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If you're the owner of a Glashütte Original Watch, it's evident you value this brand's authenticity, reliability and consistency. These principles are the building blocks of a trustworthy relationship and, therefore, should also be embodied by the company you choose to help you sell or trade your luxury timepiece.
At Exquisite Timepieces, we offer our customers just that and more with our simple 3-step process and efficient service.
If you're considering selling your Glashütte Original Watch, all you need to do is send us your information, and we will gladly take care of the following two steps.
Ready to find out more? Read on to find out how to sell your Glashütte Original Watch and receive the best price by completing the 3 quick steps on your computer or cellphone.

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How to Sell Your Glashütte Original Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

  • Visit our website and submit the information for the timepiece you are considering selling or trading. After we receive your details from you, we will draft out the best quotes for you.
  • We would then need to assess your watch physically. We will arrange for your timepiece to be transported to our store.
  • After completing the evaluation, You will receive the final payment or watch trade.

Glashütte Original Watch Collections We Buy

We buy watches from all the Glashütte Original Watch collections. We have listed a few of the models below. If you are considering selling or trading in your Glashütte Original Watch, contact us for a free appraisal.

  • Senator Collection
  • Alfred Helwig Tourbillon 1920 - Limited Edition
  • Senator Tourbillon
  • Senator Chronometer Tourbillon - Limited Edition
  • Senator Moon Phase Skeletonized Edition
  • Senator Manual Winding Skeletonized Edition
  • Senator Cosmopolite
  • Senator Excellence Perpetual Calendar
  • Senator Chronometer
  • Senator Chronometer Regulator
  • Senator Chronograph Panorama Date
  • Senator Observer
  • Senator Excellence Panorama Date Moon Phase
  • Senator Excellence Panorama Date
  • Senator Excellence
  • Pano Collection
  • PanoLunarTourbillon – Limited Edition
  • PanoLunarTourbillon
  • PanoMaticCalendar
  • PanoGraph
  • PanoMaticCounter XL
  • PanoInverse
  • PanoMaticInverse
  • PanoMaticLunar
  • PanoReserve
  • Spezialist Collection
  • SeaQ Chronograph
  • SeaQ Panorama Date
  • SeaQ
  • Vintage Collection
  • Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date
  • Sixties Chronograph Annual Edition
  • Sixties Annual Edition
  • Sixties Small Second
  • Sixties Chronograph
  • Sixties Panorama Date
  • Sixties
  • Ladies Collection
  • PanoMatic Luna
  • Lady Serenade
  • Pavonina

Why Sell Your Glashütte Original Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

We offer our customers a reliable, convenient, and seamless process, and you are guaranteed to receive the best price for your watch.

Here are 4 additional reasons to choose Exquisite Timepieces:

Best Prices You Can Find

At Exquisite Timepieces, we offer our customers the best appraisals which are based on numerous factors such as the model of your watch, its interior and exterior condition, and its current market price. Our watch experts constantly view market trends to ensure our customers receive the perfect appraisal.

Fast Payments

In keeping with the straightforward process and excellent service that we offer, you can expect your payment within 2 business days after we have received your watch. The payment process is quicker sometimes and you could receive your payment within the same day.

Option to Trade-In

We can also assist you if you decide to trade in your old Glashütte Original Watch instead of selling it. Contact us today and we will offer you a prepaid FedEx label so you can send your old Glashütte Original Watch to us and receive your new watch from our pre-owned catalog.

Trustworthy Dealer

At Exquisite Timepieces we guarantee our customers an efficient and trustworthy service. We are an authorized dealer for more than 60 brands worldwide, and we have been serving watch enthusiasts since 1998. Over the years, we have become a well-known dealer with more than 1000 Google reviews and a 4.9 average rating.

How Much is Your Glashütte Original Watch Worth?

Numerous elements determine how much your Glashütte Original Watch will sell for. These factors include:

  • Rarity – If you own a Glashütte Original Watch, you are most certainly part of the exclusive experience as only a few hundred pieces of each model are produced annually. Due to its level of rarity, Glashütte Original Watches have become a coveted and sought-after brand. Selling one of these treasured timepieces could bring you thousands of dollars.
  • Condition – Watches that have its original functionality and aesthetic features are more likely to receive premium offers from potential buyers.
  • Movement – One way to ensure you receive great value for your watch is to ensure your timepiece's internal and external components are working well together. The resale value of your watch can be negatively affected if your timepiece is not functioning smoothly.
  • Maintenance – Getting your Glashütte Original Watch serviced every 4 to 5 years is essential. When you decide to sell your watch, buyers may inquire about the service history of your Glashütte Original Watch and request for details on where and when it was last serviced.

