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Oris Chronoris Watches

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Both Oris men’s watch and Oris women watch are of high quality, and this is one feature that attracts buyers. In 1925, their first wristwatch, the Big Crown, was released. The iconic model received an overwhelming purchase due to its design and the Unique Pointer Calendar function. Oris Hölstein, later in 1952, released the Caliber 601, their first automatic movement Oris chronograph. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Oris Chronoris collection. You can find Oris Chronoris watches for sale here.

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Oris Chronoris Watch Collection Review

A Concise History of the Oris Chronoris Collection

During the 19th century, the Oris Company witnessed a massive transition. Oris produced several timepieces, which continues to showcase the prowess and effectiveness of the brand up to date. After the Second World War, Oris gained recognition from alarm clocks more than its wristwatches. However, things changed when it launched its first automatic watch in 1952.

From the production of the automatic watches, the company continued to embrace the Swiss level production standards and automatic Caliber 645. In 1969 Oris was at peak production producing over 1.2 million watches with employee numbers rising beyond 800 people. Such advancements made in the top ten watchmaking companies in the world.

In 1970 Oris launched the Chronoris. The first Oris Chronoris chronograph watch with auto racing properties. Since then, although Oris has remained an independent company, the Chronoris watches have shown true allegiance to the company standards.


Oris Chronoris Collection Watches Movement

Oris, as a Swiss brand, enjoys high caliber movements. Its well-designed, effective, and durable mechanical automatic movements are the reasons why the watches have maintained a high performance for many years now. Oris has produced both in-house movements and at the same time, depending on movements from other sources. To accommodate the needs of the particular watch, Oris modifies the unfinished movements with particular features.

Before 1982, Oris had produced over 200 in house movements. Later on, it stopped producing the movements on a full-time basis. Recently, it has been acquiring the base movements from the Swatch Group and Sellita. The Oris Chronoris collection watches utilize Oris caliber 733. The automatic self-winding mechanical movement depends on base SW 200-1 and has 38 hours power reserve.


Oris Chronoris Collection Watchmaking Materials

Oris Chronoris watches constitutes of high-quality materials. Whether it is the internal or external parts, the watchmakers have focused on customer satisfaction and brand uniqueness. The case constitutes highly polished stainless steel. The sapphire crystal, which has a critical role in ensuring clarity also helps in reflecting the direct sun rays.

The Oris Chronoris bracelet varies, and your flavor depends on what you find ideal based on your purchase intention. The straps are either rubber, leather, or stainless steel. If you prefer leather, there are two options, brown or black. The rubber strap is black while the NATO–style straps are grey.


Oris Chronoris Collection Aesthetics

The round barrel shape of the case is the first thing you notice in the Chronoris watches, and it is complemented perfectly with the straps of choice. In this collection, the watches have the grey dial and superluminova dial markers. The watch functions vary, and you have a chance to check the hours, minutes, seconds, and dates all in one timepiece.

Oris has invested heavily in watch aesthetics, and it has considered vintage features in this collection. In this era where owning a vintage is a new norm, the Oris Chronoris watches come to quench your desires. For instance, the Chronoris Date sunburst finish, compressor style, and moderated curves are all features of an Oris vintage watch. Wearing it on your wrist gives you a modern, classic, and motorsport look.


Watches Categorized in the Oris Chronoris Collection


Oris Chronoris Date Watch

Chronoris derives its name from ‘chronograph’ and ‘Oris.’ Unlike the 1970 stops seconds, this modern timepiece has only the time and date but with a well-developed timer meant for sporting activities like motorsport. Produced in 2017 at the Baselworld, Oris Chronoris Date is the version of the Chronoris watch that has motorsport features and the three hands. It pays homage to the 1970 Chronograph, and having it on your wrist means you are enjoying the vintage and heritage of the Oris brand.

The watch graphics are a clear indication that Oris has invested a lot in its making. The Oris Chronoris Date has a case with a barrel shape that is made of high-quality stainless steel. With a size of 39mm, you can be sure that it will perfectly fit in your wrist. A close look at this timepiece shows quality finishing and polishing at both the case upper and lower sides.

