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Concord – Fine Artistry

Concord has been serving customers with the absolute best of their productions for a century with luxury that defines fine craftsmanship, elegant designs, and decorated timepieces. Now a part of Movado Group, Concord was established in 1908 in Biel city in Switzerland. As most great successes are a part of visionary entrepreneurs' efforts, Concord isn't much different. Walter Hugenin and Charles Bonny were already watchmakers before joining hands with Droz, Konz & Boillat to develop one of the most luxurious brands known for its precious timepieces.

Since Swiss-made watches are mostly known for their luxury, magnificence, and unique designs, Concord is no less. The brand does justice to the Swiss industry with great releases, and the main idea behind the brand is to subsume high-end and precious metals and antique stones into their watches. Initially, American enthusiasts were the target after establishing the brand, but it has made its mark throughout the world for some time. People of all ages who like precious stones and metal have used Concord for years now.

The brand has produced immaculate timepieces with stones and precious metal crafted with sophistication and top-notch manufacturers' skills. With innovation in the manufacturers' heads, Concord is the only brand to produce a watch with coins to build the entire watch's structure. This watch's design was contemporary and brought collectors to the edge of the seats for them to get hold of it, even if it is a used Concord watch. The gems and metals are so finely incorporated that it gives a feeling of oneness to the product. The finishing performed on each product is pristine and complements the entire finished product.


A Look At How Concord Has Evolved

In the early stages after becoming the first private label luxury watch seller, Concord joined forces with different brands, such as Tiffany & Co. and Cartier & Arpels. To fabricate the idea of reflecting magnificence within timepieces by crafting precious material into it, the brand reached new heights. Consequently, the year 1915 was a breakthrough year with the private label and meaningful collaborations for its visibility. Moreover, some of the brand's preowned Concord watches have long been a choice for collectors to add limited edition timepieces to their collection. At Exquisite Timepieces, you get preowned Concord watches for sale at incredible prices with fast delivery and flexible payment methods.

For two decades, Concord kept producing timepieces with the same innovation. They faced a few setbacks in financial capacity and sales but got back in the game in the 1940s. The early 1940s saw the brand get the fame it so rightly deserved. Later, the US President Truman awarded Concord Watches to UK PM Winston Churchill & Soviet Union leader Stalin during the World War II peace conferences. This provided a significant elevation in sales numbers of Concord Watches, and people used Concord as a living standard.

In 1970, Concord adapted its manufacture to the quartz movement when a North American watch company purchased the brand. Rolex was a tough competition for Concord during those years; however, the brand handled it quite well by getting a decent chunk of the market share. It isn't always easy to come up against the likes of Rolex, but after looking at the way it competed, one could tell it was the making of a great brand.


Release of Delirium Became an Important Breakthrough

Coming with a classy name in 1979, the Delirium watch collection proved to be a huge role player in the brand's fate. The selling point being 'how thin can it get,' this collection consisted of a just 1.98mm thick watch; it is thinner than thick. This watch caught the attention of enthusiasts, and the news followed all manufacturers like fire. Concord didn't stop to impress with just that and released a successor, which stunned the audience, with the watch's thickness being a mere 1.5mm. 

Furthermore, Concord released a groundbreaking watch known as Concord Mariner. The watch became an embodiment of how one should carry out the watchmaking process with sophistication. By bringing elegance and functioning as a durable sports watch, the Concord Mariner gathered rounds of applause from many admirers across the world for the nautical delight that it was. The bezel on this watch was solid 18k all around, with a stainless steel body and a bold rose gold touch.

Concord faced a setback a decade later in 1990 when the North American owners perhaps lowered the standard that the company had always focused on and started producing mid and high-range watches with the target market being middle-class Americans. It was indeed a let-off for the collectors to see a brand going on the back foot with its production. If that was not enough of an off scene, the North American parent company revamped and renamed into what we now know as Movado. Consequently, the exclusive branding with the name Concord was gone. The brand now produced watches alongside other top watchmakers, such as Juicy Couture, Lacoste, HUGO BOSS, Scuderia Ferrari, and Tommy Hilfiger.

The C1 in 2008, won Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève's Best Design Of The Year award, which eventually brought the brand right on its track to produce metal crafted timepieces. 2009 saw the announcement of their new CEO, Alex Grinberg, who has led the brand to become a top luxury watchmaker.


Famous Concord Watches Collections

Concord watches are an exquisite watch collection, each having identifiable properties.

Concord Saratoga

  •  This collection offers watches for both men and women; it is famous for stainless steel, metal-plated dials, and alligator brown straps.

Concord Mariner

  •  Comes with a diamond-studded bezel, this collection also offers watches for both genders. You will find a date window in most models of the Mariner.

Concord Impresario

  •  The new coin-edge bezel makes this collection stand out from the rest of the watches. Targeting classy styled, sporty look lovers, Impresario makes its mark with chronograph (included in many men's models), moon phase, day & date subdials.

Concord Delirium

  •  This one's quite different and comes in a rectangular-shaped dial that is exceptionally thin. 18k yellow gold or red gold provides the look and feel to the pin buckle.

Watches from the collections mentioned above and several other Concord preowned are available at the Exquisite Timepieces store.


Why Should You Buy a Preowned Concord?

The brand has a legacy and reputation for creating designs and styles that go beyond modern-day luxury standards. If you are a fan of crafted gems and precious metals in watches, combined with sophisticated techniques, a used Concord is the watch to purchase. Moreover, the brand produces watches for many different preferences. Some have thin dials, while others have sub-dials to provide maximum utility.

The quality is unmatchable. Concord uses titanium and gold to produce watch cases. If you are keen to add value to your watch collection, preowned Concord watches for sale on Exquisite Timepieces can do just that for you.

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