How To Get The Best Price For Your Glashütte Original Watch

To acquire an excellent price for your Glashütte Original Watch, you must take care of your timepiece. These tips can assist you:

Take good care of it – Warm soapy water and a brush can be used to clean your Glashütte Original Watch. This, however, only applies to stainless steel bracelets. If your Glashütte Original Watch has a leather strap, it should never be cleaned with water and soap as this will shorten its service life. Avoid contact with detergents, perfumes, or cosmetics. These substances could damage the seals that help keep your Glashütte Original Watch water-resistant.

Service it frequently - Since your watch is working 24 hours a day, all year round, the components need to be well-oiled and clean. Over time, the quality of the oil degrades in Glashütte Original Watches and this can cause slight friction and deposits, negatively affecting how your watch functions. To help assess the quality of the oil and the components, you must service your watch every 4 to 5 years. During the service, the oil will be replaced and any damaged parts will be repaired or replaced. It is important to ensure your service is performed by a watchmaker certified by Union Glashütte.

Keep Your Box & Papers – Another way to help increase the amount you receive for your watch is to sell your timepiece with its original packaging and documentation. This can include warranty cards, manuals, companion booklets, etc.

Should I Service my Glashütte Original Watch before Selling it?

The short answer is no. You should not service your Glashütte Original Watch if you are considering selling it. Selling a watch that has not been serviced before the sale will allow the new owner to decide on the changes they want to make during the service.

When we evaluate your watch at Exquisite Timepieces, we will assess your timepiece for any damage before giving you a quote. If there is any damage, we suggest allowing our experienced watchmakers to service your Glashütte Original Watch.

About Glashütte Original Watch

Known for combining traditional craftsmanship with the latest manufacturing methods, Glashütte Original continues to embody the highest level of German watchmaking art.

The story behind Glashütte Original is filled with passion, perseverance and resilience. The beginning of this remarkable journey dates back more than 175 years when the first watchmakers arrived in Glashütte, Germany, to create watches and watchpieces. The watchmakers' arrival was made possible due to financial support received from the government. The watchmakers began to train people who resided in the area using financial assistance. The qualified individuals went on to become independent watchmakers. It wasn't long before Glashütte watches became recognized for its elegant craftsmanship, precision, reliability and durability.

Glashütte Original's road to success was also paved with its share of challenges when the people of Glashütte were put to the test during both world wars. Through their resilience, respect for tradition and adaptability, the German watchmaking craft was able to evolve and reach greater heights within the industry.

In July 1951, all existing Glashütte watch-making companies merged due to the changes in the economic system. In the year 2000, an exciting chapter began for Glashütte Original when they became part of the Swatch Group, the largest watchmaking group in the world. This allowed Glashütte Original to start the process of internationalization. Today, the exquisite timepieces created by Glashütte Original can be found in more than 40 countries.

An interesting fact about Glashütte Original is that it still operates from its 'manufactory' building in the heart of Glashütte in Germany. The brand refers to their building as the factory as they are an independent developer and manufacturer of their own movements.

This luxury brand has mastered merging innovative technologies with the tradition of working by hand. Glashütte Original possesses a rich legacy and an exceptional wealth of watchmaking expertise, as almost 95% of all their watch parts are made in-house. The watches created by Glashütte Original are the product of the best in German engineering and craftsmanship. The timepieces are technically sophisticated, precise and elegant.

The excellent horological accomplishments of the manufactory show themselves in the distinctive design elements of a Glashütte Original. The superb designs of the movement components, which are carefully completed by hand, are a testament to Glashütte Original's high-quality standards.

Glashütte Original remains as one of the few watch manufacturers to manufacture its own elegant handcrafted dials in-house.

The brand continues to create timepieces that are built on authenticity coupled with a wealth of knowledge and creativity.


Can I trade in my Glashütte Original Watch?

Definitely! You can trade in your old Glashütte Original Watch and choose a new one from our pre-owned catalog. If this option appeals to you, all you would need to do is, send us the watch details you want to trade in. These details can be submitted via our online contact form. After submitting your information, you can ship your watch to us, and we will send your traded piece to you after we have evaluated your old watch.

When Will I Receive Payment For My Glashütte Original Watch?

You can expect to receive your payment within 2 business days after we have received your watch.

How Can I Find the Serial Number For Glashütte Original Watch?

The serial number for Glashütte Original watches is only assigned once for each model. The number can be found on the back of your watch case, in your warranty certificate or in your service book.

How easy is it to sell my Glashütte Original Watch?

You can sell your Glashütte Original in just 3 effortless steps. Please submit the details of the watch you want to sell and send the watch to us by using the prepaid shipping we provide. After we receive your watch, you will receive your payment within 2 business days.

Why Should I Sell my Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

Apart from our smooth and reliable service, our experienced team will ensure you receive the best value for your treasured timeless. We also offer quick payments and excellent advice and guidance throughout the sale or trade-in process.

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