talk about chronometer movements and the Co-Axial Calibre features, at the start of Omega Globemaster collection, these bumper movements were Calibre 352 and 354. This was the original design for the bumper movement, and it moved back and forth at an angle of 120 degrees. In 1956, Calibre 501 and 502 were introduced. An later, in 1959, Calibre 551 and 561 were also introduced. Another added feature like 24 different embedded jewels, beryllium balance and anti-magnetic features were also incorporated during this time. After this, in 1966, Calibre 564 was introduced, and in the year of 1970, the Calibre1011 and 1021 co-axial standards came in existence.


The Modern Omega Constellation Globemaster

The latest Omega Globemaster Collection is known to be the first Master Chronometer watch and has been consistent in its performance from the time of its origin. The Globemaster has been setting the highest standards since the time of its invention. Launched in 2015, inspired by the 1966 model; this edition was one of the most popular timepieces across the globe. The precision and performance with simplicity in style is what makes the Omega Globemaster collection worth it. The annual calendar feature, classic designs and the newly added never seen before features like luminova-coated indexes are some unmatchable characteristics.
The elegant Globemaster timepieces are suitable for all types of dresses or clothing and are perfect for all occasions. The iconic vintage design of the ’60s and ’70s is mixed with the features of recent Omega Globemaster timepiece to create a magical collection. Every single timepiece under the Globemaster Collection that is made today is handmade and brushed with 4 polished bevels that connect to the lugs of the all the new fluted bezel.

The 18K Sedna Gold dials in yellow, red or steel options are also available with similar gold dials and the gold constellation star which represents the symbol of authenticity. There is also an additional option to add the new fluted bezels, which are made using Tungsten Carbide and it has the shape of a grey powder-like substance. This compound is much more reliable and stronger than titanium, gold or steel. With renowned dial designs including the all-new platinum sleek cases, the Omega Globemaster Collection is setting records every single day. Thus, the Globemaster is a timepiece that always makes sure to follow its core values and is one of the best examples of moving forward without forgetting its roots and staying connected to it.

There are a total of 20 different timepieces in the catalog of the Constellation Globemaster Collection. Here are some of the categories and the options to go with it.


Globemaster Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer Annual Calendar 41mm

Every watch in this category is powered by Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8922 with the all-new anti-magnetic technology. Other features include Annual Calendar, Date display and a transparent case back. There are a total of 9 different variations available in this watch including blue, black, brown, green and gold dials with similar strap color options. Here is a list of these variations:

  • Steel on Leather Strap
  • Steel-Sedna Gold on Leather Strap
  • Sedna Gold on Leather Strap
  • Platinum on Leather Strap


Globemaster Omega Co-Axial Master Chronometer 39mm

Powered by Co-axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8900, this category of the Globemaster includes some classic pieces includes features like Anti-magnetic technology, Date display and a transparent case back. The sapphire crystals that are used are scratch-resistant and anti-reflective on both sides. Dial colors and straps with different materials are available in blue, grey, brown, gold and red colors. There is a total of 11 different variations in this category, here is a list of them:

  • Steel on Leather Strap
  • Steel on Steel
  • Yellow Gold on Leather Strap
  • Sedna Gold on Leather Strap
  • Steel-Yellow Gold on Leather Strap
  • Steel-Yellow Gold on Steel Yellow Gold
  • Steel-Sedna Gold on Steel Sedna Gold
  • Steel-Sedna Gold on Leather Strap
  • Platinum on Leather Strap


Wrap Up: Omega Globemaster Watch Collection Review

The Omega Globemaster collection is an inspirational set of timepieces that represents the ethos and roots of Omega. The Constellation and Globemaster collections include some of the best classic timepieces ever, across the globe. Every Omega timepiece comes with a 5 years warranty that covers all types of physical repairs or manufacturing defects. The impressive and graceful Omega Constellation Globemaster watches introduced the Master Chronometer feature for the first time and they still use the same technology even today. Every Omega watch goes through 8 different tests of quality and precision conducted by META (Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology) before being approved. All the Omega Globemaster collection has been available in stores since November 2015. Each of the Omega watches is custom made and a limited-edition piece specially designed for its users. The dignified and luxurious status of the Omega Globemaster makes it a perfect timepiece for every occasion.

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