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Omega Blue Side of the Moon Review

About Omega

Omega made history in 1969 when NASA tested the world's best watches to use in space, and the only Omega exceeded the standards and has been part of all six space missions to date.


Description of Omega Blue Side of the Moon

The 44.25 mm diameter of the Blue Side of the Moon ensures better visibility and boldness.  Its double safety layers of ceramic case and bezel ensure a scratch-less watch for decades. The blue leather strap secures your timepiece to your wrist.


Official Name

The official name is "Moonphase Co-Axial Master Chronometer Moonphase Chronograph 44.25 mm Blue Side of The Moon." Omega took the iconic chronometer's name "Blue Side of the Moon" from the color of the dark blue sky.


Key Features of Omega Blue Side of The Moon


Most of the watches in the market reduce their efficiency within magnetic fields, resulting in severe consequences. Experienced watchmakers at Omega designed the Blue Side of the Moon to work accurately even in the absolute levels of magnetic fields.


Automatic Watch

Your watch will only stop when you want it to, which is the most significant advantage of a technically advanced automatic timepiece. These watches work with your pulse and never stop. These qualities enable it to work for a long time.


Ceramic watch

Being a ceramic watch, it sets you free from the fear of scratches. Ceramic is a substance four times stronger but much lighter than steel. Being ceramic makes these watches extremely scratch and shock-resistant, which ensures extended service intervals.


Precise Chronograph

Blue Side of the Moon is a certified chronograph. It can measure the shortest periods, your heart rate, average speed, and can track two different events simultaneously.


Certified Chronometer

After various tests, the COSC and Federal Institute of Metrology registered the Blue Side of the Moon as the most accurate automatic chronograph. The Blue Side of the Moon will never diminish its accuracy in any circumstances, including changing temperatures.


Accurate Moonphase Tracking

Blue Side of the Moon tracks moon phases so accurately that it may deviate only one day after 122.6 years.


Neat Tachymeter

Blue Side of the Moon will measure speed accurately. A graduated dial helps measure your speed in kilometers per hour.


Lasting Quality and Value

Every Omega watch must pass eight tests, including precision, magnetic and water resistance, and power reserve. These features make this watch last forever and throughout multiple generations. Hence, its value and demand keep growing day by day.


Exquisite Timepieces

Our team of experts individually checks every single timepiece upon arrival. We secure your purchasing experience with the original 5-year warranty from the Omega manufacturer. We remain available to answer your queries even after your purchase.

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