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Grand Seiko Quartz Watches

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Grand Seiko is one of the top-tier brands offered by the larger Seiko company. With the goal of creating the best watches available in terms of finish, durability, and accuracy, Grand Seiko's reputation amongst collectors is held in high regard amongst the best watch brands available today. Within this uncompromising standard, Grand Seiko manufactures quartz calibers that are some of the best available.
Hand-assembled and finished, Grand Seiko quartz calibers have an accuracy rating of +/- 10 seconds per year. The movements are also sealed, protecting elements of the movement and the lubrication, allowing for prolonged service intervals, even during battery changes. Since power is provided by a battery, there is no resetting the watch because it has stopped like a mechanical watch, making it incredibly convenient. While quartz watches are more affordable than many mechanical counterparts, Grand Seiko quartz watches are finished to the same standards as their other products.
Other unique features of Grand Seiko quartz watches are higher torque movements, allowing them to use heavier and longer hands than many quartz watches, allowing for more elegantly designed hands. There is a backlash mechanism within the movement, ensuring that the second hand's movement is precise, with no excessive movement after each tick of the hand. The date also instantly changes at midnight instead of slowly turning over like many other watches.
Should you decide that a Grand Seiko quartz watch is for you, the team at Exquisite Timepieces is happy to assist you with your purchase. With years of experience assisting customers with finding the watches of their dreams and as a Grand Seiko authorized retailer, Exquisite Timepieces is one of the best places to find your next Grand Seiko quartz watch.

Why are Grand Seiko Quartz Watches so Popular?

Many of the main attributes of Grand Seiko quartz watches are what make them so popular. Grand Seiko's quality in terms of construction and finish set them apart from many brands for the same price or more. From the fine brushed and brilliant Zaratsu finish on the case (a style of polished finish derived from sword finishing), faceted hands and dial indices, and dials that often feature unique textures that add a great deal of depth, Grand Seiko watches stand out in the broader watch market in terms of design and quality.
The hand-assembled movements and exceptional movement finishing apply as much to their quartz calibers as they do to their mechanical counterparts. Quartz watches are unrivaled for convenience, accuracy, and durability. Quartz calibers are not as susceptible to shock as mechanical calibers, meaning they are more well-suited to active lifestyles.
Quartz watches are, by default, more accurate than most mechanical calibers, and Grand Seiko quartz watches are rated to +/- 10 seconds per year. With a battery life of 3 years, frequent winding and resetting of the watch is not required. With the movements being sealed, frequent service of your Grand Seiko quartz watch is not required. The battery compartment remains accessible and separate from the sealed portion of the movement, meaning battery changes are easily facilitated when required.
If you are looking for an exceedingly high-quality watch that is beautifully made and easy to live with, Grand Seiko quartz watches are a great option.

Most Iconic Grand Seiko Quartz Watches

With Seiko's history of quartz calibers and Grand Seiko's reputation for beautiful watches, some models have managed to gain enough notoriety within collecting communities to be considered iconic for the brand. Below are some of these models.

Grand Seiko Quartz Black Dial SBGV207

The 40mm stainless steel case of the SBGV207 is based on Grand Seiko's iconic 44GS case design. With a black dial, faceted hands and indices, and a framed date at 3 o'clock, the SBGV207 is well suited for a variety of situations. The case is 10.4mm thick and is rated to 100 meters of water resistance.
Inside is the 9F82 movement, which features all of the hallmark Grand Seiko quartz technologies. The watch is attached to a 19mm stainless steel bracelet, and with a relatively standard strap width, many non-metal strap options will work well with this watch. The Grand Seiko SBV207 is a great option for a versatile timepiece that will be easy to own.

Grand Seiko GMT SBGN027

The Grand Seiko GMT SBGN027 is a sportier offering within Grand Seiko's larger catalog of quartz watches. The 39mm wide stainless steel case measures 12.3mm thick, 45.8mm lug to lug, and has a 19mm lug width. The GMT function allows for easy tracking of a second timezone in a 24-hour format.
The 9F86 is a true GMT movement, allowing for rapid setting of the 12-hour hand without stopping the movement. The case, bracelet, and bezel are brushed, indicating the more sporting nature of this watch. With 200 meters of water resistance, this watch can handle aquatic activities. For frequent travelers with active lifestyles or those needing to track a second timezone regularly, the Grand Seiko SBGN027 is a fantastic watch to consider.

Grand Seiko Elegance Quartz SBGX347

Quartz watches are often a great option for dress watches, especially when the owner's lifestyle does not necessitate frequent formal attire. Because of the quartz caliber, the watch is ready to be worn when the time comes. The SBGX347 is a 34mm stainless steel watch with a case thickness of 10.7mm and a lug-to-lug of 41.5mm. The 18mm lug width allows for great flexibility when it comes to straps, should you want to deviate from the black alligator strap that comes with the watch.
While it is small by modern standards, this is a traditional size for a dress watch, which is great for those looking for a more conservative aesthetic or buyers with smaller wrists looking for something svelte and discrete. While there is no lume on the dial, the diamond cut hands and indices reflect light easily, allowing for reading of the time in low light situations. Combining traditional dress watch aesthetics with a modern, high-end quartz caliber, the Grand Seiko SBGX347 makes for a charming timepiece great for those with a taste for smaller watches.

Grand Seiko Quartz GMT Champagne Dial SBGN011

Combining a more discreet aesthetic with the GMT functionality, the SBGN011 is a more office and semi-formal-friendly version of a Grand Seiko quartz GMT. With the same 9F86 movement as the SBGN027, the hour hand is able to be independently set without stopping the movement, making it the ideal travel companion when crossing time zones. The 40mm stainless steel case is 12.2mm thick, 47 lug to lug, and has 20mm lugs.
With 100 meters of water resistance, the SBGN011 is more than well-suited for daily wear and a quick swim in the hotel pool. The champagne dial makes for a less austere appearance, and the blued steel 24-hour hand boldly contrasts against the dial and silver hands and indices. The SBGN011 is a versatile timepiece with the added GMT functionality, making it a great option for frequent travelers.

Grand Seiko Quartz Snowflake STGF359

As part of the dedicated ladies line, the STFG359 features Grand Seiko's "Snowflake" dial texture, meant to recall the snow in the Shinsu region of Japan. The stainless steel case measures 28.9mm wide, 8.7 mm thick, 35.4mm lug to lug, and has 14mm lugs.
With a stainless steel bracelet and 100m water resistance, the STGF359 is a great option for women on the move, as the durability and reliability of the 4J52 movement and case design make for a worry-free ownership experience. The blued steel seconds hand pops against the textured white dial, adding another dynamic element to the dial. The STGF359 is a great watch for women with an uncompromising attention to detail.

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