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Pre-owned Corum Watches

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Pre-Owned Corum Watches

Corum or Montres Corum Sàrl is a world-leading Swiss watch brand founded in 1955. Corum is well regarded to make top quality and premium watches, especially limited edition ones. The Corum Admirals Cup watch is its benchmark series. Corum also introduced the special edition watches dedicated to the World Series of Poker in 2007.


History of Corum Watches

Corum is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and was founded by Gaston Ries and René Bannwart (his nephew), in the year 1955. The first Corum watches were produced after one year. The company launched a special Corum gold coin watch, which is worth $20. It instantly became the best seller, and the company rose to its fame. Corum produced limited edition watches every year.


Famous Corum Models


Corum Admiral’s Cup

The race for Admiral’s Cup was initially held in 1957. In 1960, the company launched the first Corum Admirals Cup watch. It was water-resistant and had a square shape with sailboat engravings on the back. It looked quite like the existing Admiral’s cup watches with Dodecagon case design and nautical pennants of bright colors to decorate the bezels.


Corum Bubble 

The Corum Bubble watch is one of the most recognizable and iconic series produced from the 2000s until the end of the decade. This range was introduced again in 2015 with various materials. It was created with huge sapphire glass and a bold design.


Corum Golden Bridge

The collection of the Corum Golden Bridge is genuinely different in the world of watchmaking. The Corum bridge watch is known for its linear detail and movement, which seems to be floating in the air and held by a gold bridge.  The Corum Bridge watch was also offered in 18K platinum or gold version, along with intricate diamond work.


Corum Coin Watch

The company has manufactured a Corum coin watch for over 50 years with either quartz or manual-wind movement and Liberty coin worth $10 or Double Eagle of $20 for a dial. They also come with a diamond bezel.


Some Amazing Facts about Corum

  • Corum launched its first watch in 1957 – Golden Tube, which consists of a gold tube having the movement. Its unique shape enables the watch case to slide in the strap to fit well on the wrist.
  • With the success of the Golden Tube, Corum got inspired to test another shape – the Chinese Hat watch the next year on its bezel. It features the pyramid-shaped hat worn by ancient Chinese people. These models drew lots of curiosity from fans.
  • Corum has also experimented with a lot of models, including The Buckingham (the first large watch of the company). It engraves the numerals on the bezel rather than the dial itself.
  • Corum is also planning to introduce its spectacular craftsmanship and artisan having original bird feathers on the dial of its Feather Watch.
  • Corum reintroduced the iconic Admiral’s Cup model in the year 1983. It is known for its 12-sided bezel followed by nautical pennants and global maritime code.


Best Corum Watches of All Time 

Corum watches have been the leader for their technical greatness and appeal to the market. Since 1955, Corum has been the most prestigious Swiss watchmaker offering accurate, authentic, and appealing watches. If you are looking for the best premium watches money can buy, you can check out the following Corum watches -


  1. Corum Admirals Cup 395.101.55/002 FH12

Featuring an anti-scratch sapphire dial and Swiss automatic movement, this elegant chronometer-certified watch is a masterpiece. Its casing is made of pure 18K Rose Gold, and the band is genuine crocodile pattern leather. It is also water-resistant up to 165 ft. and features an accurate calendar.


  1. Corum Quartz Women’s Watch 137.427.47

Are you on a tight budget and looking for the authentic and premium Corum ladies watch? We recommend you to try this pre-owned and certified Corum Quartz Women’s Watch when you look for the best Corum women’s watch next time. Along with being a timekeeper, it adds appeal to your wrist. 

It is powered by a reliable and accurate Quartz movement as one of the best watches by Corum. It also winds to every movement to the wrist. You do not have to set the time correctly all the time.  


  1. Corum Debutante Mother of Pearl Diamond Light-Pink Topaz Watch for Ladies 

This premium watch has been designed to match your elegant attire, and it can blend in with your style. If you are looking for the best watches made by this Swiss brand, Mother of Pearl is truly stylish and beautiful with its great features.