To ensure that this watch serves for a lengthy time, and it is easy to read, Oris uses a high-quality sapphire crystal that has anti-reflective inner coating. The 2017 Oris Chronoris Date has three color versions of the dial. You can choose black, silver or grey. The crowns are two, situated at 2 o'clock to enable you to adjust time and date, and at 4 o'clock to rotate the inner bezel. The crown finishing enables the user to differentiate between the two crowns.

The Oris Company has put into place both the virtues of minimalism and inclusivity. That's why every watch produced suits your racing, diving, or party intentions. The water resistance capability is at 100m. At the back of the watch, you'll realize that it is engraved with the Oris logo, and it is made in a way that the entire back surface does not fall on your wrist.

To fit the market demands, the Oris Chronoris Date has various straps. The options available include the grey nylon NATO, black rubber strap, brown and black leather strap, and stainless steel bracelet with 15 links and vintage look.


Oris Chronoris Movember 2019 Edition Watch

From the partnership with the charitable Movember Foundation, Oris introduced the Oris Chronoris Movember 2019 Edition to celebrate the partnership and show their physical and mental support to the men across the world. In this limited edition watch, some features of the previous Oris Chronoris Date have been maintained.

For instance, you will notice that it has a 39mm case size made of stainless steel and superluminova hands. Also, the stainless steel case back with some engravings, sapphire, and water resistance at 100m. However, the Oris Chronoris Movember 2019 Edition is available in brown leather or stainless steel bracelets that have a folding clasp.

The model has orange, red, black, and gilt colors. The dial is black while the indexes are rose gold plated. The color combination contributes much to the appearance without making the watch over colored. You will also notice that the colors bring about the difference from the previous timepieces — a significant feature in this edition.


Special Things about the Oris Chronoris Collection

Reasonable Size

Over the years, watch enthusiasts have been cautious about the size of the watch they purchase. Choosing any watch from the Oris Chronoris collection guarantees you an ideal size watch. These watches have a 39mm case size, making it ideal for most people. With that size, it will fit well on your wrist. The key factor when purchasing a timepiece is the comfort and reasonable size guarantees that.

Vintage Features

. Oris Chronoris collection watches mimic the 1970 chronograph that Oris is globally recognized with. Including Oris Chronoris vintage features like nice gilt flourishes makes Chronoris Date and Oris Chronoris Movember 2019 Edition the perfect timepiece for everyone who values a vintage flavor.

Perfect for Motorsport Activities

For many years now, the Oris brand has been a major support for motorsport activities. To evidence their love and support, the company has partnered with various parties like Audi Sport and Williams’ F1 teams. The watches have an inner timing bezel, a feature that enables the racing individuals to carry out their sports with ease.

Pure Luxury

Oris Chronoris collection watches bring a feeling of luxury to the users. The movement, features, and watch aesthetics are a true definition of a luxurious watch. Besides, you can use either watch when sporting, diving, or day to day activities. In either aspect, the watches represent your luxury and taste for fine things.


Oris Chronoris Collection Price and Availability

Oris maintains the Swiss standards in watchmaking, and every penny you spend on the watches is worth the pay. If you intend to add any of these watches to your collection, do not hesitate to make a choice, go ahead and acquire Oris Chronoris for sale watches. Watches here cost within $1750 - $2200. The variation is based on the watch type and the strap of choice.

If you plan to own a Chronoris Date, it will cost you $1750 on either leather, textile, or rubber strap. Chronoris Date stainless steel strap costs $1,950. Oris Chronoris Movember sells at $2000 on leather and $2200 on a stainless steel bracelet. With the variation, you get what satisfies you desire most. All these timepieces are available at our store.


Oris Chronoris Collection Review Wrap-Up

Oris Chronoris collection watches are a true definition of modern luxury with a vintage essence. Other than the timepieces supporting the particular cause, their overall design is something you cannot ignore because it suits your multiple purposes. If you desire to get an Oris Chronoris watch on your wrist, browse or visit our store for amazing deals.

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