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This collection has often been called the super classy and confident timepiece. Having been designed shortly after its predecessor, the Sea Wolf, the super sea wolf collection was tailored to be used both in underwater as well as official wear. At some point, the company stopped releasing this collection and it was not until 2014 that the watches made a comeback. Exquisite Timepieces is an authorized dealer of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf collection. You can find Zodiac Super Sea Wolf watches for sale here.

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Zodiac Sea Wolf Watch Collection Review

From its launch back in the 50’s to where the brand is currently, this is a watch that has it all going on. Let us focus on the Sea Wolf Collection. The sea wolf collection is what has made the Zodiac brand what it is today, and we are pleased to share the history of this iconic collection and some of its key pieces.

History of the Zodiac Sea Wolf Watch

In 1953 the Zodiac Sea Wolf was launched. At the time it was the first purpose-built dive watch to be manufactured and marketed to the everyday watch wearer. When released, at 35mm it stood to be one of the smallest, if not the smallest diving watch in production at that time. With an affordable price point, rivaling some of the largest watch manufacturers at the time (Rolex being one of them). Not only was this watch affordable, but they also did not shy away from making it durable. Being able to cover depths of up to 200 meters.

Fast forward to the 1970s the Super Sea Wolf is launched. This was the ‘older brother’ to the sea wolf and had addressed some of the issues of the original. A different case back design, a new crown, and a stem system improved the watch from being able to perform at 200-meter depths to 750 meters. A marked improvement on the older model.

Nearly 40 years have passed, and in 2015 Zodiac decided to re-release the Super Sea Wolf. Still sticking to the heritage of the watch that gave this brand a foothold in its market, the 2015 model featured a 44mm diameter case. As well as better lug to lug spacing so it would accommodate a smaller or larger wrist size.

When the Sea Wolf was first introduced to the market the styling was very different from where it is now. In fact, the face of the watch used to have highlighted 2,4,6,8. Unlike in today’s watches which denote 3,6,9,12.

The bezel of the watch has also changed significantly in the sixty-plus years it has been available. The watch was originally released with an early countdown bezel, however, during the late 1950s, this changed due to them being made from plated brass. Making what they call “normal” bezel edition very much a rare find.

Also, when first advertised, this watch was shown to have a man, as well as ladies sizing. This is actually considered to be even rarer than a “normal” bezel as so few ladies pieces were ever made back in the 1950s.

A play on words for advertising also meant big things for Zodiac in the past. One advert posted with the headline “most popular watch in 3⁄4 of the world”. The play on words coming from the fact that 3⁄4 of the world is underwater. This put Zodiac on the highest pedestal, to the point wherein the 1970s the Navy Seals adopted the watch as its preferred for service.

Why a Zodiac Sea Wolf?

The brand itself has gone through a modern era change. It updated its flagship watch which propelled it into the market and has added modern qualities to make it appeal to every generation of a watch fanatic. Hidden behind this watch is a brand with an incredible back story. Released during the time of some of the world’s largest brands, this is a testament to how well the Zodiac brand has established itself.

The Zodiac Sea Wolf collection is the pinnacle of the brand itself. A stainless sports watch needs to encompass all that the Sea Wolf collection has. Class, Elegance, and Character. Looking through the collection, be that either the Sea Wolf 53 skin with its basic and contemporary design or the Sea Wolf 68 Limited Edition with its larger double casing or its color straps. This collection has a place be that for the everyday watch wearer teaming it with his suit for the office, or at the weekend relaxing with a glass of wine in hand. This watch can do it all.

Zodiac Sea Wolf Price

With the Zodiac Sea Wolf collection ranging from $1000-$2300, they have created a highly finished timepiece for a very competitive market. For this price, you are getting a stainless steel watch, with a variety of straps available (Fabric and Leather). Most important is the movement in the watch. A Swiss-made Automatic movement makes this the perfect watch for daily wear.

In terms of holding their value, the Zodiac is back on the rise! As the brands establish their roots again after a take over from Fossil, the earlier pieces are becoming highly collectible in the marketplace. A limited-edition range (Super Sea Wolf 68) has sold out directly through the brand, showing how this watch manufacturer is making high-quality pieces.

Zodiac Sea Wolf: Key Pieces

Over time the Supers Sea Wolf collections have become somewhat iconic for the brand. The introduction of a varied style, but still sticking with its original heritage has made it a best seller for the company. Some of most pieces of this style are:

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf (ZO9266)

Price: $1395.00 USD

This watch features a stainless- steel case with a matt blue dial as well as stainless steel 5 link bracelet. C3 SuperLuminovahands and indexes, make this watch stand out when exposed to the darkness. The case size comes as a 40mm, with a thickness of just 13mm, meaning it fits very close to the wrist. An automatic movement really compliments this piece.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Limited Edition (ZO9507)

Price: $1995.00 USD

This piece was released to celebrate and mark 50 years of the Super Sea Wolf collection which has been so integral for building the Zodiac brand. Coming with a double casing with a 44m on top of 49mm, its overall style is different, and would make any watch enthusiast stare. The watch is also presented with an option for leather and fabric straps, whilst the watch comes pre-installed with a 20mm width stainless steel strap.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Skin (ZO9201)

Price: $1295.00 USD

The most decorated, and the celebrated watch has in their collection. The 53 takes on the modern classic which has propelled Zodiac forward. The 40mm case with a 13mm depth is impressive for a watch made with such clarity. A stainless-steel case, and bracelet make this watch easy wear with a suit to the office, or casually during the weekend.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression (ZO9274)

Price: $1395.00 USD

Taking the enriched blue tones of the sea, this Super Sea Wolf 53 encompasses everything about the brand. The blue bezel mixed with colorful hands makes this watch stand out. A 40mm watch, and once again at 13mm in depth sits close to the wrist. Made with a Swiss-made Automatic movement, this has a sporty feel.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation (ZO9503)

Price: $1495.00 USD

The Super Sea Wolf 68 Saturation is when the modern elements of this watch brand come to life. With is statement orange rubber strap, and navy-blue face, this watch is sporty through and through. A 50mm x 44mm double casing set this watch off, and with a 16mm thickness, it one of the biggest watches in this collection. As with most other watches, this comes fitted with an automatic Swiss-made movement.

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Compression (ZO9276)

Price: $1395.00 USD

The boldest watch of the whole collection, this iconic piece has been transformed into a full back casing with blackface. The white lume hands on the face and dial are what sets this piece apart from the rest. Even though transformed into all black, the watch stays true to its timeless roots. A 40mm case with 13mm thickness stays true to the Super Sea Wolf 53 series.

What is next for this iconic collection

With the rise in sports watches becoming notoriously hard to get, Zodiac has really found its gap in the market. The brand itself is really pushing to build its name in the market one again, but this is more aimed towards the general watch enthusiast, not the hard-core collector. One thing that is certain, is that the brand a whole has gone through a massive amount of change. But with this change, they have kept their heritage which produced the Zodiac Super Sea back in 1953.

Where to Purchase a Zodiac Sea Wolf

Exquisite Timepieces based in Florida are authorized dealers of the World's Finest Timepieces. As a member of the Jewellers of America and Better Business Bureau, we always aim to give our customers the best service possible.

The Zodiac collection is one in which we have a deep interest in due to its heritage, and placement in the watch marketplace. If you would like some more information on the Zodiac brand or would like to speak to us about purchasing a Zodiac Super Sea Wolf, then please do get in contact. Or visit us at https://www.exquisitetimepieces.com/.

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