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Do you want to sell your Longines watch? No problem! Exquisite Timepieces allows trading your Longines watch for any new timepiece from our store.
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How to Sell Your Longines Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

Painlessly sell or trade your Longines watch in these 3 easy steps:

  1. Input the information for the timepiece you want to sell or trade into our online form. We'll send you the best quote after our experts complete the evaluation process.
  2. We will ask you to send us your watch safely and we will conduct the physical evaluation.
  3. You can expect to receive the payment or watch trade shortly after the evaluation.

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Longines Watch Collections We Buy

Exquisite Timepieces buys all Longines watch collections and ensures you get the best price. Do you own any of the following Longines watches and want to resell them? Contact us as soon as possible!


Why Sell Your Longines Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

If you're having doubts about whether selling your Longines watch to Exquisite Timepieces is a good idea, here is why we are the most reliable option in the market.

Best Prices You Can Find

At Exquisite Timepieces, you get nothing less than the full value for your Longines watch. We base our watch appraisals on certain factors, including the model of the watch, its condition, and its market price.
Our evaluation experts have many years of experience and a keen attention to detail. You can always trust us to determine the real value of your Longines watch accurately.

Fast Payments

It is essential to us that you receive payment as quickly as possible, which is why we have developed our process to be simple and efficient. As soon as your watch arrives at our site, our team will begin the evaluation process immediately. You will then receive a price quote.

We work diligently to ensure you get your money within two days after we receive your watch. Sometimes, payment is available within the same day!

Option to Trade-In

Another option Exquisite Timepieces offers is to trade your old Longines watch for a new timepiece from our store. If a piece catches your eye, don't hesitate to contact us!

Our trade-in process is as easy as our sell process. We'll issue a prepaid FedEx label so you can safely send your watch to us and receive the timepiece you want.

Trustworthy Dealer

Selling anything online can feel scary. Many shady buyers and dealers online want to steal your money or not give you the full value of what your Longines watch is worth. Luckily, Exquisite Timepieces is one of the most trustworthy dealers in the market.

We have been committed to serving all types of watch enthusiasts since our beginnings in 1998. With our more than 20 years of experience in watch sales, you can rely on us to have expert knowledge of everything watch-related.

One of our top values at Exquisite Timepieces is great customer experience. We have 1000+ Google reviews that average to a 4.9 rating, so you can be assured that your experience with us will be pleasant.

Our online shop and boutique in Naples, Florida contain over 800 used watches from over 70 luxury watch brands. We're also a BBB member with an A+ rating and an authorized dealer for over 60 watch brands worldwide.

How Much is Your Longines Worth?

The value of your Longines watch heavily depends on which model you have. For instance, the popular Longines Hydroconquest model typically ranges from $1,000 to $2,000. However, more special designs of the Hydroconquest can be valued at just under $4,500.

Other popular Longines models include the Longines Spirit, Master, and Heritage. These models have a similar price range of around $2,000 to $5,000. However, earning more than $10,000 for a unique version of these watches is possible. For instance, the Longines Weems 47mm Gold Automatic from the Heritage collection is valued at over $18,000!

Besides the model, here are other potential factors that can affect the value of your Longines watch:

  • Rarity – Longines is a brand known for its rich history and timeless designs. Many of their models, like the Conquest, Classic, and Master, have remained iconic. If you own a rare iteration of any of their models, especially the most famous ones, you can be looking at thousands of dollars. Vintage models are also highly high-valued.
  • Condition - How well you have maintained your Longines watch will significantly influence its resale price. A Longines watch preserved in its original functionality and design will be valued more than a Longines watch that hasn't.
  • Movement - When speaking about the functionality of a watch, it's important to consider the condition of its internal workings. Longines watches that still retain the brand's original movements are usually worth more than watches with altered movements.
  • Maintenance - Potential buyers will often ask for the servicing history of your Longines watch. You need to tell them the watch's most recent service and where it happened. Always have your Longines watch serviced at an official Longines service center. This will ensure that you receive the highest resale value possible.