With an analog display, the watch is powered by the Swiss Quartz movement. It displays easy marking and dial without any error. It also has a very light design and durable built. On the other side, its 17mm dial makes it ideal for your woman’s wrist.


  1. Corum Men’s Admirals Cup Legend 42mm 984.101.24/OF01AN12 with Black Alligator Leather Band 

This automatic watch from Corum is now available and making great fame for itself in the watch market. This stunning, circular-shaped watch features a dial made of anti-glare sapphire. It's 44mm diameter casing is made purely of stainless steel. It is the best choice to wear at all events.

The band in this watch is made of 20mm thick and pure alligator skin.  It also features golden index hour markers to match the bezel and stand out of the black dial. The date functions, small seconds, and chronograph are some of its unique features.


  1. Corum Men's Silver Coin 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 43mm Crocodile Leather Band Automatic Watch 082.645.01/0001 MU53

It is one of the best-limited edition watches from Corum. If you are looking for a special and unique timepiece that cannot be found on any other’s wrist, you should go with this Silver Coin 50th Anniversary Limited Edition watch. It is one of the top additions to the Corum watches collection.

It features a band made of black crocodile leather, sterling silver case, and silver-tone dial. This automatic watch is truly the epitome of excellence. It holds the elegant appeal of silver, which is not easy to overlook. It is so crystal clear that you can sneak into every part of the dial and embrace its aesthetic value.


  1. Corum Admiral's Cup Ac-One 45 Tides 277.101.04/F373 AB12 45mm Automatic Titanium Case Blue Rubber Anti-Reflective Sapphire Men's Watch

It is yet another great timepiece from Corum’s collection of watches. It is one of the best premium watches and is covered in its titanium case. It features scratch-proof making and an anti-glare sapphire dial to make it durable and handy. The casing is made of sturdy titanium material, and it features a blue rubber band. This stunning timepiece is water-resistant up to 300 ft. and features self-winding automatic movement.


  1. Corum Trapeze Burgundy Leather Diamond Watch for Ladies 

It features a beautiful and appealing design, which is truly embraced by a lot of ladies. It is accurate and is desired by a lot of users. It can even last several years with its sturdy design and lower wear and tear. In fact, it is one of the best women's watches by Corum and offers the looks of most premium models.


  1. Corum Admiral Cup Black Hull 48 Rubber Chrono 753.934.95/0371 AN92

This type of watch is well regarded as one of the best watches by Corum to rule the market. This Corum Admiral Cup watch is curved in shape and comes with an anti-reflective dial window to protect the dial.

It has a stainless steel casing and a strong rubber band to come up as a high premium watch. It also has an analog display to offer elegant design and amazing features like chronograph, self-wind movement, and date window.


  1. Corum Bridges Miss Golden Bridge Women’s Watch 113.102.85/0001 0000

This list of top Corum watches cannot complete without this women’s watch. It can easily hold the usual water splashes and rain. It can easily resist any extreme weather. It has got the elegant 18K rose gold to look truly stunning.


  1. Corum 132.101.29-F149 PK10 38mm Diamonds Automatic Women’s Watch

This automatic watch for women is truly capable of improving your confidence, and it can appeal to anyone at a formal dinner or business meeting. Its design adds to its unique statement. It has an analog display that can really be appealing to your eyes. The chronograph includes small seconds, date, hours, and minutes.  

It has an anti-reflective sapphire dial to make it sturdy with its elegant and beautiful appeal. It also reduces glare with its anti-reflective properties to improve the visibility of the dial, especially when it comes to viewing it in bright outdoor conditions. It has a nice grey satin strap that can easily fit on any size of the wrist.


Key Features of Corum Watches 

  • All Corum watches have no compromise on durability
  • All watches have an analog display
  • Different designs available to choose from
  • Some of the famous models are Romulus, Admiral’s Cup, Coin Watch, and Golden Bridge, etc. to name a few.
  • Straps are ergonomically designed
  • Come in various price ranges, i.e., from budget to most premium models


Wrap-up: Corum Brand Review

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