How To Get The Best Price For Your Longines Watches

You must follow certain maintenance habits to guarantee the optimal value for your Longines watch.

  • Take good care of it – It is very simple to take good care of your Longines watch. You must follow a few care tips to ensure your watch preserves its full worth. For instance, you should avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures and water pressures. You should also avoid overwinding the movement. As a plus tip, allow the movement to run now and then to conserve its lubricants.
  • Service it frequently – Longines watches typically must be serviced every 6 to 8 years. It is crucial that servicing occurs at authorized points. If you need to replace broken parts, do so only with the original parts and never throw the old parts away. Additionally, don't make many alterations to the case of the watch. The more you preserve everything in its original state, the higher your chances of receiving maximum payment.
  • Keep Your Box & Papers – For maximum value, send over your Longines watch with its original box and as much of the documentation you still have. Documentation includes the warranty card, user manuals, companion booklets, etc. Also, include any tags or bracelet links you may have removed.
  • Should I Service my Longines Watch before Selling it?

    Even though servicing your watch when it's due is critical to maintaining its worth, you don't necessarily have to service it just before selling. We generally recommend against it.

    For one, it should be up to the buyer to decide for themselves during the servicing process. They might want to maintain the watch precisely as is or completely alter it. Since you can't know for sure, avoiding this conflict of interest is best.

    Secondly, a serviced watch is not worth much more than a watch that has not been recently serviced. This is especially true if you factor in the costs of a servicing session. It will likely equal out.

    Lastly, our expert team at Exquisite Timepieces will thoroughly examine your watch, equivalent to a servicing session. We will evaluate every aspect of the watch's condition before providing a price quote. In cases where your watch is damaged, it's best to leave the servicing process to us altogether.

    About Longines Watches

    The founding of Longines began in 1832 when Auguste Agassiz established a watch company in the Swiss town Saint-Imier. The company was later taken over by Agassiz's nephew Ernest Francillon.

    Francillon would eventually establish the first Longines watchmaking factory and its brand name. He worked closely with Jacques David to learn the ins and outs of industrialized timepiece production.

    Longines' first movements (20A and 20H) were produced in the late 1870s. They quickly became a trusted supplier of timepieces for competitive sports, especially horse racing. Not only did Longines become a significant supplier for competitive sports, but they also had a massive influence on navigation.

    Longines is undoubtedly part of the history of early aviation. In 1919, Longines became the official supplier for the International Aeronautical Federation. Soon after, Longines created the Weems Second-Setting Watch, which simplified early navigation by synchronizing the second hand with a GMT signal.

    Longines later collaborated with American pilot Charles Lindbergh to design the Lindbergh Hour Angle Watch in 1931. They would continue to develop useful innovations for many years to come.

    At this point, Longines has created everything from elegant watches to diver watches. They have contributed many significant developments to competitive sports and made the lives of athletes and pilots alike easier.

    Longines is a legendary brand that continues to inspire and satisfy with its wide variety of watches and timeless designs.


    Can I trade in my Longines watch?

    Yes, we allow you to trade your Longines watch for any timepiece you like from our store. Fill in our online contact form, send over your watch, and we'll ship you the new timepiece you choose.

    When Will I Receive Payment For My Longines Watch?

    You can expect payment within two business days after our team at Exquisite Timepieces receives your watch. Sometimes, payment is available much sooner.

    How Can I Find the Model Number For My Longines Watch?

    You'll usually spot the serial number of your Longines watch on the back of the case. Some models will have the number engraved inside the case instead. You should also be able to find the number on the warranty card or any other official document.

    How easy is it to sell my Longines watch?

    Our selling process is straightforward and fast. To get started, fill out our online contact form. We will then send you a prepaid shipping label. You'll ship your watch to us, and once our team receives it, payment will be available within two business days.

    Why Should I Sell my Watch to Exquisite Timepieces?

    Exquisite Timepieces is a trustworthy dealer with many years of experience. We guarantee you always receive the full value of your watch. We work fast and efficiently to make payment available within days. We also offer a trade-in option if you want to avoid selling your Longines watch and would rather receive a new one.

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